Saturday, May 30, 2015

Adventure 99

While I was calling an MM board earlier.  A designer that I blogged an item for quite a while ago asked me if I blogged something else for them.  I just love when people ask me to blog for them.  She was sweet enough to let me pick anything in the store.  I grabbed this pink number. Me in pink yeah I know lol.  Anyway, any other designers that would like me to blog one of their outfits during a stroll which also goes on my fashion blog, please IM me.  We'll chit chat... OK cheap plug over lol.

Hairs from Wasbai Pills.  And fingernails are from Schoen off of Marketplace.

Picture taken @ Fallen Ones Realm Stop # 1

Starting off from Luna Designs, she's dead center of the map.  The first direction is North which takes me to a place called Fallen Ones Realm. They welcome Vampires, Lycans, Dragons, Monsters, Elven, Mythological creatures, Spirits, Devils, Demons, Succubus, & humans.

You can purchase Bloodlines blood bottles, moonshine bottles & cinder bottles in the tavern and pup Goblet of Fire & Thirsty Sheep.  They are located outside the club.

Petites, Gnomes, Faeries, Dwarfs, & Elves are not considered child avatars.  Although children avatars are not allowed as this is an adult sim.

They are always looking for new brothers and sisters to join their family. As they are a clan in bloodlines. They offer pleasure, support  and friendship.  If your interested in joining the family contact a royal member in the Church club the have their online panels on the wall.  Just IM them.

They have a great nature land.  Full of animals roaming the land.  Along with the animals, there is a sign that says Carnival, passing through you better have your guns cause you'll be attacked by zombies.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

The next place takes me West from Fallen Ones Realm, AnnaBelle Fashion. Where you can check out bikinis, swim suits, tops, dresses, and pants.

Each item is handcrafted with no templates.  You will not find these designs anywhere on marketplace other then her own shop on there. Many of the items come in several colors to choose from.  Check out their marketplace for of their fashions

** Lag Rating: 2

Southeast is the next direction of the next location, Grease Monkey. This is a rock club.  There a big spinning white box with the club logo on it where you can apply to work here as a dancer, DJ or host.
This place is also Bloodline friendly.  Right inside the door to the left you can pick up some items for the bloodline., along with updates.  You can get stuff for The Rage & The Thirst

Besides the garage filling with rock music there is dancing, stripper poles up on car lifts.  The main stage is a Mac Truck open flatbed.  The place is over 24 hours a day and hold events every weekend from 6 to 8 SLT.

** Lag Rating: 2

From the rock club to furniture.  La Galleria has an awesome outdoor set up.  Very original and easy to get around.  They were nominated for the 2015 avi choice award.

Their textures are natural.  And their furniture makes SL become more RL. The way they set up model homes they have the house set up as if you were furnishing the house yourself.  You can walk through the houses and purchase the furniture set that is set up.  Just purchase the box next it and it is yours.  Some of the packages have discounts like if you purchase the home you get a discount on the bathroom.

The houses are made of mesh and most of them come with outside pools.

Something that is really interesting to me, at least I haven't seen it yet. Is they have a thing called Dinner Party.  Where you purchase a Dinner Party and they have settings for 2 to 6 people.  They have additional food you can purchase.  That is easy to install into the dinner party table.  The food is highly detailed.  Touch fork, wine glass or roll and they will fly to your avatar.  It even comes with different china and place mats,  If you're looking to get to as close to reality in SL as you can this would be the place for you to do it.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Today's last place is Bundy Reef Surf Community.  I landed on this wooden dock where you can dance with your other, or check out the map of the land.  The map will show you the Paddle Race Course route through the reef.

Full of sand, palm trees, cuddle spots, dance places and of course waves..  Grab your board, surfs up! I don't know how to surf so I'll just sit up in the lifeguard chair and watch the hottie bodies surf.

Woot I learned out to surf.  There are 4 poles, one has a seagull standing on it.  There are 2 surfboards, one is silver and one is black. If you click the board it will rezz a board.  Once you get on the board just use your arrows to go forward.  Hit a wave and it stands you up. And your surfing baby.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Until the next adventure....

~ JL

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Adventure 98

A few days ago I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Coull Creations. She gave me a few items to blog.  This is the one that drew my eyes first. A mesh leather dress.

I went scouting for some new hair.  It's been a while since I've done that since I'm blessed to be one of the  bloggers for Tameless.  Which happens to be my favorite hair store.  Another place that has great hair is Dela.  Where I picked this hair up at.  I'm really digging the intense red they have.

Then I was noticing that my poses were starting to play out so I headed to Purple Pose and picked up the pose for this stroll.

Picture taken @ Boyeurism Stop # 5

Starting off Northwest at Nadine's Dirty Fuckbunker.  Lordy do I love all the creative names people come up with lol.  As you land behind you on the wall of what looks like an underground bunker, hence the name is the rules.  Basically use all the things you learned in Kinderguarden like be nice, no is no, no pushing.  Also no Bloodlines, push to talk, no gestures, nothing causing lag, escorts or advertising.

Dirty, garbage scattered everywhere.  Mixed with stripper poles, sex scenes, grungy bathrooms to have sex in.  Behind the landing place there is a door that says Prison.  That will teleport you to the prison.  A room that has a few cell rooms and a few rubber rooms.

Upstairs they have more couches, pool table, chairs, hell you can even fuck on the arcade game. Cages, RLV, orgies, 3somes, sex bar and if getting pissed on your thing they have that too.

Both floors are covered in vivid erotic photography.

