Saturday, February 28, 2015

Adventure 55

Today was one of those functional stoner days.  Earlier I went to a friends house and did 2 hits off the dab, then went to an all you can eat Chinese buffet. OMGAWH!  Must have been the best food I've tastes, or I was high as fuck.  Then I jump on SL and my bestie invites me to a shindig.  Low and behold thing stoner bitch won!!  Like 2.2KL even lol.  But anyway. Enough babblin' on to the show.

I didn't take the time to get dressed up, so I'm just going as I was dressed.  I'll let you know where the items if they are still available.  I know that the hair, and shoes are, I'll have to research the rest.

This is my favorite outfit you can get the hair from the lucky board @ Alice Project.  The hair came as a red pack but it wasn't red enough for me, so when you first put the hair on its blond, and I tinted it red.  This cute shirt is an oldie but goodie by Decadent.  And these are my favorite jeans of all time. They are no longer available @ Sakide since they are pre-rebranding.  These jeans are called Corset Jeans of can find them on Marketplace.  And I'm wearing a kick ass collar that I just like to wear it as a necklace, but they have awesome cuffs with it too.  You can pick it up @ RealEvil Industries.

First location of the night is Fatal Passion.  Which is one of the more Northwest sims of the grid.  I landed in a weird spot, between a game of Greedy and an Execution area.  So this place should be interesting.  Before I had a chance to check the place out, one of my hottie friends...I lets call him Fin, since he's from Finland, stalked be.  He's as much as a picture whore as I am.  He does some great stuff.  I just perved the pic he did of us here. And its flippin' fantastic.  I'm so using it for this location's pic lol.

This sim is an urban hardcore role play sim.  With broken down vehicles, grungy 50's cafe, and more disturbing, a few execution spots.  There's a big building set up with several different torture devices. This place seems to cater to torture, rape, pain and other twisted RP can be played.  Or if you wanna play the poor victim this place is perfect.

And after a good hangin' GAME TIME!  They have Greedy, Strip Poker & Cheesy.

And just like that I lost Fin. RL snatched him away, but he was able to make the kick ass pic below before he went.  You can find this and tons of awesome photography from him on is Flickr.  He was kind enough to let me post this pic of us for the location.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

My next stop West is AdN, a popular clothing store for both women and men.  As you are on the doorstep of the buidling, they have a stand up that says "Tired of Searching A Certain Outfit"  Click it a box will fall down type the name in and it will point it out to you.  Along with the redelivery machine.

Walking into the building there are freebies and other information.  There are a few men outfits, but mostly for women.  Most of the females items are applier friendly.  Be careful though, dollarbies are tossed around in there.

New Releases are straight ahead.  As you make your way through the building there is a board where you get a prize for having the place in your profile for a free gift. By that there is the "Popular Outfits"  Making your way around the wall, you can purchase gift cards at 99L, 250L, 500L, 1000L & 5000L.  There are plenty of things to keep you entertained like match game & lucky chairs.

The building is split in 2 colors, pink side is for the ladies, teal is for the men.  Which has a midnight mania board and a good size 20L discount section on the blue side.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

Three Moons is the next destination,.  Landing in the middle of some snowy trees.  At first I thought it was a role play sim, but once I go deeper into it, there are things to purchase here.  It seems as it is building supplies.  Or things that would make your sims unique. Along with free scripts and weapons..  A lot of things are free here.  The next building over has more of the bigger stuff.  More detailed items like a music box, instruments like harps, tribal drums and lucky chairs.

Down by the river is a small cabin with a mood rug inside for a little fun.  There's a teleport outside of it, where it can take you to the Collar Temple, or dungeon.  Moving across the land, there is a campfire going with a roasting pig on it, that is close to a trail leading you near a moving tree.  If you moved the other way you can go to an outside grotto where you can soak your body.  Going to the east side of the sim there is a huge castle guarded by a beautiful white Pegasus.  The castles broken down, in the middle you can fall in the dungeon.  Below looks like Frankenstein laboratory.  With a few BDSM toys inside as well.

Going back to check out the Collar Temple.  Its full of free RP items including rope, and many different collars.

** Lag Rating: 2

When I went Southwest I found Rainbow Phantasy.  The first thing I thought of was there would be rainbows everywhere.  It looks as if its another beautiful beach scene.  Equipped with scattered places for dancing, under the stars and palm trees.  Maybe private cuddling.  Somewhere to have private conversation in a gorgeous environment.

Walking across the land there is a castle up top, with a nice living room set up.  A nice thrown, and in the other room is a dirty classroom.  Upstairs is a nice bedroom set with a hot tub outside on the top. You can even bring your pets with you and have them play while you enjoy the place.

On the property there is Arc's Sensual Art which is full of real life erotic art.  Across the water is a tiny road with small buildings.  There's a free photo studio, small beachside spa and probably the most important building yet.  The information hub, where you can find the point of interest.  You can teleport to a castle, rain forest, ruins, cavern, beach, clearing, gallery or dance gazebo.

The place is LGBT community friendly.

** Lag Rating: 2

Club Infinity is the last place on today's adventure.  As you land in the front of the club you can see there is a Bloodline's friendly club.  There is also a Bloodline's Haunt sign near the entrance.

Inside the club is one of my favorite games, Cards Against Humanity, next to the Performance Queue board.  They have a microphone set up where you can do some Karaoke.  Stripper poles alone with couples dancing, and other dancing huds.  One thing I love when I see in a club is trivia where you can win lindens.  If nothing else its a race of the fingers lol.  They also have a sploder here.

Although this club boards Elite Vampire Family land it is open to all.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until Tomorrow..

~ JL

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