Sunday, January 25, 2015

Adventure 30

So today is the 30 Adventure here @ Julya's Stoner Stroll.  So we thought we would do things a bit differnt.  Since I'm stoned and feeling a bit naughty I thought we would mix it up a bit by stay on Zindra to check out all the naughty places.  Sooooo...if you're under 18 you're gonna have to skip this one =P.

Our first place we land at is Gorky Park Playground.  Looks like your basic park.  Although there are some things you will not see in your local park.  If you make your way to the outhouse you might catch a couple hitting the side of it while you use it.

It might be cold outside, so relaxing next the fire and doing some cuddling might be your thing.

** Lag Rating: 1

As we were doing our pics we've decided to add Cai's Flickr page, where he decided to photo document the travels as he waits for me to do my reporting on each place.  So if you're interested in more pictures of a place check them out there.

Our second stop as we move North is Horror Rape Asylum.

As you land there is a place for advertisements, then you take the TP down to the asylum, where I've already encountered a bloody woman swinging a hatchet.

Each room is even more disgusting then the next.  If your into getting nailed in a bag of trash or ever had a thing for Scooby Doo here's your chance.  Or getting mutilated with your tits or head cut off. This place is for the truly twisted.

** Lag Rating: 3

I think I've seen enough gross for one sim.  So we head north to The Shemale Gym.  Somewhere I thought Cai would be mad if we went but he wasn't.  So moving younder...

As you walk in there are a few couches to lounge on and chat.  Also there is a stage where people can dance.

When you walk into the hallway there is a big tp board out, telling you that you are on Level 2.  Six different levels of things to explore.  Level 0 they have sauna, solarium, massage, showers, restroom, locker room, wrestling, bedroom, Level 1 Shemale gym, sex gym, aerobic club.  Level 3 Jacuzzi & Rooftop Tavern.  Level -1 First aid station, Cinema, restaurant.  Level -2 3D Shemale artwork exhibit Level -3 Dark desires, RLV, & forced.

Some of the pictures in the gallery can never been unseen.

** Lag Rating: 3

So I leave Cai in the Shemale gym to find the next location.  I find "Game Of Thrones"  which I take a step inside and it looks a lot like the set.  The owner here really took attention to detail to get things right.

Each room is detailed nicely with high functioning beds, one even for foursomes.  Then I take a turn and fall down some steps to the dungeon.  People stripping and BDSM items to  play with.

This build is amazing, it must have taken a long time and lots of money to do it.  Not only is there a great castle detailed perfectly, but a dungeon to play with house slaves.  No bots real people behind the fun.  There is even a human ant farm to get lost in and play with the little toys about.

Or travel down to the outside of the castle into the rainy woods.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

The last leg of our Zindra stroll ends us at Blackhouse Club Manor.

As we land we see a bunch of people in a huge room.  It is set decently, a pool table.  And a nice place to take some pictures.

When you make it upstairs its a functioning home.  Furnished with places to have fun, even a bathroom with working shower.

There's also a pool table and plenty of seating.  If you are looking for like minded adult interaction this place seems to be pretty active.

** Lag Rating: 3

Thank you for following us through the first 30 adventures.  If I was on my toes it would have been a full month lol. 

Till Tomorrow....

~ JL & MF


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