Sunday, May 24, 2015

Adventure 96

So I know that I haven't strolled in a few days.  I'm sorry for that.  RL has been pulling me back more then usual.

A few days ago the land owner asked me to fill a shop on our land.  So I hooked 2 friends up.  I'm wearing one of their outfits today from Pretty N Pink and then tomorrow I'll blog the other store. The outfit comes with the top, pants & shoes.

Looking for new hair to blog other then Tameless lol.  So I ran over to Uncleweb Studios and grabbed this freebie.

First stop today going North from Uncleweb takes me to The Pink Dragon. A casual role play sim. They invite spectators, just be kind.  Once you land they will give you a notecard of Rules & info. To know the rules you must read the card.

Open the Rules card up and there are a few other NC's inside like important ones like OOC, and RP rules.  OOC explains who's welcome like almost any avatar.  But nothing like huge avi's, tentiacles latex and other gothy type avis.  This is full of candy so think pink & fairy stuff.

It is recommend that you wear the RP title.  But not necessarily needed. No nudity, apeplay, griefing, Gorean role play.

Natives are gingerbread people, so if you're looking to play in Candyland this sim is the right one for you.  There's cotton candy, Valentine's Day candy, icing buildings and other candylicious fun. They even have local currency, which is chocolate coins (go figure).  It's used for farming, clothes, selling Absinthe.

As you cross the bridge there is a big cupcake called Fairlyland Deathmatch.  Go inside there to grab some free tokens, get the group and purchase Game Hud which is 300L.  Also you can buy refills of tokens.

Follow the candy walkway to the gingerbread houses.  The last one has cupcakes you get for free. They have the cutiest pancake fountain.  You can even rent some of gingerbread houses to live in.

There are 2 large buildings here, one is a Waffle Cone and chocolate castle with tons of candy and kid type items inside.  The other is a castle made of Icing.  The Icing castle kinda reminds me of Fortress of Solitude with all of what looks like crystals.

On the left side of the castle they have a room set up as a royal library.  The room on the right has a spa with cuddle animations, and there's a covered rug area with some couple poses.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Northeast of Candyland is Dragonfly.  A jungle full of sex & BDSM fun. When you land there's a small circle that has some clothing and other items you can wear in the jungle.

There are 3 different directions you can choose from.  So for the sake of the sim, I'll take the one from behind.  That path takes you to a shipwrecked ship.  With a bed inside along with some furniture to relax in.

If you take the left direction the bridge takes you to a another choice. Either to take the right trail or go straight.  As you go straight you go on a long path with nature and cuddle spots along the way. The end of the bath takes you to a boat house. Inside the house there's a circle bed, and couches for some private cuddling.  Outside on the deck, there's a nice table outside for eating watching the sunset.  Taking the right trails would have taken you to small trail with a bench at the end covered by a large tree.

The right path takes you through tropical section through rocks and on the other side is a clearing used for dancing.  Just past that a bit is a rezz section so you don't have to go all the way home to get dressed.

You can enjoy jet skiing, surfing, wind surfing on sandy beaches.

There's another path by the clearing that takes up and over the rocks. You come upon a big house with a pool, and a circular bed where you can enjoy the views.  In the big house is a nice set up with animated bed.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Crawling out of the jungle I travel West to Spellbound.  The sim itself is just kick ass.  You land in this awesome wooden structure then walk down a stoned walk way.  Close to the doorway their are men holding lanterns to light your way.

It was enjoyable just walk around the inside of the store.  There's not much up there.  Although it looks like the just did some remodeling, and moved their older hairs somewhere else.  As you make your way towards the left side of the store, there's a teleport that takes you to a room full of hair.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

It's funny that Kai decides that this is the time that he comes on SL lol.  Of course I have to drag him along on the last part of the stroll.  And were does East take me?n  Aeros Island.

Now I would like to apologize to all the men for having to come in to the SL world with a mangina and haven't to BUY a dick.  I know I'm always talking about how men get screwed in SL.  But come on.  Even us chicks came in with barbie tits.  They could have given then something at least as good as a newbie dick.  Then purchase an enhanced ones like us girls did with the Tangos.

A few weeks ago I made my way to Vaw.  Well today we're making our way to Aeros Island.  Well being that I use to be a stripper/escort like most girls my age I've seen many brands.  I'll have to say that this one is probably my favorite brand.

This place focuses just on men missing member.  Where you can decide to go either cut, uncut and veins.  It has tons of different stages of erections. Extremely detailed, you can set proportions, color, texture. These ones throb, precum, cum, & pee.

See this stroll teach me things too.  Because I thought this place only did penises I was wrong.  Once you get past the fun, and walk into what I thought was a waterfall from the outside.  They indeed have skin also which lines the walls.

** Lag Rating: 2

We're gonna end the stroll at Insomnaix Club.  Which sounds about perfect since I'm an insomniac lol.  Walking up the walk way from the landing there are free boards for stripper.  I've been in my share of strip clubs in my day abut never seen swimming pools inside the club.

It's a freelance club that gives you a 90/10 split.  All you have to do is join the group and click the tip jar to start working.  They also have a free rooms where you can get a bit of privacy for a lapdance or escort.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure...

~ JL


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