My Haters Motivate Me

My Haters Motivate Me started 3 years ago in March.  I blogged frequently for Yer Mawm, which was strictly a free blog.  As I sent notecards to the designers, some of them would either give me a new release or let me pick something from their store as a thank you.  It was very nice of them, but felt bad that I couldn't blog that item as well since the blog was freebies only.  So the birth of My Haters Motivate Me happened.  In retrospect I probably should have named it shorter lol, but I loved it anyway.

I've always loved flying across the grid to find freebies and experience new stores.  Unfortunately, there are not enough groups allowed by LL to join as many blogger groups as I'd like.  When designers send out notes of their newest release, if they catch my eye I send the designer a notecard of interest. Most of the time I'm blessed with a great response.

I started this adventure blog in December of 2014 where I skip around the grid doing a piece 5 sims a day.  On February 9, 2015 I decided to add fashion to the blog.  Putting the day's outfit on the blog. The picture that I use on the adventure blog I'd put on my fashion blog.  I saw myself getting sucked more into this blog, but didn't want the fashion blog to die.

I thank all my viewers for all your continued support.  I'm very appreciate of all the opportunities that come my way and invite you to add me on Facebook & join the My Haters Motivate Me page.  I love meeting people new people and always have a few minutes to chat.

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