Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Adventure 72

Earlier today I was informed that I wear too much black lol so i thought I'd mix it up a bit.  Finding my sister's gift card to her store Tori's Stylez.  I picked up a sexy tie top and found jeans from her from a previous outfit to make up today's look.

The hair is one of the new releases from Tameless.  Every time I think I found my favorite hair she comes out with another one.

Moving right along from Tori's Stylez the first direction is Northeast.  Collared Hearts is the home of the first location of today.  When I first landed I was greeted by the very helpful owner.

Off the bat she informed me about the hot hair balloon that gives a full tour of the place.  But there is nothing like walking through a place.

Collared Hearts is not your typical cookie cutter BDSM sim. The pride themselves on community mixed with real Masters, Mistresses, Pets and Slaves that are in search of seeking true matches.

Each slave that decides to have themselves auctioned off are not treated like cattle.  It goes far beyond just reading a notecard, but to be judged on personality.

There are 2 ways of purchasing slave/pet, you can either go the route of silent auction or private sale. If you are interested in a private sale contact Myrhan for more details.

Five major parts around the sim.  As you land on the left side of you is the Kennedy Events Center. It is set up like a theatre house.  Behind that there is the Auction house. Where pictures of the slaves are on display for bidding. Forward is the The Village Shops, as I wandered around I saw a few that were open.  Behind you is Sunset Beach. Where couples or single can enjoy rowboats, chair, floaties & beach towels. And the last place is Firefly Forest.  A beautiful place with hide away cuddle spots.  Set up as a chance to get to know your perspective match.

There is also a kinda a secret pub set up.  Very classy, and sophisticated.  You can only get to it by hot air balloon or teleport system.

Coming soon will be furnished apartments, and training classes.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Going down South lands me at a place that I'm sure will come up interesting lol.  Mormon Zombie Porn Extravaganza.  I fucking love the name. It's a zombie shooting sim.  I love find them.

Standing out in the lobby you can get a jest of the place by checkin' out the huge map they have set out to tell you where things are like Old Barn, Ghetto Complex A, Ghetto Complex B, Park n Go, Church and Porn, Theatre, Sewers, Main Store Store, Nooby Area, Feeding Warehouse, Washoroom.

There are some weapons for sale and huds that you will need to participate.

No combat in the main store, combat area is JUST for combat go to lobby to AFk.  Keep your scripts to 100 or you can't pass.  No fly zone.  Movement enhancers are a no no. No duel weapson unles its a set.  No shields, no magic or other combat huds like DCS.  Don't walk around rocking your cock out.

As I go into town, I run into someone I've known from another sim.  SL's a small world after all =P. Wandering around getting eaten by Zombies one of the residence Red came to my rescue.  She fought off zombies while I took a quick pic for the blog.  She also gave me some great info on the place.  Like the points of the Zombies like how bad ass they are.  From level 3 to 18, 18 being harder to kill.  There are quest like killing so many zombies, or find things.  You can earn coins to buy potions to help you kill more zombies.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

After swimmin' in the land of Zombies I shoot North to The Choclate Bar an interracial Futa Breeding & Shemale Hang out.  It seems to be quite busy.  People been droppin in constantly since I go there.

Although it is a shemale hang out they do not discriminate all are welcome here.  All genders, races, & preferences.  Of course children avis are not allowed.

Set up in an urban seting.  Outside the club there are small stores for your shopping needs.  Along with stores there's a corner that would be great for a grungy kinda a feel photo shoot.

The entry way of the club is full of pics of workers and others that have advertised their services here. Walking inside to the left looks like a champagne room.  With a bed that is fully functional for fun.

Beyond that there is a luxurious bathroom with a hot tub and stalls.  Going back from there, there's a locker room with some poses on the bench.  And something I found amusing, a penis identification chart lol.

The main part of the club has a big dance floor with stripper poles and a stage.  Hanging in the sky is a spolder, trivia, and dance balls.

To the right there is a Greedy game out as you head to the cinema, along with some free rooms to use.  The cinema is done up like a real cinema.  Which I am assuming are T-Girl films.

Upstairs as you walk through down the hallway there is a sign for male and female fertility hud you can snag there. Along with some rooms which are used by the house escorts.  And I also found a private dance area.  Ever wanted to get on on top of a pool table?  This one has all sorts of fun animations included RLV.  And a huge bed with up to 7 people for one huge orgy.

As I was taking the pic, I asked a nice lady, Daeva if she minded if I took a pic.  She said as long as I make her good. Hope my pic did her justice =)

** Lag Rating: 1.5

West is the way of the winds.  Blowing me to "Hardbodies" Rock Club.  This place offers DJ's, live performances and tribute bands.  Is Southern, Classic or Hard Rock your thing? You'll dig this place.

Stepping inside on the left side they have a small game section with Cards Against Humanity (my personal favorite) and Hawt Greedy.

On the right are sets of chairs to relax and listen to the music. The back wall has the contest board with the stage.

Up in the sky the club also has couple dancing, single dancing, and trivia ball.

** Lag Rating: 2

Spot number 5 is Northwest to Absolute Animations.  If you join the group which is free you will receive 10% discount off of all purchases.

On the left side of the desk they have some poses that I assume are new.  If you're a tweark you won't wanna miss it.  Or maybe you did miss something.  Slap the redelivery terminal to fix it.

There are both men and female poses either bought separately or purchased as a pack.  They are really into booty poppin'.  So if you're Phat Azz girl, you might enjoy these poses.

The other half of the store is couple poses.  Some really nice ones  And decently priced at 150L tops.

Midnight Mania board is present but I couldn't get it to work.

** Lag Rating: 1

Till Tomorrow...

~ JL

Monday, March 30, 2015

Adventure 71

Yesterday I took a day to myself.  Got a nifty profile pic done by my male bestie Fin.  Check it: Flickr.  As I was standing pretty for my picture I found this outfit on marketplace that I'd wear for this stroll.

Smash Palace Fetish CFNM Club.  If I remember correctly CFNM means clothed females naked men.  A fetish I could get into. That way you always see what you're toy would be =P.

As I land behind me is a small urban set up, then across the way is the club.  Gotta love a club that has a sign that says "Sexual harassment in this area will not be reported. However, it will be "graded"" lol.

