Sunday, February 14, 2016

Adventure 123

I know its been a bit since I've done a stroll so its past time.

Picture taken @ Kinky Monthly Event Stop # 5 

The first place I'm going today is my best male friends coffee shop.  Soul's Special Brew is a 3 story coffee shops full of places to sit and have coffee, and of course my favorite take pictures.

Before you even enter the place there's a gothic sitting spot off to the right as you land. As you walk around there are so many places to take pics.  If you're looking for a library setting you can take a pic at the bookshelf.  There are plenty of tables and chairs scattered around.

The second floor has drawing table and several chairs and couches.  If you go out in the small deck there is a picnic table and some lounge chairs to enjoy the scenery.

Last floor has an old record player, some desks, couches, out on the top deck there's a Telescope and yoga maps.

About a week ago I let the group Sisterhood of SL Teleporting Pants, more about them next, know about the place and a bunch of the girls sat around and had a get together.  It was pretty cool.

You can check out other pictures been taken here at:

** Lag Rating: 2

As mentioned above I talked about a group called Sisterhood of SL Teleporting Pants.  I don't normally do locations for groups but since I have shared so many of the locations from the stroll I thought I'd add them.  This group is made to create a large network of people that are willing to call out different activites they are doing and to call people down and hang out.  From meet and greets to bowling, go carting, day at the beach, bingo, or if you need more people for a game of Greedy.

It's not a place to advertise though.  It's a place for people to make suggestions to get together.  You can join by clicking here.  They also have a Flickr page where members can post pictures of the gathering. 

The headquarters is on the owners sim Image Essentials, which her pose shop is awesome if your the photography type stop by and check it out.  Anyway this quaint place has some tables, a bar and even a small stage for what looks like poetry readings.

 ** Lag Rating:  1.5

The next location I found while I was hopping around on the money cones.  What I normally do while I'm posting my adventure.  Hell if you can make a little buck while doin' what you love so be it.

When you land at Pleasure Hell Club BDSM you end up in the court yard.  It has great grounds with plenty of romantic spots to cuddle up with that special someone that you both enjoy the BDSM lifestyle.

You first talk into a large room decorated very nicely with a spiral staircase to your left, and hanging bead door way to your right.

Through the beads there is a couch and an old fashioned couch set up, above that is a gif framed on the wall.  The gif almsot makes me wanna turn lesbian lol.

The next room past that as roses scattered in front of a bath tub.  Behind the brown door is a nice sauna which only have cuddle poses, but would work for an erotic moment with the right minds. Across the room is a hot tub, and a fantastic thing that you can be taken from behind from your man against a wall.  It's fucking hot.  Just saying.

If you go past the staircase there is a room for those that love bondage.  There are tons of sexy toys out to play with. Grab your pet, slave or just fuck toy and enjoy a night in this room.

There is a door that goes out to a long deck.  Where you can check out the beautiful land this place sits on.

Next floor has a huge room with a room off to the side and another spiral staircase.  There are 2 stripper tables with chairs for people to watch.  Maybe make a little while you shake your ass.

What's behind the door?  A nice set up bedroom with with a bed that does day to day, relaxing, dances, cuddles, sex, and BDSM.  On the other side of the room are a few other BDSM toys set up.

This place is really nicely done.  The decorating is perfect. I think that I am on the 3rd floor or so by now and this place just keeps getting better.  The next floor as a few more dance poles along with some dances orbs.  There is also a nice bar and couch to enjoy a drink.  Also there are some dom chairs scattered about.

Last set of staircase takes you up to the tippy top.  It's a smaller room with a couch set where there are all sorts of fun stuff to do on them.  RLV, Couple, 3Some, 4Some, and Human Table.

** Lag Rating: 2

All photographers, and romantics will love the next location. Next up on our hit parade is Pose Lover Event.  When you first get in there's a deck low to the ground full of group gifts.  Joining the group is free and well worth the poses that are inside.

Each designer gets a small booth to put their items in, some put out demos for you to test, some others shot in the dark. Some designers even have furniture out for purchase.

** Lag Rating: 2

To wind up this wild ride and it being Valentine's Day and all lets throw a bit of kink into the mix. The last location is the Kinky Monthly event.  Yeah I know 2 events back to back.  But hey it's Valentine's Day so fuck it.

