How It Works

When I decide it's time to do the stroll I ask a friend to be my muse for the day.  A muse gives directions of the day.  North, South, East, West, but now people give me locations like calling out state names to guide my travels.  Opening the map and looking for green buttons in the directions given.  Once landing, exploring the sim as I write my piece about the location.  I do not discriminate on the locations that I blog.  As long as its not a personal residence.  I showcase 5 sims per adventure.

Bringing attention to sims that may not have as much exposure as other places.  It can be the best sim on the grid, but if no one knows about it they miss out.  I'm here to try to change that.

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  1. Hello Julya
    Nice blog, a friend of mine pointed me to it, cause you have writen about her sim here.
    I have a homestead sim myself, DeZe Park, in region Cool World, nature themed sim in a old World style, if you like to visit, you are very welcome.
    Greetings, Delphia