Saturday, January 31, 2015

Adventure 35

After listening to Cai do a set at Outlaw Country we head Northwest to Deco.

Deco has high quality mesh items, men and women clothing, accessories for both sexes.  Lots of military style clothing including tactical vests.

As we wander around it looks for more focused on men.  As the full upstairs is geared towards men.

Looking at the ski masks theirs different colors and some even have designs on them like Captain America mask.

There's even a section for hair for both sexes as well.

If you go outside the store and go the other direction you can follow the trail to the greenhouse. Inside you can get plants, sunflowers, and Christmas trees there.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Going from one extreme to another.  We headed west to Slutland Escort Club a place full of freelance escorts and strippers, with advertisements everywhere.

They have 3 rooms that are available to have fun with the ladies, but they are for 2 hours at a time.

Near the side of the shops there is a closed off section that is a bit more intimate setting.  With very sexual pictures up inside.

Also they have a ladies club where women only service women.

If you're looking for a sexy place to live you can even rent apartments that are furnished.  For 299L a week you can rent an apartment that has 2250 sex animations in your living space.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

Going down from the Slutland we catch another sex place called The Keyhole Club.  Where you can watch or be watched.

You can run through the market of stores to reach the club or you can take the teleport at the beginning to save the time.  Although I do think running through it at least once would be a good idea.  Might find something you've been looking for.

Once you get to the club there are dance poles everywhere.  They even have one for freelance dancers.  Oh that was sweet of them.  Their are rooms upstairs for fun time with a class room, spa, office, Dr. Office, game room, & kitchen.

Walking past the strip mall you can see the Fook Inn which is a hotel with no doors so you can watch people get it on if that's your thing.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Moving back west we land at Wasted Days a Fallout Equestria Roleplay sim.    If you look behind you and go to the building in the back where it says visitors center it will give you more information on the land.

Inside there is a huge map to show you whats available.

Or you can go to the telporter where it gives you many options to land in.  Ranger, Railway, San Palomino, Two Bears, Styx, Scavenging, Vortex, Player Build, suits, stables, enclave, & range.

If you know what you want jump down the rabbit hole and jump in the action.

To follow the story line there are huge glowing ! marks will help you out.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

After wandering around the the fallout role play we land at Tropicana Salsa Ballroom.  Apparently I'm completely under dressed.  Cai looks like  he fits right in.

If your like me and wasn't expecting to come to a fancy place you can purchase something on the side where there are pretty clothes.

This place is a Spanish place, where the people speak it and play the music.  The build is fantastic.  As it looks like the floor is reflecting the build.  If you pan out we are all sitting in a piano, flipping awesome.

And before I was able to finish this post Cai had to leave me.  Which forces me to get to other things I need done lol.  Anyway, if you speak Spanish you will probably understand the place more.  Since I don't know much lol.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

Till Tomorrow

~ JL & MF

Friday, January 30, 2015

Adventure 34

After Cai and I having to fight for what seemed forever we got some kind of voice working.  Once we did that we deiced to go strolling.

I teleported to my friend Lavi's house, even though she wasn't there for a new place start off at.  So after taking a huge hit off the pipe I head East like Cai suggested.  We landed on Draco's Femboy/Sissy/Shemale Hangout.

Landing next to the teleports and the stage behind me.  I teleport Cai to help me survey the land.

There are BDSM toys scattered around the room that anyone can play with.  They even have a huge rocking horse with ADULT features.  Of course I had to try it, and Cai captured it for prosperity.

Cai went to check out the stage and found this awesome Swing that's on the the stage.  We checked the designer and sure we will be making our own trip there soon.  Anyway there are dance huds and even dance spaces to earn 1L per 10 minutes.

When you land there is a Teleport System.  Saloon, Sissy Lounge, Sissy Villa, Art Gallery, 2 bathrooms one for top one for bottom.  And 2 BDSM rooms.

If you just walk through it its a bit of an ant farm.

** Lag Rating: 2

Playing all we can play at the last place, we head Northwest to Dixland Racetrack.  Where we landed on the racetrack for horses.  Cai and I went to the gates and ran to the finish line.  He kicked my ass.