** Lag Rating: 2

Flying South takes me to Zed Designs.  A store that has it all when it comes to fashion.  This place is huge and you can make you're way around the store by using the teleport system.  To bargains, mens, new releases, outfits, appliers, casual wear, club wear, footwear, cosmetics, beach wear, jewelry, formal and intimates.

If you join the free group you can get up to 25% off on items, but if you check out the bargains in the basement you can get up to 75% off.

Outside in the courtyard are redelivery terminals, table set to relax, and some gacha machines.  Although you can find gacha machines scattered throughout the store.

** Lag Rating: 2

Lets see we've had a little bit of naughty, some clothes, next up heading Southwest to Ee Oh's Palms & Creatures.

In my travels I see GORGEOUS sims.  And wonder where they go to get their stuff.  I may someday wanna fancy my own.  So I'm excited about the place.  The sim is basically a model sim, everything is set up like a nice relaxing sim.  A great place to take pictures at.  Then there's a section where you can purchase the items.

There's Buddha statues, Daruma doll, palm trees, shurbs, seasnakes, sharks, spotted rays, marlins, jelly fish, turtles, urchins, warms, tropical swarms, coral shrubs, anchors, fruit, ravens, snakes, bats, off sim, & eagles

There's a pathway hear the animals that take you to the other side of the sim.  This is where they have the Bamboo beach furniture like decors, massage tables, swings, rafts, fires, shells, bridges, indoor, Sims, huts & showers.

Wander around the land and there are more things to purchase like a lighthouse, and other buildings scattered around the sim.

** Lag Rating: 2

West takes me to another Fairytale type of sim.  It's called Enchanted Fantasies Forest.  They have some outstanding buildings scattered about. This place would be great to do fairytale role playing.

In some of the beautiful buildings there are small shops set up.  Or places that are planned to set up. In one of them they have a small club set up too, for dancing.

Yet another wonderful picture taking place.  Which reminds me I should update my photography sim notecard.

** Lag Rating: 2

I'm digging the last place.  North took me to Boyeurism a gay male strip joint.  I love gay men.  My best friends in RL are like Will & Jack got married.  Apparently that makes me Grace, hehe. Anyway.. back to the show.

Starting from the right there's a basketball court.  Then there's a room of games like Aught, Poker, Pool, Cards Against Humanity, Bowling Alley, Frootcake, Pentadee, & Greedy.

The sim is set up grungy and urban look.  With a beatdown int he alley, pose to piss.  And some roach coaches out for food.

Inside the strip club there are 2 set ups.  One is a stage with a red background and the other has a jungle background. The guys are very friendly here.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Until the next adventure.....

~ JL

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Adventure 97

Yesterday I mentioned the 2 gals I put on my land.  The last adventure I wore a pants outfit from Prety N Pink.  Today I'm wearing a cute number from Artful Designs the other shop that set up on my land, or at least the land I manage lol.

You can find the hair as a promotional freebie on market place by Alice Project.

Picture taken @ Ever After Stop # 2

Starting off West from my land since today's outfit is one of the girls that just set up shop there.  I land at OLala.  Looking around it seems as if the name suits the place.  Lots of provocative clothing, many sold as full outfits with outfit and slink shoes included.

There is a section for slink shoes with cute corset ribbon down the side. Also they have a section of mesh tops that can be purchased alone. Along side a rack of pants available.

It seems if you join the free group that you get a discount on the full outfits. If you have a mesh body make sure that that particular outfit is supported by your mesh body.  As some don't have appliers.

Speaking of being a group member.  If you go upstairs there are lucky chairs and a Midnight Mania board.  The target for the MM board is really low with an awesome outfit.

Paid for something but didn't receive it?  They have 2 redeliveries down stairs.  There are so gift cards to hand out to your friends.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

While I was calling a MM board for the last location I met one of my readers, her name is EverAfter, so she is the inspiration for the next spot. Landing in Ever After a dark fairytales & fantasy roleplay.

This role play is for 18+ where yes kiddies sex happens.  Only approved characters access rp areas.  As vistors you can cam around from allowed spots but until your approved you're on the sidelines.

How do you get an approval for your character.  Check out  List of inspirations: Grimms' Fairy Tales, Charles Perrault's Tales, Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty Trilogy, Red Riding Hood, Snow White and the Huntsmen, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Beauty and the Beast, Maleficent, other myths and horrors.  Applications must go through the website above.

At the starter point there are some hanging scrolls where you click and you get a notecard.  Basic Lore/Setting, Roleplay Guidelines, Allowed Species, FAQ, Wanted Characters/In gereal, Wanted Characters/Ongoing Storylines.  It's best to read each one before considering to participate. Also, ever want to live in a fairytale environment? They also have rentals. Look for information across from the scrolls.

As I was going around looking for the perfect place to take a pic, which this sim has many.  I took what was my favorite pic and noticed the last 2 days I've had the "Show Color Under Cursor" numbers on my pics.  I had no idea how to get them off, so I went to the trusty SLFO group and asked how to get rid of them.  I think Krystalyn my niece was messin with my laptop while I was in the other room.  Anyway a real nice person Ms. Woodford told me what and how to fix my problem. Thank you Ms. Woodford =-).

Anyway the sim as tons of fairytale items around with tall castles, and even a village to wander through.

** Lag Rating: 2

East takes me to Sofa Sub.  Which is a BDSM furniture store. Landing you walk down an aisle of human statues you can have on your land.  Some of them have signs that say for sale signs   Some of them you an sit on.

There are some tables, glass cases, love seats, and lounges downstairs. Everything is RLV active it seems.  Take the elevator upstairs for more goodies. Once I get in I see that you come in on the 00 floor.

Next floor, 01, has erotic art, gestures,.  Floor 02 has stripper poles, sofas, doll boxes, rugs, dog house, amputee caps. & slave trophy.  And there are more floors but their empty.

