Saturday, February 28, 2015

Adventure 55

Today was one of those functional stoner days.  Earlier I went to a friends house and did 2 hits off the dab, then went to an all you can eat Chinese buffet. OMGAWH!  Must have been the best food I've tastes, or I was high as fuck.  Then I jump on SL and my bestie invites me to a shindig.  Low and behold thing stoner bitch won!!  Like 2.2KL even lol.  But anyway. Enough babblin' on to the show.

I didn't take the time to get dressed up, so I'm just going as I was dressed.  I'll let you know where the items if they are still available.  I know that the hair, and shoes are, I'll have to research the rest.

This is my favorite outfit you can get the hair from the lucky board @ Alice Project.  The hair came as a red pack but it wasn't red enough for me, so when you first put the hair on its blond, and I tinted it red.  This cute shirt is an oldie but goodie by Decadent.  And these are my favorite jeans of all time. They are no longer available @ Sakide since they are pre-rebranding.  These jeans are called Corset Jeans of can find them on Marketplace.  And I'm wearing a kick ass collar that I just like to wear it as a necklace, but they have awesome cuffs with it too.  You can pick it up @ RealEvil Industries.

First location of the night is Fatal Passion.  Which is one of the more Northwest sims of the grid.  I landed in a weird spot, between a game of Greedy and an Execution area.  So this place should be interesting.  Before I had a chance to check the place out, one of my hottie friends...I lets call him Fin, since he's from Finland, stalked be.  He's as much as a picture whore as I am.  He does some great stuff.  I just perved the pic he did of us here. And its flippin' fantastic.  I'm so using it for this location's pic lol.

This sim is an urban hardcore role play sim.  With broken down vehicles, grungy 50's cafe, and more disturbing, a few execution spots.  There's a big building set up with several different torture devices. This place seems to cater to torture, rape, pain and other twisted RP can be played.  Or if you wanna play the poor victim this place is perfect.

And after a good hangin' GAME TIME!  They have Greedy, Strip Poker & Cheesy.

And just like that I lost Fin. RL snatched him away, but he was able to make the kick ass pic below before he went.  You can find this and tons of awesome photography from him on is Flickr.  He was kind enough to let me post this pic of us for the location.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

My next stop West is AdN, a popular clothing store for both women and men.  As you are on the doorstep of the buidling, they have a stand up that says "Tired of Searching A Certain Outfit"  Click it a box will fall down type the name in and it will point it out to you.  Along with the redelivery machine.

Walking into the building there are freebies and other information.  There are a few men outfits, but mostly for women.  Most of the females items are applier friendly.  Be careful though, dollarbies are tossed around in there.

New Releases are straight ahead.  As you make your way through the building there is a board where you get a prize for having the place in your profile for a free gift. By that there is the "Popular Outfits"  Making your way around the wall, you can purchase gift cards at 99L, 250L, 500L, 1000L & 5000L.  There are plenty of things to keep you entertained like match game & lucky chairs.

The building is split in 2 colors, pink side is for the ladies, teal is for the men.  Which has a midnight mania board and a good size 20L discount section on the blue side.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

Three Moons is the next destination,.  Landing in the middle of some snowy trees.  At first I thought it was a role play sim, but once I go deeper into it, there are things to purchase here.  It seems as it is building supplies.  Or things that would make your sims unique. Along with free scripts and weapons..  A lot of things are free here.  The next building over has more of the bigger stuff.  More detailed items like a music box, instruments like harps, tribal drums and lucky chairs.

Down by the river is a small cabin with a mood rug inside for a little fun.  There's a teleport outside of it, where it can take you to the Collar Temple, or dungeon.  Moving across the land, there is a campfire going with a roasting pig on it, that is close to a trail leading you near a moving tree.  If you moved the other way you can go to an outside grotto where you can soak your body.  Going to the east side of the sim there is a huge castle guarded by a beautiful white Pegasus.  The castles broken down, in the middle you can fall in the dungeon.  Below looks like Frankenstein laboratory.  With a few BDSM toys inside as well.

Going back to check out the Collar Temple.  Its full of free RP items including rope, and many different collars.

** Lag Rating: 2

When I went Southwest I found Rainbow Phantasy.  The first thing I thought of was there would be rainbows everywhere.  It looks as if its another beautiful beach scene.  Equipped with scattered places for dancing, under the stars and palm trees.  Maybe private cuddling.  Somewhere to have private conversation in a gorgeous environment.

Walking across the land there is a castle up top, with a nice living room set up.  A nice thrown, and in the other room is a dirty classroom.  Upstairs is a nice bedroom set with a hot tub outside on the top. You can even bring your pets with you and have them play while you enjoy the place.

On the property there is Arc's Sensual Art which is full of real life erotic art.  Across the water is a tiny road with small buildings.  There's a free photo studio, small beachside spa and probably the most important building yet.  The information hub, where you can find the point of interest.  You can teleport to a castle, rain forest, ruins, cavern, beach, clearing, gallery or dance gazebo.

The place is LGBT community friendly.

** Lag Rating: 2

Club Infinity is the last place on today's adventure.  As you land in the front of the club you can see there is a Bloodline's friendly club.  There is also a Bloodline's Haunt sign near the entrance.