Half way through the track is a board with horse and gate numbers to keep track of who's your favorite.

You can watch the races from the bleachers.

Races are on Friday 7p SLT & Double Headers Sunday 1p SLT & 5p SLT.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

After getting my ass kicked on the track, apparently its sports night on the stroll.  The next place we land is Lovers Golf Paradise.

It costs 1L to play and there is a big board in red to teach you how to do it.  You need a hud that they supply you with and then read the directions.

Remember when I was talking a few days ago about there being a theme.  We now we have been to 2 sports type places and walking around the golf course I find dance pads where you can make 2L per 10 minutes but that's if your in the group.

As I was running off checking out what the place has too offer, Cai informed me that there's a tp board that tells us there is more to this place then just golfing.

There is a Dream Cave for lovers of massage, Kona Cave Oasis for secluded time alone, Piazza where they have private themed rooms free for members.  Water falls, sunset Bar, Fisherman's Cove, Tranquility Pools, Starz on Ice, Romantic dancing, and even a Chapel.

** Lag Rating: 2

Moving southwest to our new location we land on The Rose Unleashed BDSM club.  As we land it seems as if we are in the dance area.  There's a big sign on the wall that says they are a voice club.  No voice no win.

As you read the rules it will tell you that its not just the club but their home.  Since they are making it public we can still use this location.

Few rules here: No age play, read profiles before meeting the people, no vamp bites, no drama, gestures, and no begging.

They have a formal day on Sunday.  Which means you need to be dressed accordingly.

Off to the side of the dance floor they have a big theater for movies.

If you go upstairs you can play Greedy, Simopolis, Cards Against Humanity, darts, and pool.

Going outside the club you will see townhouses, which all but 1 are rented right now 125L for 100 prims.  Can't beat that.  Running the street I see they have a few places that are 250L for 200 prims. There is even a strip of stores facing the water.

Speaking with the owner he let me know a little bit on what I didn't see. For one, the sim is done by one awesome sim designer, since he's done the whole thing.  But with RL of course some things are still under construction.

"They try to keep the main maintain the place more for a relaxing place for couples/poly families to come relax without all the usual sl foolishness. We also consider this a safe heaven for owned submissive to come and enjoy themselves without being harassed by the usual "hey baby wanna fuck" types that are in the usual BDSM spots" - Eddison Campbell

** Lag Rating: 2.5

I only have like 10 minutes before Cai goes to bed.  So it looks like I will be doing most of the last stop on my own.

Mentioning the last stop, we head East to Scandalous Desires Brothel & House of ILL Repute.  While Cai's outside taking some amazing pictures of the locations we have been today, I'm inside checking out the landing spot where they have a free tux, evening gown and some quality freebies on the floor. Don't forget to check out Cai's Flickr as he takes pictures from his perspective.

As you make your way to the door it reminds you that its not a free sex area.  It is a Brothel and there is no freelancing.  Although they do offer applications to work here.

Once you walk through the voyeur you will see some rooms off to the side.  There's a quiet room with the door shut, next that is an office that has some fun stuff in it.  On the other side there is a school type room set up, nice bedroom and upstairs they have a BDSM room.

Perhaps just enjoying the atmosphere with some romantic dancing and enjoying the view.

And to top it off they have generously put up the pics of the ladies of the house so you can pick the one of your dreams.

Davina a lead escort at the establishment was very helpful in answer questions and taking care of me. If your on European time you should head over there if your looking for more of the elegant escorts.

Update: After speaking with the owner she informs me that they also have concerts outside, quizzes & skyboxes.  Skyboxes are set up for normal rooms, BDSM, orgies, lesbian.  Enjoy the lady or ladies of your choice in extreme privacy, away from chat range and camera view.

** Lag Rating: 2

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Adventure 33

Well after spending the evening hanging out @ Crack Den we weren't able to get to the stroll.  We were too busy looking for a liquor store so Cai can hold up the cashier for a pic for his Flickr.

