Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Adventure 64

Hope everyone had a great St. Patty's Day.  Well you can read this while your nursing you hangover lol.  That reminds me I think I'm gonna throw that in while I'm blogging, since it seems fitting.

Grabbing a bowl & putting directions in  I was calling the MM board @ Awear.  It's pretty hot.  I'm gonna start off here.

Today the outfit worn for the stroll is brought to you by the letter "H", lol.  If you join the group at Senso, you can get today's outfit.  There are a few other outfits there too.  The hair is an old holiday gift out that is still there.  I changed the color just a bit by tinting it from Lelukta.

More details? My Haters Motivate Me

The list tells me that my first location is East.  Landing on the Mean Streets RP Sim. Sim is dedicated to super heroine & hero capture and bondage as well as both urban & sci-fi RP.   Ever thought of Wonder Woman tying up Superman?  It can happen here!

When you first land there is a huge subway map out which doubles for a teleport system as you can access many of the locations from it.  Which makes an awesome human ant farm for just wandering around.

Control panels are throughout the sim.  They are used to rez a big selection of themed prim sets.  You are also able to set your own items down.  So if you're looking for an urban set up to take pictures at and bring your own poses look no further.  Prims will be returned after 2 hours.

The sim is adult so expect some erotic play.  But rocking out with your cock out isn't acceptable here.  Or should be anywhere, its the anticipating of seeing what's under it that's attractive, not just having it flung out lol. Especially if its not matching, or newbie lol.

Any places not accessible to walking or the teleport system is off limits. Leave the locals alone. Voice is also disabled.

There are some toys scattered about that require cuffs, most of the toys will give them too you if you click on them.

** Lag Rating: 2

South of the concrete jungle in to Soken Kids.  Toodleedoo clothes, they have clothes for both boys and girls.

On the left hand side of the store are some gachas with roller blades, sandles, hoodie footie, radio fliers.

A wall of full perm clothing.  Where you can make your own kid creations.

They have cute little hoodies with Superman, Green Latern, Batman, Captain American and others.  I want some of this stuff for us adults.

Up the stairs is a section of Harry Potter clothing.  Would work out great for some role play somewhere. They also have a midnight mania board for both boys and girls.  In the middle is a pair of jeans out for free.  And above that are some demo's you can check out before purchasing.

By the door there is a redelivery machine in case you don't get your item due to lag.

** Lag Rating: 2

From kiddy land to Aloha Hawaii ~ Tropical Island Paradise.  Here's the rules, well most of these equal to not being an ass.  No vampire bites, cages, weapons, or combat.  It's a sandy paradise, be kind in the Spirit of Hawaii.

Another gorgeous island paradise to bring a loved one for romantic times, or nice place for friends to just kick it.  They have activities like watersports, or you can rezz a motorcycle, go cart or an airplane.

They have so many things for couples here its crazy like a couples bike, or walking hand in hand. Fishing, Bungee, Campfire, Cave Grotto, Skydiving, Treehouse, Hanggliding, Limbo or Pool.

You can also find a nice outdoor fancy floor with some awesome lighting.

** Lag Rating: 2

Southwest is Job Factory.  This land is set up in an urban setting.  Looks just like an downtown of like East LA or something.  Griddy, with ad boards everywhere. You can hop the trolly or walk around the town.  Or you can rezz one of their cars.

If you are looking for employers put an ad up here and someone will answer you back.  They're also on Facebook where you can post your jobs, and find quality employees.

This place is also kid friendly as I saw some toys for children about in front of the McDonalds. Along with a family playing outside.

There are open shops where its 50L for 25 prims.  Have your very own store front in a city setting.

In the middle of the city they have Habibi Dance club, the music selection varies with 24 hour live DJ's.

** Lag Rating: 2

Moon's Gothic Garden is the last stop on today's stroll.  A nice gothic garden with hidden skulls and semi rotting trees.  And a nice structure you land on.

Next door there's a residence so please do not disturb.  This garden is attached to a Bloodline's Clan Crimson Republic.  A very friendly bunch.  As I almost landed on them when I came in.  They also saw something that I have been trying to fix for ages and was able to help me out about it.  I'm actually pretty excited about it.

The sim is a vampire/lykin hybrid sim.  The clan owns 2 sims next to each other.  Which has gothic clothing in their shops, there is also a club on the land as well. But that's on the attached sim not the garden.

Best way to enjoy the sim is if you have it on dark, so you can see the eyes of the skulls glow in the dark.  Another nice place to take pictures at.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Until Tomorrow...

~ JL


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