This event is in a big room, the walls are are covered with designers. This event is mesh body friendly as most of the close come with Omega appliers.

There is a big sign that is out scattered around to remind you to check out stuff outside.where there are more exclusives. All the clothing here is

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure.

.~ JL

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Adventure 122

I've been taking a small break from the stroll.  Getting into some nude photography.  But I was missing the stroll so here we go.  The outfit I'm wearing is from Em@il one of my new favorite clothing store.  I did another one of their outfits just recently but couldn't take it off.  So I'm wearing it for this stroll.

Picture taken @ Sweet Dominance Palace Stop # 5 

Godfathers Moonshine & Roses is the first location.  It's on an adult sim.  When you first land you fall on the sand of the path that will take you to the club,  Along the walk way are 2 outfits, one for both sexes.

As I walk down the path and get closer to the dance floor I see that I am WAY under dressed.  There are people with long dresses and suits on.  There were people on the stage.  Playing live. And a packed dance floor.

Off the right of the stage there are paths to other sections of the island where there are small cuddles spots where you can enjoy the live much and your significant other.

** Lag Rating: 3

Next has got me a bit confused other than I think one side is moderate and the other is adult, since the section that is taped off said clothing was optional.  The place I'm talking about is Nations Summit Skate Park.

The first thing I was thinking is landing in big bowl surrounded by skater boys.  But when I landed it was more like a fair.  They have bumper cars, soccer field, bouncy castle, Greedy, swing set, skydiving, teeter totter, slide, Merry-go-Round, & Monkey Bars.

** Lag Rating: 2

I'm asked all the time if I know where a good eye place is.  I never have an answer because my eyes were done custom for me.  But the next location I ended up at was Ikon.

The entire store is just eyes. Very life like. They are stunning eyes and many different shades of color and types..  Many of the packages have both system and mesh eyes inside.  For the most part each package is 150L.  They are great for both male and female.

Don't forget to join the group which is free for announcements of free eyes.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Northeast is the next direction taking me to MyWay- Public Beach Paradise and Rental. When I read the name the Limp Bizkit song My Way popped in my head.

So you land in a box, with pictures of properties with teleports to places you can check out before you rent.  Some are skyboxes others are beaches houses.  They are fully furnished and up to 50L to add your own personal touch.

Once in a while I am looking for a spot where I can rent for a day for special events.  You can rent a beachside shack for 20L a day. It comes with 10 prims.

There's a bit direction sign with 4 pictures out.  It shows you the 4 locations that public an visit.  There's the Basement, Movie, Manor & Beach.

The Basement has gothic furniture and bondage items scattered about in a small maze of doors.  But watch out for those doors some of them don't open.  Some of the furniture there has unique animations..

Hitting the Movie button will take you to a small viewing room. They have a row of theater seats and a great rug with many different poses, both solo and cuddle. The walls are covered in old movie posters.

Off to the Manor which is 3 levels.  This classy rustic places has tons of places for photo opportunity.  In fact, when I was doing my daily nude that I do for my Flickr there were two pictures I couldn't choose so I put both up.

The beach is nice.  A great place to take pictures at.  In fact this whole place is a photographers dream.  When you first hit the beach you'll come alone covered gazebos with chairs and tables under them.  You can find houses lining the property you're able to rent.

** Lag Rating: 2

Final place on today's roster is Sweet Dominance Palace.  I remember this place from a long time ago.  I thought it poofed but apparently it just moved.

You land in the shopping area.  Once you walk the hallway with naughty pictures on the brick walls there is a sign out that gives out the rules.  No, child looking avis, drama, advertising, escorting, draw weapons, harassment, screaming for bans.  Basically don't be a dick.

The room opens up large scattered with dom/mistress chairs with some toys in the middle.  A dance floor on the side where they play music next to the bar.

On the side of the big room are more BDSM toys plenty of places to get tied up and used.  If you go towards the back theres a fireplace, and bed.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Until the next adventure..

~ JL

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Adventure 121

I've noticed that I don't have much in my wardrobe color wise.  But I feel dirty in lighter colors lol. When I saw the ad for the picture I smiled.  It was just my style.  Even though I don't like to cover up my tats but this is too cute to resist.

Picture taken @ Big Bang Island Stop # 1 

Snagging landmarks from my inventory today to do the stroll.  First stop is Big Bang Island.  An Urban role play, extreme RLV and nude beach.  Seems like a good place to meet people with quality avi's.