Inside the club is one of my favorite games, Cards Against Humanity, next to the Performance Queue board.  They have a microphone set up where you can do some Karaoke.  Stripper poles alone with couples dancing, and other dancing huds.  One thing I love when I see in a club is trivia where you can win lindens.  If nothing else its a race of the fingers lol.  They also have a sploder here.

Although this club boards Elite Vampire Family land it is open to all.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until Tomorrow..

~ JL

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Adventure 54

I've recently reconnected with a good friend.  I use to blog her stuff when I was buried in my fashion blog, My Haters Motivate Me.  Then I came up with the stoner stroll and it's kinda taken a back seat. Hence why I decided to add fashion to the stroll in the first place.  Anyway, I got all dressed smoked a bowl and her store happened to be in the direction I was going.  When I got there I told her about my blog so she let me go through her store and pick something out to wear.  I picked something that was older of hers because I love me a good tracksuit.

Most of her stuff is very girly. I'm more of the tomboy type.  It's funny that all 3 of my closest girls are the frilly girly type and I'm so not.

This outfit is from Pink Pearl Designs, it comes with hoodie, pants & shoes.  The hair is from Emotions (which I couldn't find anymore) & the skin is the new release from Birth.  You can find out more information on My Haters Motivate Me.

Today's first stop is Pink Pearl Designs/ The Romano Collection.  She has a fantastic mix of both mesh and system clothing.  She's also working really hard to get appliers for her outfits going.  All the newer stuff has them. Omega & TMP is coming soon.

Each one of her outfits comes with many parts and nothing is over 199L. Which is a steal because she puts a lot of work in her clothing.  Most outfits come with either shoes or other accessories.

It's a big store, but there is a teleport system to help you get around easier.
She has 1950's Vintage, Bridal, Dresses, Formal Gown, Lingerie, Men's Formal, New Releases & Slink Shoes.

Her bridal section is to die for, she has highly detailed wedding & bridemaids dresses.  She even does Boutineers, flower baskets, and bouquets.

She's really doing her part to represent the males in SL she has some kick ass stuff for the regular guy.  From casual to formal she's got it all.

All Lola clothing is 49L.  But if you join the group you get 10% off of everything, so you'd get 10% off the already 49L specials.

Each season she has a special room off to the side and always has a room full of new stuff for holidays.

There are 4 different gift cards you can choose from as well. 100L, 250L, 500L & 1000L.

** Lag Rating: 2

I feel a theme coming on... lol... and I'm so not dressed for it lol.  Going South takes me to Eternally Yours.  Winter's almost over and spring is coming.  It's never too early to start planning your big day.

This place is all about the setting up part of the planning.  The have different packages:

Elopement package that has intimate ceremony, minster officiant, venue of choice, portraits & rehearsal/pose alignment.

Romantic Start with planner, minister, intimate number of guests, portraits.

A Memorable Day with planner, minister, venue w/personalization, unlimited guests, portraits detailing your day & wedding coordinator,

Sweet Elegance with planner, minister, personalized ceremony w/reception, unlimited guests, portraits, DJ for both ceremony and reception & coordinator..

Grand Affair with planner, minister, personalized ceremony, reception, unlimited guests, full photography package, album, DJ & coordinator.

Ultimate Blowout is the biggest package with minister, planner, venue w/personalization, portraits, wedding coordinator and videographer.

Click the board of your choosing to get more details.  They are also hiring for all positions.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Next location is The Wet Peach Rock N' Roll Sex Club.  I believe I was here about a week ago when I was skipping around bored.  It seems like it has a fun atmosphere.  The people are friendly and they allow naked dancing here.

Their dance hud has an extensive list of dances, so I thought I'd do this one dancing while I cam around.  I love the music they play.  I'm digging the feel of the place.  I might frequent this place myself.

There are several places to sit and relax.  With single, friends or cuddle poses.  Along with scattered tables for dancers to strip.

They also have 2 bars, pool table,  and an awesome dance floor.  Did I mention you can get naked here?

** Lag Rating: 3

Getting off the dirty land of Zindra once again before I get myself in trouble there.  Heading West to Black Pearl Island.  Where you land in a gazebo with a walk way lit by torches.

On the wall it tells you that clothes are optional beyond the wood enclosure.

Another gorgeous beach scene with towels out to bask in the sun.  And sexy furniture throughout. Very nice pieces.  And this place is well planned out.

In the middle of it is this huge house, fully decorated with every luxury for a romantic night out.  This would be a great place for a honeymoon.  They even have sailing here.

** Lag Rating: 2

The last place is unique.  Something I haven't seen here.  Going Southwest for my last location.  I fall on the doorstep of Burning Desire.  A huge Tiki building.  Each room is furnished, even with a lady in it.  You would say this would be a place for guys that just want to visual and no back talk lol.

The walls are covered with some nice erotic RL art.  There is a teleport system within the house to help you move around easier.  Each room is different.  Decorated with plants for the jungle feeling.

Guys ever wanted a 3 way but your chick's worried about strings.  Test it out here.  At least you get the visual lol.

