Sunday, January 11, 2015

Adventure 21

So I spent so much time at the last location of The Cyprian Gallery after yesterday's stroll that Mordicai & I lost track of time.  Then we went to his club Outlaw Country where he asked me to be his girl \0/, which I happy accepted.  Ok I know stoner rambling. Anyway we slept through the day so we're doing the stroll early this morning, with my bowl and man in tow we head to our first location....

Our first location of day is Etched Body Art Tattoos.  There is a mass amount of tattoos through out the store.  There are some perks to joining their group.  As a group member you receive advance notices on new tattoos, piercings & clothing designs.  Group gifts, and Midnight Mania board change notification.  There are 8 group gifts out right now.

Next to the group gifts there is a match and win game.  Match the images and win the item.

Walking around the store we see that the place is not just for tattoos & piercings.  It looks like they are starting to get into clothes and shoes as well.

Making our way around we see that there is a way to send these tattoos to other people as gifts.  All tattoos in store can be found in this wall.  These tats are for both men and women.

** Lag Rating: 1

After checking out Etched Body Art Tattoos we hoof it Southwest to Analog Dog.  Somewhere which I have blogged numerous times in both my freebies blog Yer Mawm & my fashion blog My Haters Motivate Me.

As we land you first see the new releases, also you can you can purchase gift cards for 275L, or if you are out of groups you can join the scribo. There are also 3 gacha machines out, one is full of trucker hats, another a crown & the third is hair jewelry.

If Petite is your thing they also have petite hair available.

The store is easily set up to find exactly what you are looking for.  Either short, medium, updos, or long hair its all here.

If you turn around from where you landed you can see the sales section, which is rather extensive. Check out what you can get for real cheap.

From the landing if you go straight back and to left you will come along a small beach.  Once you land on the beach there is a bubble full of free hair.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

After Cai trying out the gacha machines because he liked the trucker hats he realizes that the hair is attached, hehe, he sent me a screenshot and I have to say it was priceless lol...Anyway dragging him away, we end up at The Lover's.

A pretty place to cuddle up to your sweetheart, there is a dancing place, being able to slow dance with your love in a mood setting atmosphere.  Perhaps a romantic dinner is more your style, that is possible here, over looking the pretty water and stone bridges.

Maybe a game of P4rcheesi or Skippo would be your thing.

If you walk towards the back you will come to an auditorium where there is sitting for a play or maybe so.

As you look across the way there is a gorgeous waterfall and building to check out but you have to have some great ninja skills to get over there.

If your ninja skills rock you can check out the cathedral across the way.

There is so much to see here, as you walk down the right side of the sim, you walk through a forest a bit and you walk through elephants and lions.

If you go up the tree house there is a nice place for reading and relaxing.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

We took a while at the last place, checking out all the pretty places to cuddle, head up north to {so} Cute.  Toddleedoo Boys and girls.

Never been to a store for little people, never had any children. But some of these clothes are really cute.  As we are standing here Cai teases about me wanting to adopt a little baby. Which he knows better lol.  I don't want to pregnant nor adopt. Praises for those that are down for the family thing on SL, but it's not for me.

Everything in the store is 5% present off.  But if you wear the tag its 10% off.  Before I head up stairs to check it out I'm stopped by some gacha machines.

Cai got bored quickly and went to check out something in the shop next door.  Going upstairs is more clothes to check out.

** Lag Rating: 2

Catching up with Cai, at the store he found, Biscuit, he was reading all the funny shirts they have for sale.  I ask him what direction and he says East, and low and behold I run into a place in which we were at this EARLY this morning.  My sister's store Tori's Stylez.

She does amazing bridal and casual clothing.  I remember when she had her first store in a strip mall right next to mine YEARS ago. Now she owns her own sim and her place is just gorgeous.

If you join her group which is 150L and so worth having, she will give out group gifts, for male and female, and boards of group gift discounts.

We were here a lot earlier this morning as my guy bought part of the store, my sister & her man came to visit us.  As we were standing in front of her MM boards.

She has fun things to use like MM boards, lucky chairs, gachas and even my marketing toy, Discount Roulette.  In fact she has a wall of my Discount Roulettes, Cai tried one out and he got a pair of Biker boots for 70% off.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until Tomorrow.....

~ JL

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