Stepping in on the left there is a vendor for some pretty collars.  They are open collar friendly.

Continuing going left there are almost like salon booths, but they are for guys with stripper poles and places to relax. For somewhat private viewing.  The poles are dual so ladies can dance with the naked them.

Off to the right side they have a few group gifts out. Also they have some props out.  With a dance floor.  So lucky gals can dance with the naked boys.  Although the place is a bit bare I was informed by a nice guy answering questions for me that this is an Aussie/NZ place and most are not around. Maybe after some dancing you might want some naked cutie at your mercy.  Enjoy some of those BDSM toys at the very end of the dance floor.

The first floor up has an office where you can enjoy various activities if your into the naughty office thing =P  Next room was school room.  Last one down the line was a jail if you like to watch men suffer.

In the middle there's a dolly cage which I've only seen men put women in it its nice to see its there for guys instead =P

On the other side they have a room to pleasure the woman interested in full attention.  Next room is a bit of a BDSM, a man gets tied up torturing them.

Next floor is scattered with TV's, cuddle spots and dancing in a rather open format.

Now that I'm done with the building my sexy naked tour guide Blowie, took me to the Rooftop bar, where they can cage dance for you or enjoy the bar.  On the other side is games, where they have a huge hamster wheel and Greedy.

They also have a milking shed.  Another fetish I'm not sure about.  But if its your thing its here =). Downstairs is a mustang you can play in.

Below the club is the cavern, which they use for various events at the end there is a small cinema. With a small wrestling mat so you can wrestle with naked men.

** Lag Rating: 2

From fetish to the serene.  The next direction is South which takes me to ~ The Forest ~.  I love these types of places they are gorgeous well put together sims, places for great pictures AND you can purchase some of the trees and statutes that you see.

A very pretty place to relax and enjoy some nice music. Maybe for a peaceful moment as you exercise in RL.  Or those looking for music to sleep to.  I have a few friends that are into that.

They have pools of Kio, harps, Tai Chi, Meditate, bridges, floating beds, and dancing.  There are teleports about that will take you to the different sections.  Close to the landing they have a board that takes you to the observation deck.  It shows you the beauty of the sim as a whole. Walking around inside the stone walls there are different points to see the whole sim.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Next spot is Stickypantz. Right before I left the other place my friend Nea joined me.  So landing in a bunch of avi's kinda just standing around.  Although some are chatting.

Around the place there is nice architecture.  Along with some games scattered around like Spades, Skippo, Blitz, HaxWorx, and I have been looking for this forever BEER PONG!

That was the fun part, the other half is a gorgeous garden. Somewhere peaceful you can relax at.

There is voice chatting here so if you get tired of typing you can always do that.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

The Northeast winds brings me to Toxian City.  Toxian City is a dark urban role play.  And there are some rules you must live by to enjoy this location to the fullest.  No flying, caging, orbiting, explosive rounds, push rounds, freebie guns, scanners or radars.  And you must turn off shell, casing, mag & clip ejections.  Most important thing, Do NOT engage in combat without a DCS.

Reading a sign on the wall tells a lot about the location. There is murder, drama and of course sex where vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, cyborgs, witches and monsters come together to make it an interesting experience.

Once you talk through the tiny door there is a free box with an observer tag, Jump enhancer & Free Translator next to the map of the city.

The city map shows all the spots of interest and color coded: Red being for danger like Shadow Base, Kindred Base, Pack Den. Yellow for caution for places like Righteous Base, Arena, Shops, Coven Shop, Prowler Base, Garage, Illuminti Base & Chemical Factory.  And Green for family friendly like Church, Beach, Port Authority, North Apartments, Library, Apartment locator, Diner, Hotel, Shelter, Corner Apartments, Fishco and General Store.  I missed a few places but you can see the map when you get here.

On the other side of the space you can pick up some DCS weapons for combat.  And if you don't have a DCS they have one here you can buy.

There are 3 groups available to join.  Toxian City Main group for announcements with no chatter. Toxian Citizen Chat Group, announcements with the chatter & Toxian City Shelter group which gives extra help getting started.  They even have classes on RPing, rules & everything.

As I was out in the street taking a pic for the location, I was approached by a nice girl just sayin' hi.  I was wearing a OCC tag so she thought I was new to the place.  So even in a dark place like this the people are friendly.  Thanks Veronique. =)

** Lag Rating: 2

Breaking Bad Dance Club is the next location I landed after going Northwest from Toxian City. They play hip hop, old skool, rap & neo soul music, which is kinda hard to find.  At least from my own travels.

This is the second club that is owned by KayCee & Barack Seetan the other club is called Jump Off. They are both done under the parent company Jump Bad Entertainment.

It's almost 11 AM SLT and it is active.  Although the venue is also for rent if needed in slower times. Contact Kaycee for more information.

Sets are done 5 days a week, but the stream is on 24 hours a day.  So you can just listen to the music if its your thing.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Adventure 70

As I was skimming through marketplace to see what catches my eye to wear through the stroll today. Pink from Pinkness Pearl Designs threw me one of her new releases.  Something she thinks I would wear, hehe.  She does the more girly girl stuff and this was a bit more my style.

My hair comes from Tameless, I'm not sure if its for purchase by itself, but its the hair that comes in the full avi called Deanne.

Check details: My Haters Motivate Me

So I go to my map and go South like the directions said I land on something I thought was going to be a rock club.  Once again this stroll is nothing it seems to be.  When I landed I feel into Lovely's Photo Studio.

When I first started blogging fashion, it was the only place I went to, to take pictures.  They have a few photo spheres, and many different studios set up for free use.  Some are couples, singles, even groups.  Also a few comes with poses.

Several different types of photo booths to pick through.  You can spend hours here flippin through different backgrounds and poses this place has.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

South is the next direction taking me to 7 Deadly s{K}ins.  The minute land I am greeted by a nice staff member, she's standing in the middle of 2 signs, once says they are looking for dedicated bloggers.  So if you're interested in blogging some awesome skins either male or female as a staff member for information.  On the other side is a skin that is for sale.