After reading the profile of the owner I assume that at different times they have real slaves walking around as he collects them for his place.  He is looking for more so if you're a slave looking for a place to call home you should look him up.  MasterM.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

Until Tomorrow...


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Adventure 53

So, today is Rezz Day (dunn nannan nana).  It's been 8 years since I've taken up residents in the cracked out world of ours.  I've met some amazing people.  Have had some friends here longer then in RL.  So today's gonna be a special one... Instead of doing the random direction thing I'm dragging CT along with me to check out 5 of my favorite spots on our crazy grid.  Some of my other favorite places have already been blogged.

I happen to grab another outfit from a store that went to marketplace only.  Makes me sad to see all these great stores leaving in world.  But at least you can still find their awesome threads.

Today's travel outfit is from SZD.  It comes with the shirt, shorts and socks.  They also have a non see through top as well.  But you all know me =P.

The first location we are going today is FANTASTIC for beach pictures.  Las Anenas Rosadas has been around forever.  I looked back at my landmark for the place and it says 2009.  It's gorgeous, with sand and palm trees everywhere.  Small cuddle sections out of everyones way for privacy.

Besides this being a gorgeous place if you walk to long dock you will come up to a shed.  Inside the shed you will find things for your land, off sim decorations, hammocks, rocks, and waves.

During this spot some things came up that took a bit of time so CT took off to find her own adventure.

** Lag Rating: 2

One of the most wonderful people I have met in my 8 years of being on this grid is the owner of the next stop.  She owns a kick ass store named IM CaPPed.  Her eyes are FANTASTIC.  She has anything you need.  With all the colors you can think of, and some you never thought of.  If you are looking or original type eyes like gothic or furry check it out.

She has gatchas, Midnight Mania, custom made lucky chair thats awesome.  Even a custom made lucky where you hump the leg of a noobie to get your prize.

Join the group and receive a free gift.

** Lag Rating: 2

One of the most detailed sim I have seen in my 8 years is Hell House.  Over 20 rooms of haunts and terror.  If you are easily offended by violent imagery this isn't a place for you.

You walk through an iron gate to get to the house.  You walk along a creek and cross a bridge before approaching a big castle type house.

Walking through the door, you can see all sorts of unique sculptures and seating arrangements.  With plants,  and erotic art on the walls.  As you walk around there are several rooms to explore.  With antique furniture you're able to use.

There are 5 floors for you to wander through.  With ghosts and horror stuff popping up at any place. They even have a gothic table which would be great to take pictures at.  It's a true maze of gothic wonder.  Even a place to have a gothic wedding.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

I've always been a big fan of the movie Avatar.  It makes me think of all of us.  Instead of jumping in an avatar body and go to another planet we log on.  We lose ourselves in whatever world we get involved in.  Sometimes the line between reality and secondlife blend just like the movie did.

My next stop is Pandora Universe.  You land in the middle of a bunch of information.  On the left they have merchandise to help you get the look you want as a part of the Na'vi tribe.  On the other you take a teleport down to the role play.

The land is fantastic, picture taking is a major just.  If you decide to do so, don't forget to click the "Visitor OOC Tag" so people know your not part of the role play but can enjoy the beautiful land.

** Lag Rating: 2

The last one is Escape.  It has a very gothic look yet another picture perfect place.  I once came upon this sim as a friend said they had a money hunt going on.  Who doesn't love a hunt for money. Running around finding little hearts about the land and make some bank exploring this awesome place.

I was hoping to be able to get an opportunity to show you guys this place.  You can get lost in here for hours.  Not only does the sim look just awesome, but there are a lot of things to do here.

A friend that I have met a few adventures ago met up with me at the last location.  He helped me check it out.  He's a fellow photographer and he does great stuff you should perv his Flickr. He did a few pics of me while we were there.  They came out awesome.

At the landing point there is a teleport that will take you to the club, fishing, photo studio and even an art gallery.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Until Tomorrow....

~ JL

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Adventure 52

I've been a busy beaver.  Some switching up of the avi is good for the soul. It was time for a change since I've had the same shape for almost 8 years now.  Tomorrow is my 8th rezz day.  I can't believe I've been around so long.

The store  is no longer in world but he snagged it from Marketplace.  Here is the slurl for the shirt & pants.

Today we start off heading NE to The 1920's Berlin Project. Cinema, Bar, Eldorado, Community, Art & Culture, Education & shops ahead. For those that love to go vintage, perv this place.

When you land on the left are a bunch of freebies.  To the right is the information board.  Old fashion posters are up to tell you what events the sim will be holding soon.

Walking in there is sign where you can click to get information.  Looking at the card it gives you a bunch of information including a map of the city.

There is a tram that stops at 83 spots.  If you ride it all the way around its a great way to explore the sim.  Many of the locations on the tram are functional.  Museum with changing exibits, church running regular services, librabry for great learning.  They also have the Oden Theatre where famous performers perform.  If your into Tango dancing @ the Goethegarten.  Perhaps Tea dance w/ orchestra is more your style. Babylon cinema where you can watch timeless movies.

There is so much to explore here.  Also if you're looking for a vintage place to take pictures at you won't want to miss it.