** Lag Rating: 2

Next up is The Playpen, a voyeur hang out..  Once you land, you need to walk through mall following the red arrows to lead you to the right area. On your journey through the mall you'll be accompanied by orgies and other sex acts scattered about.

Then you come up to a big black board.  If you want to work there as an Escort, you must purchase a board to escort here as no freelancing is allowed.

Once you make it to the main attraction you have 2 choices.  Either to go to the sex rooms or the voyeur lounge.  Since it was straight ahead I went to the Sex Rooms first.  Each wall to separate the rooms are only 3/4 long. And there are big windows in the walls.  Right in front of the beds are big picture windows with stools outside for others to watch the entertainment. The walls are covered with explicit pictures of RL acts.  Looks like each room has a theme BDSM, orgy room, office, barely legal, and duel bedroom.

Before or after your fun head over to the lounge.  If you ever wanted to get banged on a bar, this place has got a great bar with many sex animations.  There's a whole string of strip poles with chairs in front of them that give lap dances up to 3 people.  They also have 2 Sex TV's up you can watch while you're checking out the dancers.

I've met some nice people on this stroll, one at the Ever After place and then right now a dancer @ The PlayPen.

** Lag Rating: 2

Since I was already on the top of the main map I had to go Northwest of it and land on Black Label Menswear.  At the entrance they have 2 gifts out and a reminder that Menstuff hunt will be June 1st guys!

And if you're looking for an alternative rock radio for your land, they have their own stream (

Scanning around the store I am astound by the quality of the men's clothing.  It has great real life looking textures.  Lots of the items have not only the 5 standard sizes but fitted mesh.  I'm definitely dragging Kai here when he logs on lol.

The clothing is nicely priced.  When you see guy stuff around if you do which is rare.  They rape the shit out of men, but not this place.  With detailed cargos, leather jacekts, chaps, and casual wear.

This shop has something that others do not.  They have a Multi-T System. Use any Multi-T hud with any item that has the Multi-T logo on the ad.  If you walk furthest right you will see the inexpensive expansion huds, each one adds 8 more shirts.  Being able to switch out any T-shirt with different jackets to create you're own look.

There are 5 huds to purchase.  Biker, Gangsta, Dark colors, Light colors, & USMC Designs.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Adventure 96

So I know that I haven't strolled in a few days.  I'm sorry for that.  RL has been pulling me back more then usual.

A few days ago the land owner asked me to fill a shop on our land.  So I hooked 2 friends up.  I'm wearing one of their outfits today from Pretty N Pink and then tomorrow I'll blog the other store. The outfit comes with the top, pants & shoes.

Looking for new hair to blog other then Tameless lol.  So I ran over to Uncleweb Studios and grabbed this freebie.

First stop today going North from Uncleweb takes me to The Pink Dragon. A casual role play sim. They invite spectators, just be kind.  Once you land they will give you a notecard of Rules & info. To know the rules you must read the card.

Open the Rules card up and there are a few other NC's inside like important ones like OOC, and RP rules.  OOC explains who's welcome like almost any avatar.  But nothing like huge avi's, tentiacles latex and other gothy type avis.  This is full of candy so think pink & fairy stuff.

It is recommend that you wear the RP title.  But not necessarily needed. No nudity, apeplay, griefing, Gorean role play.

Natives are gingerbread people, so if you're looking to play in Candyland this sim is the right one for you.  There's cotton candy, Valentine's Day candy, icing buildings and other candylicious fun. They even have local currency, which is chocolate coins (go figure).  It's used for farming, clothes, selling Absinthe.

As you cross the bridge there is a big cupcake called Fairlyland Deathmatch.  Go inside there to grab some free tokens, get the group and purchase Game Hud which is 300L.  Also you can buy refills of tokens.

Follow the candy walkway to the gingerbread houses.  The last one has cupcakes you get for free. They have the cutiest pancake fountain.  You can even rent some of gingerbread houses to live in.

There are 2 large buildings here, one is a Waffle Cone and chocolate castle with tons of candy and kid type items inside.  The other is a castle made of Icing.  The Icing castle kinda reminds me of Fortress of Solitude with all of what looks like crystals.

On the left side of the castle they have a room set up as a royal library.  The room on the right has a spa with cuddle animations, and there's a covered rug area with some couple poses.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Northeast of Candyland is Dragonfly.  A jungle full of sex & BDSM fun. When you land there's a small circle that has some clothing and other items you can wear in the jungle.

There are 3 different directions you can choose from.  So for the sake of the sim, I'll take the one from behind.  That path takes you to a shipwrecked ship.  With a bed inside along with some furniture to relax in.

If you take the left direction the bridge takes you to a another choice. Either to take the right trail or go straight.  As you go straight you go on a long path with nature and cuddle spots along the way. The end of the bath takes you to a boat house. Inside the house there's a circle bed, and couches for some private cuddling.  Outside on the deck, there's a nice table outside for eating watching the sunset.  Taking the right trails would have taken you to small trail with a bench at the end covered by a large tree.

The right path takes you through tropical section through rocks and on the other side is a clearing used for dancing.  Just past that a bit is a rezz section so you don't have to go all the way home to get dressed.

You can enjoy jet skiing, surfing, wind surfing on sandy beaches.

There's another path by the clearing that takes up and over the rocks. You come upon a big house with a pool, and a circular bed where you can enjoy the views.  In the big house is a nice set up with animated bed.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Crawling out of the jungle I travel West to Spellbound.  The sim itself is just kick ass.  You land in this awesome wooden structure then walk down a stoned walk way.  Close to the doorway their are men holding lanterns to light your way.