Almost right off the bat they ask you to use your Relay RLV. Stepping off the platform starts you off on your adventure.  After you walk through the walls of businesses you have two choices. You can either walk around the escalators or continue onto other fun.

If you take the escalator it takes you to more more shops.  Off to the right side there is the opening tot eh nudist beach area. Where you must wear either bikinis or nude.

On the beach is scattered with Tiki Bars.  Other things scattered around are campfires, lounge chairs, swim floaties.  They also have an outdoor dance club.  Be careful of the tent, there are traps set as it is set up with bondage items around.

If you go straight instead of going on the escalator  there is a club to the right, along with teleporters that will take you too the beach.The club is called Blow.  And has sponsors like Danika & Smooching Serpents.

Going straight would take you into the movie theater.  With plenty of theater seats with some fun in them, along with hidden traps. There are many videos to choose from.  On the left of the movie theater is a small strip club section.  With strip poles, lounge chairs, and places to cuddles and play a bit dirty.  There's even a sex pool table.  Upstairs there is a big orgy beds,

There is also a studio, motel, kennel and stable.

** Lag Rating: 2

I found this place as I was looking for coffee shops for my friend. While I was there I thought I'd snag a landmark and add it to today's stroll.  This place is just gorgeous, its called The Millhouse Beanery Coffee House.

The landing spot gives you a choice of taking the right, left or straight path. Heading forward wraps you around the hill and brings you to a bridge that doesn't go anywhere.  This is a good place to see the lay of the land.  Look down under your feet and see the beauty.

Going left almost immediately there's another path up a hill.  Gives you a great vantage point to either over look the land or take pictures.  And for the meantime you can also visit Santa up here.

From there on your right there's the coffee house.  You can go straight in, or take the stairs to the right.  Either direction takes you into the shop.  The place is full of cute decorations, places to lounge and tables.

This place is just full of places to take pictures at.  The building has 4 stories and little hidden nooks you can only find when you're camming around.

Outside the building the trail keeps going.  there's a small place roped off that has a deck.  A nice place to drink some coffee and cuddle.

Walking the trail, there is deer, cuddle spots, chairs and campfires scattered about. There's also a tiny train, barn, windmill, skate rink, & gas station.  Many cute little places to explore here.

** Lag Rating:  2

Next stop on our hit parade is Love Scene.  A gorgeous low lag place to either take pictures or bring a significant other. There are plenty of hide away places to spend time together.

There are plenty of houses that are fully furnished with beds, bars, tables, kitchens & other relaxing items to explore and use. Different houses have different things in it.  You'll just have to check it out.

Besides the houses you can find swing sets, picnic tables, lounge chairs, dance orbs, and waterfalls cover the land.  Past the waterfalls there's a place where you can dance on water to make an incredibly romantic moment.

** Lag Rating: 2

The next sim will help out those still deciding to go mesh body or not.  Head over to Mesh Body Addicts.  You land in a squared circle.  If you walk forward you will run into all the different kinds of mesh you can wear.  You can check out and purchase not only the bodies, but the heads, hands & feet.

If you keep going all the way forward you will hit the information section that will help you make more of an informed decision before your final purchase.

Remember that Omega applier will take place of most appliers out there.  Find an outfit that you are really interested in but only has Omega appliers well their's a great chance that it will work.

Great stores line the courtyard, where they have selective pieces out for purchase.  I'm sure its not all the stores have in applier friendly clothing so don't forget to snatch up the landmarks to visit all the wonderful stores here.

They will have workshops coming up soon, helping you get more familiar with your mesh bodies. They also have Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly.

** Lag Rating: 2

Seems like this stroll is packed with places that you can take pictures at.  The last one is Midnight Reflections.  Yes, I said Mdnight Reflections.  It's been gone for a while now.  I thought I heard of it coming back and didn't think to check it out.

This place use to be around far back in the day.  In fact this is where my Xhusband of 5 years proposed to me.  Wonder if I can find the same spot.

Right behind the landing spot is a tiny spot to dance.  And off to the left there is a  small rezz section, you have to have the group to be able to put anything down.

This place is huge with TALL waterfalls, palm trees and places to dance all over the place.  Just from the landing spot you already have so many options.  Going forward there's the type of outdoor club space. There is also dance places spidered out for a bit of privacy.

