Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Adventure 118

A few days ago Pix and I called a bunch of people together to lower the price of this skirt at Sn@tch.  It was in the Riot Vendor.  And found the top on marketplace for a linden.  Pix went to bed early so it looks like I'm going solo...Music running through my head... Riding Solo by Jason Derulo.

Picture taken @ Captive Niggas Cuntz, Location # 5 

Using my trusty to scramble directions for me the first location is East.  So I started off from my shop, staying close to my store land I find "Key To My Heart" Dating Service.

Before you even get in there's a Card Against Humanity. It's a great way to get to know the person. There's several ways of playing it, you can learn a lot.

Going inside they have it well organized with women on one side and men on the other.  This place is a bit different from the other dating places I've seen.  They actually give you the name of the picture. That way you can start a conversation off the bat.  Gives you a chance to maybe find something in common before waiting for them to "like" you back.

** Lag Rating: 2

North of Key To My Heart is Alpha Gym.  This blog is starting to form its theme, and it seems like heart, body and sole.  The first location was for the heart, and this place is about the body..

To the right you see some monkey bars for some outside exercise.  To the left there's a hang out spot, going back a bit further and there's a stage for power lifting.

Before you go in the actual gym part there are doors one for both man and female, they are locker rooms which is set up for use. On the side of that there's a door which opens into the gym.  You can even grab a towel off the rack.

Plastered on the walls are motivational sayings to keep you pumped.  Speaking of pumped.  This place is set up like a true gym with towels and dirty towel bins.  Exercise equipment scattered about, along with some heavy bags. Back further they have gymnastic pads out like high beam and pommel horse.

Under the stairs is the sauna and tanning booths.

The back part of the gym is more for your soul.  A place to calm your nerves and relax in front of a fire, or do some yoga.  Going up the black stairs you will come across another yoga spot, but also have massage tables.

If you keep walking up the stairs there's a platform that has a wrestling mat out.  On the top floor there is a boxing ring.

** Lag Rating: 2

The next direction takes me to Southeast which is perfect because my favorite hair store in all of SL is in that direction.  So Iand in a place I know well.  Tameless.  When I first found them years ago, they just had hair, some eyelashes, full avatars and piercings.

They have grown dramatically throughout the years.  Now not only are they doing those things I mentioned but now they are doing clothing as well.

All the newer clothing is Omega friendly along with TMP, Slink and Baby Bump.  Look closely at the item before you purchase, make sure if you want the hair with the outfit, that its the full avatar instead of just the outfit.

When you first walk in before it separates out into sections.  Look around the main room with all the nifty deals she has going on like the items you can get with a group discount, normal discounts, lucky chairs, gachas and even group gifts.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

More on that body, mind and soul thing.  This place, The Cannabis Cup, will help all three.  I've been doing this stroll for about a year now and 2 places in a week where I find weed spots.  And not on purpose lol.

Walking into the place you can see that they have pot for sale. What weed coffee shop wouldn't have it?  Then you go inside and there are some chairs surrounding a Hookah.

Looking around you can see stuff on the wall like something you would expect from a mancave. Multiple seating, vending machines that has soda and rolling papers. Off to the side of the bar is a cove that has seating with windows all around to check out the trippy yard outside.

Go through the trippy art to the right.  Make your way up the stairs and hang out in the iron igloo where they have seating on the ground surrounding a lava lamp.  Somewhere to just chill and have a conversation.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

The last place doesn't fit the theme of the stroll, but come on lets face it.  If I didn't throw at least one dirty sim in the mix I'd need my temperature checked.

Today's last place is called Captive Niggas Cuntz.  By the name of the place I am assuming this is a RP sim that focuses on interracial dominance.  First off I want to apologize to any that I may offend. I am completely unpolitically correct.

There's a stack of money towards the landing.  This takes you to 15 different spots on the sim you can find things to do.  Things like the Cinema, club house, Car lot, Church, Hotel, Motel, Nightclub, Sewer, Subway, Warehouse, Game Room, Prison View, Redlight District, Tattoo Parlor, and Mon3y's Office,

But before you go to any of those locations you should move forward and read the rules before entering.  This place is pretty dirty, so if you lean on the vanilla sided this place might not be for you.

All collars must be open while you're here.  In the wording of the place, Cunts are required to greet all by offering themselves in any way at any time.  Clothing is permitted in Da Hood, but they must be slutty.  There's no just hangin' around, you must be active in the sim.  Women must be willing to do anything a man tells them to do at any time, immediately or risk getting ejected and banned. Females must NOT respond to IM's.  They hide nothing talk and fuck openly and in local.

This is more than just a fuck spot.  It's a community that take the rules above seriously.  Where you must be careful of traps and BDSM toys scattered about..  If you're into interracial relations and being subservient come enjoy a dark urban living RP.  Other things that are permittable here are Mama Allpa, Open Collar, Slavery, rape, kidnap, humiliation and force breeding.