It was enjoyable just walk around the inside of the store.  There's not much up there.  Although it looks like the just did some remodeling, and moved their older hairs somewhere else.  As you make your way towards the left side of the store, there's a teleport that takes you to a room full of hair.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

It's funny that Kai decides that this is the time that he comes on SL lol.  Of course I have to drag him along on the last part of the stroll.  And were does East take me?n  Aeros Island.

Now I would like to apologize to all the men for having to come in to the SL world with a mangina and haven't to BUY a dick.  I know I'm always talking about how men get screwed in SL.  But come on.  Even us chicks came in with barbie tits.  They could have given then something at least as good as a newbie dick.  Then purchase an enhanced ones like us girls did with the Tangos.

A few weeks ago I made my way to Vaw.  Well today we're making our way to Aeros Island.  Well being that I use to be a stripper/escort like most girls my age I've seen many brands.  I'll have to say that this one is probably my favorite brand.

This place focuses just on men missing member.  Where you can decide to go either cut, uncut and veins.  It has tons of different stages of erections. Extremely detailed, you can set proportions, color, texture. These ones throb, precum, cum, & pee.

See this stroll teach me things too.  Because I thought this place only did penises I was wrong.  Once you get past the fun, and walk into what I thought was a waterfall from the outside.  They indeed have skin also which lines the walls.

** Lag Rating: 2

We're gonna end the stroll at Insomnaix Club.  Which sounds about perfect since I'm an insomniac lol.  Walking up the walk way from the landing there are free boards for stripper.  I've been in my share of strip clubs in my day abut never seen swimming pools inside the club.

It's a freelance club that gives you a 90/10 split.  All you have to do is join the group and click the tip jar to start working.  They also have a free rooms where you can get a bit of privacy for a lapdance or escort.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Adventure 95

Well I started off wearing the newest release by Tameless.

Picture taken @ Bound Elegance Stop # 4

But when I went Northwest to my first location I landed on Skinny Dip Inn.  There's a big platform that you can purchase items from many different designers.  To get on on the beach you must be either be in a bikini or naked.  So I changed into a bikini I got a long time ago from 1Hundred.  If you don't have a swim wear you can get a bikini for ladies and shorts for men free here.

You can hang on the deck with the lined up towels with animations.  Or check out what's going on through the telescope.

This place is packed.  I was checking profiles for the hell of it and seeing that it seems to be a very newbie friendly place.

When you go past the sign you have 2 choices.  Either cross the bridge to the island or walk the strip of the beautiful scenery.

The have a few rules. No rocking your cock out, or which I would think would be a reason to go to a nude beach would to see over sized boobies.  But guess not here.  Also no escorting/prostitution.

They have loungers, campfires, gazebo, hot tub, hammocks, floaties, even a few Zyngo games on the beach.  Along with coves behind waterfalls for private moments.  With rugs, pools, and dancing.

Along the back side of the paradise are private residence. Please respect their place and leave the places alone. Some even have security orbs around their place.

If you went across the water using the bridge it will take you to the main lodge of the place.  They have rooms with useful beds, this sim is adult so nudity is encouraged.

This place looks like just my thing.  One of the rooms has a hooka set up & the beach have pot martini's.  So apparently the place is pot friendly.

The main house also has a pool with stools in them for a pool bar. Which is awesome.  Ever have the desire to be the cameraman or woman of a porn.  They even have a spot set up with a camera.  Time to start shooting people.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

I got pretty burnt after a long day so I logged off.  Waking up & trying again I couldn't log in. No idea why, so I just gave up.

Going through another long day, taking a nap & woot I could log on again.  Why do I tell you all this?  Because it's been 2 days since I posted & making an excuse for myself lol.

Running home and putting the new release back on after logging out on the beach.  I head down south to Just Posing.

A quaint pose shop on the right there's a place to tell you what events they are participating in.  On the left are a few gacha machines.  Next to those are 2 poses for both men and women if you wear the SL Frees & Offers group (secondlife:///app/group/601a412e-f210-e20c-2f01-e186b0ea4f42/about).

In the back room there are poses for men, women, M/F couple & friends.  The upstairs is empty, but they are under construction.  So checking back from time to time would be a good idea.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Next up is East of Just Posing is RockStar Babies,. So apparently today's theme is remodeling. If you're looking for clothes for your Zooby babies or kids check this place out before they move.

There are 2 buildings here.  Straight ahead is the Rockstar Babies.  You can either join the group which is 90L or the scribo.  If you're part of the group click the raffle sign to win prizes.  Also there is a boy and girl group gift out.

They also participate in an event called Bargains 4 Babies & Just for Babies & Zooby Bargains. There are 4 outfit out for these groups.

This place is pretty divided.  Where they have a good amount for both boys and girls.

I know nothing about the baby thing.  But they have things called Rezzers upstairs.  Bibs.  And little scenes like Game Time and painting pictures.

Next building over is Rockstar Kids.  This group is free.  You will receive group gifts & discount on purchases.

Cute little fashions for the Zooby children.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Bond Elegance is the next location after I went Southeast.  A well put together elegant place to play out your BDSM fantasy.  Where men come in suits and to find the more elegant women.

Upstairs is very upscale designed room.  With plenty of chairs for masters.  And toys to sit in the middle for viewing. They also have dancing & DJ's.

They have 2 games in the main room as well.  Cards Against Humanity & Greedy.  Which you can turn any game sexual. Maybe the winner gets a blowjob lol.

There are a few rooms, one seems to be an orgy room. Along with an indoor pool, and spa.  You can find an elegant table you can dance on and receive tips.  Perhaps sitting at a bar watching is you're thing.  They have that too.