This is not my first time at this store.  The owner is real nice, and she also purchased a Discount Roulette from me previously.  I remember she has a whole bunch of goodies, and gets into the holiday spirit as she puts out gifts for the proper times.

You have a choice to go left or right, so of course I head to the men section first lol.  She has some really nice skins for men. They come in 6 different ways.  Basic skin, w/freckles, more muscle, sunkissed, more shine, & with chest hair.  Slink hand and feet are also available.

She also has 2 limited edition skins you might want to check out. And the Skin Fair skin out for purchase..

Walking across the other side to the right, when you first walk into the shop there's a sign that says "Golden Apple Game" so I clicked the board for more info.  Find the Golden Apple and touch it.  It registers your name and get you in the apple lottery.  Selected winners gets a gift card for 950L & pick a discount skin for 0L on top of it.

On the other side of the sign is a big wall with all the appliers on it, which you need to purchase separately.  The have appliers for Maitreya, TMP, Banned, Belleza, Lena, Wowmeh, Slink, Phat Azz & Tango.  They are all 250L.

In the middle is the discount room.  You can find gacha's, Gifts for Pick, Lucky boards, and MM boards.  You must join the group which is 50L.  But with that they have great group gifts for both men and women as well.

** Lag Rating: 2

Taboo Dreams Brothel which is East of 7 Deadly Skin.  At the front of the place on the left side there is a all of applications for stripper, prostitute, or no limit whore.  Which it isn't shocking there were tons of no limit whores in the box received lol.

Going inside on the left are several stripper poles up with animation filled chairs.  The chairs have cuddles, dancing and even with a few XXX positions.  On the stage here's a board that has prices they suggest for tipping..

The back bar supplies a coke, and for those that are into milk they have some 25L per liter.  The milk goes with a thing called Milk Monitor.  Which I know nothing about.  Must be one of those Life things.

They have 6 detailed room which you can purchase.  Every room OTHER than the Lapdance Blowjob & Massage Suite.  Luxury Apartment, BDSM Torture Dungeon, Rape Alley, Watersports & Scat, and Bestiality Barn are 60L for 15 mins, 120L for 30 mins, 180L for 45 mins, & 240L for 60 mins.  The Lapdance Blowjob & Massage Suit is 30L for 15 mins, 60L for 30 mins, 90L for 45 mins, and 120L for 60 mins.

The wall opposite of the dance pole shows the Services and Fees.  Strippin topless will cost you 300L, naked 600L.  Lapdance/Blowjob 15 minutes will cost you 700L.  Emoting 30 mins is 1200L 200OL for an hour.  Voice more your thing 15 mins for 2K.  Wanna see the chick behind the avi?  15 mins will cost ya 8KL and half hour will cost ya 14KL.

They even have table dancing which is pretty awesome.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

After checking out Menswear Fashion Week with my hottie bestie Fin, I head Northeast and land at BBWorld.  It's probably the longest establishment that I've seen around.  Open since 2005.

Clothes must be work in public places as its a mature sim not adult.  This sim is for those that appreciate their weight and those that love them for it.  Everyone has their kinks, maybe a lady with some meat on them are your thing.  Although they are not around much, I praise them for doing SL their way.  Everyone wants what they can't have maybe your seriously skinny and always wanted meat.  Well dance and have have fun.

Above the dance floor is a bunch of shops for you to stroll through while the party heats up.  There are some great dances on the floor, big screen on the stage, and couches for sitting down getting to know each other.  They also have cuddle spots on the sand tucked away for a bit of privacy.

** Lag Rating: 2

Jane's RLV Playground is the place I found when I went West.  I decided to jump on the free strip pole as I was writing this up and camming around.  Well in the process I got distracted by something shiny.  Let's call him Stifler.  So I have no idea how much time I lost lol.  Back to the stroll lol.

This RLV playground is force, bondage, or plain old fun.  There are some rules to live by a given should be child play.  No vampire bites, playing with others menus, spamming, weapons, or escorts.

Things you can do rape, force, RLV, sex, bring friends.  Just another dirty dive with tons of people around to play with.  Come play with stripper poles, lapdance chairs, traps, racks, and cages in a park setting.  No privacy, wide out in the open.

You can also teleport to the club or large freebie store.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Till Tomorrow....

~ JL

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Adventure 69

I really try to do the stroll everyday, but I woke up earlier today feeling like shit.  So this one is probably gonna be a day late, cause I might have to go lay back down.  We'll see how it goes....

So being that this is the 69th adventure I decided to just jump around the grid and find 5 sexy sims. After goin' through my inventory I find a sexy spikey outfit to run around in.

More Details: My Haters Motivate Me

First stop is Xquisite Male Revue.  Once you come on the left side of the building there are pictures of the male stripper.  I happen to see a friend or 2 up on that board.

On the other side of the room are a few ad boards.  This place as pretty good traffic.  They also have a calendar up to show you what events are going on.

They also offer Bachelorette party packages.  Specializing in Bachlorette, Rez-day, RL Birthday, or girls night out parties. Which can' be either Onsite or Offsite.  If your interested in click the sign and you will receive a notecard to fill out. There is a 1000L deposit.  With each additional thing added the price is on the side like... Decorated club, off site, DJ takes requests, & 500L each dancer.

And I hung out here a bit while I was writing this and they are some very nice and sexy gentlemen. Gals if you're looking for something to drool at don't miss this place.

** Lag Rating: 2

Headed North to BDSM Lifestyle - School of RLV Training.  Which is something interesting to me. Cai bought me a collar a while ago, but I just think its a pretty necklace lol.  I don't know if I could trust a stranger enough to have control of my SL.  I'm a busy beaver and I'd be pissed if I was caged or locked out of my IM or Inventory for any period of time lol.  But maybe I can understand it a bit better here.  If your new to it and interested this place might help you out too.

Once you walk through what feels like forever work of stores and advertisements as you follow the red arrows on the floor, 3 things are delivered to you. Lost RLV Game, DM2 Meter and a SoH meter, not sure what any of them do yet.

If you look up there is a class schedule over your head. Apparently they put up the classes weekly, Wednesday was Basic OC Collar & Sub AO, Thursday is Slave Philosophy and Friday is a repeat of the Philosophy.

