Saturday, August 22, 2015

Adventure 107

I really wish that I could keep on these strolls.  Guess that trip I took to go visit family came to bite me in the ass.  The last 2 weeks I've barely been able to get out of bed because of being sick.

In today's look the dress comes from Scandal Fashions.  And the hair is from Truth in the Discount Room.

Bouncing from Scandal Fashions I head Southeast to Totally Tots.  When you first land you can either go to the huge building or down to the mall.  The mall has all sorts of goodies for you mommies and daddies out there.  Along with a totally awesome playground surrounded by water for the kids to play on.  If nothing else you gotta come check it out.

Children is not in my SL path, but may of you enjoy the family life here.  Kid clothes are so far and few between compared to regular fashion out there.

It seems as if its just the bottom floor that is full of items.  Each room is full of items for Spring/Summer collection.  There are both babies and kid clothing here.  Just please remember to check to make sure its for babies if that's what you're looking for.  Not everything fits both.

The center of the room has 2 couches the daddies can hang @ while waiting for shopping to be done. Along with the little prize area that has 2 prize chairs and where you can get the group gift.  Which the group is free to join.

** Lag Rating: 1

From playing on the playground of Totally Tots to going Southwest to Inside Out, a body hair shop for men.  Personally I enjoy a smooth chest, must be all those years of watching WWE.  But for those ladies that like the more rugged look here is where you can add a bit of hair to your chest boys.

They have several ways you can use these hairs.  By tattoo, underwear, socks, undershirt and gloves. You can always check out a demo before you purchase, which is 1L. I don't think they have appliers for them yet though.

Don't forget to look upstairs for more items.

And they have an awesome disco type flooring that each square lights up when you walk on.  Stoners beware, you could be stuck here for a while, I was lol.

** Lag Rating: 2

Next up going West takes me to Memorial Family Hospital.  When you first walk into the building there's a desk where you click the board on the right it will give you a notecard of hospital information and price list.  Although like normal hospitals, you will not be turned away if you can't pay.

They specialize in maternity, IVF, kids & adult health. And Mpreg is welcome.

You can have the following done here shots, x-rays, ultrasounds, and meds. This place also supports Pooterbilt, Pooterbilt Pediatric, Deciduan, Mama Allpa & Twisting Fate Huds. Supporting Toodledoo and Cherished Cherubs avis.

The services and price list are quite extensive so click the white board on the right on the desk, and hit # 2 for the prices. The one thing that is free here is the pregnancy test.

** Lag Rating: 2

Northwest takes me to No.9 Nylons.  Which you guess it, is a place of stockings, pantyhose and intimates in general.  When you first talk in on the table to the right are a few gift items out.  Yes the items here are Slink friendly.

Of course the name of the store implies that there are tons of stockings. They come in several different colors, designs, and attached garter belts.

On the far right wall they have lingerie displayed, although not sure if applier friendly.

** Lag Rating: 2

Last place today comes from the East.  When I landed in a gazebo on Luxuria, I could see a nice waterfall behind me and gorgeous sand as far as I could see.

Following the stone path a few feet from the landing point is  a board that can teleport you to different interesting points on the sim.  There's a club here called "Globe Club", a BDSM members only section, along with Natura.  There's even a section where you can go bowling.  It's open to everyone and a tag is not needed to do so.

But in a nutshell, you'd have way more fun here if you're a member then you can use all the little do dads they have going on here for the full enjoyment. This is one of those gorgeous places you bring your loved one to have a romantic time and get a little.

The first half of the place has nice places to cuddle and chat.  But if you want to cross a bridge you're gonna have to strip down and dirty (don't forget to wear your tag) to get to the other side.

Rules to live by on the other side.  Only adult humans, members only, nude, no weapons, and no facelamps.

Now that I made it to the other side, I come across a cave full of sex toys. Sure you can find something in here to make your stay interesting.  The island itself is full of treasures with nature, cubbies, and small cuddle spaces, even hanging and cuddling in the trees.

You can find hammocks, jet skis, and even games near the water.

** Lag Rating:  2