They have VERY strict rules about attire.  I was able to slip in just long enough to grab some information and take a quick pic.  They have worked very hard on this sim, and want to keep it as authentic as possible.  Please read the notecard to make sure you have the proper attire.

I was worried that I would be kicked out automatically because of my attire.  So I joined the group and asked if there was a mod on, a nice lady responded.  She me a few links to check out to get more information on the place.  I can not possibily cover everything on this place, so for more information please read here:  They also have a website and the owner maintains her own blog

** Lag Rating: 2

From the elegance of Berlin going Southeast to the heaviness of Heavy Gear.  As I walk in I can see that it is a hardcore bondage equipment store.  Chasity belts, collars, blind folds, ball gags, all RVL compatible.  Along with RLV controlled clothing.

You can also purchase the Mama Allpa hud.  Along with their own hud Heavy Gear Predator, a hud you can hunt, capture and dominate.  It has 76 high quality animations and easy to use RLV traps.  There is a demo in the store.

If you join the group which is free there are 2 Midnight Mania boards that has gift cards in them along with lucky chairs scattered about.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

North takes me Evocative Designs, a business owned by the same people that brings you Lapointe & BastChild Designs.  This place is a once stop shop for all your wedding planning needs.

With outstanding jewelry., wedding rings, or jewels that accent your wedding dress. Also well crafted rings for men.

Clothing is also on this sim. Tuxedos for men, that are high quality and shoes to match.  Breath taking wedding dresses along with bridesmaid dresses.  A subtle mix of both light and dark wedding dresses.

No wedding would be complete without such things as cakes, bouquets, and boutonnieres.  Maybe something for your hair like a Lily. They have some really elegant Decor to make your wedding gorgeous.

They also supply wedding coordinator supplies.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

This is turning out to definitely be a sugar and spice post.  As I head Northeast I land on the dirty patch again of Zindra.  This time falling on Amanda's Spanking Palace.

Going into the building, there is a huge room, with an interesting wheel.  You click it and it has all sorts of things on it.  Different spanks or chores that need to be done.  Across the room are couches sets out for people to view public spankings.

Deeper inside the building there is a theater set up with spanking shows with theater seating.  Going across the room from there is an outdoor pool with some floaties out for you to enjoy.

In the back center is a classroom set up.  Not sure exactly what they do here but there is spanking in the front of the room.  If you are looking for a classroom setting to take pics this would be a good place.

Upstairs on the right there is balcony seating to watch the show.  In the center is a vintage set up with a bed to enjoy with Solo, Cuddling and spanking features. And on the left is the upstairs dungeon room equipped with many BDSM toys.

** Lag Rating: 1

Getting off of Zindra heading Northwest, landing at The Oasis @ Virtlantis.  A pretty decorated beach scene.  A place to learn a new language for free.  They have a very cozy atmosphere.  With bonefires, cuddles spots and games like Simoplis.  Quite the place to take pictures as well.

You can check out their web page at  Where you can learn how to join.  Free learning activies have been around since 2006. If your interested in participating check to see the calender for set up events.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until Tomorrow...

~ JL

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Adventure 51

I tried to get a early start today but yeah that didn't happen lol.  Anyway I threw on Tameless newest releases in both the hair and skin.

Today's skin is from PixyStix.  The lipstick is not on this skin it's from Glamorize called Jupiter.  The outfit which is this cute top with long mesh dress along with the hair is from Tameless.

Heading Southeast to a very popular metal club, called Demonic.  You land on right above the stairs. Behind you there is a huge mall behind you with some great gothic stores for you to check out. Before you make it down the stairs there are club rules on the right that you should take a glance at before partying.

The rules in a nutshell.. No shoulder pets, nudity, weapons, child avi's, huge avis, spam, biting & flying.  Don't show your pink parts or dance on dance pads.

Now that we got that out of the way.. down the stairs.  A metal like industrial urban look, grungy.  If you're into the gothy look and looking for well put together avi's this is definitely your spot.  This place is poppin' 24 hours a day.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

After listening to some kick ass tunes as I write my piece on the club, I head East to the sex patch of SL so i call it.  Landing in the doorway of Indulge.  A home and garden type of place.  Where their products are laid out for you to be able to test them out before you purchase.  Some displays can be purchased all together or you can just get the bed.  Things are scattered about. Some stuff is in the hallways also.

With couches, bedroom sets, pool tables, daybeds, bars, dinning tables each with their own flair. Don't forget the frames that adds the oomph to the decor.

Outside the store is an ATM, photo booth & some decorate gas pumps.  A small shed with a working coke machine outside, along with a decorative subway, phone booth.

There's a building off to the right where they have a wine bar. Something really tiny, but cozy with chairs you can sit in while you and your friends can sip wine and smoke cigars and talk about being masters of the universe =P.

In between this part of the building in the next outside are these old fashion carnival readers.  One tells you how evil you are, sexy, or what your fortune is.

The next side of the building is a diner where you can sit at the booths.  It would make a great photo opportunity.  Maybe something next to the jukebox.

Next building is a small library with chairs inside to read.  If you make your way on the back end of the sim its very pretty set up like a dock set up where boats can come in and may places to take nice pictures.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Next destination the Furries will love as I fall upon Simply Furry.  When you walk in its set up with a modern palace.  With tall ceilings, big rooms and scattered stripper poles.  With an outstanding dance floor to dance on.