As an approved member of the sim women will get a tag "Captive Cunts" which are to stay on the sim to RP.  And not taken to other places.  You have to use them here.  Girls just checking it out can join the group as a "Visiting Cunt".  If you don't show up on the sim after 3 days you're kicked.

Only serious players need apply to the invitation only group by getting a hold of the owner, Mon3ryManiac.

For more information check out:

** Lag Rating: 3.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

Monday, December 28, 2015

Adventure 117

Starting off... The outfit is from Beautiful Dirty Rich that is giving out 1K worth of store credit.  Most of the outfits are about 180L so you'll make out like a bandit.  This outfit came with the shoes too and Omega friendly.

Picture taken @ Asphyxiation Point 

Now a lot of people don't mention it when their blogging, but if we didn't have poses our blogging would look pretty stupid.  As a blogger I'm always on the hunt for a good pose.  The first location is Studio Sidhe.

This place has single poses, abstract couple poses and props. Some of the props are unicorns, lions, and treasure chests.

Before you go upstairs there are 2 doors, Flipside and DDX.  I assume to going to other stores that are connected with here.

Upstairs there are some dancing poses.  And for those that have a good size group of friends there's a really awesome tree pose that sits 14 people.  And for those fairies out there, they have over sized flowers, mushrooms and bugs.

** Lag Rating: 2

I'm using the map again today and the next direction is Southeast that takes me to GangBang Alley. And this place is packed.  When you first land there are advertisments on either side of you.

To the right is a cinema.  A trailer filled with sex chairs and a big screen TV.  Along the walls, are gifs of sexual nature.  As they are scattered around the place.

There are things scattered around the place where you can have sex with multiple partners like a broke down cab, blanket in the middle of the place.

Off to the side is a bit of trailer park section, which comes with a sexbot.  Don't want to put up with the drama of someone else, just interested in the visual?  There are several sex bot scattered around both men and women.

In the far back is a small strip mall, which is fake, but there are poses in the shops where you can have sex in them.

And on the left there's a small garage that is full of toys, sexy gifs. Next to that is stairs that goes underground.  Where it gets real grimmy, and it has a stripper pole down there with some chairs.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

After ditching SL for RL for a bit I come back to finish the last location and Pix decided to join me.  I get so excited when she comes with me.  She keeps me entertained.  We went from Gangbang Alley to somewhere more upper class clothing of Azul.

First off you're gonna need some sunglasses, cause the place is bright.  Along the wall they have items that are limited.  High class contour clothing.

If you take the steps down you will run into the halls of freebies. To grab the freebies you have to join the group, which is also free. That way you can fill your inventory with pretties.

You have a wedding to attend, or maybe an elegant dinner?  They have very nice dresses here for every occasion.  Each item that has regular prim parts has a resize script in them.  And they have a redelivery and an option to buy an item as a gift.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

From elegance back to kinky, our next location is forbidden since we're females, but we're giving it a shot to see how far we can get before we get tossed out.  I want to represent everyone in the stroll.

Roughed Up a gay, bi men only sim.  When you land on the sand there is a board that is a teleport hud. There are shops, an open play area, sex beach, outdoor rape/orgy spot and housing.

We were greeted by two men that were running at us.  One was regular size and the other was an Ogre than stood over Pix and came on her.  I assume he wanted us to leave lol.

We walk down the bridge, and look over ot the side and they have a little floaty in the water.  Just touch to rezz.  Once you get inside there's an open place with BDSM toys about.

Out in the sandy parts are some homes which when you land they let you know that they have free housing for kinky men.  So if you're gay and looking for a place to stay this might be your place.

** Lag Rating: 2

And to finish out the night we land on Hidden Forest, and Gorean Sim.  It's been a bit since I've been in a gor sim.  They are always put together so well.  And a great place to take pictures.

When you first land at Hidden Forest they give you a notecard of rules.  Number one rule is do not pay any items throughout the sim that asks for money.  It is free to play here and anything asking for money is a scam.

The sim is adult so there will be sex.  If naked body parts offended you, you're readying the wrong blog lol.  If people break your limits its your responsibility to let them know and act accordingly.

Hidden Forest is a place where Goreans can come and do things in private.  Some rules are different here than normal gor sims. Once you leave the dock you must be in character (which I am so breaking right now, but Pix is in Character lol).

Kurii's may RP at the location but not hunt here.  And may defend themselves if attacked.  Other than human and Kurri's no other avatars allowed.  No animals, Larls, or Tharlions.

There are more rules do don't forget to snag the notecard when you land.  3 other major rules are no children avatars, must be in Gorean attire and women can play whatever Gorean role they choose from.

