Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Adventure 48

Today's been a very sleepy day today, in fact I passed out in this great comfy chair that I sit in while I'm on SL.  So the first location just go a traffic boost lol.  At least I know to get out of the landing point when I pass out lol.

Slippin' on what I normally wear in RL.  A pair of racer pants, wife beater and matching sneakers. The outfit is from another company that is only on Marketplace. Now it seems like I'm just promoting Marketplace stores.  Which is wrong.  I believe in keeping the in world stores, but these are a few friends that for some reason or another hand to close, mostly because RL has taken over. But I love their clothing so I'm showing it off.

One of the hairs that caught my eye was Cosma @ Exxess.  The cute sporty outfit I'm wearing is from Pretty -N- Pink on Marketplace, you get the shirt, pants & shoes.

Celtic Myst Jewelry is today's first sim.  ++mAgIck Jewelry++ was established in 2006.  As far as I know this is the oldest company I've run into so far.  As you are at the entrance you must past Gimli from Lord Of the Rings (I had to look it up).  It's set up for a perfect photo opportunity.

The first floor is for the ladies.  Gorgeous wedding sets, necklaces, earrings, all beautifully crafted. Even saw a flowing gown thrown in there.  Then you make your way to the left of the store and up the staircase where you will find the jewelry for men.

But before leaving you might want to walk in the back of the shop. There is a place that says Group, Gifts, Info.  It's free to join the group and they have one for both men and women along with Marketplace url.

All jewelry is transferable and comes in gift box.  Each item comes with a resize menu along with options of brightness, shine and glow.  Once you're done with it you can toss it away.  They're also very lag conscience, you can wear them anywhere.

Any purchase of 750L or more may receive a free item of your choice as long as its under 300L in value.  You must spend the 750L in the same day to get the free gift.  To receive your free gift you must past your transaction of purchase onto a notecard along with the item you choose, rename it: Free Gift and Your name.  No Display names or she won't be able to find you.  Send it to Keira Blackthorne.  You will receive it in a day.

Here's something that is awesome.  You may choose an item that is over 300L for your gift, if you pay the remainder of the price.

**  Lag Rating: 2

Flying North to SpunkLovers Cumdome.  Gotta love the word play on that.  When you land there are a few boards are out that gives you landmarks to place to have fun. First board is Nionlight Public Fuck House, second is Cum Clinic, and third is Badland Sex Bar.

Across from that they have a Spunk Lover's Cum Addiction System for 300L.  It's a RLV tool. During sex, you can shoot cum inside one of the orphices but the person must be wearing RLV.  The hud will keep time and slowly fade away after some time.

Walking into the building there was a gorgeous guy giving it to some chick of a table.  Yeah I peaked =P.  There are various RLV items scattered about.  This is one of those places that you most definitely want to have your RLV on.

With traps, BDSM crosses, pool tables, book cases, chairs and couches downstairs.  Upstairs is more of the home decore, nice beds that do lots of fun stuff.  Other then an urban cage to be trapped in.  On the roof there is a pool.

As I was exploring the hottie and I chatted after the other chick disappeared he let me know that he was a male dancer @ Miss Dy's.  I'll have to check that out when I have some time.

**  Lag Rating: 2.5

East side is calling me, falling on eXxeEsS.  I have been to this store before.  In fact I've blogged them a few times in my fashion blog My Haters Motivate Me. This store has two parts, hair and clothes.

They have gorgeous mesh hair.  You have the choice of set A containing 56 solid colors, or choice of set B containing 56 faded colors.  They have hair for both men and women.  When you make it to the back, you can still get their older flexi stuff.

Their clothes are very well done.  Most clothing have color options.  From long gothic gowns to sexy silks.  If showing skins with elegance, check this place out.  There are a few male pieces but not many, sorry guys.

**  Lag Rating: 2.5

I'm a shoppin' whore, and love to bring shops to peoples attention.  Hell that's why I started my hunt Dare2Bare, which will be back in May 1 to 31.  A hunt that brings you ladies sexy clothing, skins, hair, poses & shoes.

Anyway, my point before I went into all that is I love showing off shops I run into. But I especially love bringing nature sims.  The longer I am on SL the more of a picture whore I become.  It started with fashion, and now landscapes.

I found yet another gorgeous sim for photographers.  A perfectly put together sim with wedding worthy locations. Candlelight dinners by the cliff side along with romantic dancing sets a picturesque scene.  Or dinner by campfire.  As I was going deeper and checking out the place.  I run across a horse rezzer.  You and a loved one can explore the sim on horseback.

Climbing a few stone steps brings you to a deck where you can see most of the sim.  It has line dancing, and a pose ball.  Before making it inside the Irish Pub.

If you make it back over the small bridge, take a left at the picnic table, and climb the hill, you will find a fantastic waterfall.  Once you take it to the end, after passing angelic looking grass, you can take a left and find a dance floor.  Or right running behind the big screen TV with theater seats.

**  Lag Rating: 1.5

This little world of ours gets stranger and stranger.  My last direction was WAY Northwest so I hit the Zindra sims.  And found some crazy shit.  I ended up in Porn Circus City.

When I landed I fell into this large room, what I could only guess is a tent,  filled with clown porn on the walls.  And animals to fornicate with.  Along with the building next to the tent.  We you can get it on with a bear or a gorilla.  Going back into the tent and going the other way out of the tent there's a bar called Ye Olde Seaman Hole.  A small tavern with seating.

Moving left there's a grungy pizza parlor.  You will stumble upon a small clown cumming in a pizza. Maybe eating here isn't the best thing to do.

For those of you that are into anal they have a section for you.  Anal Fun Fair is a area which you walk through the image to enter a room with anal pictures on the wall along with things scattered about in the room.  The bed inside has many options like massage, solo, fore/after play, gay/tranny, lesbian, fetish, & 3 somes.

Next room over is The Scarlet Cheek Spanking Club.  This room has nothing but spanking pictures up.  And chairs to bend over on or even spanking machines.

Maybe feet are more your thing.  They have a Footjob Fair.  A room focused on worshiping feet. Pictures of massaging men cocks with their feet even one talented lady can put a condom on with her feet.  That's impressive.

Remembering there was one place I haven't checked out when I was in the tent. The Fuckhouse Funhouse... This should get interesting....  When you walk through the twilight zone you drop into a maze.  Now you all know that I love human ant farms.  But I think this is gonna be something I haven't encountered before.

First thing in this crazy maze.  A sex chair that does single, cuddle, foreplay, sex, fetish, master, & mistress features. Next is a suction on the wall guys can stick their dicks in to get off.  And a few more things scattered about.

Well that's about enough strangeness for me today I'm outta here peeps..

**  Lag Rating: 2

Until Tomorrow....

~ JL


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