I asked a friend to go strolling with me but she was a bit busy.  Good thing because RL pulled me away and it bought me some time.  As I was starting my stroll I land at my first location.  And Nea got a hold of me asking if she missed out.  Nope she didn't so I tp'd her in.

Standing here @ Psycho Misfits.  A dark building with flickering flames.

Going into the room you will find weird mushrooms and a teleport to Misfit Motors teleport.  Cutting into the room across the way there is a room where everything you see is for sale. Dark gothy furniture and old movie posters.

As we take the teleport down the first thing you see is a Bates Motel sign.  And a motel on the left of you.  Although you can go inside you can not use the bed.  So if you're looking for the type of place to take a pic at awesome, personally it would have been awesome to have sex in the Bates Motel, but then again I'm stoned lol.

Deeper in the land there is a huge clown head there is a carnival, a wicked carnival.  With poses inside tents and participating in the show.
And going deeper where there is a huge mansion with lounge on the bottom and bones museum upstairs with interesting pictures.

** Lag Rating: 3

Enjoying the merry go round in the last sim couldn't last forever, moving west and landing on Sparrow Industries.  Once you land to get a menu of sorts which directs you to different places around the sim.

They specialize in Land Security, Shoutcast, Icecast, land rentals, terminals.  Also several scripts greeter IM's, Simple Group Inviter.  They also have impact weapons.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Flying northwest, we find Tropical Futa Funatics.  A pretty beach with romantic moments along the beach.

Walking through the rocks on the path to the center.  They have 3 skybox doorways, one to a bondage box, movie theater, and arcade.

Going through the cavern you can jump in the hot tub look out to the water.  And walking towards the right, we stumble upon a milking station.

If that's not your thing you can move right and make your way up the sitars, where there's rooms set up in huts where there are places to play in paradise.

** Lag Rating: 2

Winds blew me South it taking me too Speed's WK Big Cat & Wild Dog Oasis Auctions & rentals without my travel partner. Continuing my venture alone, exploring the land alone..  I'm a huge fan of big cats.  Here in Spokane they have a thing called Cat Tales which is a cat rescue from people that think they can have big cats as pets.  So it's pretty killer to have them in SL.  These big cats are fully animated and licks their paws lays down and gives themselves baths.  I dont know many things about the breedables, but it says that each cat is in 100% heat.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Crazy Kitty is the last sim in today's adventure.  Joining the Crazy Kitty groups will cost you 300L.  This allows you to receive balloons with VIP presents.  Warning if you leave the group you will have to repay the 300L fee.

Gift cards are also an option for any occasion.  Purchase a 180L, 500L or 1000L cards for friends or family.

Cruising down the hallway you come along 3 gacha's of cute shoes or huggable doggies.

Some more store info is written on the wall.  Please send notecard instead of IM.  Use the redelivery terminal if you didn't get your item. Bloggers are not needed at the time & not interested in satellite stores.

Do they support appliers? Yep, Tango/Delicq, Omega, TMP & Slink/Physique

The clothing is more of the bright and cheery clothing.  Light colors like pink, white and powder blue.

Make your way all the way back and you will find some more gacha's and some lucky chairs..  Off to the right of the lucky chairs is an unpacking area with a pose stand.

If you look up from the lucky chairs you can see on one side they have special price items.  In the middle you will see the group gift.  And the match game.

** Lag Rating: 2

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Adventure 32

Unfortunately my partner in crime and gorgeous man had to leave early tonight because RL has him tied up so much tomorrow.  Then I asked my friend Nea is she wanted to go with me and she was busy herself.  So I went on the stroll solo today.  Once I put 8 directions in it spit out new directions for this stroll.

The first place I land on today is The Magic Circle which is one big Fantasia Canal Boat Ride.  If you have children, a child at heart or even just a Disney fan don't miss out.  With dancing hippos, dancing brooms, neon butterflies & even a demon to scare you at the end.  Don't forget to get your music one while you're going through the boat ride.

There are also some tables set up with chairs, after the boat ride.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Coming from an awesome ride I head East and land on Elegance By Elysa.  Looking around I see they sell  master/slave cushions, lap serve hassocks, palace chairs, Master/slave ottoman, beds, couches, rugs.  Looks like Aladdin housewares.