The land is just gorgeous.  I personally don't know much about Gor but Pix does and this is a place she wants to try out when she gets back to RPing.

Forced collar, full combat,  capture, forced sex and kill can all be done here.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Adventure 116

So I finally broke down and went mesh.  Something I have been fighting for ages.  I so loved my system body I didn't think that I could make the mesh body look the way I want.  I must admit I'm digging it.  This is my first outfit I'm blogging with my new mesh body.

Ok so onto the stroll.  And for those ladies that are single looking for some nice well put together men, you should definitely check out CockBar.  It's a CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Men) place. Where women can meet, dance and enjoy the company of naked men.  And face it ladies.  What kills the mood more than hookin' up with someone tripping their clothes off and their cocks don't match. Well this way you can make sure before you get intimate.

When you get here there's a fork either if your a man you go to the right.  There is a dressing room, where you can strip down for the ladies.

In the dressing room there is a small list of rules.  These are to make the environment safe for the ladies.  Rule #1:  This is not for tips.  Rule #2: AO's must be on when not dancing. (No one wants to noob out.) Rule #3: Your ass and penis must be visible at all times. Rule #4: Women must IM first, unless asked permission in local chat.

There's a welcome pack which includes: Hug/kiss hud, bow tie, coffee, AO, cuffs, beer, drinks, red wine.  These items will help the experience be more entertaining.

Once you come in the place is very classy with nice couches scattered around the strip poles. Something I haven't seen anywhere else is a carousel of stripper poles.  As they dance the stand they are on goes around, where all the ladies can get a great view.  So come enjoy hot men, great blues music and make some friends.

So you found yourself a hottie and wanna do the naughty.  You don't have to figure out where to go, if you go toward the door you came in there's a teleport  You have 4 locations you can choose from. Hot tub/Massage, Orgy Sex Room, Fetish Room, and Office Room.

CockBar prides themselves on natural traffic as they do you not use bots campers or alts to boost the numbers.  Every time I go there it's packed.  And I go various times of the day.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

I was lucky enough to have my Pix to guide me to the right mesh body to choose.  Since she knows me so well I trusted her.  But for those that are completely lost when it comes to the applier question. You should come check out Omega Solutions.

Landing you see this big sign that says that Omega applier will solve the applier nightmare,  So whatever mesh body you choose you can use the Omega applier for that product.  New mesh bodies are poppin' up all the time, for men too.

Don't wanna go full mesh body, well the Omega also supports Tango and Phat Azz also.

There is 6 levels of this place.  The first level shows you all the types of boobies, booties and full body mesh items that are out there.  All you have to do is click the picture and get the landmark to check out the product.

Also around the corner from the display of bodies, there is a NC Converters.  The kits let you take NC's from several popular applier companies and use them for the Omega Enabled Meshes.

New to the mesh thing and looking for some clothes to go with it. Look across the bodies and check out Love & Lust.  They have all sorts of clothes to help you get started on your journey.  Or the second floor gives you another choice with Pixel Perfect.

Mesh Boobies: Cherry Bombs, Venus, Lolas, Vstring, Boinkas, Skiing, Story Leaf, Gummies, Ta-tas, G. Inc

Mesh Booties: Jiggle Booty, Perfect Bum, Phat Azz

Mesh Bodies: Lady, Anthro.Anim, Belleza, Ebody, Eve, Fat Fitted, Perfect Body, Immortals, Kitties, Tiff, Lena, Maitreya, Real Doll, Shade, Selina, Serious, Orange Nova, Sling, Sking, Tonic, Fusion, Tiny Things, Dev, Mandua's Muscles

On floor 2 there are kits for ladies, floor 3 are kits for men and kiddies, floor 4 is for mesh heads, hands, nails,  and floor 5 is the creator resources, floor 6 Omega Obsessions.

** Lag Rating: 2

The next place is quite fitting.  When I was looking on the map, I found a sim that was shaped like a pot leaf.  So being this is a STONER stroll I had to go check it out.  As I was falling from the sky I saw that I'm landing in a FIELD of weed.  It was fucking awesome.

Each point of the leaf has small places you can hang out at.  I'm going to start at what I would think is the stem of the sim.  Which it itself is shaped like a pot leaf.  It's called Cannabis Creation & Library.

At the stem of the leave is a small rustic building, inside is a bar, fireplace and photos of some nice buds.  Outside the building is a 7Seas vendor where you can get a fishing pole and go fishing off the boat next to the building.

Continuing to the right the next piece of the leaf has logs with some pillows and blankets for relaxing. The next one has 2 small cottages and a small table out to enjoy the sights.  Next point has a barn on it that seconds as a nursery for growing weed.

At the top of the leaf is Cannabis Creation & Library.  Outside the building there's a box that says Free Schwag.  It has some joints, donuts, popcorn, BBQ Sandwich another stoner essentials.