Castle is pretty cool, there is RLV items everywhere.  And rooms sections off like Femdom, Dungeon, Snuff & Bondage.  They even have Strip Poker, Bonzee and pool table.  Including a slave auction.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Southeast is the next direction to go landing on Bliss.  As you walk in on the left are ads of male escorts available.  And they have 5 skyboxes available for your pleasure.  You can choose between the Chalet, home, manor, dollroom, or the cave.  Each skybox will cost you 50L for 15 mins, 100L for 30 mins, 150L for 45 mins, and 200L for 60 mins.

On the right hand side are ads of female escorts.  Along with escort, dancer, DJ, & Dom/me applications.  Once you are done filling them out there is a silver box for you to put them in.

Escorting is not the only thing they do here.  on the left side of the club they have a hang out area with fireplace, pool table and multi animation furniture.

In the center of the club they have stripper poles with fantastic carpeting.  And private dance rooms area available.  Where I met the bliss security.  A gorgeous man that escorted me throughout the establishment and showed me the place.

Anyway the back wall is lined up with dom thrones. They work on Findom jars.  They make sure that all doms are legit so you know your getting the real thing.  I also met the owner of the place and she was very nice.  But I'm sure she's great at what she does.

Bliss runs on the Findom RP system is a hud that tracks how much dom receives from a sub, and vise versa.  Which doesn't just work on this sim but grid wide.

There are some VIP rooms which you have to be in the group to enjoy.  Like the High-Class Gentleman's room, & Dungeon.  The dungeon's probably my favorite spot.  Feels very authentic, and perfect lighting.

** Lag Rating: 2

West is where you find the G-Spot lol.  An adult hangout & Romantic resort.

Some rules to follow while you're here.  I love it #1 Do NOT be a dick lol.  2. No leashes, 3. No Ageplay as the SL gods have spoken.  4 Don't rock out with your cock out on dance floor or patio.  5. You must be at least 5'5" to ride this ride.

Once you past the rules there is a big map out to show you points of the sim of interest like Heart Island, Tree house, Beach Bed, Stone house, Gazebo, Island, Hot Tub, Hut, Pier, Raft, Chaise. Second look at them, I think those are spots where you can get cuddly.  Well guess you're just gonna have to come check it out for yourself.

Getting past the are you too big for this ride entrance there is a nice beach bar, with dancing between the sand and water. It looks like it was set up for a birthday party.

On the right there is a wooden trail, that splits off to different spots throughout the beach.  To find privacy or just to hang out. They have many dance balls around for romantic dances on the beach.

You can turn it to midnight and make the right setting for a perfect night.  Settling out on one of the floaties, or enjoying the floating blanket that's out a bit in the water.

There are cubbies and bridges everywhere.  Also a nice place for a nature shot.  I like part of the description the owner put in there "Free sex without smut".  Sometime's you just want a piece in a tropical paradise lol.

** Lag Rating: 2

Now something for the men.  Northwest is the last destination of the 69th adventure.  Obsession is a fully functional working brothel.  Right as I landed I can see it was a classy place.  With antique couches and lamps.

Each lady has been hand picked for eroticism, seduction, emotes, voice and cam.  To assure that you are in fact with a true lady.  And not catfished.

Things they specialize in: Financial Domination, Pro Domme, RP, Taboos, Fetishes, Kinks, Orgasm Control and many other things. They service all sorts subs, sissies, sugar daddies, sexual deviants, and those that are truly hardcore.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Till Tomorrow....

~ JL

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Adventure 68

Custom iNKZ is the scene of today's stroll outfit.  It's on the MM board, but its been there for a while so it could be changed any day.  So go slap that board before it's gone.

More details: My Haters Motivate Me

Fin was talking with me about checking out the pose store I blogged last night.  So I stalked him for a bit bouncing around on poses to see what they looked like for a few.  Then I parted from there and went North to Onan.

Onan is a masturbation sim.  Something people rarely talk about but all of us have done from one time or another.  When you land there is a board to click for information.  Along with a masturbation on line survey.

The rules of the sim are pretty basic.  Human's only.  No furries and must look of age.  Don't be a dick.  You can be nude, and even sex is encouraged.

Weather you're a voyeur or love to be watched.  Make a friend or 2 as you find someone to watch you enjoy yourself.  Both are welcome.

If your into the Penthouse forum type you can contribute to their masturbation confessions.  Where they have an art gallery devoted to it.  Along with some masturbatory aids.

Hidden corners and artistic buildings around the sim   Maybe you just want a private pretty place to explore your body, and someone come along and enjoy it as much as you do.  If you're a frequent spanker.  This place is your place.

There are over 30 unique activities for you to toy with on the sim.  The more you explore the more you could enjoy yourself.

You can take teleports to different spots of the sim like the Art Gallery, Exhibitionist, Fithy Raft, Gallery Court, Penis Shrine, Sky, Tower of Cum, Voyeur's Hall, Wanking Beach, Watch Her Ride & Virigin's Alter.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

From bathing in sin @ Onan landing Southeast settles me in a place a more family friendly called Roost Homes.

When you land there they have packages of urban roads.  On the other side of the landing point they have gacha machines with items to help make your SL home more realistic.

Dead in the center is a teleport system that lets you go check out homes before purchasing them.  Yeah, looking at building on Marketplace is always fun, but there's nothing like exploring it yourself.

These homes come in different sizes, but most are for larger families.  All building come modify so you can make it less prims or just smaller in general.  Some even come with garages to put your awesome cars in.

You can also get snow for your roofs, driveway and parking kits, even fencing kits.

** Lag Rating: 2

South is the next destination which brings me Danika.  This is a shop that I ran into quite a while ago while I was working as a model at Decadent.  Actually, they shared the same sim. Although, I did not get to know the designer, I do love her style of clothing.

When it first opened it was just clothing.  They have some really good Cosplay outfits here.like racing, cowgirl, mafia, rocker, cheerleader, nurse, even Snow White.

I've seen it grow throughout the years adding skin. They are well made, but younger skin in the later teen years like 18, 19 or 20. And all fat packs are 60% off.  You get everything you see in the picture other then the hair.  The skins have appliers from Wowmeh, Tango, Slink Hand/Feet,  TMP, & Physique.  Which are sold separately.

