Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Adventure 68

Custom iNKZ is the scene of today's stroll outfit.  It's on the MM board, but its been there for a while so it could be changed any day.  So go slap that board before it's gone.

More details: My Haters Motivate Me

Fin was talking with me about checking out the pose store I blogged last night.  So I stalked him for a bit bouncing around on poses to see what they looked like for a few.  Then I parted from there and went North to Onan.

Onan is a masturbation sim.  Something people rarely talk about but all of us have done from one time or another.  When you land there is a board to click for information.  Along with a masturbation on line survey.

The rules of the sim are pretty basic.  Human's only.  No furries and must look of age.  Don't be a dick.  You can be nude, and even sex is encouraged.

Weather you're a voyeur or love to be watched.  Make a friend or 2 as you find someone to watch you enjoy yourself.  Both are welcome.

If your into the Penthouse forum type you can contribute to their masturbation confessions.  Where they have an art gallery devoted to it.  Along with some masturbatory aids.

Hidden corners and artistic buildings around the sim   Maybe you just want a private pretty place to explore your body, and someone come along and enjoy it as much as you do.  If you're a frequent spanker.  This place is your place.

There are over 30 unique activities for you to toy with on the sim.  The more you explore the more you could enjoy yourself.

You can take teleports to different spots of the sim like the Art Gallery, Exhibitionist, Fithy Raft, Gallery Court, Penis Shrine, Sky, Tower of Cum, Voyeur's Hall, Wanking Beach, Watch Her Ride & Virigin's Alter.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

From bathing in sin @ Onan landing Southeast settles me in a place a more family friendly called Roost Homes.

When you land there they have packages of urban roads.  On the other side of the landing point they have gacha machines with items to help make your SL home more realistic.

Dead in the center is a teleport system that lets you go check out homes before purchasing them.  Yeah, looking at building on Marketplace is always fun, but there's nothing like exploring it yourself.

These homes come in different sizes, but most are for larger families.  All building come modify so you can make it less prims or just smaller in general.  Some even come with garages to put your awesome cars in.

You can also get snow for your roofs, driveway and parking kits, even fencing kits.

** Lag Rating: 2

South is the next destination which brings me Danika.  This is a shop that I ran into quite a while ago while I was working as a model at Decadent.  Actually, they shared the same sim. Although, I did not get to know the designer, I do love her style of clothing.

When it first opened it was just clothing.  They have some really good Cosplay outfits here.like racing, cowgirl, mafia, rocker, cheerleader, nurse, even Snow White.

I've seen it grow throughout the years adding skin. They are well made, but younger skin in the later teen years like 18, 19 or 20. And all fat packs are 60% off.  You get everything you see in the picture other then the hair.  The skins have appliers from Wowmeh, Tango, Slink Hand/Feet,  TMP, & Physique.  Which are sold separately.

Danika is having a Miss Danika Girl 2015 contest.  Every month of the year they will pick one girl as the show off their Danika avi's. It's not a popularity contest as it will be judged by outside judges.  It's based on beauty and the ability of building a beautiful avatar around the Danika shape.  If your chosen you'll win 1000L, each new release for the month won, photo shoot with professional photographer, pic on the wall, Danika automobile, featured in the 2016 Danika calendar, and entry in the final "Miss Danika 2016 Contest" held January 2016 to win 10KL.  Click the information board to the left of the Danika Girl sign.

And now they have added Furniture.  The use Aphrodite advanced animation engine giving you 730 animations for couches and beds.

** Lag Rating: 2

Taking a break strolling to go do a photo shoot with my hottie friend Fin and his sweetheart Mrs. Fin to be.  Us girls together for a pic for an event coming up.  It's just in the works so details to follow.

Back to the show...

Northwest takes me to Long Song Mansion.  A swingers hangout spot.  As you land you're around beautiful nature.  Which I will explore after the house.

Some rules to live by, being that this is an adult sim I need not to say anymore.  No escorting, buggin' the fishermen, weapons, or harassing.  Basically don't be dickish!

You can also rent some homes on the property flip through he board to check them out.  They are furnished.

Inside the mansion it is very well put together, with furniture out to sit on around a few strip poles. The rooms to the side are put together very elegantly. The items they put in them have tons of animation in them to make it a true experience.  In the back they have a bath with many animations in it.  Upstairs they have an nice bathroom put together with a functioning bath, toilet & bath. And BDSM in the attic.

Outside there are nice outdoor furniture to cuddle and watch the water.  Traveling up there's an outdoor dance area with a bonfire on the end of the dance floor.  You can cuddle on almost anything out here, even the park benches.  And there's a Greedy game out by the water.

** Lag Rating: 2

So today has been interesting day.  Here it is almost 12 hours later from when I started and I'm on stop number 5 which takes me far East to Miss Dy's CFNM (Clothed Females Naked Males).  And I gotta say I think I'm gonna like it here.

It's an adult sim that demand men to be naked for the entertainment of women.  When you land on the red carpet, it says for men to take their clothes off.  Can't bitch about that lol.  Women rule here.  I like the sound of that.

Leashes and subs are permitted, along with flirting, dancing and just checking out the scenery.  Rooms are sat up with chairs surrounding  either tables or strip poles.  But there is no tips. Just to enjoy naked men.  There's an interesting wheel on the wall you spin it and it gives the spinner punishments, its pretty cute.

Next to the classy lounge, there is a locker room, which has a slight urban feel too it.  With some lockers, treadmill, and some sports equipment.

Upstairs there are some themed rooms. Like First Aid, with hospital beds & gyno chair.  The room next to it is Office, set up like a real office with desk, coffee with TV screen and copy machine.  Then there's a small room that is going to give you about as much privacy as you can expect from a place like this which has its own little deck on the side.

I see these new Greedy machines everywhere.  Done on realistic wood stumps.  There pretty awesome.  If you're on the other side of the red carpet you can enjoy the hot tub that is outside under the stars.  Along with some other cuddle spots tucked away.  And one of those awesome dance on glass dance floors.  With strip poles outside with chairs.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Until Tomorrow....

~ JL


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