Friday, March 13, 2015

Adventure 60

Now I'm back where I have great Internet connection.  Flipping through the inventory, I really wanted to wear this outfit, from Impulse.  But I had to run back to the store make sure they had for sale.  I saw that they still have it where I got it, in the lucky chair.  So you can get this outfit for FREE!!

I'm in a rockin' mood so I threw on this hair that I voted months ago for an entire week for Alice Klinger of Allie & Ali hair to make next.  They use to have this thing where you can submit a pic and in the next week you can vote on what was being made.  Anyway its one of my favorites.  New skin by Birth called Aria.

Want more details about the outfit?  Check: My Haters Motivate Me

Elle & Gance Skins is the first location I fall upon.  These skins are pretty life like.  It looks like its a predominately a female skin store, but looks like they are growing in the men department.

The female skins have Tango, Wowmeh, Phat Azz, Slink, TMP, Belleza, Cleavages, Lipstick & Nude.

Men shapes also have hand and feet appliers.

You can purchase the shapes in the advertisements separately. Each shape is copy/mod, no transfer.

They have other things other then just the skins and shapes.  They also have a collection of eyelashes. Gaeline mesh feet that has 24 skin bases, 12 tattoo patterns, 43 nail polish, 12 nail art patterns.  Along with some fantastic AO's to check out.

** Lag Rating: 2

Next on my travel is going North where I come across a movie theater, called Nowhere City Movie Theater.  When you walk in there is a lounge on both side of the entrances.  Then you walk into a well put together theater.

There are some really awesome movie posters plastered around the place.  When you walk through the curtain there is a coke machine on the right.  And a list of the movies on the ground on the left. Along with movie popcorn.

Some of the movies you can see here are some newer ones like Neighbors, Sex Tape, and Maleficent. Or if you're into modern classics like Liar Liar, Indian Jones, When Harry Met Sally, Twister, & Gremlins.

They even have a cuddle rug more towards the screen.

** Lag Rating: 2

So the next direction is Northwest, deciding to go FAR Northwest I land at Star Wars: Legacies.  For someone that is into role playing and Star Wars this would be heaven.

At the landing there is a teleport were there is a OOC area which ends up being a black platform. And you can put stuff down here.  So I am assuming that it is for getting dressed up perhaps.

To the left of the passageway there is a script usage & lag monitor.  They try hard to keep it down to make rp enjoyable for all.

The right side has a recommended race height, and to see where you are on the chart.  I'm between the height of a human and a Wookie.  And that's AFTER I recently made my shape shorter lol.

This place is not for the youngings.  It has violence, adult language & sexual content.  By entering you agree to the online rules given by the notecard.

They take the role play very serious here.  As it states 1 day old can not be a Sith Lord, they want you to train to be able to present your character properly.

If you are a new character walking into the doorway there are 4 categories too choose from.  Click one of the groups and grab an application to be part of their group.  Those people will help you develop your character more.

There is also a machine which sends you to a website with all the updated news.  Going around the room there is a place where you can get information on tactics, group join and hud.  Also you can pick up some free stuff.

Walking forward from the entrance is the vendors, where you can pick up proper attire.  Off to the left is where you enter the roleplay section.

When you go inside you make your way down to deck which you have to pick either Coruscant Lower or Coruscant Upper.

The land sim is very big and elaborate.  It would take forever to go through it all.

** Lag Rating: 3

So the next place I land is something I've seen in chicks profiles, but never landed on a sim like it before. Southwest from the last location gets me to De$tructive Doll$.  Where woman rule.

So guys you like to be treated like shit, being financially dominated and into humiliation?  This is your place. When I first saw it this in someones profile before I was like wow, men actually pay for that?    But its part of the beauty of SL.  There is something here for everyone.

These women are experienced and verified that will cater to your desires or weaknesses.  Other things they offer is Orgasm control, cuckold, Tease & denial.

There is a group to join as a sub that will cost ya a cool 1K to join.  Joining as a Dommee is free, but 10% of your tributes are taken off the top.  As a Domme you must get voice verified so they know they are encountering RL females.

Once you are accepted your picture will go up on the wall, where you can touch for information.  The place is urban set up where poseballs are all over.  Also with some BDSM toys about.

** Lag Rating: 2

Another Romantic Day In Paradise is the last location on today's stroll.  Moving down Southwest as you land there is there is a big screen TV and a sign of the rules. Only human avatars.  No children, devilish, or furry avatars.

This place has lots of water surrounding it.  One the small island you can find a Greedy table.  If your good at Greedy you might wanna check it out 2 players are needed to win the jackpot of 1KL or you have to get 16000 points on your own.

Across from that is a gondola ride which shows you each part of the sim, riding past gorgeous waterfalls, water fountains, dance, a floating dance floor. Next to a building which I will explore later.  Moving past that there is a floating relaxation spot a bit of grass and a bench.  There is another tiki hut where you can relax and cuddle.  Along with some attached dance floor.

It floats past more islands with cubbies, tall grass.  And its very romantic.  It takes you under a pretty bridge. This place has a lot going on, and plenty of places to find somewhere private to have emotional moments together.

You can also take a hot balloon to take the tour if you'd like that instead of the gondola.

Also something the owner informed me about that I missed, is their TV sends only YouTube Music Video's of the best love songs.  And the land music is all the best love songs.  They do everything they can to make a truly romantic place.

** Lag Rating: 2

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