Danika is having a Miss Danika Girl 2015 contest.  Every month of the year they will pick one girl as the show off their Danika avi's. It's not a popularity contest as it will be judged by outside judges.  It's based on beauty and the ability of building a beautiful avatar around the Danika shape.  If your chosen you'll win 1000L, each new release for the month won, photo shoot with professional photographer, pic on the wall, Danika automobile, featured in the 2016 Danika calendar, and entry in the final "Miss Danika 2016 Contest" held January 2016 to win 10KL.  Click the information board to the left of the Danika Girl sign.

And now they have added Furniture.  The use Aphrodite advanced animation engine giving you 730 animations for couches and beds.

** Lag Rating: 2

Taking a break strolling to go do a photo shoot with my hottie friend Fin and his sweetheart Mrs. Fin to be.  Us girls together for a pic for an event coming up.  It's just in the works so details to follow.

Back to the show...

Northwest takes me to Long Song Mansion.  A swingers hangout spot.  As you land you're around beautiful nature.  Which I will explore after the house.

Some rules to live by, being that this is an adult sim I need not to say anymore.  No escorting, buggin' the fishermen, weapons, or harassing.  Basically don't be dickish!

You can also rent some homes on the property flip through he board to check them out.  They are furnished.

Inside the mansion it is very well put together, with furniture out to sit on around a few strip poles. The rooms to the side are put together very elegantly. The items they put in them have tons of animation in them to make it a true experience.  In the back they have a bath with many animations in it.  Upstairs they have an nice bathroom put together with a functioning bath, toilet & bath. And BDSM in the attic.

Outside there are nice outdoor furniture to cuddle and watch the water.  Traveling up there's an outdoor dance area with a bonfire on the end of the dance floor.  You can cuddle on almost anything out here, even the park benches.  And there's a Greedy game out by the water.

** Lag Rating: 2

So today has been interesting day.  Here it is almost 12 hours later from when I started and I'm on stop number 5 which takes me far East to Miss Dy's CFNM (Clothed Females Naked Males).  And I gotta say I think I'm gonna like it here.

It's an adult sim that demand men to be naked for the entertainment of women.  When you land on the red carpet, it says for men to take their clothes off.  Can't bitch about that lol.  Women rule here.  I like the sound of that.

Leashes and subs are permitted, along with flirting, dancing and just checking out the scenery.  Rooms are sat up with chairs surrounding  either tables or strip poles.  But there is no tips. Just to enjoy naked men.  There's an interesting wheel on the wall you spin it and it gives the spinner punishments, its pretty cute.

Next to the classy lounge, there is a locker room, which has a slight urban feel too it.  With some lockers, treadmill, and some sports equipment.

Upstairs there are some themed rooms. Like First Aid, with hospital beds & gyno chair.  The room next to it is Office, set up like a real office with desk, coffee with TV screen and copy machine.  Then there's a small room that is going to give you about as much privacy as you can expect from a place like this which has its own little deck on the side.

I see these new Greedy machines everywhere.  Done on realistic wood stumps.  There pretty awesome.  If you're on the other side of the red carpet you can enjoy the hot tub that is outside under the stars.  Along with some other cuddle spots tucked away.  And one of those awesome dance on glass dance floors.  With strip poles outside with chairs.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Until Tomorrow....

~ JL

Monday, March 23, 2015

Adventure 67

I am here, dressed up in a bodysuit from Abrasive & chair from Alice Project.  Looking forward to where today's stroll has to take me.

More details of today's outfit: My Haters Motivate Me

Starting off from Alice Project I head North to Dirty Dive.  When you land in the building, its a big room.  They have freebies on the back side, and the other walls covered in advertisement.

You have 2 choices when you get there, to either go to the Porn Theater or into the Dirty Dive room, where there are sex toys scattered about and a nice bed in a corner if you want as much privacy as you can get in a place like this you can get.

I love a quote they have on the wall of the Orgy Room "Secondlife Cleverly disguising penises since 2003" lol.  Love it. Or the disclaimer they have: "Dirty Dive is not responsible for Emo Assholes, Crazy Bitches, STDS, Stalkers, or Undercover Gender-Benders.  Fuck at your own risk" lol.

Once you're in the Orgy Room it gives you 2 other choices. Rape Shake & Chapel of Sin or Love Lagoon Romantic Beach.  Then I notice a teleport system.  Destinations include, Main room, Neva Naughty Furniture Store, Forever Eden Gift Shop, Lovers Lagoon Beach, Rape Shack, Porn Theater, House of Sin  & Freeporium & Ads.  Some of these I've already mentioned like the theater, and the orgy room.

The Rape Shack section also has a sexual spin the bottle, Greedy, and a mud wrestling ring & roulette table.

The lagoon is its own sim so I'm just gonna stick to the Dirty Dive.  Don't forget that you can play with BDSM toys here and they have RLV items.  And if you're not into the Bloodline thing, then wear a garlic necklace to keep them at bay.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

South is the next location.  My first impression was something dirty.  Duh of course lol...anyway when I get there its actually pods of games in the lake and scattered around the land.

When you get there, there are 2 boards that explain how the place works.

Some things to keep in mind.  Be respectful, don't harass people.  Respect other's role play choices, it's family friendly.  Don't interrupt ongoing games.   If someone's being an ass contact Jessie Jacques, Joeyjacques, or Illy Miami.

It would be a good idea to join the group if your a game lover. Joining the group would give you notices about added games, people looking for more players, if people are playing a game you'd like to.  But no spamming or Advertising.

Greedy, Cantstop, Uno, Connect4, War, Backgammon, Parchese, Tetris, Skippy, Monopoly, Yachtzee, SKIP-BO,CANOGA, Clue Chinese Checkers, Clue, or Wheel Of Fortune.

** Lag Rating: 2

Garden of Games was a great find, then going West to MV: Alternative Fashion.  Before I even got in the store grounds are just gorgeous.  A great place to take pics =). Out in the pond you can fish for this really cute outfit.  Playing 7Seas fishing game.