There are bridging taking you up the waterfalls, it branches off and brings you to secluded areas.  All of the places to cuddle are strictly that cuddle.  None of the items here has sex. So this is a great place for a first date, or when you don't want things to go too far.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure..

~ JL

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Adventure 120

On my new quest to find new clothes for my new mesh body. Something I'm still shocked that I've kept on for so long lol.  I found this outfit on Marketplace and decided to go perv the store.

Picture taken @ The Hood 

I've decided to start a stroll here at Em@ail and tell you about the place.  It is 2 stories of naughty elegance.  Lots of sheers and lacy clothing. With pretty decent prices.

When you first walk in there's a gift for the group "Third Life" its a nice pair of pants.  And if you walk around the back wall, joining the group there is 4 other gifts there for you to pick up.  All very sexy.

This store is applier friendly making their clothes work with Lolas, Belleza, Brazilia, Banned, Eve, Lena, Maitreya, Slink, TMP & Omega.

While I was here the designer was setting out new product, and was kind enough to send me some. During our conversation she let me know that she's adding a new group gift today, so run over and check it out.

** Lag Rating: 2

While I was finishing up with the other location the lovely owner came in to put up some new product.  She was sweet and sent me a gift.  In our conversation, she told me about this shoe shop  So I decided to add it to the stroll.

The place I was told about is Venus Shoes. When you come in your eyes will probably draw to the gift cards.  They stand out.  Now men if you're looking something for your lady friend you can never go wrong with giving them a gift card for high quality shoes.

They also have 5 high quality shoes and a necklace/earring set as group gifts.  The group is free. Other benefits of being a group member is you get a 10% discount if you wear your tag.

These shoes are made for Slink, Maritreya, Belleza, & TMP.  Be careful before you purchase something.  Some of these shoes are made for Mid.  They will not work on high arch feet.

For the price they are asking for these shoes, they are a steal.  As far as I've found so far they are only 299L.  Not only that but many come with a hud that changes different colors or aspects of shoe itself.

** Lag Rating: 2

The next 3 places are directions mixed up.and found on the map.  So after mixing directions up in the first direction is South, which takes me to Secret Life Lounge.

Looks like they have a singer performing, Telima,  January 12 & 18 @ 2pm SLT.  And a DJ playing blues music every Saturday @ 2pm SLT.

You must join the group to be able to sit down, jump on the stripper poles or play Greedy.  It's just a meeting place with class. Which brings it to one of the only rules around, and that's don't come in wearing bikini's or cut off shorts.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Heading West I fall upon Seven Springs Farm.  I land right in front of a barn well of course I would, this is a farm.  Inside the farm is a bunch of dance pads, apparently the place they have dancing. Outside of the barn is a place where you can rezz your horses.

There's a pasture, and also a big photo spot where you can take pics with your horses.  On the side of that is a horse track where you can race your horses with others. They also have bleachers set up for you to watch the races.

They also sell and auction off horses here.  They also have stalls, barns & corrals for rent.

** Lag Rating: 2

To finish this little stroll of mine, I stumble upon an urban RP sim called The Condemned: Get Fucked.  By the name I'm sure you know it's an adult sim.

You land in a side store, which seconds as a safe zone.  Inside they have all the information you're looking to make your visit the most entertaining.

Please make sure that you are wearing no more than 100 scripts when playing here.  This place uses the Grim Combat System.  You can purchase things like Health, Power & Armor potions or antidotes,

This place is covered with zombies.  They have weapons to help you fight them for sale before you leave the safe zone.  On the ground of the place they have a few health packs, armor and antidotes to snag before you go.  But most of all don't forget to grab the hud before moving forward.

Now for the rules: Join group to rezz/play here. As always no child's play.  Grim Combat Meter is needed to kill zombies, you can also use LLCS weapons too.

Nudity and sex is allowed, but a suggestion is too take off your meter unless you wanna get attacked while fucking.  You can't rezz sex stuff, but you can use sex huds that bring pose balls out.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Adventure 119

Learning this mesh body thing has been an experience, I'm so glad I have Pix around to help me out. Since I got it I've been running around buying some stables. Last nights pick up was this outfit at F'N'Hawt.  There is so much there I love, I'm gonna end up buying out the store I just know it.