They also have a sale section and upstairs they have an MM board.

** Lag Rating: 2

It's weird how each adventure kinda guides itself.  Like one post will be mostly clubs, clothing or furniture.  I swear that I do not plan it like that the places are completely random.   I click on names that has lots of green dots and have names that catch my eye.  I've run into a few of the stores I've seen while blogging fashion.  But landing on LadyX it could have been anything.

Once I land I can see that I landed on a furniture store that focuses on BDSM beds and other toys. They are 100% mesh, RLV, copy/mod, and even Xcite! Compatible.

If you join the group for free you receive 10% discount on all in store purchases.  Keep in-world stores alive shop IN-GAME.  If you don't shop in game the place will eventually die.  Yes a conspiracy theory lol I'm stoned, let me be lol.  See what happens when Cai leaves me alone lol.

Most of these beds are made of dark wood, and brass.  It looks very nice.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

I was kinda hung up @ Lady X because furniture that is RLV is pretty awesome.  But after I've exhausted the fun in the place I move West to Ace's a ladies only male strip club.  Oh yeah I'm sure I'm gonna get it for this one lol.

When I was there only the manager and owner were present.  Standing there apparently afk cause they haven't said word on too me lol.

There is a support staff board where you can get a hold of owners and managers.  Along side there, they have a gacha machine there for nice ties.

 If your having a bachelorette party or someones birthday coming up and wanna surprise them with some hunks you can click a mailbox to get information about setting it up. They also have a DJ, hosts & dancer application there.

Before walking through the door there is a sign that says "Ace's Valentine's Auction", Feb 13th @ 3pm-5pm.  The auction is for the company of their dancers for a Valentine's Day date.  Bid is for a 2 hour date w/ a dancer of your choice.  Then come back the next day on Valentine's Day from 6-8. and find out the results.  You must be there to win, & sex is not required.

In the doorway they have their prices.  They offer the services of semi private lap dances, private lap dances, & escorting.  If your a VIP they have special perks for that.

Once you get inside the back board has all the dancers on the wall with online indicators to see if your favorite dancer is online.  Right in front of them are 2 skyboxes where you can spend time with your dancers.

** Lag Rating: 2

Leavin' the male strip cub with visions of the last dance I got from my gorgeous man at home going Southwest to Body Language.

Making it through the entrance there is a circular room which has  Mistress, Daddy, Games, & BDSM above door ways.  So I go from the right and start off in the BDSM room.

There's an Oily Paddle Pool that has positions like MFF, FFM, FF, FFF, F.  Then there's a Torture bench that hs single, cuddles, & sex.

 Going to the next room is Games.  An arcade game, Bubble Breaker, Pool, Greedy, Cards Against Humanity (which I have recently played with Cai and some of the people on the sim and it's a GREAT game).

A Daddy room, which I don't know much about.  Not really my thing.  But to me I think of it more for Sugar Daddy's but I'm sure I'm wrong.  Or maybe a the male version of a Mistress.

And the last room is the Mistress room.  Somewhere a mistress can be pampered and be pampered by their slave.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

~ JL

Monday, January 26, 2015

Adventure 31

In a sporting mood night, I throw on the newly purchased outfit I snagged from Sassy.

So flying solo tonight using to randomize the locations for me.  The first direction it spits out is SE, landing me at Magika, a well known hair store.

Each hair comes with 3 different fatpacks to choose from.  Natural tones like platinum blond to black, Unnatural from white to crimson and multicolored tones with color dipped hair.

If you click the sign that says Magika Updates you will receive exclusive group gifts, & first to see the new product.

Next to that sign you can teleport to the sculpted hairstyles & retirement sells.  Where you get 35L for hairs & 100L for fatpacks.  I couldn't resist, I bought one myself.

** Lag Rating: 1

Traveling south I land on Hangover Lagoon, The Swingers Paradise.  When I land there I get some notecard about a photography company but past the wall you can see a gorgeous beach.

