Sunday, March 22, 2015

Adventure 66

When I first logged in today Fin got a hold of me and wanted to do a quick shoot of me, him and his gal, Deli.  We did a James Bond type of pic with both Deli & I in cat suits.  Check it out here.  Making it home after that, I changed into this nifty little number by Beautiful, Dirty, Rich.

First location is The Silver Tigers Relaxing Garden.  A very quaint romantic spot.  A place for residents who are around 40 in RL. Sharing SL experiences and hanging out with mature aged people.

At the start there is a small couch set where you can relax and chat over coffee, or walk the stone walkway and experience the location.

They have an interesting way of displaying art.  As you walk past your first set of pictures there is a small gift out for free.  A small stage area where you can dance at.

As you continue down the road you will see  a Truth Ball.  Which could make things interesting if you have more then one person around.  Or Tango in the dance.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Finishing in the peaceful garden I head Northeast to somewhere way wilder.  Julya has arrived at Syn City.  An Urban Roleplay sim with forced sex, kidnapping, BDSM & Combat.  What more could a gal want?  Oh yeah, not getting hit on by naked noobs lol..

They get pretty detailed her like in the "Street Rat Roles", you can be a street rat, street thug, slut, hooker, cabbie, drug dealer, assassin, private eye, rebel, thief, tattoo artist, or rouge.  If your interesting in what those role require hit the Rat picture at the start.

If you're into the more BDSM side they have victim, innocent, predator, rapist, master, mistress, & slave.  More information slap the Prey & Predator pic.

Want to be part of Syn City's Elite as a high class call girl, it girl, trophy wife, bimbo, trust fund baby, citizen, & lawyer.  Click the Elite pic for info.

Ever want to RP in a hospital as a nurse, doctor, receptionist, EMT, or social worker?  Slap the hospital sign.

Threw a long walkway of goods there is a teleport that will take you down to the city.

There are some main attractions there.  Synful Pleasures, Wiseguy's Casino, movie theater, and a true city feel.  With townhouses to rent it has a real Grand Theft Auto and hell you can even rezz cars or motorcycles down the street, take the subway or teleport systems.

Speaking of having a true city feel this place has a Gas Station, Train Station, Theatre, Supermarket, Cafe/Restaurant, Homeless Shelter, Police Department, Casino, Synful Pleasures Club, Bus Stop, City Hall, Hospital & Bank.

They have 2 Motorcycle clubs called The Sinners & The Vipers. A mafia type family called La Vendetta.  And their newest gang Mala Noche, which is like a car club.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

Making it out of Syn City alive the next direction which is Southeast.  This lands me outside Pet Adoption Center, from the map I thought it was prim pets, but when I landed there are a bunch of furries around.

Outside the door they have an old rocket ship ride out rides.  It has 5 different poses to have fun on.  Like the old horses in front of the Piggly Wiggly.

Walking into it and noticing the way the have it set up.  Like huge cages for pet displays.  Or like the adoption scene they did in the movie Cry Baby when they took Peppa's children from her and put them up for adoption.

So it came to me that this is not for prim animals, but the displays are for furries that are looking for homes.

You come upon a desk where they have 2 boxes out.  On is where to start if you are looking to adopt.  The Owner template starts off basic with name rank serial number type of stuff.  Then it asks what you want in your pet  When will they be on? Are you a one pet family?  Then it gets pretty deep like like a E-Harmony write up.

And if you're a pet looking for a home they have a Pet template for you. In a sense its the same thing, but asking what you prefer.  So you can be matched up with the right owner.

And on the right hand side of the room are pictures of pets looking owners, and owners looking for pets.  So If you see someone that catches your eye you can contact them.

They also have a section that says toys, which are real animal toys like fish, bones, bacon, dog bones and such to keep your pet happy.

Outside to the left there is a pet play area.  Where you can play fetch and run with them on the field. A bonfire, game show, pony carts, cages, puppy obstacle course, farm, boarding kennels & Stables.

** Lag Rating: 2

Today is quite diverse, first a place for our older residence, then a urban jungle, an adoption agency and now Snuggles: Flower's, Cards, Gifts & Teddy Bears.

I never know where to go when I want to get someone a card or gift.  Outside the building is 2 other buildings one looks like help with some wedding supplies, with bridesmaids bouquets, table arrangements, and drapping.  The other structure looks like its set up to help you decorate your home for Easter.  Come get your bunny on here... with tulips, & egg decorations.

There is a teleport board outside the main store, which shoes you to the cards & gifts main store along with the Baby shop I assume in on the other sim next door & where it says Valentine's Day shop, is where the Easter shop is that I mentioned earlier.

Right inside the door on the left hand side you can teleport to different sections of the store unless you want to browse around.  You can take a teleport to Flowers, Cards, Teddy Bears (plush), Balloons Lights & Banners.

Looking for detailed boxes to put your already bought gift inside, or stock up for Christmas even know it is a long time off.  Grab a bear with a poem or find the right card and personalize it with your own touch.  You can find it all here.

** Lag Rating:

The final spot today is The Broken Spoke Biker Sim.  Landing at this awesome campfire step up.  On the outskirts of the campfire area, looks like a job fair for bikers.  Looks like some people are looking for new members.  You can check out the different clubs looking.

If you went forward you would see several table set ups where gal can dance on the table tops.  Along with a dancing ball, where you can dance under the stars.  Out in the outside club set up.  Along with trivia balls and sploders.  They play live classic, rock, & metal.

There's a lot of shopping and you can rezz your bike her to enjoy the awesome track that they have constructed here.  You can even purchase bikes here.

They are having a Relay For Life event, called Laconia Bike Weekend, June 15-16.  Music from Meat Loaf, Lynyard Skynyard, Guns N Roses, Creed, Adele, & Metallica.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

Until Tomorrow...
~ JL

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