There's a secret basement where all the toys are at if you can find the right book to open the bookshelf.  Once you find the right book the shelf opens and it leads you down to a set of stairs. Making the way to the bottom there are BDSM toys everywhere.  With places to be tied up, caged, and stick walls.

On the left this is a cave entrance.  It turns into an underwater
ant farm.  Which I just love.  Sometimes it branches out where there are cuddle spots. It's so big I got lost lol.  It would take a day just to make it through them all.

If you make it upstairs you can check out the well put together vendor buildings in a lavish outdoor setting.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Heading West to the last location, Ravenlock Pokemon Sim. When you land on the sim there is a big information board that gives you several groups to decide to join.  There's a big sign if you click gives you a folder to help you get started.

In the folder you get 3 notecard to read.  They have a TOS notecard that tells you the have the right to limit access.  That they are Not-For-Profit sim meaning everything they make they put back inside the sim.  You can rent shops and homes on the sim.  And you have to act appropriate on the sim.  Pets are to be caught on sim and sold for no more then 75L.

Second notecard is Sim rules.  Starting off that this is a mature sim, not adult so keep your goodies hidden.  Don't rezz vehicles, weapons, magic huds, Dragonball Z huds, or any other heavily scripted items.

How do you get started?  The last notecard will tell you.  First you need the Ravenlock Role Play HUD. You'll need to use it to use the teleports to get to different places of the sim.  You are also able to start collecting Pokedollars to spend in some shops on the sim.  Second, get a thrower, either a free one or 50L for the Guardian thrower.

Once you have your thrower on you can purcahse refills in the thrower vendor or you can find free refills in the item balls you can flick on the sim.  Once you get refilled rez on ground and click box to reload refills.

Use you're pokeball with mouse look.  Then click left click to throw ball.

Run through the sim and collect your Pokemons.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure....

~ JL

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Adventure 94

Well its that time again.  It's the 16th and that means I'm digging into my inventory to check out what I've collected through the last month.  A few of these have been give to me by some fellow adventures.

I got this outfit a few weeks ago on the Midnight Mania board at Dumb Blond.  Now they have something else up but the outfit is still for sale.  It comes with a few different options to wear it and boots.

Yesterday I went to Tableau & Vivant to check on the group gift hair they had out.  But I realized they changed the hair out.  So the one I'm wearing today is the new gift out.

Picture taken @ Shovehead & Rusty Needle Tattoos Stop # 5

When I landed at Ben's Beauty & Boutique & Hair Style I was expecting make up, clothes and hair. But it looks like they are in the middle of putting their shop up.  There are tons of great hair that is only 200L for a fatpack of colors.

I have a feeling that you will want to come check this place out again in like a month or so.

If you're a member of the group which is free you can pick up a Pocahontas hair do.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

So I was able to get one store done before my man jumped on.  We had a wedding to attended tomorrow so we got side tracked getting our attire ready.  I have a feeling that it will be a while before I can continue the stroll.

It's past midnight now, but this stroll is still for the 16th lol.And on with the show.

The next location is Arcturus VI - Space Outpost.  Arcturus is a roleplay area with a scifi/futuristic theme.  This location was giving to me by the sim owner next door that I did a piece on, Dark Alley.

Before you make your way down the corridor, there's a vendor set up where you can purchase body armor and other items from ASI.

Right before you make it to the teleporter that will take you down to the land, there's a big blue band that lets you know you must be taller then the line to enter.  Crossing that there's a big room with some shops open and circulars the teleporter.

This is the place that shared the OOC lounge with  Dark Alley. Which is to the right of the teleporter.

When you click the teleporter it gives you several different locations to explore this Rape & jail roleplay sim.  You can choose from Slave Pens, Slums, Throne Room, Main Dome, Residential, Security, Alien Sector, Cargo Bay, & Habitat Dome.

So I start off at the Slave Pens.  Beam me up Scotty!  Going in there each cell which doesn't have walls has a grungy sex equipment in each sell.

Going from the Slave Pens to the Security section.  There's a bunch of desks, and behind the main desk there is a futuristic beams that you can't get out.

Down the hall from the Security section there's the Science Lab.  There are small rooms sectioned off with beds you lay on.  Each one has different equipment to probe your body.

Towards the end of the hallway there is the residential area. Where you can purchase room for 150L a week.  There are 5 open spots available.

At the end of the residential area there's an underground subway.  Be careful as people maybe lurking to take advantage of you.

Across the way is the Habitation Dome.  Where you can look down on the waterfall, statue & landscape.  Along with a what looks to be a table.  Which is set to do orgies, lesbian, gay & more group fun.

Going into the Ops Center you climb some stairs and you come to the I guess you would call hub of the ship.  "Number 2 strip your clothes!" I would assume would work for this room.

Next up is the Cargo/Hanger bay.  Where you can even sit inside the the ship depending on where you are  depends what you can do inside.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

Through my journey I have met several nice people.  I started posting my strolls on Facebook. Where I have met many supportive people.  And a few people hand me landmarks of places to check out. One of the great people I met is a gentleman named Clive.  He gave me the location of the next sim.

Lobby Cam by Bryn Oh is an interactive gallery which changes exhibits frequently too keep it fresh.

To view the next location of Lobby Cam by Bryn Oh properly you need to grab the Hud for free. Each time you find a diary page which is scattered across the sim you will need the HUD to read.

Your windlights should change.  Not working? Use the menu bar to find World then Region details. Make sure your windlights automatically change with region. Also make sure you have media to auto play.

Some of the region changes blow wind.  Which can make the sim laggy for some computers.  Try the 7 day trial of SL Go.