Stepping into the store you can see the re-delivery terminal on your left and Northwest of that you can see the groups they are involved with.  On the East side of the entrance there is an item out for 21Shoes.  Along with gift cards, and a mailing list.  There is also a wall of events they are participating in.  Speaking of participating in, there is a spinning box that gives you hints of the hunts they are in.

All items are no transfer other then the gacha items.  So try the demos before you purchase everything.  Most people know what "size" they are, but it all depends on the cut.

This place is rather large so getting around with a teleport might be easier.  Clothing apparel, new releases, footwear, riotvends, 60L weekends, fishing spot, and group gifts.

There are 6 group gifts out, corsets, dresses, boots, & high heels.  Joining the group with cost you 350L.

If you're new to SL they have 3 newbie items out, but you must be 30 days or younger.  So if you adopt a newbie or making an alt for yourself come pick these up.

In the riotvend area, not only do they have 2 of them, but they have 4 lucky chairs and SEVERAL gacha machines.

MV has some definite awesome gothic clothing here make of mesh clothing.  The footwear is Slink friendly.

** Lag Rating: 2

Going Northwest from MV, finding a very picture perfect place. With sandy beaches and water washing ashore, bonfires on the beach with little with outdoor hot tubs around. There are also cottages scattered about, fully furnished.  Also a few caves around with beds inside.  Somewhere that would be romantic to plan a special day.

The entertainment doesn't just stop on the sands of paradise, but dip down in the water deep to explore the depths of the water.  It seconds for a mermaids paradise as well.  With swimming fish, snakes, ruins & even shipwrecks.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

The last location of the day is Northeast and I'm so excited when I land at places like Pose Maniacs.  Cause who couldn't use another pose store.  THANK YOU pose stores without you, lots of pictures wouldn't be possible!  So I run around the sides of the inside of the store seeing what events they are participating in.  And they even have some group gifts out. Further down the wall they have some gachas also.

There are 6 rows of single poses 3 of them for men.  And the other 3 rows for females poses that are boobie friendly. (Not sure if it matters, but the models were wearing Tango's I think). You can test them out and buy them individually or buy the whole package.

The other half of the store are couple poses.  They are not sectioned off so you'll just have to look through them.  They have some great poses here.  Stuff from erotic, girlfriend, group, role play, bro, and props.

** Lag Rating: 2.5


Until Tomorrow...

~ JL

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Adventure 66

When I first logged in today Fin got a hold of me and wanted to do a quick shoot of me, him and his gal, Deli.  We did a James Bond type of pic with both Deli & I in cat suits.  Check it out here.  Making it home after that, I changed into this nifty little number by Beautiful, Dirty, Rich.

First location is The Silver Tigers Relaxing Garden.  A very quaint romantic spot.  A place for residents who are around 40 in RL. Sharing SL experiences and hanging out with mature aged people.

At the start there is a small couch set where you can relax and chat over coffee, or walk the stone walkway and experience the location.

They have an interesting way of displaying art.  As you walk past your first set of pictures there is a small gift out for free.  A small stage area where you can dance at.

As you continue down the road you will see  a Truth Ball.  Which could make things interesting if you have more then one person around.  Or Tango in the dance.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Finishing in the peaceful garden I head Northeast to somewhere way wilder.  Julya has arrived at Syn City.  An Urban Roleplay sim with forced sex, kidnapping, BDSM & Combat.  What more could a gal want?  Oh yeah, not getting hit on by naked noobs lol..

They get pretty detailed her like in the "Street Rat Roles", you can be a street rat, street thug, slut, hooker, cabbie, drug dealer, assassin, private eye, rebel, thief, tattoo artist, or rouge.  If your interesting in what those role require hit the Rat picture at the start.

If you're into the more BDSM side they have victim, innocent, predator, rapist, master, mistress, & slave.  More information slap the Prey & Predator pic.

Want to be part of Syn City's Elite as a high class call girl, it girl, trophy wife, bimbo, trust fund baby, citizen, & lawyer.  Click the Elite pic for info.

Ever want to RP in a hospital as a nurse, doctor, receptionist, EMT, or social worker?  Slap the hospital sign.

Threw a long walkway of goods there is a teleport that will take you down to the city.

There are some main attractions there.  Synful Pleasures, Wiseguy's Casino, movie theater, and a true city feel.  With townhouses to rent it has a real Grand Theft Auto and hell you can even rezz cars or motorcycles down the street, take the subway or teleport systems.

Speaking of having a true city feel this place has a Gas Station, Train Station, Theatre, Supermarket, Cafe/Restaurant, Homeless Shelter, Police Department, Casino, Synful Pleasures Club, Bus Stop, City Hall, Hospital & Bank.

They have 2 Motorcycle clubs called The Sinners & The Vipers. A mafia type family called La Vendetta.  And their newest gang Mala Noche, which is like a car club.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

Making it out of Syn City alive the next direction which is Southeast.  This lands me outside Pet Adoption Center, from the map I thought it was prim pets, but when I landed there are a bunch of furries around.

Outside the door they have an old rocket ship ride out rides.  It has 5 different poses to have fun on.  Like the old horses in front of the Piggly Wiggly.

Walking into it and noticing the way the have it set up.  Like huge cages for pet displays.  Or like the adoption scene they did in the movie Cry Baby when they took Peppa's children from her and put them up for adoption.

So it came to me that this is not for prim animals, but the displays are for furries that are looking for homes.

You come upon a desk where they have 2 boxes out.  On is where to start if you are looking to adopt.  The Owner template starts off basic with name rank serial number type of stuff.  Then it asks what you want in your pet  When will they be on? Are you a one pet family?  Then it gets pretty deep like like a E-Harmony write up.

And if you're a pet looking for a home they have a Pet template for you. In a sense its the same thing, but asking what you prefer.  So you can be matched up with the right owner.

And on the right hand side of the room are pictures of pets looking owners, and owners looking for pets.  So If you see someone that catches your eye you can contact them.

They also have a section that says toys, which are real animal toys like fish, bones, bacon, dog bones and such to keep your pet happy.

Outside to the left there is a pet play area.  Where you can play fetch and run with them on the field. A bonfire, game show, pony carts, cages, puppy obstacle course, farm, boarding kennels & Stables.