Going inside you can take a hit on a big bong.  Grab some snacks. Or go around back and go to the library, that looks more like a man cave.

Next point of the leaf has a Clay Pigeon Trap, where you can grab a gun and shoot them.  Something fun for stoners to do.

The main purpose of this place is to help promote and educate about the positive effects that pot has. It's not all about sitting back getting high and laughing at things.  It's a fantastic replacement for dangerous things like Oxy's and such.  It's a great pain killer and necessary for all cancer patients.

** Lag Rating: 2

The next place might be of interest to some of the Transgeners that are having problems finding people to relate too.  Transgener Resource Center is a place where you can educate yourself. And meet others in a comfortable setting.

When I landed there's a nice log and fire pit set up.  Then walking into the building there's a fireplace, some comfy seating.  There are some games out to play with others like Cards Against Humanity, Cheesy, and Greedy.

They also get together once a week for a movie.  Every Tuesday night @ 6pm slt.  Voice chat will be turned off during movie but typing is still encouraged.  You must have Quicktime for the movie to work for you.

Not only is this a place to meet other but they have resources. Things like Coming Out Checklist, Peoples Reactions, and other things that will help out.

There are 4 group schedules like Main Support Sunday 11am, Non-Binary Monday 5pm, Discussion Thursday 7pm and Voice practice Saturday 11am.  They even have a voice couch available.

** Lag Rating: 2

As I skirt around the grid I perv profiles when I see hotties.  This cutie popped in right after me.  I dug his name, although I'll keep it to myself.  Anyway, I was reading his picks and one of his friends has a hair shop, Lovey Dovey.  I teleported there and I'm glad I did. Never heard of this shop before, don't you know I'm a hair whore. So this rocks.

Going inside to the lobby there is a group gift out.  It takes 100L to join it. Walking into the bigger room around the staircase there is a wall of hairs.  Yes ladies, they have pastels if that's your thing. Looks like they are just starting up.  But I'm sure this place will grow, the hair styles are nice.

They have naturals, natural ombres, rebels (pastels) and rebel ombre.  (Ombre means gradual fade). The price is 260L per box.

Ah I was wrong.  If you journey up the stairs you will see some more.  And the prices are FANTASTIC.  99L and you get tons of shades to decide one in each pack.  Not sure why their difference prices though.  But take advantage of it before it goes up.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Adventure 115

When I started writing this it was the day after my birthday and my Pix went out with me for a bit. We decided to hop around Zandra and see what kind of trouble we could get into, being it's all adult land.  We call each other our twisted mirror, we are so alike yet completely opposite lol.  When I got dressed in black vinyl and leather she dressed in all white.  Here are our pics of the stroll.

Picture taken @ The Leashed Meeting Loft Location # 4

Picture taken @ Restrained Freedom Island Location # 1

Going south to Restrained Freedom Island a bondage, asylum & prison. You first land next to the statue. There's a sign that says "Pets Must Be Restrained and/or Leashed While Outside." I thought it was cute.

The center has a clothing store, pet shop and there's a snowy park.  It has a really cute dolly box which I took a pic of Pix in.

On the way to the Pen, there's an open theatre on the side of the road. Once you get in the prison.  It's set up like a real prison with staff door and even a processing room.

There is also an asylum.  Inside the asylum there is a free clinic.  When you are at these places you must stay in character.  And leave the OOC to IM only.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

So I let Pix's pick the next location while I was taking the pic of the last one.  She teleported me to Futa Breeding Labs & Prison. A place you can go have sex in the intentions of getting pregnant.

When you land there are a bunch of people there.  You take the stairs to enjoy the times they have below.  Walking through the halls and there is a room to the side with dancing nudes.  If you continue you can go to the subway.  Or walk the dirty halls.

** Lag Rating: 4

Now I have done a CFNM, this place is CMNF Lounge.  Pix and I gotta make this quick before they make us peel our clothes off.  If you know nothing about CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Men) or for this place its CMNF which is Clothed Men Naked Female.

Once you get in the door women are to strip their clothes and entertain the men.  This is for pure enjoyment and you will not be tipped for being here. It's just a place to hang out and meet new people.  As men love the naked ladies, the ladies enjoy well dressed men.

They have a main stage, a bar & plenty of seating.  Decorated all nice for Christmas.

On Tuesday afternoons they let the guys get naked for their foam parties. The most hoppin' time here is Thursday afternoons slt.

After this location, Pix turned in for the night and I traveled on alone.

** Lag Rating: 1

Next place up is -LML- The Leashed Meeting Loft.  The name says it all. This is a place where Doms/Dommes come to find subs/pets and vice versa.  A safe environment to get to know each other before taking it to the next step.  There are 3 levels to get to know each other in.

My first thought is what 50 Shades Of Gray looks like.  I myself have never watched the movie or read the book.

