Monday, March 30, 2015

Adventure 71

Yesterday I took a day to myself.  Got a nifty profile pic done by my male bestie Fin.  Check it: Flickr.  As I was standing pretty for my picture I found this outfit on marketplace that I'd wear for this stroll.

Smash Palace Fetish CFNM Club.  If I remember correctly CFNM means clothed females naked men.  A fetish I could get into. That way you always see what you're toy would be =P.

As I land behind me is a small urban set up, then across the way is the club.  Gotta love a club that has a sign that says "Sexual harassment in this area will not be reported. However, it will be "graded"" lol.

Stepping in on the left there is a vendor for some pretty collars.  They are open collar friendly.

Continuing going left there are almost like salon booths, but they are for guys with stripper poles and places to relax. For somewhat private viewing.  The poles are dual so ladies can dance with the naked them.

Off to the right side they have a few group gifts out. Also they have some props out.  With a dance floor.  So lucky gals can dance with the naked boys.  Although the place is a bit bare I was informed by a nice guy answering questions for me that this is an Aussie/NZ place and most are not around. Maybe after some dancing you might want some naked cutie at your mercy.  Enjoy some of those BDSM toys at the very end of the dance floor.

The first floor up has an office where you can enjoy various activities if your into the naughty office thing =P  Next room was school room.  Last one down the line was a jail if you like to watch men suffer.

In the middle there's a dolly cage which I've only seen men put women in it its nice to see its there for guys instead =P

On the other side they have a room to pleasure the woman interested in full attention.  Next room is a bit of a BDSM, a man gets tied up torturing them.

Next floor is scattered with TV's, cuddle spots and dancing in a rather open format.

Now that I'm done with the building my sexy naked tour guide Blowie, took me to the Rooftop bar, where they can cage dance for you or enjoy the bar.  On the other side is games, where they have a huge hamster wheel and Greedy.

They also have a milking shed.  Another fetish I'm not sure about.  But if its your thing its here =). Downstairs is a mustang you can play in.

Below the club is the cavern, which they use for various events at the end there is a small cinema. With a small wrestling mat so you can wrestle with naked men.

** Lag Rating: 2

From fetish to the serene.  The next direction is South which takes me to ~ The Forest ~.  I love these types of places they are gorgeous well put together sims, places for great pictures AND you can purchase some of the trees and statutes that you see.

A very pretty place to relax and enjoy some nice music. Maybe for a peaceful moment as you exercise in RL.  Or those looking for music to sleep to.  I have a few friends that are into that.

They have pools of Kio, harps, Tai Chi, Meditate, bridges, floating beds, and dancing.  There are teleports about that will take you to the different sections.  Close to the landing they have a board that takes you to the observation deck.  It shows you the beauty of the sim as a whole. Walking around inside the stone walls there are different points to see the whole sim.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Next spot is Stickypantz. Right before I left the other place my friend Nea joined me.  So landing in a bunch of avi's kinda just standing around.  Although some are chatting.

Around the place there is nice architecture.  Along with some games scattered around like Spades, Skippo, Blitz, HaxWorx, and I have been looking for this forever BEER PONG!

That was the fun part, the other half is a gorgeous garden. Somewhere peaceful you can relax at.

There is voice chatting here so if you get tired of typing you can always do that.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

The Northeast winds brings me to Toxian City.  Toxian City is a dark urban role play.  And there are some rules you must live by to enjoy this location to the fullest.  No flying, caging, orbiting, explosive rounds, push rounds, freebie guns, scanners or radars.  And you must turn off shell, casing, mag & clip ejections.  Most important thing, Do NOT engage in combat without a DCS.

Reading a sign on the wall tells a lot about the location. There is murder, drama and of course sex where vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, cyborgs, witches and monsters come together to make it an interesting experience.

Once you talk through the tiny door there is a free box with an observer tag, Jump enhancer & Free Translator next to the map of the city.

The city map shows all the spots of interest and color coded: Red being for danger like Shadow Base, Kindred Base, Pack Den. Yellow for caution for places like Righteous Base, Arena, Shops, Coven Shop, Prowler Base, Garage, Illuminti Base & Chemical Factory.  And Green for family friendly like Church, Beach, Port Authority, North Apartments, Library, Apartment locator, Diner, Hotel, Shelter, Corner Apartments, Fishco and General Store.  I missed a few places but you can see the map when you get here.

On the other side of the space you can pick up some DCS weapons for combat.  And if you don't have a DCS they have one here you can buy.

There are 3 groups available to join.  Toxian City Main group for announcements with no chatter. Toxian Citizen Chat Group, announcements with the chatter & Toxian City Shelter group which gives extra help getting started.  They even have classes on RPing, rules & everything.

As I was out in the street taking a pic for the location, I was approached by a nice girl just sayin' hi.  I was wearing a OCC tag so she thought I was new to the place.  So even in a dark place like this the people are friendly.  Thanks Veronique. =)

** Lag Rating: 2

Breaking Bad Dance Club is the next location I landed after going Northwest from Toxian City. They play hip hop, old skool, rap & neo soul music, which is kinda hard to find.  At least from my own travels.

This is the second club that is owned by KayCee & Barack Seetan the other club is called Jump Off. They are both done under the parent company Jump Bad Entertainment.

It's almost 11 AM SLT and it is active.  Although the venue is also for rent if needed in slower times. Contact Kaycee for more information.

Sets are done 5 days a week, but the stream is on 24 hours a day.  So you can just listen to the music if its your thing.

** Lag Rating: 2.5


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