** Lag Rating: 2

Today is quite diverse, first a place for our older residence, then a urban jungle, an adoption agency and now Snuggles: Flower's, Cards, Gifts & Teddy Bears.

I never know where to go when I want to get someone a card or gift.  Outside the building is 2 other buildings one looks like help with some wedding supplies, with bridesmaids bouquets, table arrangements, and drapping.  The other structure looks like its set up to help you decorate your home for Easter.  Come get your bunny on here... with tulips, & egg decorations.

There is a teleport board outside the main store, which shoes you to the cards & gifts main store along with the Baby shop I assume in on the other sim next door & where it says Valentine's Day shop, is where the Easter shop is that I mentioned earlier.

Right inside the door on the left hand side you can teleport to different sections of the store unless you want to browse around.  You can take a teleport to Flowers, Cards, Teddy Bears (plush), Balloons Lights & Banners.

Looking for detailed boxes to put your already bought gift inside, or stock up for Christmas even know it is a long time off.  Grab a bear with a poem or find the right card and personalize it with your own touch.  You can find it all here.

** Lag Rating:

The final spot today is The Broken Spoke Biker Sim.  Landing at this awesome campfire step up.  On the outskirts of the campfire area, looks like a job fair for bikers.  Looks like some people are looking for new members.  You can check out the different clubs looking.

If you went forward you would see several table set ups where gal can dance on the table tops.  Along with a dancing ball, where you can dance under the stars.  Out in the outside club set up.  Along with trivia balls and sploders.  They play live classic, rock, & metal.

There's a lot of shopping and you can rezz your bike her to enjoy the awesome track that they have constructed here.  You can even purchase bikes here.

They are having a Relay For Life event, called Laconia Bike Weekend, June 15-16.  Music from Meat Loaf, Lynyard Skynyard, Guns N Roses, Creed, Adele, & Metallica.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

Until Tomorrow...
~ JL

Friday, March 20, 2015

Adventure 65

Well it's that that time again. Dressing up in a group gift that I grabbed from Toxic Bish. It's a cute romper and comes in several colors in the package. And never took the hair off from last night.

More Details? My Haters Motivate Me 

One of the things that I use to enjoy when I was with my ex-husband was to cuddle down next to the fireplace and watch a movie together. It was one thing that really made me feel like we were sitting there watching it in RL together.

Why am I rambling on about movies, well today's first location is Millions Destiny Media. Which I'm super excited about. I've been looking for a new movie house since I haven't had the space to watch one for a while.

You can purchase movies for 750L but if you're part of the free group they are 500L They also have Midnight Mania boards.

If you're a VIP member which is a paid group, costing 750L, exclusive weekly lucky chairs of new release movies. Pre-sale info, group gifts, prize giveaways, and more. Lucky chair too, that's right, you can get a movie just sitting on a chair. But you must have the group to enjoy these perks.
Don't mix them up though, because only the FREE group will give you the discount on the movies from 750L to 500L. Although they do have 7 day rentals upstairs for 199L.
Weather it's date night with you and your squeeze or family night you can never go wrong with a night in at the movies.

They have new releases, Drama, Comedy, Romance, Children, Family. Also they have TV series like True Blood, Sons Of Anarchy, and even porn.

They have a great deal, buy 3 movies and get the 4th one free. Pay for all 4 at the same price, within an hour and you will instantly refunded for the 4th. Bundles & Porn not included. I will be definitely be taking advantage of this offer in the near future.

Interested in what they have? Click this: Movie List It even gives you the direct slurl to the movie so you don't have to search all over the place.

Maybe someone has a birthday coming up or an anniversary, grab them a gift card. Let them enjoy a day in. They come in 500L, 750L or 1000L.

Is there something you wanna watch but not on the list. If you go to the desk in the back there is a spot where you can submit your own movie request. That's flippin' awesome.

** Lag Rating: 2

After chattin' with the awesome owner of Millions. Moving East to Graves. A high end fetish clothing store, of leather, latex & metal. When you purchase one of their items you don't just get the outfit, but you get the accessories.

Each outfit comes with the Omega, TMP, Physique, & Slink. They do a perfect mix of mesh and system clothing. It also looks as if they items are transferable so you can send them as gifts. But if you want them to pick something for themselves, you can grab a gift card for 500L, 1000L, or 2000L.
In the back there are some great mesh shoes. Don't forget to try a demo before you purchase.
If you paid for something and haven't gotten it hit the redelivery kiosk to receive your item. As long as the item was brought out after November 13.

** Lag Rating: 2

The next place is somewhere I know well. Leaving Graves to head North to Escort Oasis. Which was home away from home off and on for ages. In fact I found my ex-husband here like 6 years ago, lol. I still go back there from time to time.

Escort Oasis is home to some talented women and men. All dancers are freelancers, so they get to keep 100% of their tips, unless they choose to donate 10% of their earnings to the club. Each stripper pole has a big chair in front of it with several different animations in them where you can give a proper lap dance.

You can find people that text, voice and even cam here. Most people have a tag on that lets you know what they are willing to do, but if all else fails you can always check their profiles.
If you’re planning on going there and giving it a shot, they ask that you do not directly IM the customers. It’s like a smorgasbord there, the customers get a chance to check out each person and then IM the person of their choosing.

Besides watching the dancers they have a few other things there to entertain you, like the Ice Cream game machine. They also have a random money giver for just being there every 9 minutes. Along with a scrambler that you can guess the word, but that’s just for fun.

If you look on the dance floor you can see there’s a sploder and some dances. There are also DJ’s that come and play.

Besides the strippers they have a wonderful collection of designers that have set up shop outside the club. And on the second floor of the mall are 2 rooms which you can enjoy some private time with the escorts without paying a dime. As you’re walking to the club down the mall way you will start to see ad boards, where you can purchase advertising spot in this high traffic area.

Two other sections are available there, they have Dark Alley that shows the darker side of play, might be fun to explore. Also they have a beach section, with a nice little beach house where you can have some privacy as well. Don’t want to leave the club, then go meet up in one of the rooms off to the side which has a lap dance if you’re a bit shy and want some privacy.

