Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Adventure 59

I was itching to go on a stroll.  But I had to find something to wear for the hunt.  As I was doing that I realized that a lot of my clothes are on the older side.  So I head over to Corvus to see what they have new.  I realized that I had one of the outfits already in my inventory.  Throwing it on and today Tameless sent out another hair to blog, which is just as kick ass as the last.  Getting everything ready and grabbing a bowl.

More details: My Haters Motivate Me

The first location to go is South which lands me at Harmony Garden.  Just camming around a bit I can see that I so should be wearing a summer dress and some flip flops.

There is a path outlined in rocks to guild you through the sim. Photographers, this is your place if your looking for a nature setting.

This place is scattered with statues, park benches, and animals like horses, sheep, unicorn & deer.  If you'd rather ride the trails of the path you can rezz a bike instead.

Other things are scattered about, like windmills, tall grass, boat house.  Along with small cuddle spots, a ship, even an art gallery.

** Lag Rating: 2

West is the next way the window blows settling at PurpleMoon Creations.  As you hit the platform there are 4 directions you can go.  Behind you is the bridge taking you out to the water. Oh wow, just standing here, even without a tag I won a raffle and got some free emerald earrings..  Anyway, I'm gonna take the left side and see what's up.

The left side has a fab dress that is a limited item.  It seems as if there is only 35 items left.  This place has exquisite mesh dresses.  These are some fantastic dresses.  If you are planning a wedding these dresses would be perfect for brides maids.

Going to the right there is the high class casual clothing. Unlike most stores which show a whole lot of skin, this is more of the conservative kind.

And if you go forward you can see the teleport map where you can see all the things they offer. You're able to get there in a click.  On the side of the map there are giftcards, a redelivery terminal.

Upstairs you can find the bridal, jewelry, accessories and hairstyle sections.  They also have Slink friendly high heels.

If your a little in the pocket book you might wanna check out the discount section of the store.  They have some great prices for their items.

Walking across the floating stones to a platform, you can find the gachas across a really pretty outdoor fireplace.  And even all the way out here I won yet another gift for just being here \0/.

** Lag Rating: 2

Northwest takes me to Fucktoys in Captivity.  Um this should be interesting.  Once I make it to the land, I hit the sand,  There's a wide open beach, with a small river and waterhole half way through it. Near that there is a camp fire going with some cuddle logs.  They have blankets, small cabana's and some tiki huts.  There is also a big boat out where you can cuddle, kiss, friends and single poses.past the trees there is a nude beach, where bikini's are optional.

There's a huge tiki hut out where there are couches, pool table and  a teleport are 5 locations you can choose from, rodeo, mall, photo studio, rez area, auction & fucktoys.

If you want to use the photo booths you must join their group before working the machines.

Up at the Fucktoys which I can only figure that it is the core of the sim.  On the side of the wall, there are things you can click on like lessons, once you do that it will ask you to load a website for more information. Along with the group, landmark, staff, girls limits, map shops & locations.

Group tags must be worn to play with both the Fucktoy's collars & the toys.

On the other side of the room they have stripper poles with poses inside.  Upstairs there are rooms full of BDSM fun.  They even have some beds scattered about.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Sorry that this has taken so long to do.  I have been dealing with some RL issues at the moment and have not been able to spend ANY time on SL.  I love you all and please bare with me in this time.  I will be back to normal on Thursday.

Going Southwest takes me to The Original Marvel Role Play.  So all you cosplay people out there you're not gonna want to miss this.

When I first get there there are rows of shops on both sides.  Some I believe are still for rent.  And being that this is a superhero sim, you can fly here.

Once you fly past all that you will come to the entrance. On the left side of the wall there is calendar where is almost something going on every day this month.  From Avengers Meetings to Hero Patrol.

Before you walk in it is important to hit the "Click Here For Marvel Roleplay Information". It will give you Marvel Now RP Information.

Marvel Now RP information gives you information like where the rules are here. Sim Timeline notecard, Cast and Open Roles List which you can get here.

As I was standing here there was a kind woman, She-Hulk, that give me some insider information as too the time it is most active.  The most activity is US afternoons and night time.

She told me that she is starting an event on Saturday mornings called Battle of Brooklyn.  It will feature Kingpin VS Green Goblin in a gangland war for Brooklyn, with assorted heroes trying to fight them.  It will be weekly, going on at the least 4 weeks, possibly longer if enough early birds dig it.

Here's the link to the website for more information:  http://bugleblog.tumblr.com/

** Lag Rating: 3

I just love how these posts go from sugary sweet to down right dirty.  The last sim of the stroll is Hoodlum.

As you land you receive a folder of goodies mostly consisting of notecards and land marks.  There are the rules, laughs "How to be a sex roleplay god", and "Stay In Character Mean?"

First notecard, Rules... Men Rule, Women obey.  (Apparently I'm in the wrong sim lol). Extreme interracial maledom (black men dominating women) a fetish roleplay club.  If your not into that you are more then welcome to wander the streets BUT do NOT go into the club.  You must be human, and realistic.  It is also a hetrosexual club. They are however a RL size friendly sim, but must be in the boundries of TOS.

They have suggestions for men, keep it public including all the naughty.  Not only to publicly fuck, but to meet like-minded people. Dominate the women.  Women must obey anything thrown at them. But check profiles for limits.  If another man has the woman, respect it.    I love the way they sum it up.  "Assholes are most welcome here, idiots are not."  Do not interrupt RP, add to it.

Suggestions for "Cunts":  If you have a collar set it to public or "group owned".  If your on this land you're here to be used anyway a man would like to use you, get over it.  You are allowed to receive tips, but 60% goes to the house.  TPing in and out of the club outside the building.

The Sex God NC is great lol.  It's a positive read.  I applaud them for their efforts.  Every man should read the "Guys... Want MORE pussy?" notecard.  I couldn't say it better myself.  (Excluding men that give a shit about their avis).

Above ground there are many little hid away spots that if you're not careful you can be drug to and gangbanged and other things scattered around.  There are many sections to explore, tunnels, public park, ghetto swimming pull.  Set up to be a great background for urban role play.

This place is very interesting, you fall down a manhole and you can cover the entire sim underground.  Justa another wonderful human ant farm.

Also on the sim is a club called Interracial Cum Fuck Me Breeding Club.  Where men rule.  They highly encourage rp in local.

Wanting to follow the rules I cam inside to see a female on a stripper pole with a few men around. The backdrop is black men nailing some white girls on the screen.

On the left side of the club there is a pool table which you can have up to a foursome on.  Upstairs they have a bathroom set up, use your imagination.

On the right side upstairs a BDSM room set up for their enjoyment.  And as I was camming around I saw camera set ups so you might wanna be careful =P.

** Lag Rating 2.5

Until.. Well I hope tomorrow...

~ JL



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