Picture taken @ F'N'Hawt  

Today's kick off will be at the Cilvil War RP sim.  I'm gonna zoom through and be quick with this one as my attire is not right.

This sim is here for the purpose of education and interactive RP. Dress code is enforced in Victorian (1860) era, 1860-1865 weapons.  Child avatars are allowed but forbidden to participate in sex RP  If you take something out to use during your RP be a doll and pick it up. There is sex permitted on land but not in public, and must be done in IM's.

So to participate you must wear the right clothing, us the HUD, play your character realistically. Animal avatars are welcome.  But no furries.  If you're gonna be an animal, make sure its to the native period.

In the USA in 1860 to 1865 we had a cultural destruction that changed ways of life forever. The Civil War tore apart families, friends & relationships.  Civil War RP  is an educational and interactive role-play group and land. They strive to preserve the American Civil War era lifestyle and teach those visiting.

The place is scattered with horses, tents, and cannons.  Set up as realistic as possible. They also have furnished homes for rent.

** Lag Rating: 2

Next up is EMBW.  It's a small retail store.  They provide gothic hair styles for both male and female. The way the store is set up is a cutesy gothic way.  .Displays are set up as little coffins.

On the other side of the store are several different pairs of eyes. If you're looking for nice ones that are original take a look here.

Against the wall are socks, leggings and tights.  If you go around back you'll find the little play area as what I call it.  Back here you can find the gacha's and lucky boards.

** Lag Rating: 2

Off to the next spot going Southeast to Bound Anthro Lounge.  A cute spot set up with nice leather chairs to sit on.  This is a casual BDSM furry lounge.  Where furries can come and meet likeminded furries.

This place has BDSM items spread around the elegantly done lounge.  Out for all to see.  There is a treasure chest where you can pick up some free mesh cuffs and a blindfold.

If privacy is more your thing they supply 2 private rooms.  Although free there are a few rules that need to be followed to keep them there.  Using one of the private rooms, don't just stand around. There may be others that would like to use it.  You can use it as a quick changing room, but no long sits.  being a member of the group allows you to be able to put down your own items.  But clean up after yourself.

Take the elevator to the rooftop pool or the skydome.

** Lag Rating: 2

Heading East  takes me to Nikotin.  The original smoke established 2008.  When you first land there's soem christmas stuff out.  I think it's just a special their doing because when you go inside its all about the smoke.

Going to the right when you first walk in there's a dealers Kitchen. You can choose what kind of things are on your table like weapons, money stock, or product.  Can't make up your mind then get the full pack.  This is great for Urban RP sims.

The thing that is great about these items is they give you several choices how to customize your own items.  Like cruising a bit more I stumble on some Vapes.

And where would a girl be without her bong.  Well if you're looking for some they have some awesome ones here.  Wanna make your sim more dingy, then pick up some cigarette butts to scatter around your place to get the right effect.

You never know what you will run into in SL.  As I kept walking on I found a cocaine knife & bag. Remember, its better to do the dirty shit in SL then try it in RL lol.

If you're more of a pipe smoker they have of them here for you to pick from.

Now onto the star of the show the actual these high quality Cigarettes, Cigars and Joints.  There's an actual process.  Step one, you have 3 shapes to choose from the joint & cigar.  The cigarette has 5 shapes to choose from.  Step two you pick the color addons.  The cigar has several levels labels you can pick.

You can control each item with a resizer slider, color smoke, animations, exhaler mouth/nose/ring, transparency of smoke, ash fall, and switching cig from mouth to hand.  They have 6 different smoke patterns to choose from.

Near the door they have a section of gachas. They are full of interesting cigarettes papers, and even a bong bottle lol.

The other side of the building they have high quality boots, and some really awesome construction boot high heels chicks need to check out.

** Lag Rating: 2

Last direction today was North.  So I shot way up north and caught Naughty Pleasures.  This place is a furniture store.  You can find beds, couches, dressers, & tables.  Complete bedroom sets for 2499L.

The beds have m/f, 3somes, lesbian, gay, fetish & BDSM.  They come with 425+ custom animations. There is a button that says "Attachment"  that makes another menu come up.  When the menu comes down you can get cuffs, dildos, ballgag, flogger, strap on, paddle, blindfold, whip & butt plugs.

Don't forget to make your way upstairs and check out the living room furniture.  It comes with 380+ custom animations and the complete living room set costs 1799L.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure...

~ JL