Friday, February 6, 2015

Adventure 40

I started later then I would have liked.  Been advertising my newest edition of Discount Roulette for Valentine's Day.  Today's day did not go as planned.  But anyway I've been stoned for a bit now, but takin a hit for good measure.

Belleza's our first stop on today's adventure.  Most of you know who Belleza is, but if you don't here we go.  They are a high quality skin store for both men and women.

Making it past the office desk there are both male and female group gifts.  It costs 250L to join.  If your into skins this is a place you should belong too. Grabbing the gift bags gives you well worth your monies worth alone.

Mesh bodies are all the new craze.  Belleza is the home of Venus.  Fitted mesh body, slink friendly, 3 sets of lingerie 2 pairs of shoes & a neck blending tattoo layer.  Demo before you purchase.

I've only been here once since they introduced the Venus.  Looking like there are a lot of changes going on.  I don't remember shoes being available a few months back.

There is a section where they have appliers to meet their skins they sell.  Like Lush Skin appliers, Slink Feet, Phat Azz, Slink Hands  Not sure what to get, there are 2 signs above you might want to check out before you buy something.

Six count them six gacha's for 100L a try for gorgeous skins.

** Lag Rating: 2

Next spot on the adventure is Eyes Wide Shut.  A very classy, elegant Dutch BDSM club. Everything catches the eye.  I sit down on their awesome chairs, which by the way does so many killer things. Apparently the chairs are very comfy as I waffle for a bit, waking to people surrounding me.  They are speaking Dutch, so I'm clueless as to what they are saying.

On the wall there is a board that will teleport you to the dungeon.  Nice elegant spot with BDSM toys to enjoy your wilder side with a little class.

** Lag Rating: 2

You know when you go to a land and they say its clothing optional its gonna get interesting.  Just on the other side of entrance is a nice gazebo set up with a cuddle rug out for some piece and quiet.  Walking through the land the place is really gorgeous a perfect place for couples to relax and spend time with each other.  Or pick someone else here as this is a swingers club.

There are many things to do scattered across the beach.  Games like Play the Max, Spin the Bottle.

If romance isn't your thing  you can go to the land club which happens to be the Titty Twister Bar, the same place that was in Dusk Til Dawn.  This is a German place and the club runs Monday - Saturday from 12pm till 4pm SLT and closed Sunday.

Maybe BDSM is your thing instead.  Find the hut behind the Titty Twister Bar to find an array of different toys to play with.

You can tell that the owner as worked really hard at putting this place together.  They have done an excellent job.

** Lag Rating: 2

Next place on the menu is RunAway Hair.  Mesh hair with truly unique designs. There are 3 prices at the store, most of them are 250L, the other is 275L & fatpacks are 950L.

They have flower headbands in the gacha machine for 25L a try.

It seems as they do more then just hair.  Truck up the stairs, and you can find a witch hat, horns, tattoos, skins, boom box, broken wings, make up, and some clothing.

This place keeps on giving.  Around the corner there are some home items like fireplace, and buildings.  The items are urban in style.  With broke down chandeliers, backpacks, dirty clothes for men and even beards for men.

** Lag Rating: 2

Today's last place is Bukkake Bliss.  I landed there and stepped off to the side.  This place is quite popular with many people falling in.  From naked men, animals and lycans dropping out of the sky.

Walking through a maze of affiliate shops for sexy things like private parts, clothing and animations.  After making my way through the maze it opens up.

There's a building to the right and too the left.  So going from right to left. Before you make it to the building you can see strippers dancing outside.

Just Sex is the name of the first building I checked out.  No visiting, no camping, no hanging out.  And it says you must be naked, especially the men hehe.  This place is all about public free sex and orgies.

As you approach the Pompeiian Delights Sex House there is a big sign saying no biting.  Bloodlines is not to be done here.  I'm amazed how people an have sex with their clothes on.  Or how people will nail noobies with the noob skin.  But whatever.

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