The walls are scattered with what looks like oil paintings. They are very nice paintings of landscape scenes.  Once you go through the big room you land on.  Walk down the hallway to a smaller room. If you look at the wall here the lady is looking at the painting the wall will break way.

If you click onto the paintings it automatically zooms into the picture so you can get a better look.

Walking through the wall, you will come across a wheat field with a rustic western look.  With a broken down train tracks. Some caboose and some wheat barrels.

** Lag Rating: 2

The next location is The Drankensberg Mountains.  Thanks to Clive once again for this location. When you take the landmark you wind up in the small box.  With pretty pictures of mixed of SL and RL.  You must have a group tag to enjoy the sim.  Just as I was about to begin, Kai logged back on. So we were able to experience the sim together.

The Drankensberg Mountains is the mountain range in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.  Once you take the tag and telelport below you land in the middle of a small village. Where there's logs around a makeshift campfire.  And dancing in the moonlight.  There are a few animals about as well.

Going past that you walk along the trail making your way to a hut where it has a rug inside to have some intimate time. Crossing the stream you can find more huts, with animals and other daily things scattered across the area around the huts.,

As I was wandering around looking for a place to take the location pic, I got startled by a hoard of Elephants just kicking it at the waterfall.

And don't forget to look for the dancing opportunities scattered across the gorgeous landscape.  And a few hot scenes scattered as well.  Unfortunately Kai was pulled away to RL so I'm off to the next location solo.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Last location of the day was giving to me by a friend.  They knew I dug the rocker look, so they directed me to a place called Shovehead & Rusty Needle Tattoos.

Teleporting there, I land in the middle of the building, surrounded by different departments.  So since I'm such an advocate for male fashion I think I'll start there.

Inside you can find high quality mesh male clothing.  Lots of leather clothing.  Which jackets, gloves, chaps, leather pants & skull caps. This place is decently priced.  For any biker on a budget.

They also supply clothing for the Aesthetic Mesh Bodies. Which I would assume would be a new male mesh body.  This gives me a perfect chance to do a small rant.  I need to stress that the male mesh heads look like shit.  They turn the guys all into 20 year old boys.  And no matter what skin you use, they all look the same.  Now everyone knows I'm an advocate for system bodies.  And yes I know the argument, edges better for pictures yeah yeah yeah.  But really the mesh male heads look like hell. Rant over.

Crossing over to the other side is the Woman's section. A lot of the outfits are done in mesh, and don't come in just the outfit.  You get shirt, pants, shoes, necklaces.  Some items even come with several pair of pants.  And even some are fitted mesh clothing.

They also have a separate section for Heels, Boots, Dresses & New Releases.

And today to finish the day out I go check out what kind of tattoos they have @ Rusty Needle Tattoo. Which I think is an awesome name for a tatt shop.  You can get tatts for you're hip, thighs, calves, chest,  skull, face.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure....

~ JL

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Adventure 93

Yet another stoner jabbering night with Pinkness from Pink Pearl Designs inspired this outfit.  I was giving her an idea for a pair of pants, and she took my idea and twisted it.  But it came out damnfuckingtastic.

The hair I'm wearing is a release from Tameless few months back.  I thought it looked killer with this outfit.

Picture taken @ The Rubber Room Club  Stop # 1

I was planning on wearing Tableau & Vivant group gift they had out.  To check up to see if it was still there it wasn't. So I changed up.  But there is a new group gift there.  Just didn't think it went well with the outfit.  But anyway, going Southeast from there I land in the Rubber Room Club.

Before you even make it in the building you can check out all the shops around the mall.

Walking in the building there's a dance floor.  With cages, stripper poles, dancing and places to lounge right out side the dance floor.

I'm writing this as we speak from inside a cell in a black rubber room lol.  Off to the left of dance floor they have a big rubber room.  They are set up like cells.  I stepped inside to check it out.  I'm sure glad it was only set for 5 minutes cause I just got out and walking down the hall, some are set for 35 minutes lol.

If you go to the right of the dance floor you'll find the play room full of BDSM toys and equipment. There's rooms sectioned out for privacy.  Take the hallway between the 2 rooms and you'll find the white rubber room.  That room is full other equipment, which as more of the extreme toys inside.

** Lag Rating: 2

To the North is Braham Design.  High quality, nice textured designs.  More on the higher side of fashion.  Pantsuits, sun dresses, kinda the Housewives of .... kinda look.  Sexy but higher class.

You can grab the group gift for free.  Along with another group gift they put out for SL Free & Offers group.  And follow the pink footsteps to the the 60L special.

** Lag Rating: 2

After checking out the classy joint the Faith Maxwell Sculpture Gallery was a perfect fit the next sim that was East.  Landing on the concert path behind you there's dancing next to a gorgeous waterfall.

Interesting sculptures line the concert path guiding you through the art gallery.  You can purchase both the sculptures and artwork along the way.  The scenery is done very pretty.

There are pretty parts scattered round the sim where you can dance or cross the small bridge that leads to a campfire, and romantic swing set.

** Lag Rating: 2

Northwest is the next direction taking me to Splatter's Blood Bank.  For those vampires using the Bloodline Hud this might be a point of interest.

You can purchase blood for 37L a liter, 37L for Lumen's & Cider for 50L a liter.  Not sure if that's a good idea or not cause it's not my gig.  And souls are for sale for 500L.

Along with purchasing blood they also have other things that go along with the Bloodlines setup. The stuff is for The Thirst, Human & The Rage.