Although it is a Furry club everyone is welcome.  There will also be stores add soon for you to google over =).

They are hiring so you can pick up an application here for DJ, Host, Dancer, Escort or Security.

Outside the building there is a great scenic water way.  You can take your partner out and cuddle as you enjoy the view.

** Lag Rating: 2

Tool Shed is my next destination as I took the direction of Northwest.  This place supplies building products.  You can find textures and mesh building kits.

Against the barn door is the information for the place where you can read the user license agreement, landmark, redelivery and check your store credit.  Along with that there is a subscriber group or even a vip group.  The VIP group will receive exclusive group gifts throughout the year.  The group will cost 500L to join.

There are many hunts going on at this location.  Read the hint board to find the great stuff scattered about.

Gift cards are also offered.  100L, 250L, 500L 1000L & 2500L

I've also mentioned a few times in other locations that have the Wishlist.  These places are participating in which you can pick items from their store and put them on your wishlist so others know what to get you if they want to get you a present.

Next to the wishlist is the items that have been put up for sale for various discount groups like Sixty Lindens, Super Sales Weekend, Steals and Deals, Creators Market & Colah Creators Kit.

Some of their textures include: Fabrics, wood, interior structures, and landscapes.

Mesh kits like: Shutters, chimney's, cottages, steps, birdhouses, street lamps, boxes, ladders, pottery, chairs, food, fireplaces and appliances.

** Lag Rating: 2

Seems as if commerce is the name for the day lots of places to purchase things.  As we fall on another going South.  To Pure Gestures, something we have not seen in the 250+ locations I've explored so far.

Before walking in the door you can see a small stick figure holding a sign letting you know they do custom gestures here and to click the sign for pricing and info.  So of course I clicked the sign.  No copy gesture will cost you 100L, they are transfer and mod.  200L for full permissions.  And full payment is required  @ time of ordering.

Once you walk in you can see gestures on the wall.  Each one is 20L a piece, and each set has a bag on the floor where you can purchase the whole bunch.

You can choose through kids, insults, holidays, random, movies, love, expressions, greetings & goodbyes.

Upstairs is full of music pricing from 20L to 50L.  You'll just have to flip through to see what they have.

** Lag Rating: 1

Until Tomorrow....

~ JL

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Adventure 50

Today I'm wearing a cute extremely short dress for the stroll.  Before I started strolling  I ran over to check out Al Vulo if they had a new group gift from the last time I went there and they did.  It's much darker then what I'm use to but I have to say my ass looks FANTASTIC. And yes the dress is short enough to see half my ass.

You can get this look by grabbing the group that is free at Al Vulo, and snag the gift.  The hair is still available @ Tableau Vivant.  This dollarbie is from Marketplace by Prettygirl

So what's first on the menu today... Justise Barcelos Collections Menwear.  This place is perfect for guys that are or want to be strippers.  Many of the outfits have different stages of undress.  Some have pulled up shirts or large holes in unappropriated spots.

Not only is it awesome to walk around and check out the models with hot attire on, but I love to run into men's clothing.  Since men are so under representatived in our wonderful world.

All clothing is mesh, with resizers.  They have themed clothing like BDSM Chain outfit, football gear,  construction workers, gorean clothing, and some look like jungle clothing which would be great at the Jungle Of Sin I mentioned a few posts back.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Lol I just love how the directions go sometimes,  I started off here when I took the first direction of going Northwest.  The next direction was Southwest.  Well now thinking about it it was so funny lol.... But this place is awesome.  Every month they give out kick ass skins. If your looking a new skin ladies, I'd check this place out first.

You land outside, where behind you see a small cabin where if you are a member of the group you get a gift.  The group is free and the gift comes with Tango, Phat Azz, Slink, & Wowmeh appliers.

The other little cabin has eyelashes in it. Next to it there are a few skins near the cabin for petites.  On the right there is a pretty scene that tells you there are new skins.  You walk through the red door and walk down  a small autumn walk way.  Unfortunately there's nothing put there yet, but it looks like she's setting up.  It looks awesome.

Going inside the building on the left side there are full avatars with hair, skin, clothing.  Moving more into the store you can see the newer skins with Slink appliers.

** Lag Rating: 2

East takes me to Intimate Romance Garden.  A large dance platform.  This place is very active. There are plenty of seats to sit down.  Personally I'm just standing here perving profiles lol.  The place is floating in the water, so no you can't walk on water here lol.  There are many Intan Dance balls around for private dancing.  It's very pretty and lots of palm trees.

At the entrance they have a teleport system that takes you to a cuddle cove, cuddle dance area, moon pool and roof top dancing.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

From the mundane to the pervers..North takes me to Public Disgrace.  A RLV capture free sex sim.  Following the red arrows on the floor, through a maze of a strip mall.  Giving you a chance to  check out venders along the way.

Once you reach the end you can choose to go left which takes you to big room.  Filled with people, and BDSM items everywhere. Pose balls for 3somes, and public masturbation.  The walls are covered in advertisements.  A very dingy urban street.

