Friday, January 23, 2015

Adventure 28

First I want to apologize for not doing the stroll for the last 2 days. RL has been very busy, and the only time I've had on SL was spent my gorgeous Cai

After running down to the local pot store here in snowy Eastern Washington, were to my stoney happy ass is legal here. I load a bowl & I'm on my way.

First stop is at No Salvation, I land in front of the entrance of a gorgeous cathedral.  This place is perfection if you wanted to take photos with a gothic nature.

Going straight will take take you into a private space, but camming is a treat.  Looking left and head up the stairs there is an area where you can teleport to 3 major areas of the sim. You can choose from BDSM, Club or Couples.  So I decide to take the BDSM one first.

Once you hit the urn to get the teleport menu you have these choices: Cum Bath Dungeon,  Slave/Sub Cages, Milking Dungeon, Piss & Scat Dungeon, BDSM Bed Chambers, Parlour & Theatre, and Domina's Throne Room.

Walking around it there are rooms so check out carefully, you may miss something.  As I was venturing I ran into a room with BDSM equipment, but done very classy.

Next the Club area, where you can find No Salvation Designs, Dance Club, Cemetery & Crypts and BDSM Manor House.

My first stop is No Salvation Designs.  In the door way there is a notice of a grid wide hunt call Gothic Decay.  The hunt is for both men and women.  High quality mesh items, 25L Group hunt.

There are 2 Midnight Mania boards, one for men one for women. And on the sides of them are 25L Group Gifts.  I grabbed a really cute skull dress so I can blog it on my fashion blog My Haters Motivate Me.

As I was calling the Midnight Mania boards my baby logged on, and I was able to catch him up with what I've seen.  Finding a little time to enjoy the place ourselves before moving on.

And the last area, couples area where there are dance poles. They are in private tower tops, where you can take your significant other or perhaps make some money.

If you go to main room there is a passage to the nightclub, 18+ (no age play or childlike avis), Dark Attire Dress Code (BDSM/Gothic/Vampire/Victorian/Punk/Grunge) & (Clothing Optional on BDSM & Themed Level

** Lag Rating: 2.5

I can't believe how much time I burnt there.  Anyway Cai says to head south, dirty south, so I travel ahead to the lowest point I could find.  Blackbox Arcade Room.

A decent sized place for being smaller.  Has a variety of different games.  All contest games, the more you play the better chance you have of getting the best score.  If you make the top 5 you get to split the pot.

Games like, Ice Cream, Reel Wild, Bugz, Enchanted, Lucky's, Crazy Green Mouse on the first floor.  Second floor has actual arcade games.  As well as the third.  If you go to the forth floor there is Zilch & Cards Against Humanity.

** Lag Rating: 1

Leaving Blackbox we travel Northwest to Damselfly where they they have hair for both men and women.  As I land before teleporting Cai a huge 70% off item sign is in my face.  There is 4 hairs with major color packets available.  They are 75lL a pack.  I turn around and there is a 70% off room. This could be trouble.

Surviving the 70% Off room without a scratch, meeting up with Cai in the guy section, there are plenty of gachas to feed your addiction.

They even have a section that tells you what event they are participating in and how to get to the event.  And yet another store that has a Wishlist out.  Where you can wear the hud pick out what you like and others can purchase gifts for you.

** Lag Rating: 2

Coming back from watching a trailer Cai gave me of 50 Shades Of Grey which I think would be WAY more hot with Jax in it, but anyway.  Going east we land @ Rock Hall of Fame.

Before heading in you can see a huge pic of Black Sabbath on the front, moving inside, you can see the table games out to play if you're not into dancing.

Of course they play rock music at this place.  When we arrived there were a decent amount of people here.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Ending tonight stroll we land on Dead End City.  A dark urban roleplay sim.  You have to be cautious here as there is kidnapping, forced sex & BDSM.

Walking down the desolate streets, we wait for a bus to take us to the role play area.

The first place we check out is the hotel.  Each room has different things to try out, very dingy, even has a blood soaked sex mattress on the floor.  With Cai yelling across the parking lot "Candy, little girl?" standing next to a Chimo van.

Seeing a long road a head of us, we hop on Cai's awesome Uni-Bike.  A motored Uni-cycle, which 2 can ride on.

But if you would rather take the bus system here are some places you can explore. City Center, Red Light, Police Station, Island Side, Whaf, Little Asia, Hospital, Projects, Water Plant, Dead Drop & Uptown.

While we were here Cai & I got separated, until I had him tp me back to him after letting me know he was witnessing a murder.  Which is a first for the both of us.  Watch your back while you're here.  Women running around chasing men down, a female bike club roaming the city and murders out in the street.

And right before I was about to leave Cai let me know that there is an underground tunnel.  Yet another human ant farm to get lost in.

** Lag Rating: 4

Until Tomorrow.....

~ JL & MF

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