If you step outside the enclosure there is a trail outside of it which you can explore the sim by.  There's beach where you can sunbathe or even dance in the sand.  Enjoy the dock by fire warmth, or use the boat to explore the waters.  There is even a shower and changing room on the beach to slip into beach attire.

On the other side there are a few boats out in the water along with a seaplane.

As you walk onto mainland, you see several cottages which you can rent to put your items in for sale.

** Lag Rating: 2

Moving along, we head Northwest to GFD Mainstore.   Were they have slink fingernail polish, headbands, eye patches.  Along with mesh clothing, and fantasy color skins.

You can slap boards, grab some group gifts and discounts.  Or blow a bunch of time at the gacha machines.

Cai won 4 random gifts the time we were there.

** Lag Rating: 2

Flipping back to it tells me to go NE and I was already almost all the way east.  So finding about the only green spots on this side of the map we land on Body Factory.

As you walk into the shop be sure to become a member they have 9 group gifts out for both male and females.

Walking through the store they have clothing with great detail for both men and women. And they have jewelry, hats and a very original gacha machines.

** Lag Rating: 2

Heading to the last location we head back towards home to the west. Once we land you can see a circular building.  Where you can purchase items for a dark ages type scene.

If you wanna check out the buildings you can rez them out and walk through them.  I couldn't get it to work, but Cai did.

The entire sim is kinda behind closed doors.  Once you are invited to the group there will be adult rated content.

This place is private roleplay.

** Lag Rating: 2

Till Tomorrow....

~ JL & MF

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Adventure 30

So today is the 30 Adventure here @ Julya's Stoner Stroll.  So we thought we would do things a bit differnt.  Since I'm stoned and feeling a bit naughty I thought we would mix it up a bit by stay on Zindra to check out all the naughty places.  Sooooo...if you're under 18 you're gonna have to skip this one =P.

Our first place we land at is Gorky Park Playground.  Looks like your basic park.  Although there are some things you will not see in your local park.  If you make your way to the outhouse you might catch a couple hitting the side of it while you use it.

It might be cold outside, so relaxing next the fire and doing some cuddling might be your thing.

** Lag Rating: 1

As we were doing our pics we've decided to add Cai's Flickr page, where he decided to photo document the travels as he waits for me to do my reporting on each place.  So if you're interested in more pictures of a place check them out there.

Our second stop as we move North is Horror Rape Asylum.

As you land there is a place for advertisements, then you take the TP down to the asylum, where I've already encountered a bloody woman swinging a hatchet.

Each room is even more disgusting then the next.  If your into getting nailed in a bag of trash or ever had a thing for Scooby Doo here's your chance.  Or getting mutilated with your tits or head cut off. This place is for the truly twisted.

** Lag Rating: 3

I think I've seen enough gross for one sim.  So we head north to The Shemale Gym.  Somewhere I thought Cai would be mad if we went but he wasn't.  So moving younder...

As you walk in there are a few couches to lounge on and chat.  Also there is a stage where people can dance.

When you walk into the hallway there is a big tp board out, telling you that you are on Level 2.  Six different levels of things to explore.  Level 0 they have sauna, solarium, massage, showers, restroom, locker room, wrestling, bedroom, Level 1 Shemale gym, sex gym, aerobic club.  Level 3 Jacuzzi & Rooftop Tavern.  Level -1 First aid station, Cinema, restaurant.  Level -2 3D Shemale artwork exhibit Level -3 Dark desires, RLV, & forced.

Some of the pictures in the gallery can never been unseen.

** Lag Rating: 3

So I leave Cai in the Shemale gym to find the next location.  I find "Game Of Thrones"  which I take a step inside and it looks a lot like the set.  The owner here really took attention to detail to get things right.

Each room is detailed nicely with high functioning beds, one even for foursomes.  Then I take a turn and fall down some steps to the dungeon.  People stripping and BDSM items to  play with.

This build is amazing, it must have taken a long time and lots of money to do it.  Not only is there a great castle detailed perfectly, but a dungeon to play with house slaves.  No bots real people behind the fun.  There is even a human ant farm to get lost in and play with the little toys about.

