Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Adventure 72

Earlier today I was informed that I wear too much black lol so i thought I'd mix it up a bit.  Finding my sister's gift card to her store Tori's Stylez.  I picked up a sexy tie top and found jeans from her from a previous outfit to make up today's look.

The hair is one of the new releases from Tameless.  Every time I think I found my favorite hair she comes out with another one.

Moving right along from Tori's Stylez the first direction is Northeast.  Collared Hearts is the home of the first location of today.  When I first landed I was greeted by the very helpful owner.

Off the bat she informed me about the hot hair balloon that gives a full tour of the place.  But there is nothing like walking through a place.

Collared Hearts is not your typical cookie cutter BDSM sim. The pride themselves on community mixed with real Masters, Mistresses, Pets and Slaves that are in search of seeking true matches.

Each slave that decides to have themselves auctioned off are not treated like cattle.  It goes far beyond just reading a notecard, but to be judged on personality.

There are 2 ways of purchasing slave/pet, you can either go the route of silent auction or private sale. If you are interested in a private sale contact Myrhan for more details.

Five major parts around the sim.  As you land on the left side of you is the Kennedy Events Center. It is set up like a theatre house.  Behind that there is the Auction house. Where pictures of the slaves are on display for bidding. Forward is the The Village Shops, as I wandered around I saw a few that were open.  Behind you is Sunset Beach. Where couples or single can enjoy rowboats, chair, floaties & beach towels. And the last place is Firefly Forest.  A beautiful place with hide away cuddle spots.  Set up as a chance to get to know your perspective match.

There is also a kinda a secret pub set up.  Very classy, and sophisticated.  You can only get to it by hot air balloon or teleport system.

Coming soon will be furnished apartments, and training classes.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Going down South lands me at a place that I'm sure will come up interesting lol.  Mormon Zombie Porn Extravaganza.  I fucking love the name. It's a zombie shooting sim.  I love find them.

Standing out in the lobby you can get a jest of the place by checkin' out the huge map they have set out to tell you where things are like Old Barn, Ghetto Complex A, Ghetto Complex B, Park n Go, Church and Porn, Theatre, Sewers, Main Store Store, Nooby Area, Feeding Warehouse, Washoroom.

There are some weapons for sale and huds that you will need to participate.

No combat in the main store, combat area is JUST for combat go to lobby to AFk.  Keep your scripts to 100 or you can't pass.  No fly zone.  Movement enhancers are a no no. No duel weapson unles its a set.  No shields, no magic or other combat huds like DCS.  Don't walk around rocking your cock out.

As I go into town, I run into someone I've known from another sim.  SL's a small world after all =P. Wandering around getting eaten by Zombies one of the residence Red came to my rescue.  She fought off zombies while I took a quick pic for the blog.  She also gave me some great info on the place.  Like the points of the Zombies like how bad ass they are.  From level 3 to 18, 18 being harder to kill.  There are quest like killing so many zombies, or find things.  You can earn coins to buy potions to help you kill more zombies.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

After swimmin' in the land of Zombies I shoot North to The Choclate Bar an interracial Futa Breeding & Shemale Hang out.  It seems to be quite busy.  People been droppin in constantly since I go there.

Although it is a shemale hang out they do not discriminate all are welcome here.  All genders, races, & preferences.  Of course children avis are not allowed.

Set up in an urban seting.  Outside the club there are small stores for your shopping needs.  Along with stores there's a corner that would be great for a grungy kinda a feel photo shoot.

The entry way of the club is full of pics of workers and others that have advertised their services here. Walking inside to the left looks like a champagne room.  With a bed that is fully functional for fun.

Beyond that there is a luxurious bathroom with a hot tub and stalls.  Going back from there, there's a locker room with some poses on the bench.  And something I found amusing, a penis identification chart lol.

The main part of the club has a big dance floor with stripper poles and a stage.  Hanging in the sky is a spolder, trivia, and dance balls.

To the right there is a Greedy game out as you head to the cinema, along with some free rooms to use.  The cinema is done up like a real cinema.  Which I am assuming are T-Girl films.

Upstairs as you walk through down the hallway there is a sign for male and female fertility hud you can snag there. Along with some rooms which are used by the house escorts.  And I also found a private dance area.  Ever wanted to get on on top of a pool table?  This one has all sorts of fun animations included RLV.  And a huge bed with up to 7 people for one huge orgy.

As I was taking the pic, I asked a nice lady, Daeva if she minded if I took a pic.  She said as long as I make her good. Hope my pic did her justice =)

** Lag Rating: 1.5

West is the way of the winds.  Blowing me to "Hardbodies" Rock Club.  This place offers DJ's, live performances and tribute bands.  Is Southern, Classic or Hard Rock your thing? You'll dig this place.

Stepping inside on the left side they have a small game section with Cards Against Humanity (my personal favorite) and Hawt Greedy.

On the right are sets of chairs to relax and listen to the music. The back wall has the contest board with the stage.

Up in the sky the club also has couple dancing, single dancing, and trivia ball.

** Lag Rating: 2

Spot number 5 is Northwest to Absolute Animations.  If you join the group which is free you will receive 10% discount off of all purchases.

On the left side of the desk they have some poses that I assume are new.  If you're a tweark you won't wanna miss it.  Or maybe you did miss something.  Slap the redelivery terminal to fix it.

There are both men and female poses either bought separately or purchased as a pack.  They are really into booty poppin'.  So if you're Phat Azz girl, you might enjoy these poses.

The other half of the store is couple poses.  Some really nice ones  And decently priced at 150L tops.

Midnight Mania board is present but I couldn't get it to work.

** Lag Rating: 1

Till Tomorrow...

~ JL

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