Monday, February 9, 2015

Adventure 43

Earlier today I was talking about adding fashion to the adventure. By blogging the outfit that I wore for the stroll.  And low and be hold my first stop happens to be a place to do that.

Today's outfit is from Custom Inkz.  This outfit comes with a short top, booty shorts, tattoo, cowboy hat & nylons.  This outfit is now applier friendly.  It's compatible with Tango, Maitreya, Venus, Physique, TMP, Banned Body, Banned Booty, Omega, Phat Azz & Cute Ass. You can pick it up in the shop or Marketplace  The skin worn is last month's group gift that is now in the big box of group gifts.  Group membership is 350L, it is well worth it.  They change group Midnight Mania's frequently.  The box of past gives is HUGE its worth the price right there, along with TONS of Lucky Boards to get skins, lashes, and eyeliner.  Wow Skin (the group: secondlife:///app/group/63817f83-4a90-a28c-67ee-65e9fdbed253/about)& The hair is from my favorite hair store Tameless, I tend to wear it about 90% of the time.

For more information & prices check my fashion blog... "My Haters Motivate Me"

Now on to the stroll....

Starting out in the dirty south I come along a Free Photo Studio. I'm always looking for new places to take pictures   Sometimes its on location but sometimes a good ol' fashion photo place is just the ticket.

When you first land there, They have a nice set up where you can play Pentadee.  There is also a teleport which takes you in different parts of the sim: 1st floor, 2nd floor, campfire, .

The big building in front of you as many self serve photo booths. First floor is single person booth, with tons of textures and poses to make your perfect picture.  Second floor has 3 or more poses together, great for friends, family, multiple lovers.

If you decide to go behind the landing point instead of the going to the building, you can wander through this gorgeous winter wonderland   Stopping through there are couples pose balls out so you can take an impulsive picture opportunity.

Probably my most favorite place in the sim is the campfire area, its set up beautifully.

** Lag Rating: 2

I could get lost in a photo studio for ages.  But I must leave this wonderland and travel Northeast. And ending up at Lyricc's Designs.

When ever I look at gorgeous sims, sometimes I wonder where they get the thing that make it so.  Landing here its really pretty.  I love the sims that put their product out to decorate their sim, then just putting it in little boxes and make you wonder.

Directly behind the sign is a tree w/a swing which has both single and couples poses in it.  Its very cute, and even comes with a tiny bee hive.

Moving down the gray brick road, there are 3 decorative trees with ivy crawling up the trunk for purchase.   Next to them there is a building which you can purchase decorative boxes, cuddle pillows, Sushi Cushions which comes with 17 animations, & mushroom sets which you can sit on.

Traveling a little further down the road there is a really cute tree that gives you a flower bloom to sit in as the swing.  You can choose from 8 different poses.

The next house has barrels w/ 27 animations.  Great for any Irish Pub.  Also a swing is available with 5 single animations and 5 cuddle animations.  You can put it into your own tree at home. You can even purchase the petal alone.

Perhaps mermaid is more your thing.  You can purchase underwater items with animations, such as oyster shells, anchor, octopus.  Also some skull bean bags with tons of animations.

Yay! My babies on and joining me on the stroll.

Maybe animal print is more your tune.  Different things to relax on with animal print around.  Next building has various furnishing pieces, stools, chairs, couches with animal print pillows.

In those sunny days which I hope comes sooner then later, you can curl up to your significant other on a cute blanket under the tree.

More decorative sits like cupcakes, Easter eggs, heart candies, and these awesome claw sits for masters.

** Lag Rating: 2

Our next spot is something we haven't posted before, but since they are not personal residence they are fair game.

Heading East with my man in tow we land on Maven Rentals.  A place to be able to call home.  They many rentals here, although LOTS are already rented, there are still a decent amount still left open.

Each rental comes with 4 ground choices, and 48 scenic choices

Full sims go for 1399L a week & you get 1000 prims free landscaping, security, & free dance ball. Only one left.

1/4 sim go for 399L a week & you get 250 prims free landscaping free dance ball. Only two left.

1/8 sim go for 229L a week & you get 150 prims landscaped (more prims available),  free dance ball & Private. Only one left.

Also there is some mesh homes for rent.

** Lag Rating: 2

Going back towards the westsiiide (insert gangsta tone here), I drag Cai to N4RS, and before I even got a chance to check it out he informs me that it is a gay furniture store.  My response "Gay people need lovin' too"

 Personally, I love gay men.  My RL best friends are gay & married to each other..  I'm kinda Karen & Grace merged, and their like Will & Jack got married.  It's awesome.  Anyway sorry back to reporting, I'm stoned and rambling.

Once you go in there is a gacha machine out that has 5 pieces to it.

Each product is laid out to be tested, along with pictures of the product being used.  There are both solo and duo animations on the couches. Some couches even come with 3 way animations.

The next display is a table that sits 4 people, comes with duo, 3way and even 4way menus.

There is a stool here that has 96 animations, singles, couples, romance, sex.  It comes in both MM and MF editions.

It would take forever to describe each item, I just find it interesting because I've personally hae not run into a gay furnishing store.  Now only if I can watch them be used =P.

So here's the rundown, there are animated toilets, jail cells, Salon tables, cots (they have gay & hetro version),

Ah walking across the building I see they do have hetro stuff. Pretty much the same stuff but for us opposite sex lovers.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Our last location is Jungle of Sin.  When you first land you are greeted by the lands bot.  Turning around is the information board. There are a few rules you must abide by.  Place is friendly w/equal gender rights, you can capture both men and women, wear the Jungle of Sin tag, a hud, wear "Junglish" clothing.  And no always means no.

There are 3 easy steps to play.  Join the group, get a meter, & get
armed (to the right for free weapons, or buy from the vendor.

Don't have any junglish clothes or weapons, well there is plenty of vendors you can purchase things for the rp.

Jungle of Sin has weekly events.  Sunday, CARP all day all night, Monday 12pm Truth or Dare Gender Wars, Tuesday 12pm Strip Epic Gender Wars, Wednesday 12pm A Sexy Role Play Hunt, Thursday 10am No Jump Epic Gender Wars, Friday 12pm No Jump/RP Mode Gender Wars and same for Saturday.

They are having a Jungle of Sin Valentine Auction where many of the natives are up for bid.  They offer themselves or their talents.  50% goes to auctionee and the other 50% goes to the jungle.

Once you drop down to the RP section the first thing you see is the big bid boards.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until Tomorrow....

~ JL & MF

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