Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Adventure 44

Dressing up for today's stroll smoking a bowl and finding today's route via  My first direction is to go South.  The second I landed here I giggled to myself.  Reminding me how much I loved the fact that I made this blog.  I get a serious kick out of doing it.  There is literally something for everyone, you just have to find it.

First off today's stroll outfit is by Sassy.  The hair is Faye by Truth, skin by my lovely Pix of PixyStix its her newest skin called Hera.  And can't forget the awesome shoes from N-Core.  For more details & and prices of products check out My Haters Motivate Me blog.

My first location is of the day is U.F.O. Abduction the Sexxxperience.  When you land you might want to turn around and check out the advertisements.  One of them is an advertisement for SL Sci Fi Convention supporting Relay For Life Of Second Life. This event is taking place February 20th to March 1st.

Six rules of UFO.. No children avatars, age play, harassin' other players, disturbing other intentionally, and no means no.  And to please ASK permission to join RP.

This is very different kind of build.  They did a great job at it.  As you travel down the corridors there are rooms to step into, some rooms with doctor type rooms, classrooms. I also stumbled across a movie theater.  And alientastic bedroom.

I've been clickin on stuff and there's not of things to have some fun on.  This place is also RLV  Maybe you'll get abducted =P.

Heading down to the lower deck you fall into a swamp of goo.  After enjoying the the dungeon of goo I check out the teleport near the end of the hall.  You can teleport to shops, bedrooms, locker rooms, castle, beach, Trek Bridge, Botany, oversided laundry room, labs, basement, medical, pool, gas station, mermaid, & other rooms I'm sure I'm missing out, this place is so huge.

** Lag Rating: 2

Southwest is the next direction I go, and I land on >.:^^:..Xplosion..:^^:.<.  Dropping from the sky, I land in front of a teleporter.  This place is huge so I recommend using it.  There are several options to choose from: Discount, Freebies, Skins, Shapes, Complete Avatars, Tattoos, Hair, Clothes, Shoes, accessories, & men stuff.

First place I teleport is the hair section.  Why?  Because I'm a hair whore lol. Anyway, the hair is mesh & if your the type that likes to wear hats, they have some hairs here that come with them.  The hair here is cheaper then most stores I've been in.

Second placed I teleported to is the clothes section.  Some of the clothes are mesh & others are system clothes with Tango appliers.  I am so happy that I landed here.  I am LOVING their pants. They have both classy and urban grunge clothing.  You definitely need to check this place out.

Third teleport is shoes.  Fantastic mesh boots, sneakers and heels.  I <3 the textures they use.  Check to make sure that the shoes you want are Slink if that's your thing.

Forth teleport is the men's section.  And I believe that the men in SL have been totally screwed over. I know I'm probably said this before, but I really like to harp on this topic because men get the push over all the time.  This store has done a great job of representing the male fashion.  The textures are awesome.  Ladies if your men need some clothes drag his ass here.

And the last place I teleport too is the Freebies/Discount section.  The discounts are wrapped around the walls, and next to the slug there are a bunch of boxes out.  Each box has tons of stuff in it.  There are shirts, pants, accessories, outfits, eyes, & skins.

Before you leave maybe you found something you think a friend would like.  Pick up a gift card. You can choose between 500L, 1000L, 2500L, & 5000L.

** Lag Rating: 2

Northwest is the next direction according to  It lands me on the doorstep of Obsidian's Mirror.  In the courtyard there is a classy outside dance club.  With kissing pose balls, dance ball and comfy furniture outside to cuddle. The furniture has poses for both singles, friends and couple poses.

Going inside the building there is a dance floor with bondage gear inside.

It seems as if they talk voice here.  If your looking for an Italian place to hang out, you've found it.. I met this nice gentleman there that was nice enough to give me to low down as to when the locals will be around.  Thank you, Cielo. Time that it is most active is around 8am SLT.

They also have a dungeon, nude beach, fem/dom house, Villa & Garden.  This would be an excellent place to take photographs.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

West is the next way the wind blows.  Landing in the cutest little land.  Even though I am not much for the family life on SL.  Nor the desire to wear maternity clothing, but this place is probably one of the kiddy type of place I've found so far.  

You can bring the little to play in the balls, use the slide, a carousel, bubbles, dropping balloons to pop, There's even a cupcake carousel to ride.  The place is decorated in cupcakes, candy, bright colors, and candy canes.

** Lag Rating: 2

Last place on today's adventure takes me Northeast to Obsession Exposed Gallery & Gardens.  I've been finding some beautiful places just in time for Valentine's day.  Flip through the past few adventures to help plan a special trip for you and your sweetie.  If your looking for somewhere to romance your sweet thing, this would definitely be a top pick.  

I landed on what looks like a desert island.  If your snowed in and would love to remember what the sun days were like they have plenty of places where you can relax and think about it.  Sit back and watch the waterfalls as you cuddle with your other. 

Perhaps sailing is your thing, you can rezz a sail boat for free and enjoy the waters.  Or maybe you just want to wade in the water.  They have floaties and even a floating platoon boat that has a blanket on it to have hot tea, wine, beer, fruit or cocktails.

May change your windlighting to something sunset and dance till the sun goes down, intertwined in deep conversation.  Maybe even a weeding venue you are looking for, they have great spots on the water that would be gorgeous for such a thing.

This is a bloggers paradise.  There are so many places to take pictures at I can't decide where I want to take the pic lol.  So come find your specials spot.

** Lag Rating: 2

Till Tomorrow....

~ JL

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