If you would have gone right to step out to the yard.  Same type of toys out, but it gives it more of a romantic feel.  Scattered through the grass and trees.  Sex against cars, trees, and hidden traps.

While walking around there is a subway, gym and that take you underground.  If you are into a bit more privacy, there is building in the back with stripper poles, a bed and some more BDSM toys. And some cages upstairs.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

Last leg of todays trip is Teqi's Tongue.  A very busy place.  Multi-functional furniture. Everyone is welcome, straight, gay, or bi doesn't matter.  Couple dancing, lap dances and stripper poles.  Role play romance, interracial fantasies, orgies BDSM, RLV and cuckold.

It was a bit too laggy for my taste.  Probably because there were a bunch of well put together avatars there.  Ladies it would be worth checking it out if you're looking for a high quality avatar male.

** Lag Rating: 4.5

Till Tomorrow

~ JL

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Adventure 49

I start off at Les Terres d'Asylum when I headed South from the hair store Little Bones.  Dressed all smexy and ready to see what this adventure has in store for me.

Today's outfit is by Delish, unfortunately they do not have a in world shop, but I so felt like wearing this outfit today.  It comes with the short sand the top, I'm wearing my own pasties though.  The hair is one of the group gifts from Little Bones.  They have a section on the wall with past gifts.

Landing on the shore of Les Terres d'Asylum, where there is a bonfire to chat a midnight.  From this direction there are 3 direction you can go.  If you go left there is a dock which looks like you can bring your boat in and explore the island.  Or you can go right into a cave, which if you have a love hud you can make it very romantic.

The last direction is straight ahead.  Going straight up the stairs there is a cell.  Going inside is a cave like cell, and a small hole on the left over looking the beach.  Or you can go up the ladder to higher ground another lookout point.

Forest like surroundings with animals scattered about.  This role play sim is yet another gorgeous place to take pictures at. Wandering around I found a white gate.  Just past it are some horses where you can pose next to them as they have 3 pose options a piece.

Once I get deeper inside this sim it somewhat reminds me of Halo.  Futuristic items through a gorgeous sim setting.  Mixing medieval with technology.  There are towers where you can see the landscape. Chairs where you can enjoy a nice beer or tea.

I feel upon a small village, made of stone and wood.  Very cute set up, along the waterfront.

** Lag Rating: 2

Northeast is the next direction landing in Family Tree Company.. A maternity center, set up for both the Spanish community & English speakers..  On one side you can read the packages in Spanish. And the other side is English.  They offer birth certificates, photograph, gym work out, and a gynecology appointment. Also at the desk you can pick up a notecard that gives you information about the business.

There's a playground out for children with a slide and swings in the courtyard.

Looking around, there are a few shops empty.  If you own a store that is child related you might wanna put a satellite store to target your core customers.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

It seems that I can't get away from the BDSM sims lol.  So here goes another one.  This one is maledom & femdom.  Landing on an island Dark Decadence.  A scenic landscape outside, with a gazebo with dancing and Greedy by waterfall.

Inside the cave there are RLV enhanced toys around.  With traps everywhere and plenty of people to play with.  There are plenty of places to explore.  A chat room, orgy, dancing, padded prison, Romance Room, Slut Compound, and waterfall.

Seems they are having a relaunch of the sim.  They are going to have a live DJ, male and female pleasure slaves, dancers, and loads of prize giveaway.  This is happening, February 21st 2015 @ 1pm to 3pm SLT.

** Lag Rating: 2

Going back West I come along SlutWear by Lexi.  Seems like my type of place.  Outside the building you can see what groups they are a part of.  Also they have a bloggers application outside the door along with a Phat Azz developer kit.  They are also supporters of Mesh Physique.  They also have a few hunts going on.

Peaking inside I can see that they produce revealing clothing that works with Omega, Wowmeh & Slink appliers.  Off to the side is the most recent new releases.

Deeper inside the store I notice that other clothes are more applier friendly like Phat Azz, Brazilia, Banned, Ghetto, Perfect & Tango.

They also sell tattoos that goes over your breast like Cockwhore, His Toy, His Pet, and other slutty names.  Down the wall I see the Spunk Lover's Hud which I encountered for the first time in the last post..  Also an Anal Sex Hud.

** Lag Rating: 2

After running into a few places that were private I run across Henmation.  Motion Capture technology. which is pretty interesting. Another thing that is pretty different about this place, or at least to me is they have a shopping guide hud.  Finding products easy by using it.  Just attached to it and check out what they have too offer.

They have couples dances like Tango, Jive, Rumba, Swing, Latin, Club, Salsa, Bachata & Ballroom.

Male dances like HIphop, club, Gangnam, House LA Stylem Breakdancing, Hardstyle Shuffle,  Detroit Shuffle, Industrial, Funky House, King of Pop, Rock, and other dances.

They also have dance chairs, power poles, table dance, burlesque, and I am LOVIN' the Dance & Strip dances.  There's so much to go through here it would take forever to check out each one.

There are a few of the sensual dances I plan on coming back and grabbing later.

** Lag Rating: 2

Till Tomorrow...

