Saturday, March 28, 2015

Adventure 70

As I was skimming through marketplace to see what catches my eye to wear through the stroll today. Pink from Pinkness Pearl Designs threw me one of her new releases.  Something she thinks I would wear, hehe.  She does the more girly girl stuff and this was a bit more my style.

My hair comes from Tameless, I'm not sure if its for purchase by itself, but its the hair that comes in the full avi called Deanne.

Check details: My Haters Motivate Me

So I go to my map and go South like the directions said I land on something I thought was going to be a rock club.  Once again this stroll is nothing it seems to be.  When I landed I feel into Lovely's Photo Studio.

When I first started blogging fashion, it was the only place I went to, to take pictures.  They have a few photo spheres, and many different studios set up for free use.  Some are couples, singles, even groups.  Also a few comes with poses.

Several different types of photo booths to pick through.  You can spend hours here flippin through different backgrounds and poses this place has.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

South is the next direction taking me to 7 Deadly s{K}ins.  The minute land I am greeted by a nice staff member, she's standing in the middle of 2 signs, once says they are looking for dedicated bloggers.  So if you're interested in blogging some awesome skins either male or female as a staff member for information.  On the other side is a skin that is for sale.

This is not my first time at this store.  The owner is real nice, and she also purchased a Discount Roulette from me previously.  I remember she has a whole bunch of goodies, and gets into the holiday spirit as she puts out gifts for the proper times.

You have a choice to go left or right, so of course I head to the men section first lol.  She has some really nice skins for men. They come in 6 different ways.  Basic skin, w/freckles, more muscle, sunkissed, more shine, & with chest hair.  Slink hand and feet are also available.

She also has 2 limited edition skins you might want to check out. And the Skin Fair skin out for purchase..

Walking across the other side to the right, when you first walk into the shop there's a sign that says "Golden Apple Game" so I clicked the board for more info.  Find the Golden Apple and touch it.  It registers your name and get you in the apple lottery.  Selected winners gets a gift card for 950L & pick a discount skin for 0L on top of it.

On the other side of the sign is a big wall with all the appliers on it, which you need to purchase separately.  The have appliers for Maitreya, TMP, Banned, Belleza, Lena, Wowmeh, Slink, Phat Azz & Tango.  They are all 250L.

In the middle is the discount room.  You can find gacha's, Gifts for Pick, Lucky boards, and MM boards.  You must join the group which is 50L.  But with that they have great group gifts for both men and women as well.

** Lag Rating: 2

Taboo Dreams Brothel which is East of 7 Deadly Skin.  At the front of the place on the left side there is a all of applications for stripper, prostitute, or no limit whore.  Which it isn't shocking there were tons of no limit whores in the box received lol.

Going inside on the left are several stripper poles up with animation filled chairs.  The chairs have cuddles, dancing and even with a few XXX positions.  On the stage here's a board that has prices they suggest for tipping..

The back bar supplies a coke, and for those that are into milk they have some 25L per liter.  The milk goes with a thing called Milk Monitor.  Which I know nothing about.  Must be one of those Life things.

They have 6 detailed room which you can purchase.  Every room OTHER than the Lapdance Blowjob & Massage Suite.  Luxury Apartment, BDSM Torture Dungeon, Rape Alley, Watersports & Scat, and Bestiality Barn are 60L for 15 mins, 120L for 30 mins, 180L for 45 mins, & 240L for 60 mins.  The Lapdance Blowjob & Massage Suit is 30L for 15 mins, 60L for 30 mins, 90L for 45 mins, and 120L for 60 mins.

The wall opposite of the dance pole shows the Services and Fees.  Strippin topless will cost you 300L, naked 600L.  Lapdance/Blowjob 15 minutes will cost you 700L.  Emoting 30 mins is 1200L 200OL for an hour.  Voice more your thing 15 mins for 2K.  Wanna see the chick behind the avi?  15 mins will cost ya 8KL and half hour will cost ya 14KL.

They even have table dancing which is pretty awesome.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

After checking out Menswear Fashion Week with my hottie bestie Fin, I head Northeast and land at BBWorld.  It's probably the longest establishment that I've seen around.  Open since 2005.

Clothes must be work in public places as its a mature sim not adult.  This sim is for those that appreciate their weight and those that love them for it.  Everyone has their kinks, maybe a lady with some meat on them are your thing.  Although they are not around much, I praise them for doing SL their way.  Everyone wants what they can't have maybe your seriously skinny and always wanted meat.  Well dance and have have fun.

Above the dance floor is a bunch of shops for you to stroll through while the party heats up.  There are some great dances on the floor, big screen on the stage, and couches for sitting down getting to know each other.  They also have cuddle spots on the sand tucked away for a bit of privacy.

** Lag Rating: 2

Jane's RLV Playground is the place I found when I went West.  I decided to jump on the free strip pole as I was writing this up and camming around.  Well in the process I got distracted by something shiny.  Let's call him Stifler.  So I have no idea how much time I lost lol.  Back to the stroll lol.

This RLV playground is force, bondage, or plain old fun.  There are some rules to live by a given should be child play.  No vampire bites, playing with others menus, spamming, weapons, or escorts.

Things you can do rape, force, RLV, sex, bring friends.  Just another dirty dive with tons of people around to play with.  Come play with stripper poles, lapdance chairs, traps, racks, and cages in a park setting.  No privacy, wide out in the open.

You can also teleport to the club or large freebie store.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Till Tomorrow....

~ JL



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