Monday, March 23, 2015

Adventure 67

I am here, dressed up in a bodysuit from Abrasive & chair from Alice Project.  Looking forward to where today's stroll has to take me.

More details of today's outfit: My Haters Motivate Me

Starting off from Alice Project I head North to Dirty Dive.  When you land in the building, its a big room.  They have freebies on the back side, and the other walls covered in advertisement.

You have 2 choices when you get there, to either go to the Porn Theater or into the Dirty Dive room, where there are sex toys scattered about and a nice bed in a corner if you want as much privacy as you can get in a place like this you can get.

I love a quote they have on the wall of the Orgy Room "Secondlife Cleverly disguising penises since 2003" lol.  Love it. Or the disclaimer they have: "Dirty Dive is not responsible for Emo Assholes, Crazy Bitches, STDS, Stalkers, or Undercover Gender-Benders.  Fuck at your own risk" lol.

Once you're in the Orgy Room it gives you 2 other choices. Rape Shake & Chapel of Sin or Love Lagoon Romantic Beach.  Then I notice a teleport system.  Destinations include, Main room, Neva Naughty Furniture Store, Forever Eden Gift Shop, Lovers Lagoon Beach, Rape Shack, Porn Theater, House of Sin  & Freeporium & Ads.  Some of these I've already mentioned like the theater, and the orgy room.

The Rape Shack section also has a sexual spin the bottle, Greedy, and a mud wrestling ring & roulette table.

The lagoon is its own sim so I'm just gonna stick to the Dirty Dive.  Don't forget that you can play with BDSM toys here and they have RLV items.  And if you're not into the Bloodline thing, then wear a garlic necklace to keep them at bay.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

South is the next location.  My first impression was something dirty.  Duh of course lol...anyway when I get there its actually pods of games in the lake and scattered around the land.

When you get there, there are 2 boards that explain how the place works.

Some things to keep in mind.  Be respectful, don't harass people.  Respect other's role play choices, it's family friendly.  Don't interrupt ongoing games.   If someone's being an ass contact Jessie Jacques, Joeyjacques, or Illy Miami.

It would be a good idea to join the group if your a game lover. Joining the group would give you notices about added games, people looking for more players, if people are playing a game you'd like to.  But no spamming or Advertising.

Greedy, Cantstop, Uno, Connect4, War, Backgammon, Parchese, Tetris, Skippy, Monopoly, Yachtzee, SKIP-BO,CANOGA, Clue Chinese Checkers, Clue, or Wheel Of Fortune.

** Lag Rating: 2

Garden of Games was a great find, then going West to MV: Alternative Fashion.  Before I even got in the store grounds are just gorgeous.  A great place to take pics =). Out in the pond you can fish for this really cute outfit.  Playing 7Seas fishing game.

Stepping into the store you can see the re-delivery terminal on your left and Northwest of that you can see the groups they are involved with.  On the East side of the entrance there is an item out for 21Shoes.  Along with gift cards, and a mailing list.  There is also a wall of events they are participating in.  Speaking of participating in, there is a spinning box that gives you hints of the hunts they are in.

All items are no transfer other then the gacha items.  So try the demos before you purchase everything.  Most people know what "size" they are, but it all depends on the cut.

This place is rather large so getting around with a teleport might be easier.  Clothing apparel, new releases, footwear, riotvends, 60L weekends, fishing spot, and group gifts.

There are 6 group gifts out, corsets, dresses, boots, & high heels.  Joining the group with cost you 350L.

If you're new to SL they have 3 newbie items out, but you must be 30 days or younger.  So if you adopt a newbie or making an alt for yourself come pick these up.

In the riotvend area, not only do they have 2 of them, but they have 4 lucky chairs and SEVERAL gacha machines.

MV has some definite awesome gothic clothing here make of mesh clothing.  The footwear is Slink friendly.

** Lag Rating: 2

Going Northwest from MV, finding a very picture perfect place. With sandy beaches and water washing ashore, bonfires on the beach with little with outdoor hot tubs around. There are also cottages scattered about, fully furnished.  Also a few caves around with beds inside.  Somewhere that would be romantic to plan a special day.

The entertainment doesn't just stop on the sands of paradise, but dip down in the water deep to explore the depths of the water.  It seconds for a mermaids paradise as well.  With swimming fish, snakes, ruins & even shipwrecks.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

The last location of the day is Northeast and I'm so excited when I land at places like Pose Maniacs.  Cause who couldn't use another pose store.  THANK YOU pose stores without you, lots of pictures wouldn't be possible!  So I run around the sides of the inside of the store seeing what events they are participating in.  And they even have some group gifts out. Further down the wall they have some gachas also.

There are 6 rows of single poses 3 of them for men.  And the other 3 rows for females poses that are boobie friendly. (Not sure if it matters, but the models were wearing Tango's I think). You can test them out and buy them individually or buy the whole package.

The other half of the store are couple poses.  They are not sectioned off so you'll just have to look through them.  They have some great poses here.  Stuff from erotic, girlfriend, group, role play, bro, and props.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Until Tomorrow...

~ JL

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