~ JL

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Adventure 48

Today's been a very sleepy day today, in fact I passed out in this great comfy chair that I sit in while I'm on SL.  So the first location just go a traffic boost lol.  At least I know to get out of the landing point when I pass out lol.

Slippin' on what I normally wear in RL.  A pair of racer pants, wife beater and matching sneakers. The outfit is from another company that is only on Marketplace. Now it seems like I'm just promoting Marketplace stores.  Which is wrong.  I believe in keeping the in world stores, but these are a few friends that for some reason or another hand to close, mostly because RL has taken over. But I love their clothing so I'm showing it off.

One of the hairs that caught my eye was Cosma @ Exxess.  The cute sporty outfit I'm wearing is from Pretty -N- Pink on Marketplace, you get the shirt, pants & shoes.

Celtic Myst Jewelry is today's first sim.  ++mAgIck Jewelry++ was established in 2006.  As far as I know this is the oldest company I've run into so far.  As you are at the entrance you must past Gimli from Lord Of the Rings (I had to look it up).  It's set up for a perfect photo opportunity.

The first floor is for the ladies.  Gorgeous wedding sets, necklaces, earrings, all beautifully crafted. Even saw a flowing gown thrown in there.  Then you make your way to the left of the store and up the staircase where you will find the jewelry for men.

But before leaving you might want to walk in the back of the shop. There is a place that says Group, Gifts, Info.  It's free to join the group and they have one for both men and women along with Marketplace url.

All jewelry is transferable and comes in gift box.  Each item comes with a resize menu along with options of brightness, shine and glow.  Once you're done with it you can toss it away.  They're also very lag conscience, you can wear them anywhere.

Any purchase of 750L or more may receive a free item of your choice as long as its under 300L in value.  You must spend the 750L in the same day to get the free gift.  To receive your free gift you must past your transaction of purchase onto a notecard along with the item you choose, rename it: Free Gift and Your name.  No Display names or she won't be able to find you.  Send it to Keira Blackthorne.  You will receive it in a day.

Here's something that is awesome.  You may choose an item that is over 300L for your gift, if you pay the remainder of the price.

**  Lag Rating: 2

Flying North to SpunkLovers Cumdome.  Gotta love the word play on that.  When you land there are a few boards are out that gives you landmarks to place to have fun. First board is Nionlight Public Fuck House, second is Cum Clinic, and third is Badland Sex Bar.

Across from that they have a Spunk Lover's Cum Addiction System for 300L.  It's a RLV tool. During sex, you can shoot cum inside one of the orphices but the person must be wearing RLV.  The hud will keep time and slowly fade away after some time.

Walking into the building there was a gorgeous guy giving it to some chick of a table.  Yeah I peaked =P.  There are various RLV items scattered about.  This is one of those places that you most definitely want to have your RLV on.

With traps, BDSM crosses, pool tables, book cases, chairs and couches downstairs.  Upstairs is more of the home decore, nice beds that do lots of fun stuff.  Other then an urban cage to be trapped in.  On the roof there is a pool.

As I was exploring the hottie and I chatted after the other chick disappeared he let me know that he was a male dancer @ Miss Dy's.  I'll have to check that out when I have some time.

**  Lag Rating: 2.5

East side is calling me, falling on eXxeEsS.  I have been to this store before.  In fact I've blogged them a few times in my fashion blog My Haters Motivate Me. This store has two parts, hair and clothes.

They have gorgeous mesh hair.  You have the choice of set A containing 56 solid colors, or choice of set B containing 56 faded colors.  They have hair for both men and women.  When you make it to the back, you can still get their older flexi stuff.

Their clothes are very well done.  Most clothing have color options.  From long gothic gowns to sexy silks.  If showing skins with elegance, check this place out.  There are a few male pieces but not many, sorry guys.

**  Lag Rating: 2.5

I'm a shoppin' whore, and love to bring shops to peoples attention.  Hell that's why I started my hunt Dare2Bare, which will be back in May 1 to 31.  A hunt that brings you ladies sexy clothing, skins, hair, poses & shoes.

Anyway, my point before I went into all that is I love showing off shops I run into. But I especially love bringing nature sims.  The longer I am on SL the more of a picture whore I become.  It started with fashion, and now landscapes.

I found yet another gorgeous sim for photographers.  A perfectly put together sim with wedding worthy locations. Candlelight dinners by the cliff side along with romantic dancing sets a picturesque scene.  Or dinner by campfire.  As I was going deeper and checking out the place.  I run across a horse rezzer.  You and a loved one can explore the sim on horseback.

Climbing a few stone steps brings you to a deck where you can see most of the sim.  It has line dancing, and a pose ball.  Before making it inside the Irish Pub.

If you make it back over the small bridge, take a left at the picnic table, and climb the hill, you will find a fantastic waterfall.  Once you take it to the end, after passing angelic looking grass, you can take a left and find a dance floor.  Or right running behind the big screen TV with theater seats.

**  Lag Rating: 1.5

This little world of ours gets stranger and stranger.  My last direction was WAY Northwest so I hit the Zindra sims.  And found some crazy shit.  I ended up in Porn Circus City.