They buy both tanks, caskets, barrels, and souls.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

The Slut Pit is the next place I end up after going Southwest for the last stop of the night.  Proving there are places for everyone in SL.  This place caters to Mandingos.  If you're not familiar with it, don't worry I had to look it up too.  Mandingos are men with large cocks with lots of stamina.  This particular place have black Mandingos interested in white women.

A place for white women to be pushed around, and sexually abused by well hung black males.  The women are willing and wanting to pay reparations with their bodies by doing everything they are told.  Even breeding in some cases. Dominate black males are referred as Mandingo Bulls.

This is a roleplay land about race domination, forced, orgies, and BDSM scenes.  If you're weak at heart, this place might not be for you.

Skyboxes are ment to serve the needs of Black Mandingos. White men may observe on the top floor. Unless they are invited to enjoy the fun with a Mandingo Bull.

There are different levels of white sluts.  The way to level up is done by your performance cards. Yes RATING CARDS. From 1 to 10 they rate your lap dance/strip tease, dick sucking, sex, anal, dirty talking, communication, appearance & choose again.

The top half has a pool table where you can have sex in public, along with stools and a bar.  There are chairs around a stripper poll as well.

Downstairs are 3 rooms sections off with somewhat privacy. Erotic art on the walls of black men having sex with white women.  One room has a normal bed, the room next to it has a canopy bed and the last bed is a circular one.

Outside the rooms is a larger room with everything out in the open.  People from above on the upper deck can watch the action.  There are BDSM equipment, a locker, dirty mattress, kinky wall, and cages.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Until the next adventure....

~ JL

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Adventure 92

Today's outfit is brought to you by The Little Bat.  I spent a good amount of time yesterday grabbing group gifts, slapping MM boards and taking my chances at the match game.  I really lucked out and got this cute dress.  It comes with the dress and leggings.

Picture taken @ Jaryth's Barber Shop  Stop # 2

I don't think that I'm dressed for the right for the first location. East was the way the winds blew me, landing Siren's Gulf which seems to be attached to a few others sims like Siren's Bay, Sea & Nest.

Up top it doesn't look like much is going on.  With lounging on the chairs, cuddling on the life guard chair, or heading over to the shipwrecked ship.  They also have 7Seas here.
There's also a shack with a bed in it, but be careful of the creature from the drop hatch, he might wanna join ya.  Or take the steps in the tower to the top, relax by yourself and taken in or drag your other and cuddle in new heights.

The other islands you can see have waterfalls, lighthouses, volcanoes, crashed airplane to explore.  And be careful if you wander over to cannibal island.  You might get eaten up.

Below is where all the fun stuff is.  Here Mermaids & Siren's come to play.  A place to hang out and swim with other underwater creatures like sharks, fish, octopus, whales, and other things of the sea.

Check caverns and underground waterfalls for private places to be intimate.  And find your way through the RLV Maze.  Beware of RLV traps along the sim. Just remember no child avatars. There's even an underground dance floor. There are dances for singles, couples and even 3 way dancing.

** Lag Rating: 2

The sea takes me West to Jaryth's Barber Shop.  Another great opportunity to showcase things for men. Before getting in there's a gacha machine you can get caught up in.

I've been seriously missing me some Sons of Anarchy and was so excited to see Opie pop up on Bate's Motel, beard and all. Why did I mention the beard?  Because that's what guys can find here.

This place supplies beards in both tattoo and prim form. Beards comes in several colors to match your look perfectly.  They even have demos to see how it works with your look.

Beards are not the only thing they do here.  You can get hair like Trevor from Grand Theft Auto along with other creative hairdos, receding hairlines, bald spots, & balding.

We all come in SL smooth as a babies booty, but this place has fixed that.  Guys you wanna show off your testosterone off and grow some hair?  They have chest, arm, legs, back & ass hair.  Even some prim public hair.

** Lag Rating: 2

It's funny that the directions take me South to Swagga Men's Store.  Well not only is it setting the theme of this stroll by having 2 guy stores back to back, but I was just talking about the Summer's Eve Swagalicious commercial that plays a song talking about Swagga.  I was having a conversation with someone about that funny enough.  About women aren't suppose to have swagga.  Men are.  Maybe I'm getting old lol.  But anyway back to the show.

Landing on Swagga the entrance is lined with gacha machines.  But there are 3 ways you can go so I'll start backwards.  To the right there are hats, snakes (wearable), wings, armor, masks, and eye patches. A few gacha machines, and some limited items are out too.

The main building is where most of the clothes are.  I'm really digging the style they have going here.  If you're one of those guys going for the more casual or street look this is the place.  High quality mesh clothing for the normal guy.

Ladies if your man's got a rezz day or well any day is a good day for a gift.  Throw him one of these gift cards so he can go grab himself something.  They come in 250L, 500L, 1000L & 5000L.

The building that was on the left is the outlet section.  Where I assume you get things for a discount.  I see many hats, underwear, shorts, and full outfits.  I'm assuming that this is the system clothing and they are switching out for the mesh.

** Lag Rating: 2

That's it I dub thee stroll man made lol.  First I go to an underwater sim called "Siren", then to a male hair place, next to male clothes and now I landed on every man's wet dream. Northeast takes me to SL Playboy Mansion.  I swear I'm not making this shit up lol.

Here are some rules to live by while visiting the SL Playboy Mansion.  There's no unholstered weapons, watch your tongue naughty not crude language, advertising, children, or drama.  And the upstairs portion of the mansion are the living quarters of the bunnies, please respect their space.

Walking into the foyer starting clock way to the left is a nice relaxing room.  Going through the French doors into the piano room.  Then the house becomes a maze.  With a functioning bathroom & kitchen.  They have a room for dancing.

Outside they have a pool, hot tub, lounge area,  and you can't miss the maze like grotto.  Follow the path through the grotto and spout out in places for private cuddling.

