Friday, March 20, 2015

Adventure 65

Well it's that that time again. Dressing up in a group gift that I grabbed from Toxic Bish. It's a cute romper and comes in several colors in the package. And never took the hair off from last night.

More Details? My Haters Motivate Me 

One of the things that I use to enjoy when I was with my ex-husband was to cuddle down next to the fireplace and watch a movie together. It was one thing that really made me feel like we were sitting there watching it in RL together.

Why am I rambling on about movies, well today's first location is Millions Destiny Media. Which I'm super excited about. I've been looking for a new movie house since I haven't had the space to watch one for a while.

You can purchase movies for 750L but if you're part of the free group they are 500L They also have Midnight Mania boards.

If you're a VIP member which is a paid group, costing 750L, exclusive weekly lucky chairs of new release movies. Pre-sale info, group gifts, prize giveaways, and more. Lucky chair too, that's right, you can get a movie just sitting on a chair. But you must have the group to enjoy these perks.
Don't mix them up though, because only the FREE group will give you the discount on the movies from 750L to 500L. Although they do have 7 day rentals upstairs for 199L.
Weather it's date night with you and your squeeze or family night you can never go wrong with a night in at the movies.

They have new releases, Drama, Comedy, Romance, Children, Family. Also they have TV series like True Blood, Sons Of Anarchy, and even porn.

They have a great deal, buy 3 movies and get the 4th one free. Pay for all 4 at the same price, within an hour and you will instantly refunded for the 4th. Bundles & Porn not included. I will be definitely be taking advantage of this offer in the near future.

Interested in what they have? Click this: Movie List It even gives you the direct slurl to the movie so you don't have to search all over the place.

Maybe someone has a birthday coming up or an anniversary, grab them a gift card. Let them enjoy a day in. They come in 500L, 750L or 1000L.

Is there something you wanna watch but not on the list. If you go to the desk in the back there is a spot where you can submit your own movie request. That's flippin' awesome.

** Lag Rating: 2

After chattin' with the awesome owner of Millions. Moving East to Graves. A high end fetish clothing store, of leather, latex & metal. When you purchase one of their items you don't just get the outfit, but you get the accessories.

Each outfit comes with the Omega, TMP, Physique, & Slink. They do a perfect mix of mesh and system clothing. It also looks as if they items are transferable so you can send them as gifts. But if you want them to pick something for themselves, you can grab a gift card for 500L, 1000L, or 2000L.
In the back there are some great mesh shoes. Don't forget to try a demo before you purchase.
If you paid for something and haven't gotten it hit the redelivery kiosk to receive your item. As long as the item was brought out after November 13.

** Lag Rating: 2

The next place is somewhere I know well. Leaving Graves to head North to Escort Oasis. Which was home away from home off and on for ages. In fact I found my ex-husband here like 6 years ago, lol. I still go back there from time to time.

Escort Oasis is home to some talented women and men. All dancers are freelancers, so they get to keep 100% of their tips, unless they choose to donate 10% of their earnings to the club. Each stripper pole has a big chair in front of it with several different animations in them where you can give a proper lap dance.

You can find people that text, voice and even cam here. Most people have a tag on that lets you know what they are willing to do, but if all else fails you can always check their profiles.
If you’re planning on going there and giving it a shot, they ask that you do not directly IM the customers. It’s like a smorgasbord there, the customers get a chance to check out each person and then IM the person of their choosing.

Besides watching the dancers they have a few other things there to entertain you, like the Ice Cream game machine. They also have a random money giver for just being there every 9 minutes. Along with a scrambler that you can guess the word, but that’s just for fun.

If you look on the dance floor you can see there’s a sploder and some dances. There are also DJ’s that come and play.

Besides the strippers they have a wonderful collection of designers that have set up shop outside the club. And on the second floor of the mall are 2 rooms which you can enjoy some private time with the escorts without paying a dime. As you’re walking to the club down the mall way you will start to see ad boards, where you can purchase advertising spot in this high traffic area.

Two other sections are available there, they have Dark Alley that shows the darker side of play, might be fun to explore. Also they have a beach section, with a nice little beach house where you can have some privacy as well. Don’t want to leave the club, then go meet up in one of the rooms off to the side which has a lap dance if you’re a bit shy and want some privacy.

** Lag Rating: 3.5-4

Southeast to Empire Indie Artists' Development And Management. Which is awesome since I am a huge fan of the show Empire. In fact a few hours before landing here I finished the season finale, and was SO happy to know their doing another season. Gotta love a dick like Lucious Lyon. Jussie Smollett aka Jamal Lyon is hot and Jussie Smollett aka Jamal Lyon is hot and I <3 his voice...just sayin...

 Of course I'm gonna run to where the people are so I had to fly up since I landed on the floor. I go up to a dance floor. With lots of pictures of the Empire family. There are so many people here its hard to see everything. If you're into hip hop and looking for new people to kick it with seem them here.
They very much mi RL and SL here. They have a recording studio, if you're a RL artist looking to get heard in 160 countries or looking for digital distribution message and she will drop you information.

They also have a concert hall called Empire Theatre which can be rented for 1500L a day for your own event. Please contact Carmelita2009 Bowdit for rental.

** Lag Rating: 3

Leaving Empire to head Northeast to Wildwood Forest: Mystic Isle of Wonders. A beautiful sim where you can rezz something to take a picture. There are so many nooks and cranny's you can find to do so. This is a beautiful sim.

When you land you'll land on a dock, which as a teleport system to take you to the Arena, BDSM Spa, Castle of Mystics, Dragon's Lair, Mystic Cave, Pavillion, Rins of Rozly, Secret Garden, Snow Den, Stonehenge, The Lab.

At the landing you can pick up both a GM+SF Bow & Combat Meter. I believe this is a gor sim, where you can find fairies, dragons, castles, hunting, nature, cuddle spots, caves, and many magical spots.

** Lag: 2

Until Tomorrow...

~ JL

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