When I landed I fell into this large room, what I could only guess is a tent,  filled with clown porn on the walls.  And animals to fornicate with.  Along with the building next to the tent.  We you can get it on with a bear or a gorilla.  Going back into the tent and going the other way out of the tent there's a bar called Ye Olde Seaman Hole.  A small tavern with seating.

Moving left there's a grungy pizza parlor.  You will stumble upon a small clown cumming in a pizza. Maybe eating here isn't the best thing to do.

For those of you that are into anal they have a section for you.  Anal Fun Fair is a area which you walk through the image to enter a room with anal pictures on the wall along with things scattered about in the room.  The bed inside has many options like massage, solo, fore/after play, gay/tranny, lesbian, fetish, & 3 somes.

Next room over is The Scarlet Cheek Spanking Club.  This room has nothing but spanking pictures up.  And chairs to bend over on or even spanking machines.

Maybe feet are more your thing.  They have a Footjob Fair.  A room focused on worshiping feet. Pictures of massaging men cocks with their feet even one talented lady can put a condom on with her feet.  That's impressive.

Remembering there was one place I haven't checked out when I was in the tent. The Fuckhouse Funhouse... This should get interesting....  When you walk through the twilight zone you drop into a maze.  Now you all know that I love human ant farms.  But I think this is gonna be something I haven't encountered before.

First thing in this crazy maze.  A sex chair that does single, cuddle, foreplay, sex, fetish, master, & mistress features. Next is a suction on the wall guys can stick their dicks in to get off.  And a few more things scattered about.

Well that's about enough strangeness for me today I'm outta here peeps..

**  Lag Rating: 2

Until Tomorrow....

~ JL

Monday, February 16, 2015

Adventure 47

Got a late start today.  I've been sleeping a lot lately and slacking on my responsibilities lol.  So I get myself together and put on an outfit from probably my favorite designer, Andrea Sage.  Although she has taken a break from making new clothes, which made me wanna cry.  She shut down her shop put some of the stuff up on her Marketplace.  The shirt is no longer available, but the pants are.

Ripping into a fat bowl, and putting in the movie "Pretty In Pink".  I've been in a John Hughes mood lately.  Last night I watched "The Breakfast Club" not that you care lol.  Anyway onto the show.

The outfit the stroll is from Decadent.  One of my favorite stores, but now their only on Marketplace.
One of my recent favor hairs you can find in the discount area at Magika.  Playmate Pose is by Image Essentials.

The first location is Northwest where I land at Michigan's Shack.  Falling in front of a big wall.  It explains the VIP Group which gives you 25% refund on all items in store.  Special discount boards, free group gifts and chat enabled, price for this group is 500L.  Explaining why there are two prices, lowest price is the Platinum price.  And they have a redelivery terminal.

Their products are set up in very interesting display presence.  Mesh products with low land impact. They have so much stuff here it would take forever just to name the products.  But just to name a few, they have a jet ski w/color hud, 4 whellers, Dinner table w/color hud, Pool Table w/over 500 animations w/solo, straight, gay, lesbian & group.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Moving Southwest landing in a really pretty strip club called Amore.  It is a very classy place, done antique set up with faint pink.  Off to the left there is a room full of escort boards.

Walking through the opening, there is a very pretty bar on one side and The owners of the place on the other.  Going down the stair case there is pictures of barely clothed women.

Prices for topless is 500L and full naked is 1000L, 1500L lapdance.  If you wear the tag the prices are 400L topless, 900L full naked and 1400L lapdance.  Group is free.

** Lag Rating: 2

Westward is Pandora Box of Dreams.  When you land there is just a box for you to walk through. Then a black room with a bed, beautiful decorated.  You sit on the bed and it teleports you go a gorgeous landscape.

Photographers, if you are looking for a place to take landscape pictures, this is one place you will NOT want to miss.  There are so many beautiful spots to take a pic for this location my heads spinning.  This place is a dream sequence so it will change completely in 2 to 3 months, so check back frequently to see what beauty may come.

I happened to stumbled across a gorgeous guy while I was there.  He was afk, but luck have it he answered me back when I left from the location.  Lucky me =).

You may have permissions to lay poses down and such if you join the group for 50L

** Lag Rating: 2

Southeast is the next destination as I land on Wunderbar Ballroom.  They say they have been in SL for over 7 years..  Decorated in blues, golds and delicate white roses planted spread around.  An elegant grand piano surrounded by dance orbs.

There are stairs on the side of the bar that takes you upstairs, where you can see the beautiful place from up top.  You can camera down to click the dance orb and it will bring you poses for a private romantic dance.

** Lag Rating: 1

Northeast is the last location on this beautiful stroll.  This place is no different, at least the outside. Outside the place there is a firepit on the beach.  A board shack, pretty places to relax and cuddle.  It even gives you a chance to swim with the dolphins and killer whales.  Even a dance floor down the beach from the landing.

Inside isn't so pretty.  It's more of an urban feel with dirty play things all around.
Going to the far right, there is sink, toilet and dingy mattress to have sex on.  This place is set up fro 3 ways, caging, and BDSM items about.

The room furthest left has a porn cinema, Greedy, Pool tables you can have up to a 4some on.  And strip poles also.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Until Tomorrow

~ JL