Or travel down to the outside of the castle into the rainy woods.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

The last leg of our Zindra stroll ends us at Blackhouse Club Manor.

As we land we see a bunch of people in a huge room.  It is set decently, a pool table.  And a nice place to take some pictures.

When you make it upstairs its a functioning home.  Furnished with places to have fun, even a bathroom with working shower.

There's also a pool table and plenty of seating.  If you are looking for like minded adult interaction this place seems to be pretty active.

** Lag Rating: 3

Thank you for following us through the first 30 adventures.  If I was on my toes it would have been a full month lol. 

Till Tomorrow....

~ JL & MF

Friday, January 23, 2015

Adventure 29

Well today is a happy day.  My mom got a RL job so I'm all bouncy.

Calling my best gal Pix to give me directions.  To be a smarty pants she was going to say EW, but she changed it to NW.  If she would have said EW I would have just picked a place on the sim I stay on with my gorgeous Cai.

Anyway moving on, the first location I come up with is Avatar Fitness Club.  First off you land and there is a bike which you can rezz to the left. If this years resolution is to get in better shape they have a live class every Wednesday @ 5pm SLT in the lounge.

Join the free club and try the cycles, treadmills, yoga, climbing wall, pool, weight room, aerobics, and member lounge.

** Lag Rating: 1

Stop # 2:

Update: This is the first time this has happened.  I try to research the places well before putting them on the blog, but I made a mistake.  The owner of Candid Memories informed me that the studio was in deed a private residence.  I truly apologize for intruding in his privacy.


Talking a few pics was fun, then we move Northwest to Kim's Sex Beach Paradise.  Where we were greeted by a little black cat and 4 choice direction.

If you walk forward there is a good size hut that supplies you with private sky boxes for a little fun. When you keep going there are little items off to the side you can sneak off too.

You a newbie and the linden gods did not supply with some goods you can purchase downstairs enhancements there at the sim.

Once you get to the beach itself, you can rezz a couple boat and go for a romantic ride.  If you follow the trails on the shore you can find tons of romantic stuff around to cuddle or do a little more.  Hell Cai even found a hot tub in the middle of paradise.

** Lag Rating: 2

It was nice to make it to the beach being that I live in Spokane, Washington and it ALWAYS snows here.  But we must leave it behind as we travel south to Nivaro Male Skin Emporium

I love running into guy places, for one it shows Cai new guy places obviously.  But being out to spread the news to the men as they are horribly represented in SL.  In my years of being on SL, women bitch about the men looking like shit on SL.  That's because they have no choice, there's not enough men places out there.

This place not only has nice looking skins for guys but they also have Slink appliers, and different beards are also for purchase.

** Lag Rating: 1

To finish the day out we head south once more to Addicted.  One of the stores in the Fashion Boulevard sim.  The building is huge, its the whole length of a sim.  Going for the more of the conservative side of fashion. For those that prefer not to let it all hang out.  So of course I couldn't find anything in it myself, cause the less the better for me.  But I have heard of several people ask for more modest clothing.

** Lag Rating: 2

Till Tomorrow....

~ JL & MF

Adventure 28

First I want to apologize for not doing the stroll for the last 2 days. RL has been very busy, and the only time I've had on SL was spent my gorgeous Cai

After running down to the local pot store here in snowy Eastern Washington, were to my stoney happy ass is legal here. I load a bowl & I'm on my way.

First stop is at No Salvation, I land in front of the entrance of a gorgeous cathedral.  This place is perfection if you wanted to take photos with a gothic nature.

Going straight will take take you into a private space, but camming is a treat.  Looking left and head up the stairs there is an area where you can teleport to 3 major areas of the sim. You can choose from BDSM, Club or Couples.  So I decide to take the BDSM one first.

Once you hit the urn to get the teleport menu you have these choices: Cum Bath Dungeon,  Slave/Sub Cages, Milking Dungeon, Piss & Scat Dungeon, BDSM Bed Chambers, Parlour & Theatre, and Domina's Throne Room.

