Sunday, February 22, 2015

Adventure 51

I tried to get a early start today but yeah that didn't happen lol.  Anyway I threw on Tameless newest releases in both the hair and skin.

Today's skin is from PixyStix.  The lipstick is not on this skin it's from Glamorize called Jupiter.  The outfit which is this cute top with long mesh dress along with the hair is from Tameless.

Heading Southeast to a very popular metal club, called Demonic.  You land on right above the stairs. Behind you there is a huge mall behind you with some great gothic stores for you to check out. Before you make it down the stairs there are club rules on the right that you should take a glance at before partying.

The rules in a nutshell.. No shoulder pets, nudity, weapons, child avi's, huge avis, spam, biting & flying.  Don't show your pink parts or dance on dance pads.

Now that we got that out of the way.. down the stairs.  A metal like industrial urban look, grungy.  If you're into the gothy look and looking for well put together avi's this is definitely your spot.  This place is poppin' 24 hours a day.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

After listening to some kick ass tunes as I write my piece on the club, I head East to the sex patch of SL so i call it.  Landing in the doorway of Indulge.  A home and garden type of place.  Where their products are laid out for you to be able to test them out before you purchase.  Some displays can be purchased all together or you can just get the bed.  Things are scattered about. Some stuff is in the hallways also.

With couches, bedroom sets, pool tables, daybeds, bars, dinning tables each with their own flair. Don't forget the frames that adds the oomph to the decor.

Outside the store is an ATM, photo booth & some decorate gas pumps.  A small shed with a working coke machine outside, along with a decorative subway, phone booth.

There's a building off to the right where they have a wine bar. Something really tiny, but cozy with chairs you can sit in while you and your friends can sip wine and smoke cigars and talk about being masters of the universe =P.

In between this part of the building in the next outside are these old fashion carnival readers.  One tells you how evil you are, sexy, or what your fortune is.

The next side of the building is a diner where you can sit at the booths.  It would make a great photo opportunity.  Maybe something next to the jukebox.

Next building is a small library with chairs inside to read.  If you make your way on the back end of the sim its very pretty set up like a dock set up where boats can come in and may places to take nice pictures.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Next destination the Furries will love as I fall upon Simply Furry.  When you walk in its set up with a modern palace.  With tall ceilings, big rooms and scattered stripper poles.  With an outstanding dance floor to dance on.

Although it is a Furry club everyone is welcome.  There will also be stores add soon for you to google over =).

They are hiring so you can pick up an application here for DJ, Host, Dancer, Escort or Security.

Outside the building there is a great scenic water way.  You can take your partner out and cuddle as you enjoy the view.

** Lag Rating: 2

Tool Shed is my next destination as I took the direction of Northwest.  This place supplies building products.  You can find textures and mesh building kits.

Against the barn door is the information for the place where you can read the user license agreement, landmark, redelivery and check your store credit.  Along with that there is a subscriber group or even a vip group.  The VIP group will receive exclusive group gifts throughout the year.  The group will cost 500L to join.

There are many hunts going on at this location.  Read the hint board to find the great stuff scattered about.

Gift cards are also offered.  100L, 250L, 500L 1000L & 2500L

I've also mentioned a few times in other locations that have the Wishlist.  These places are participating in which you can pick items from their store and put them on your wishlist so others know what to get you if they want to get you a present.

Next to the wishlist is the items that have been put up for sale for various discount groups like Sixty Lindens, Super Sales Weekend, Steals and Deals, Creators Market & Colah Creators Kit.

Some of their textures include: Fabrics, wood, interior structures, and landscapes.

Mesh kits like: Shutters, chimney's, cottages, steps, birdhouses, street lamps, boxes, ladders, pottery, chairs, food, fireplaces and appliances.

** Lag Rating: 2

Seems as if commerce is the name for the day lots of places to purchase things.  As we fall on another going South.  To Pure Gestures, something we have not seen in the 250+ locations I've explored so far.

Before walking in the door you can see a small stick figure holding a sign letting you know they do custom gestures here and to click the sign for pricing and info.  So of course I clicked the sign.  No copy gesture will cost you 100L, they are transfer and mod.  200L for full permissions.  And full payment is required  @ time of ordering.

Once you walk in you can see gestures on the wall.  Each one is 20L a piece, and each set has a bag on the floor where you can purchase the whole bunch.

You can choose through kids, insults, holidays, random, movies, love, expressions, greetings & goodbyes.

Upstairs is full of music pricing from 20L to 50L.  You'll just have to flip through to see what they have.

** Lag Rating: 1

Until Tomorrow....

~ JL


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