When you first land you end up in what looks like a smoking room. With books lining the walls, paddles on the wall, and a slut in a crate.  Off to the left is a stage for stripping. On the other side of the room there's a piano, fireplace and some couches to cuddle on.

Upstairs is more tasteful decor. Big screen TV and a pool table you can have sex with multiple people with.  Before making it to the next level there is a bathtub under the stairs.

Going up another pair of stairs, is the foot section.  This would have been useful with my X Leo. They have some thrones here and a nifty lounger I've never seen before.  It has a tons of snazzy foot fun.

Reaching the pinnacle of the place.  Another nice fireplace, bondage rope wall, hanging seat, and a nice bed with white lights wrapped around the frame.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

The truck through Zandra is coming to a close and the place I land on is Slut Street. And since it's a RP sim there are some rules like no kids of course, follow the LL gods, respect each other in ooc, read profiles, bloodlines, no gesturbating, or advertising.

When you land, you land in a building where they have clothing.  On the floor there are some rules, a free cock, and free RLV Relay..

Stepping out into the yard, there's a convertible to fuck in, group sex picnic table, and various pose balls of raping and fucking.

The building across from the trashed diner has a few rooms in it. Bedroom 1 has an emergency bed that has up to 3 on 3, that is if you don't mind fucking next to a corpse. Office has a bloody mattress and a locker. Upstairs there are cages everywhere, a sex toilet, and graphic SL art on the walls.

If you're the type of slut that likes to be used and abused, get a hold of the owner Cadence Dover to get the "Slut Street Slut".  Wearing it means you will never charge, always willing, swallow, never say no.  Your avi must be up to par, wear the tag, available for gangbangs and being ready for every group member.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Adventure 114

Hope you've been enjoy the last few strolls I've been doing since I got back. Today I'm just doing it old style and using the map to guide my way.

The outfit I'm wearing today is from a friend of mine Kimmy's. She's the owner of Pretty-N-Pink. You get the long sweater dress, leggings and boots.  In Exxess they have this cute hair available as a gift.

Picture taken @ Spice It Up Photography Location # 2

So looking on the map, I found this place called Loon's Mens Clothing.  When I landed I saw that there is actually a women's shop her as well called Sea Breeze Mesh Clothing.

When you land on the left is Sea Breeze and Loon's Men's Clothing to the right.  Each store is 3 stories of clothing for both sexes.  Also in each store they have a few group gifts out.  And the groups free.

The clothes type is semi-formal, formal.  With real decent prices.

** Lag Rating: 2

In SL people have many talents.  Some can make clothes, skins, or there are people like me that can barely get around gimp but enjoy the advertising ways of getting things done. And of course since I do this blog I enjoy photography. Personally I like raw pictures, not messed with by Gimp or PS. But there are many people out there that are fantastic with it. If you are unfortunately to have a pic savvy friend Photography places are awesome.

My next stop is Spice It Up Photography.  Which I have to say as almost instant customer service. Within 3 minutes of letting things rezz, and kinda look around I was contacted by a friendly photographer.

There are 4 different photographers you can choose from. They have pictures on the wall and a link where you can check out their Flickrs.  Click the big white board for prices.

They offer individual photos for profiles, or just normal pictures.  Couples or group shots. You can also get Business logos, Invitations, & Announcements.  If your looking for portfolios or weddings they are available for that as well.

** Lag Rating: 2

Going from Photography to Gambling.  I land on a place called Pirate Booty.  Leo and I spent a lot of time here playing what I call bottles.

I don't really get the whole percentage to pot & percentage achievements.  But if you enjoy games like Reel Wild Progressive, Doggie Style, Fireball, Royal Gems, Ice Cream, Devil Hunt, Bugz, Enchanted , Pot-O-Gold, Party Crasher check ou this place.

In the middle of the place they have some freeplay games set up.  I believe its one of each game available.  Every time I introduce someone to a new game I always suggest they try it out on freeplay first so they get the hang of it.

** Lag Rating: 2

KMADD is the next place on today's adventure.  I remember this place as being one of the leading men fashion places.  If you are looking for high quality male hair this is the place to come.  Ladies if your men are in strong need of a make over start here.

When you land at the place there is a big board in the middle of the room.  There you can join the group for product updates, events, group gifts, and discounts.  If you don't have any more left click the scribo.

They focus strongly on hair. Creative male styles although some can be unisex, and the do hae a section of women hair. The hair is more of a edgier product.  Somewhat on the skater type of hair. There is even a section hairs with hats.

There is even a board out that let you know what the best sellers are, and what is essential for your inventory.

When you walk around keep your eyes out for freebies that are scattered about, so far I've found some free hair bases, and an afro.