Walking around it there are rooms so check out carefully, you may miss something.  As I was venturing I ran into a room with BDSM equipment, but done very classy.

Next the Club area, where you can find No Salvation Designs, Dance Club, Cemetery & Crypts and BDSM Manor House.

My first stop is No Salvation Designs.  In the door way there is a notice of a grid wide hunt call Gothic Decay.  The hunt is for both men and women.  High quality mesh items, 25L Group hunt.

There are 2 Midnight Mania boards, one for men one for women. And on the sides of them are 25L Group Gifts.  I grabbed a really cute skull dress so I can blog it on my fashion blog My Haters Motivate Me.

As I was calling the Midnight Mania boards my baby logged on, and I was able to catch him up with what I've seen.  Finding a little time to enjoy the place ourselves before moving on.

And the last area, couples area where there are dance poles. They are in private tower tops, where you can take your significant other or perhaps make some money.

If you go to main room there is a passage to the nightclub, 18+ (no age play or childlike avis), Dark Attire Dress Code (BDSM/Gothic/Vampire/Victorian/Punk/Grunge) & (Clothing Optional on BDSM & Themed Level

** Lag Rating: 2.5

I can't believe how much time I burnt there.  Anyway Cai says to head south, dirty south, so I travel ahead to the lowest point I could find.  Blackbox Arcade Room.

A decent sized place for being smaller.  Has a variety of different games.  All contest games, the more you play the better chance you have of getting the best score.  If you make the top 5 you get to split the pot.

Games like, Ice Cream, Reel Wild, Bugz, Enchanted, Lucky's, Crazy Green Mouse on the first floor.  Second floor has actual arcade games.  As well as the third.  If you go to the forth floor there is Zilch & Cards Against Humanity.

** Lag Rating: 1

Leaving Blackbox we travel Northwest to Damselfly where they they have hair for both men and women.  As I land before teleporting Cai a huge 70% off item sign is in my face.  There is 4 hairs with major color packets available.  They are 75lL a pack.  I turn around and there is a 70% off room. This could be trouble.

Surviving the 70% Off room without a scratch, meeting up with Cai in the guy section, there are plenty of gachas to feed your addiction.

They even have a section that tells you what event they are participating in and how to get to the event.  And yet another store that has a Wishlist out.  Where you can wear the hud pick out what you like and others can purchase gifts for you.

** Lag Rating: 2

Coming back from watching a trailer Cai gave me of 50 Shades Of Grey which I think would be WAY more hot with Jax in it, but anyway.  Going east we land @ Rock Hall of Fame.

Before heading in you can see a huge pic of Black Sabbath on the front, moving inside, you can see the table games out to play if you're not into dancing.

Of course they play rock music at this place.  When we arrived there were a decent amount of people here.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Ending tonight stroll we land on Dead End City.  A dark urban roleplay sim.  You have to be cautious here as there is kidnapping, forced sex & BDSM.

Walking down the desolate streets, we wait for a bus to take us to the role play area.

The first place we check out is the hotel.  Each room has different things to try out, very dingy, even has a blood soaked sex mattress on the floor.  With Cai yelling across the parking lot "Candy, little girl?" standing next to a Chimo van.

Seeing a long road a head of us, we hop on Cai's awesome Uni-Bike.  A motored Uni-cycle, which 2 can ride on.

But if you would rather take the bus system here are some places you can explore. City Center, Red Light, Police Station, Island Side, Whaf, Little Asia, Hospital, Projects, Water Plant, Dead Drop & Uptown.

While we were here Cai & I got separated, until I had him tp me back to him after letting me know he was witnessing a murder.  Which is a first for the both of us.  Watch your back while you're here.  Women running around chasing men down, a female bike club roaming the city and murders out in the street.

And right before I was about to leave Cai let me know that there is an underground tunnel.  Yet another human ant farm to get lost in.

** Lag Rating: 4

Until Tomorrow.....

~ JL & MF

Monday, January 19, 2015

Adventure 27

I thought that I would start the stroll early today.  So I called up Charity to see if she was up to it.  She yelled west so I took that as a yes lol.  So we head out west to The Barbarian Empire of Arkadia.  A barbarian rp sim.