These ladies are here for just company.  Someone to pass the time with.  Their slogan Class not ass.  The playmates are available for club openings or charity events.

Next door they have a Country club, full with line dancing and all.

** Lag Rating: 2

Southwest brings me to Xclusives Animations.  I always love to find a new animations or pose shop. Animations are what brings SL to life.  So to check out this place properly my new man Kai (yes another Kai lol) logged on and I drug his ass with me.

After checking out a few items from the 99L area.  We made a few purchases ourselves.  The 99L section is where they put new items out at an amazing discount before they put it out full price.  Like the camping set that we bought., the retail price is 2500L.  In 2 days it will be that again.

There's a bunch of gacha machines around too to take advantage of.

You can join the VIP group for 500L, which is very useful. They have a group only Midnight Mania boards, group gifts, and a raffle which you can win 100K worth of items.

They have full length love scenes which would make fun for skilled emoters.  If there are any of them left out there. Personally I love it.  I love writing, if you can't tell lol.

There are several rooms in the store, like furniture, poseballs, new releases. bathrooms club, foreplay oral, huds/engines, gift shop, romance, get freaky, M/M F/F & anal/doggy.

As you wander around the rooms look out for big red signs looks like the Office Depot button.  They inform you of the huge discount you get for that product.  Not every room has one but there are many through out to keep your eyes open for.

This place is HUGE, its best to get around either by the Hud they have developed for easier shopping or take the teleport system to hop around the place.

Most items have from 100 to over 1k animations.  At least the object items come with that many animations.  Lots of the items are out to demo and see if its a perfect fit

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure....

~ JL

Monday, May 11, 2015

Adventure 91

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommy's out there. Although this will probably be posted after midnight I'm starting it on mother's days =P.

I love me some pixie hair cuts.  Which is exactly one of the group gifts out from Argrace.  After visiting the sim yesterday during the stroll.

Today's outfit is from Sassy.  This top is so me, my RL mom's been saying I needed that stamped on my forehead since I'm completely unpolitically correct.  These cloth capris were calling my name.

Picture taken @ Gabriel  Stop # 5

Wonder where some people get their pony clothing? There probably shopping @ Morbid Play Studios,.

You can get all sorts of different pony items like hooves, harnesses, tails, mouth guards & blinders. They can be found either in full sets or individually.

Each set they have comes with many different color options, some set ups come with AO's and horse sounds.
As I was wandering around I also found sculpted nipples. With multiple textures & piercing types.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Starting to see a pattern start here lol.  Southeast is the next direction to The Little Bat.  Owned by the lovely Drusilla.  She does fashion on the dark side.  A lot of the clothing is done in mesh.  Be sure to try the demos if available.

There's a big sign outside her shop.  It looks like she's gearing up for the World Goth Fair May 15-June 1.

The entrance of the store lets you know the events that are coming up.  Along with new releases, gift cards and items that are on sale.  Also you can check them out on Facebook and join the group.

If you're into gothic fashions you'll dig this place.  Grab the group which is free and you can raid the group gift section.  There's dresses, full outfits, pants, chokers, and even slink fingers nails.

She has other fun things here like Midnight Mania, Lucky Chairs, and riot vendors.  There are also past hunt gifts to pick up.  Some are free all the way up to 25L.

The room across the way is full of gacha machines. Along with discounts lining the walls.

** Lag Rating: 2

From all that shopping its time to travel East to Hypnotic a romantic island that's been around since 2012.  This place is HUGE.  You need a use the teleport system to get around.  Each section is just as beautiful as the next.

You can travel around to Amnesia Oasis, Autumn, Beach Island, Beach Oasis, Camping Island, Cave, Dance Cloud, Forrest, Japanese Sex, Moon, Naughty Underground, Nude Beach, Nude Dance, Pier, Sea Dance, Secret Cave, Snow Globe, Tiki Hut, Tower, Tree house & Meet/Cafe.

To do this place any justice it would take at least a day to do it justice. With trails wandering off, cuddle spots, and secluded dancing.  A perfect place to plan a get away. To do something nice for your mate.

** Lag Rating: 2

Leaving paradise for the dark urban streets.  South takes me to After The Fall.  A post-apocalyptic urban city.  Full of aliens, quests, and hours of role play.

They even have a Riot Sniper Game which is free to play.  Click the sign for your free system.  You can win cash and prizes while shooting people.  Gives you role play levels, quest in popular sims, works with all weapons that use damage.

Use this sim for your own Modern Warfare.  Snipe people walking by.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Gabriel is Northeast of After The Fall.  I get so excited when I land on a sim focused on men. I'm a big advocate for fashion for men on SL.  Shops like this help men look great with their high quality clothing and other items.

Right as you land there's a big sign that lets you know that there is a sale going on.  You can get up to 70% off mens suits, winter outfits and woman's outfits.

This place has everything for your formal or casual wear. Leather jackets, suits, shoes, & jewelry.

They have a good sized group gift wall where for joining the group which is FREE you can pick up free rings, fanny packs, shoes, down vest, gloves and fedoras.  Although this is primarily a male store they do have some gifts for the ladies as well.  Ladies can pick up a clutch, gloves, rings and some awesome shoes.

Left of the group gifts is the gachas machines.  They have some fedoras w/glasses, beanies, bears, seater & shoulder pets.

As I walk right of the store I see that Gabriel has expanded to women's clothing, so my last statement was WRONG!  All women outfits that are NOT mesh are 99L.  This stuff reminds me of the kind of stuff Jennifer Lopez was wearing when there was a Bennifer.  Why would I remember I don't know lol.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL