Monday, May 11, 2015

Adventure 91

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommy's out there. Although this will probably be posted after midnight I'm starting it on mother's days =P.

I love me some pixie hair cuts.  Which is exactly one of the group gifts out from Argrace.  After visiting the sim yesterday during the stroll.

Today's outfit is from Sassy.  This top is so me, my RL mom's been saying I needed that stamped on my forehead since I'm completely unpolitically correct.  These cloth capris were calling my name.

Picture taken @ Gabriel  Stop # 5

Wonder where some people get their pony clothing? There probably shopping @ Morbid Play Studios,.

You can get all sorts of different pony items like hooves, harnesses, tails, mouth guards & blinders. They can be found either in full sets or individually.

Each set they have comes with many different color options, some set ups come with AO's and horse sounds.
As I was wandering around I also found sculpted nipples. With multiple textures & piercing types.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Starting to see a pattern start here lol.  Southeast is the next direction to The Little Bat.  Owned by the lovely Drusilla.  She does fashion on the dark side.  A lot of the clothing is done in mesh.  Be sure to try the demos if available.

There's a big sign outside her shop.  It looks like she's gearing up for the World Goth Fair May 15-June 1.

The entrance of the store lets you know the events that are coming up.  Along with new releases, gift cards and items that are on sale.  Also you can check them out on Facebook and join the group.

If you're into gothic fashions you'll dig this place.  Grab the group which is free and you can raid the group gift section.  There's dresses, full outfits, pants, chokers, and even slink fingers nails.

She has other fun things here like Midnight Mania, Lucky Chairs, and riot vendors.  There are also past hunt gifts to pick up.  Some are free all the way up to 25L.

The room across the way is full of gacha machines. Along with discounts lining the walls.

** Lag Rating: 2

From all that shopping its time to travel East to Hypnotic a romantic island that's been around since 2012.  This place is HUGE.  You need a use the teleport system to get around.  Each section is just as beautiful as the next.

You can travel around to Amnesia Oasis, Autumn, Beach Island, Beach Oasis, Camping Island, Cave, Dance Cloud, Forrest, Japanese Sex, Moon, Naughty Underground, Nude Beach, Nude Dance, Pier, Sea Dance, Secret Cave, Snow Globe, Tiki Hut, Tower, Tree house & Meet/Cafe.

To do this place any justice it would take at least a day to do it justice. With trails wandering off, cuddle spots, and secluded dancing.  A perfect place to plan a get away. To do something nice for your mate.

** Lag Rating: 2

Leaving paradise for the dark urban streets.  South takes me to After The Fall.  A post-apocalyptic urban city.  Full of aliens, quests, and hours of role play.

They even have a Riot Sniper Game which is free to play.  Click the sign for your free system.  You can win cash and prizes while shooting people.  Gives you role play levels, quest in popular sims, works with all weapons that use damage.

Use this sim for your own Modern Warfare.  Snipe people walking by.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Gabriel is Northeast of After The Fall.  I get so excited when I land on a sim focused on men. I'm a big advocate for fashion for men on SL.  Shops like this help men look great with their high quality clothing and other items.

Right as you land there's a big sign that lets you know that there is a sale going on.  You can get up to 70% off mens suits, winter outfits and woman's outfits.

This place has everything for your formal or casual wear. Leather jackets, suits, shoes, & jewelry.

They have a good sized group gift wall where for joining the group which is FREE you can pick up free rings, fanny packs, shoes, down vest, gloves and fedoras.  Although this is primarily a male store they do have some gifts for the ladies as well.  Ladies can pick up a clutch, gloves, rings and some awesome shoes.

Left of the group gifts is the gachas machines.  They have some fedoras w/glasses, beanies, bears, seater & shoulder pets.

As I walk right of the store I see that Gabriel has expanded to women's clothing, so my last statement was WRONG!  All women outfits that are NOT mesh are 99L.  This stuff reminds me of the kind of stuff Jennifer Lopez was wearing when there was a Bennifer.  Why would I remember I don't know lol.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

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