Thursday, March 26, 2015

Adventure 69

I really try to do the stroll everyday, but I woke up earlier today feeling like shit.  So this one is probably gonna be a day late, cause I might have to go lay back down.  We'll see how it goes....

So being that this is the 69th adventure I decided to just jump around the grid and find 5 sexy sims. After goin' through my inventory I find a sexy spikey outfit to run around in.

More Details: My Haters Motivate Me

First stop is Xquisite Male Revue.  Once you come on the left side of the building there are pictures of the male stripper.  I happen to see a friend or 2 up on that board.

On the other side of the room are a few ad boards.  This place as pretty good traffic.  They also have a calendar up to show you what events are going on.

They also offer Bachelorette party packages.  Specializing in Bachlorette, Rez-day, RL Birthday, or girls night out parties. Which can' be either Onsite or Offsite.  If your interested in click the sign and you will receive a notecard to fill out. There is a 1000L deposit.  With each additional thing added the price is on the side like... Decorated club, off site, DJ takes requests, & 500L each dancer.

And I hung out here a bit while I was writing this and they are some very nice and sexy gentlemen. Gals if you're looking for something to drool at don't miss this place.

** Lag Rating: 2

Headed North to BDSM Lifestyle - School of RLV Training.  Which is something interesting to me. Cai bought me a collar a while ago, but I just think its a pretty necklace lol.  I don't know if I could trust a stranger enough to have control of my SL.  I'm a busy beaver and I'd be pissed if I was caged or locked out of my IM or Inventory for any period of time lol.  But maybe I can understand it a bit better here.  If your new to it and interested this place might help you out too.

Once you walk through what feels like forever work of stores and advertisements as you follow the red arrows on the floor, 3 things are delivered to you. Lost RLV Game, DM2 Meter and a SoH meter, not sure what any of them do yet.

If you look up there is a class schedule over your head. Apparently they put up the classes weekly, Wednesday was Basic OC Collar & Sub AO, Thursday is Slave Philosophy and Friday is a repeat of the Philosophy.

Castle is pretty cool, there is RLV items everywhere.  And rooms sections off like Femdom, Dungeon, Snuff & Bondage.  They even have Strip Poker, Bonzee and pool table.  Including a slave auction.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Southeast is the next direction to go landing on Bliss.  As you walk in on the left are ads of male escorts available.  And they have 5 skyboxes available for your pleasure.  You can choose between the Chalet, home, manor, dollroom, or the cave.  Each skybox will cost you 50L for 15 mins, 100L for 30 mins, 150L for 45 mins, and 200L for 60 mins.

On the right hand side are ads of female escorts.  Along with escort, dancer, DJ, & Dom/me applications.  Once you are done filling them out there is a silver box for you to put them in.

Escorting is not the only thing they do here.  on the left side of the club they have a hang out area with fireplace, pool table and multi animation furniture.

In the center of the club they have stripper poles with fantastic carpeting.  And private dance rooms area available.  Where I met the bliss security.  A gorgeous man that escorted me throughout the establishment and showed me the place.

Anyway the back wall is lined up with dom thrones. They work on Findom jars.  They make sure that all doms are legit so you know your getting the real thing.  I also met the owner of the place and she was very nice.  But I'm sure she's great at what she does.

Bliss runs on the Findom RP system is a hud that tracks how much dom receives from a sub, and vise versa.  Which doesn't just work on this sim but grid wide.

There are some VIP rooms which you have to be in the group to enjoy.  Like the High-Class Gentleman's room, & Dungeon.  The dungeon's probably my favorite spot.  Feels very authentic, and perfect lighting.

** Lag Rating: 2

West is where you find the G-Spot lol.  An adult hangout & Romantic resort.

Some rules to follow while you're here.  I love it #1 Do NOT be a dick lol.  2. No leashes, 3. No Ageplay as the SL gods have spoken.  4 Don't rock out with your cock out on dance floor or patio.  5. You must be at least 5'5" to ride this ride.

Once you past the rules there is a big map out to show you points of the sim of interest like Heart Island, Tree house, Beach Bed, Stone house, Gazebo, Island, Hot Tub, Hut, Pier, Raft, Chaise. Second look at them, I think those are spots where you can get cuddly.  Well guess you're just gonna have to come check it out for yourself.

Getting past the are you too big for this ride entrance there is a nice beach bar, with dancing between the sand and water. It looks like it was set up for a birthday party.

On the right there is a wooden trail, that splits off to different spots throughout the beach.  To find privacy or just to hang out. They have many dance balls around for romantic dances on the beach.

You can turn it to midnight and make the right setting for a perfect night.  Settling out on one of the floaties, or enjoying the floating blanket that's out a bit in the water.

There are cubbies and bridges everywhere.  Also a nice place for a nature shot.  I like part of the description the owner put in there "Free sex without smut".  Sometime's you just want a piece in a tropical paradise lol.

** Lag Rating: 2

Now something for the men.  Northwest is the last destination of the 69th adventure.  Obsession is a fully functional working brothel.  Right as I landed I can see it was a classy place.  With antique couches and lamps.

Each lady has been hand picked for eroticism, seduction, emotes, voice and cam.  To assure that you are in fact with a true lady.  And not catfished.

Things they specialize in: Financial Domination, Pro Domme, RP, Taboos, Fetishes, Kinks, Orgasm Control and many other things. They service all sorts subs, sissies, sugar daddies, sexual deviants, and those that are truly hardcore.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Till Tomorrow....

~ JL

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