Going to the right you find an interesting tunnel, once you make it to the end you climb a rope which is an awesome animation. Making it up on the top, if you walk a bit you can see a temporary camp set up with a fireplace.

Going the other way you can find a Colosseum, it is awesomely built. And a big battle field in which we encountered some battles while we were here.  There is a board that gives you the schedule if your interested.

** Lag Rating: 1

After experiencing my first epic battle we most east to Captured by Maggy.

We land on a beach side dance floor. On the side of the dance floor there is a nice hot tub in the middle of the water.  Along with a bar on the other side.  If you look past the bar you can see a water slide I just had to try out.

This land has many places to explore.  A video dome, beach club, photo studio, Maggie's Disco, Maggie's Bristo & Mystic's Shop.

I stopped by the photo studio to see what they have shaking and happily surprised its a nice photo place where you can take pics for yourself.  All you have to do is join the group which is free and you can use all the equipment.

After the photo studio we went onto the diner where Charity and I sat down for some chatting and food.

** Lag Rating: 2

So looking south like CT says I see the land of Furry Bondage and Submission so out of pure curiosity we had to go check it out.  I have nothing to worry about but CT is a unicorn so she might have some problems.

** Lag Rating: 2

Headed north after meeting a wolf, Ebon that was kind enough to take a pic for the cause we head to Polish Goddesses, apparently another BDSM club.

There is a dungeon & orgy room.  For toys for many to play with.

** Lag Rating: 2

Finishing off today's stroll we land at Hollywood Airport.  A place where you can demo planes, fly your own, or just crash into shit.

There is a building that has a company called Gridtrotter which I thought would be like this blog but its pilots flying their airplanes to different locations to show you places.  So in a sense its like this blog.  But in an airplane.

You can also purchase vehicles while you are here, and test some out before you do.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until Tomorrow...

~ JL & CT

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Adventure 26

As I was just about to start the stroll alone, my man jumps on and saves me from myself.

We go west from home and find the final frontier.  Landing on Phoenix Space Station.  We actually start as we are standing in the middle of the USS Tom Paris. As we wander around here, I can tell that they did a pretty good job.  Even though I'm not much for the Star Trek stuff, I know there are plenty that are. So if that's your thing you should definitely come check it out.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Moving from Star Trek we head even further west to Loch Ness Inn in the Highlands of Scotland. Walking into the Inn you see a dance floor where people can dance to live music being played.  To see who's singing and when there is a board just to the left before walk into the Inn. When we got here it was all quiet, just in time to relax near the fire or have a drink.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

As the theme for going west continues we find a sim called The Refinery.  It's a Forced Sex Playground.  It has a broken down urban theme too it.  As we walk forward we encounter a couple banging in a bathroom, how lovely.

Walking around the refinery, going through the snow, there is a building called Delust where most of the toys are at.  You can make yourself a public fuck doll, yes I sat in the spot but didn't notice the sign till I got on it lol.

Cai even climbed a LLOOOONGGG tower to see me.

** Lag Rating: 2

As Cai continues to choose to go west, we end up at The Hidden Rooster Club. A nice establishment sits in the middle of pretty grass.  Windows are clear so you can see your surroundings as you enjoy the music.

Outside the club they have some vehicles out there, not only on display but also some for purchase. Cai points out there is a stripper pole in a middle of a bon fire, so of course I had to jump on it, while he sat down and munched on some pizza.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Heading up to the Northwest we land at Mali Bay.  You have the option of going nude or swimwear. Even though this would be the perfect time to go nude.  But I opted to throw on a playboy bikini on.

First we jumped in the air balloon to take the tour of the land.  And right as we were done with that Cai found a set of horses behind us.  This is awesome because I've never been on a horse before. And what is even more awesome is that I got to cuddle my arms around my baby while we are able to sit on the same horse.  The horse brings you through all the land, showing you places you would have missed.

You can burn an hour here easy checking out everything.

** Lag Rating: 2