Speaking of hairbases.  If you're looking for something a bit fancier than your basic hair base. KMADD does designer ones as well.  One of my favorite hairs is a half shaven do, so coming here and finding some amazing work for hairbases are a bonus.  There are tons of them to pick from.

For those ladies that are looking for Couture type hair.  Search no more.  They have very interesting styles for your couture photographs.

It looks like the designer has gather some of the most talented skin makers and have them put some skins up at his store making it a true one stop shop.  You can find shapes, poses, and looks like they are introducing clothes here too.

** Lag Rating: 2

Last stop for the day is just gorgeous, Unicorn Ranch.  When I landed I thought it would be one of those stable type places. But this place is breathtaking.  Set up like a forest with paths to take.

Starting off on the beach, there's a red box in the sand that you can click for an inter tube and enjoy the waves. Over the bridge, past the waterfalls, follow the path to the deck.  There you will find a teleport system that will give you choices.  You start out at the Ground Canyon.  But you can also explore Equestrian Center, Indy Car Race, Branagas Barn and Club Unicorn.

From the Ground Canyon to the Equestrian Center.  This is more of what I was expecting.  The rest is just a bonus.  You land in front of a nice fountain.  Then turn around and there will be a track, where you can see them race.  Past the track there is a big red barn to house them.

If you and your friends or family are looking for somewhere to have some fun.  Come to the Indy Races @ Unicorn Ranch. They have a big a track out and their races cars are unlocked for you to use.  Bring the kids, or your squeeze to a fun day at the races.

Making a loop around the track, heading to Branagh's Barn. This place is set up like a real ranch, like unicorns grazing in the pasture.  A place to be cared for, cleaned and fed.  The barn that says "Sales & Office" is where you can purchase one for your own land.

I was about to take the teleport to the last location but noticed that you can walk the small path back to the dock of the Ground Canyon.  It's a very thin path but beautiful.

Taking the teleport to Club Unicorn landing in the stars.  The place is just beautiful, walking among the start to the club. Inside is magical.  A chance to dance on the stars, and surrounded by unicorns of course.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Adventure 113

I've been mixing things up a bit.  Yesterday I did a post from the landmarks in my inventory.  Today I was at a place that had these little traffic cones in them.  You click them and they pay you a set amount to hang out in the sim for a determined amount of time.  So I headed to the headquarters and decided to use them to direct my travels. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

I was invited to a very nice Christmas party yesterday with my dear friend Cai.  There I met the lovely designer of Two Delta. She sent me this dress that she as out @ the Black Dot Project.

First off I'm starting at Bletaverse HQ.  The maker of Traffic Cone along with other traffic drawing items.  Other items like Coins, where you go to different sims and collect them.
People jump from sim to sim looking for them. Once you get so many you can cash them in for lindens @

This program is great for newbies.  It gives them a chance to earn some money and explore SL at the same time.  Yes most places only pay 1L but for the broke folk it adds up.

You must get a ID card to be able to log into the site to prove that you are human and not just a bot collecting money.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

I hit one of the cones @ the headquarters and it sent me to Abyss Shoutcast Hosting.  I clicked the cone and put in the cone code on the site.  So now I will be paid 2L for hanging out here for 6 minutes.

The building has signs that line the walls.  They offer 10, 25, 50 & 100 listener prices.  I'm not sure if it's a good deal or not, because DJing is one of the things I have not experiences in SL. Check out their site @

For prices: Check here! Starting as low as 7L (10 listeners for 1 day).

** Lag Rating: 1.5

After collecting my money while I was writing, I click the cone again and it takes me to The Fallen Onez Club.  I land on a dock that has many paths.  Spinning around I see they have stores surrounding the club..

There is also a big sign on the dock that informs people that there will be a Christmas Gala Wednesday December 16th @ 10 am to 2pm slt, sponsor by Blasphemic.  They also have tables out where you can set out gacha items to sell.

Inside the club they have a nice dance floor.  To the right they have a Greedy table and plenty of seating. To the left is the Cards Against Humanity table.

Few rules to live by.  Cover your naughties.  Don't spam stuff. If your gonna get dirty do it in your naughty box.  No kid avis, Bloodlines are welcome but no uninvited bites, its a douche move, excessive gesturbating, or humongous avis.

** Lag Rating; 1.5

Clicking the cone takes me to Deadly Embrace.  A clothing store for both men and women. Women to the left, Men to the right. Some of the clothes are Omega friendly, for both men and women.

In the back there is the jewelry section..  Some little potion bottles, necklace mouthies, and zodiac necklaces.

All the women clothes are Omega friendly.  They sell slave clothing and Gor type items in the back. Towards the front are some mesh shirts, nice jeans and a few skirt dresses.

If you need to send a gift, they suggest to send an item through Marketplace.

Right behind the barrier are Slink shoes.

