Saturday, February 7, 2015

Adventure 41

Got kinda a late start again today.  I spent the day at the dentist.  The awesome thing getting dental work, a reason to smoke more weed.  Anyway, I have been working on spreading the word about this blog.  Not only putting the pics and slurls on Flickr & their groups.  Also on Facebook, groups & community.  Spread the word & watch it grow with us.

I'm flying solo today so I'm using again.  It takes me to Sex Box. Sex box is a skybox of fun.  Sitting on a bench with some nifty animations, including RLV, Speaking of RLV, you might want to watch out as I see there may be some capture minds.

This high traffic place has a pool table you can have sex and even a threesome on.  In the middle of the club they have stripper poles, a glass cage, BDSM Wall Rack.

If your looking for a small amount of privacy, there is a small room behind the stripper poles, that has lockers you can have sex against.  Also when you walk through a large area, there is another room, with a soiled bed, and a bloody slab.

** Lag Rating: 2

It looks like I am stuck on this sex island of sims.  I think I'm on Zandra again lol.  Heading Northeast I land at Gharlanes Female Correctional Camp.  A hardcore BDSM sim.

Torture Devices, Gallows, Executions, Beheadings, Impalement, & shootings. A true snuff environment.

With cages, cells, traps, and even a shower (don't drop the soap) or maybe you need to spend some time on Death Row.

Making it to the top of the prison and you will come to a long outdoor corridor which there are hanging bodies from both sides as you make your way to the gallows.  There is even seating so you can watch it in comfort.

** Lag Rating: 3

Going back to my trusty to give me a new direction to go.  As I have been stuck on Zandra for the last 2 places I'm happy to see that it tells me to go West, which will get me off of Zandra.

I find myself on GYC an adult, GLBTQ Furry Club, Bar, Hangout & Private Rooms.
What is GLBTQ you ask?  Had to Google it myself.  It means  Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Two-Spirited, Intersex, Queer, and Questioning.

There is lots to explore.  First thing being the big purple building, so I head to check it out.  Entering the big purple building is a store called 4EvaFur, clothing made for furries. And if you're good with puzzles you can win a few outfit.

Next door is an avatar store, called Luskwood., somewhere you can purchase furry avatars.  Such as dragon, rabbit, & bats.

If you run a furry shop they have a spot open for rent here, but you'd have to bring your own building.  It's a 32x32 lot, getting 234 prims for 450L a week.

I took a teleport to the Bar.  It's full of neon colors and very busy.  There is a lot of activity here.

First thing I saw is what seemed to be a lycan humping the bar table.  Deeper into the club there are large dance tables with many chairs out so you can watch the furry dancers.

Not into watching or being watched erotic dancing?  Then go shake your tail feathers on the dance floor.  What if you want more then just a dance?  You can head upstairs and check out the escorts on the wall.  And if you just want some good old fashion fun, you can play a game of Greddy or my personal favorite, Cards Against Humanity & U-Know.

Topping it all off they also have estates here.

** Lag Rating: 3

I'm really excited to blog the next sim.  I have always been curious how people get awesome waves on their sim.  Well I found the answer.  Water Worx Inc.

As I was standing on the platform the owner talked to me for a sec and was letting me know that they build water fountains.  They are very pretty.  Flipping through the pictures sampling them.  Talking with him he shows me the new item coming out soon.  Very nice statues of Poseidon.  I'm gonna show you a sneak peek, They will be available @ 6 am SLT for 1999L.  He was kind enough to show me personally, and it is well worth the money.  If you turn it to midnight and be on ultra you can see the fantastic graphics of the item.

Update: There are also booths in the mall available for rent.

** Lag Rating: 2

 For the last location I go Northwest to Maai.  Now I have heard about this place alot in other groups that call out lucky chairs.  I've just never visited myself.  So as I land I'm dropped off in front of the information wall.

Maai's group is free to join, but you get some benefits of being a member.  You get a group gift, and you save 3% if you remember to wear the tag.  The other thing is you get a group gift.

It looks like they do the Omega applier here also.

They are looking for quality bloggers, send your blog/flickr to blog manager, Neveah Lacombe.

All the monies made by outfits purchased marked with a heart will be gong for Animal Shelters in Croatia (city Rijeka).

New releases have promo prices grab them while you can.

I'm always on the look out for great new lingerie, and I might raid this place later, because its fantastic here.  Most of the clothing here is very classy.  I like the more skin approach, but there is a time for elegance.

Once your done checking out the wedding dresses hop the teleport to the lucky chair room  which is marked up into a bit of a girly lounge.

** Lag Rating: 2


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