** Lag Rating: 3.5-4


Southeast to Empire Indie Artists' Development And Management. Which is awesome since I am a huge fan of the show Empire. In fact a few hours before landing here I finished the season finale, and was SO happy to know their doing another season. Gotta love a dick like Lucious Lyon. Jussie Smollett aka Jamal Lyon is hot and Jussie Smollett aka Jamal Lyon is hot and I <3 his voice...just sayin...

 Of course I'm gonna run to where the people are so I had to fly up since I landed on the floor. I go up to a dance floor. With lots of pictures of the Empire family. There are so many people here its hard to see everything. If you're into hip hop and looking for new people to kick it with seem them here.
They very much mi RL and SL here. They have a recording studio, if you're a RL artist looking to get heard in 160 countries or looking for digital distribution message djcarmie@yahoo.com and she will drop you information.

They also have a concert hall called Empire Theatre which can be rented for 1500L a day for your own event. Please contact Carmelita2009 Bowdit for rental.

** Lag Rating: 3

Leaving Empire to head Northeast to Wildwood Forest: Mystic Isle of Wonders. A beautiful sim where you can rezz something to take a picture. There are so many nooks and cranny's you can find to do so. This is a beautiful sim.

When you land you'll land on a dock, which as a teleport system to take you to the Arena, BDSM Spa, Castle of Mystics, Dragon's Lair, Mystic Cave, Pavillion, Rins of Rozly, Secret Garden, Snow Den, Stonehenge, The Lab.

At the landing you can pick up both a GM+SF Bow & Combat Meter. I believe this is a gor sim, where you can find fairies, dragons, castles, hunting, nature, cuddle spots, caves, and many magical spots.

** Lag: 2

Until Tomorrow...

~ JL

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Adventure 64

Hope everyone had a great St. Patty's Day.  Well you can read this while your nursing you hangover lol.  That reminds me I think I'm gonna throw that in while I'm blogging, since it seems fitting.

Grabbing a bowl & putting directions in Random.org.  I was calling the MM board @ Awear.  It's pretty hot.  I'm gonna start off here.

Today the outfit worn for the stroll is brought to you by the letter "H", lol.  If you join the group at Senso, you can get today's outfit.  There are a few other outfits there too.  The hair is an old holiday gift out that is still there.  I changed the color just a bit by tinting it from Lelukta.

More details? My Haters Motivate Me

The Random.org list tells me that my first location is East.  Landing on the Mean Streets RP Sim. Sim is dedicated to super heroine & hero capture and bondage as well as both urban & sci-fi RP.   Ever thought of Wonder Woman tying up Superman?  It can happen here!

When you first land there is a huge subway map out which doubles for a teleport system as you can access many of the locations from it.  Which makes an awesome human ant farm for just wandering around.

Control panels are throughout the sim.  They are used to rez a big selection of themed prim sets.  You are also able to set your own items down.  So if you're looking for an urban set up to take pictures at and bring your own poses look no further.  Prims will be returned after 2 hours.

The sim is adult so expect some erotic play.  But rocking out with your cock out isn't acceptable here.  Or should be anywhere, its the anticipating of seeing what's under it that's attractive, not just having it flung out lol. Especially if its not matching, or newbie lol.

Any places not accessible to walking or the teleport system is off limits. Leave the locals alone. Voice is also disabled.

There are some toys scattered about that require cuffs, most of the toys will give them too you if you click on them.

** Lag Rating: 2

South of the concrete jungle in to Soken Kids.  Toodleedoo clothes, they have clothes for both boys and girls.

On the left hand side of the store are some gachas with roller blades, sandles, hoodie footie, radio fliers.

A wall of full perm clothing.  Where you can make your own kid creations.

They have cute little hoodies with Superman, Green Latern, Batman, Captain American and others.  I want some of this stuff for us adults.

Up the stairs is a section of Harry Potter clothing.  Would work out great for some role play somewhere. They also have a midnight mania board for both boys and girls.  In the middle is a pair of jeans out for free.  And above that are some demo's you can check out before purchasing.

By the door there is a redelivery machine in case you don't get your item due to lag.

** Lag Rating: 2

From kiddy land to Aloha Hawaii ~ Tropical Island Paradise.  Here's the rules, well most of these equal to not being an ass.  No vampire bites, cages, weapons, or combat.  It's a sandy paradise, be kind in the Spirit of Hawaii.

Another gorgeous island paradise to bring a loved one for romantic times, or nice place for friends to just kick it.  They have activities like watersports, or you can rezz a motorcycle, go cart or an airplane.

They have so many things for couples here its crazy like a couples bike, or walking hand in hand. Fishing, Bungee, Campfire, Cave Grotto, Skydiving, Treehouse, Hanggliding, Limbo or Pool.

You can also find a nice outdoor fancy floor with some awesome lighting.

** Lag Rating: 2

Southwest is Job Factory.  This land is set up in an urban setting.  Looks just like an downtown of like East LA or something.  Griddy, with ad boards everywhere. You can hop the trolly or walk around the town.  Or you can rezz one of their cars.

If you are looking for employers put an ad up here and someone will answer you back.  They're also on Facebook where you can post your jobs, and find quality employees.

This place is also kid friendly as I saw some toys for children about in front of the McDonalds. Along with a family playing outside.

There are open shops where its 50L for 25 prims.  Have your very own store front in a city setting.

In the middle of the city they have Habibi Dance club, the music selection varies with 24 hour live DJ's.

** Lag Rating: 2

Moon's Gothic Garden is the last stop on today's stroll.  A nice gothic garden with hidden skulls and semi rotting trees.  And a nice structure you land on.

Next door there's a residence so please do not disturb.  This garden is attached to a Bloodline's Clan Crimson Republic.  A very friendly bunch.  As I almost landed on them when I came in.  They also saw something that I have been trying to fix for ages and was able to help me out about it.  I'm actually pretty excited about it.

The sim is a vampire/lykin hybrid sim.  The clan owns 2 sims next to each other.  Which has gothic clothing in their shops, there is also a club on the land as well. But that's on the attached sim not the garden.

Best way to enjoy the sim is if you have it on dark, so you can see the eyes of the skulls glow in the dark.  Another nice place to take pictures at.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Until Tomorrow...

~ JL