** Lag Rating: 1

Finally hitting the 5th place is Love For All Seasons.  I land in this quaint snow cover lovers Christmas paradise.  It has a ice lake in the middle. Equipped with free ice skates so you and your partner can appreciate the romantic moment.

There is a small cabin set up with couches and a fireplace. You can play in the snow or take a picture with Santa.  Hop on the sleigh pulled by a reindeer to play Santa's helper.  Or up on a candy cane lamp post.

Enjoy the cuddle swing in the tree, or sit and have some coffee on the chairs below.  Hang out on the igloo or cuddle inside.  Or plan a date with dinner and dancing in their private setting.

** Lag Rating: 2

So after hiitting all 5 places I've gathered a total of 13L.  Just got me enough to import a pic! Yay!

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Adventure 112

I promised I'd be back.  The last stroll I did was the first one I've done in a while.  Thank you all for making my comeback a success.  Now I can't promise that I'll be doing it everyday, obviously.  But I will try to do at least 2 or 3 a week.

Today I'm going to bring you on my travels through the landmarks in my inventory.  Some places I found interesting I thought you might appreciate.

The outfit that I'm wearing today is from my buddy, Frozen Rage, AKA Sinister Minister.  He along with 9 other friends contribute to Venomous Rage Designs.

Picture taken @ The Fuck Spot Location # 5

Just going as they appear in my inventory.  First up is a new event, called Hairology.  A place where talented hair designers get together and making life joyous for us hair whores.  This is round 2 so you didn't miss much.

This round has stores like: No Match, Kokolores, Amacci, Emo-tions, En Vogue, Due, Tameless, Alice Project, Oblivion, Mina, Pink Hustler, Taketomi, Analog Dog, Fiore, Beusy, Olive, Ayashi, Mithral Apothecary, Elika Tira, Vanity Hair, Damselfly, Wasabi Pills, Calico, Besom, Bade, Tukiowaguma, Boon, Phoenix, Runaway, Cheveux, Asset, & Lovey Dovey.

Design hair? Interested in participating? All the details and application is on their blog

** Lag Rating: 2.5

So it's Christmas time again, and I started this blog around this time last year.  Funny how things go, this year I met Leo, someone I instantly clicked with, but it fell apart almost as fast as it started.  Then someone that I met doing this stroll Cai stumbled back in my life.  He even did some strolls with me. It's cool to reconnect.

Anyway I got off topic.  The mention of Christmas is the next location Lightening Video has a Christmas them outside before you even head in to see what's going on.  There are small houses scattered around the snow.  They are part of an event that is done every year called Christmas Village.  These small houses are available for free during December. First come first serve bases.

Inside the building is a movie purchase and/or rental place. It's been here for ages.  My Xhusband and I use to sit down to at least a movie a week snuggling up at home.  Yeah there movie theaters around where you can check out the latest movies.  Even some of the TV's have the movies built in.  But if you don't have that fancy stuff @ your place this is a perfect alternative.

Now there's a few ways you an go about it.  You can purchase one of the TV from the place and deed it to your land along with the movie DVD player you need to purchase.  Now you don't NEED a TV you can simply rez a box make it whatever size you want slap the sims logo on the object and you just made a new TV.  Back to the DVD Player thing.  To save prims you'll wanna pick up a DVD player for 100L.  Once you get it put it on the floor so you can put your movies in it.  Sure beats having them scattered on the ground.  Once you sync your movie with your DVD player it will always be in the DVD player if you BOUGHT it.  If you rented it, it just stops playing after the set time and you can just delete it.

Another thing that's new.  Well new to me is they down to CD's as well.  You can buy albums from movie sound tracks and other genres. You can program your own URL's in them as well, and listen to them through the stereo.  This is flipping awesome. Stereos are 199L and so are the CDs.

If you are looking for a perfect gift for a couple or a family that has full land rights. Get them a gift card to pick up a movie.  Movies are pretty fresh.  New releases are every Tuesday and cost 425L. Classic movies are 375L a piece. 7 Day Rentals are 150L,

** Lag Rating: 2.5

One night Leo and I were out with our daughter and she kept talking about this place that has rubber ducky races.  I thought she was kidding.  She took us to a place called Gos Mainstore.  I have yet to find their main store but they had a huge water track for rubber ducky racing.  They even have a score board that times how long it takes you to get around it.

When you land you'll be right in front of a huge yellow rubber ducky. Click the big red button for it to rezz your own to ride.  Bring your friends and make some bets. Some interesting find when you're bored and need some fun.

I was able to find the teleport system that takes you to other places in the store.  There is an eyewear section, footwear, watches, furniture and even an espresso cafe.

Looking around in the store, their items are so life like. They barely look like SL ads at all.  Very realistic and decently priced.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

About a month and a half ago Pix, Leo & I rented a good chunk of land.  Thinking of how we were going to design it I ran into this place.

The Cube Republic is a store where you can find things to actually set up your sim.  There is a sign and either a sample by it or a teleport where you can do a walk through.

You can find things like hanging ivy, caves, robe crossing, flowers, trees, rocks, foliage, docks, lamp posts, off sim decorating.  Really anything you can think of they have in this room.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

A few days ago I was going through my old landmarks.  And one said HOME.  Now I've moved a few times since going through my landmarks to throw them away.  Curiosity hit me and I clicked it. I looked around and the build looked like the place I use to share with Cai.  It didn't hit me till he came over in a new avi to show me the place.

He has now turned what use to be our home into a place called The Fuck Spot.  A place where people meet to have orgies, threesomes, bukkake, or gangbangs.  Which is only fitting.  He always was a dirty one.

You land in almost a gallery like entrance.  Most of the tiny sections has stripper poles but a few have the BDSM cross, and a cuddle spot.

The first room has kinda a study feel with wooden table and chairs in the middle with some beanbags around for cuddling.  And so much more.

Almost everything you can sit on here you can fuck on.  It's kinda funny to see our old bedroom set up with an orgy bed.  And different sex couches about.

What use to be our living room is now filled with adult chairs, air mattress and a big circle orgy couch.

** Lag Rating: 2

Friday, December 11, 2015

Adventure 111

It's been a while since I've done this... Lots have happened since then.  I worked as PR/Manager for Heat Male Revue, lost someone I cared about (no one died), and  now I'm back to strolling.  But I hope to get into it more full time now.  I miss exploring this great big world of ours.

Picture taken @   Avid Gothic Clothing Location # 3

First location I headed North to Two Ton Gym.  This isn't just an ordinary gym.  The place is made for muscular furries.

When you first walk in, there's a group joiner on the wall. On the right there are some Workout Benches, Exercise mats, and in the corner are some heavy bags.

There's a room with showers off of the heavy bags. And yes they work. Along the side of those are some workable urinals.

Lag Rating: 1.5

Northwest of Two Tons Gym is *Enslaved* a RLV Bondage.
When you first come in there is a bunch of dealers that related products.

If you turn around and go to the right there are some stalls where you can sleep on some straw. To the left there is a Pavilion that has a Greedy table in it.

Going forward there are 2 buildings.  And as you walk through there are objects around.  Objects are residents that have decided to help test out new products out and working out the bugs.  If you would like to be one there's a sign where you can find information on how to be one.

Both buildings are full of items around you can test out and have fun on in here.

Lag Rating: 1

From being *Enslaved* to going South to AVid Gothic Clothing.  If you're like me and still enjoy system clothing. There stuff is a bit pricey, but very worth it.  The have great textures for their clothing and will fit both men and women taste combined.

There are rooms and rooms of great clothing, along with eyes, skins, and even a breathing hud.

Lag Rating: 2.5

Going West from AVid, takes me to the Purple Gator Rock Club.  Before getting into the club, there is an ice skating rink which looks like they have events out there sometimes.

Outside has a wrap around porch, and a beachy feel.  Right outside the door of the club is a Roulette table.

Once you get in it's done very nicely.  With a board up that lets you know what the current events are. Dance machines and even a spolder.

Lag Rating: 2

The last place is found heading Southeast to Among The WildFlowers.  A romantic spot surrounded by nature. Also a private estate, that has opened access to visitors as long as they behave themselves.

It's adult, so you must be over 18 to enter.. No child avi's, and of course always follow TOS.  Please remember to make sure your personal tags do not say anything like manager, owner or host to not confuse people of staff.

You can rezz items only if you are a member of the group. The group is not free, it will cost you 250L to join.  This way you can use your own photography tools, personal surfboard or anything else you can think of beachy.

When you land you have 4 options to choose from. Changing Room, Sky ~ Little Garden, Sky ~ Floating Isle & Panorama. The landing spot is the beach.

Before going to the other places, take time to check the beach its self out.  Near the water, there are some items you can click on to get things to help you to enjoy the water.  Like you can rezz a sailboat, or even a surfboard.

The beach is scattered with loungy spots. like loungers, chairs, benches and across the small water which you can walk across is a small lagoon, with a pool in the middle. Around the pool there are lounge chairs under umbrellas.

I like to be backwards so I went to Panorama first, basically it is a place where you can dance under the stars and moon with your significant other with the beach under you feet.

After checking out that awesome view, I head to Sky ~ Floating Isle.  Where you can dance with butterflies, deer, and tree houses among the grass.

Sky ~ Little Garden is a lot like the Floating Isle other than there is a nice deck with a couch on it to enjoy the view. or a cuddle log.

And probably the first place I should have mentioned is the dressing room.  Where you go up to the sky box and change from regular clothes to bikini's, with pose stands a couch and a few dice to play with.

Lag Rating: 2