Sunday, February 14, 2016

Adventure 123

I know its been a bit since I've done a stroll so its past time.

Picture taken @ Kinky Monthly Event Stop # 5 

The first place I'm going today is my best male friends coffee shop.  Soul's Special Brew is a 3 story coffee shops full of places to sit and have coffee, and of course my favorite take pictures.

Before you even enter the place there's a gothic sitting spot off to the right as you land. As you walk around there are so many places to take pics.  If you're looking for a library setting you can take a pic at the bookshelf.  There are plenty of tables and chairs scattered around.

The second floor has drawing table and several chairs and couches.  If you go out in the small deck there is a picnic table and some lounge chairs to enjoy the scenery.

Last floor has an old record player, some desks, couches, out on the top deck there's a Telescope and yoga maps.

About a week ago I let the group Sisterhood of SL Teleporting Pants, more about them next, know about the place and a bunch of the girls sat around and had a get together.  It was pretty cool.

You can check out other pictures been taken here at:

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As mentioned above I talked about a group called Sisterhood of SL Teleporting Pants.  I don't normally do locations for groups but since I have shared so many of the locations from the stroll I thought I'd add them.  This group is made to create a large network of people that are willing to call out different activites they are doing and to call people down and hang out.  From meet and greets to bowling, go carting, day at the beach, bingo, or if you need more people for a game of Greedy.

It's not a place to advertise though.  It's a place for people to make suggestions to get together.  You can join by clicking here.  They also have a Flickr page where members can post pictures of the gathering. 

The headquarters is on the owners sim Image Essentials, which her pose shop is awesome if your the photography type stop by and check it out.  Anyway this quaint place has some tables, a bar and even a small stage for what looks like poetry readings.

 ** Lag Rating:  1.5

The next location I found while I was hopping around on the money cones.  What I normally do while I'm posting my adventure.  Hell if you can make a little buck while doin' what you love so be it.

When you land at Pleasure Hell Club BDSM you end up in the court yard.  It has great grounds with plenty of romantic spots to cuddle up with that special someone that you both enjoy the BDSM lifestyle.

You first talk into a large room decorated very nicely with a spiral staircase to your left, and hanging bead door way to your right.

Through the beads there is a couch and an old fashioned couch set up, above that is a gif framed on the wall.  The gif almsot makes me wanna turn lesbian lol.

The next room past that as roses scattered in front of a bath tub.  Behind the brown door is a nice sauna which only have cuddle poses, but would work for an erotic moment with the right minds. Across the room is a hot tub, and a fantastic thing that you can be taken from behind from your man against a wall.  It's fucking hot.  Just saying.

If you go past the staircase there is a room for those that love bondage.  There are tons of sexy toys out to play with. Grab your pet, slave or just fuck toy and enjoy a night in this room.

There is a door that goes out to a long deck.  Where you can check out the beautiful land this place sits on.

Next floor has a huge room with a room off to the side and another spiral staircase.  There are 2 stripper tables with chairs for people to watch.  Maybe make a little while you shake your ass.

What's behind the door?  A nice set up bedroom with with a bed that does day to day, relaxing, dances, cuddles, sex, and BDSM.  On the other side of the room are a few other BDSM toys set up.

This place is really nicely done.  The decorating is perfect. I think that I am on the 3rd floor or so by now and this place just keeps getting better.  The next floor as a few more dance poles along with some dances orbs.  There is also a nice bar and couch to enjoy a drink.  Also there are some dom chairs scattered about.

Last set of staircase takes you up to the tippy top.  It's a smaller room with a couch set where there are all sorts of fun stuff to do on them.  RLV, Couple, 3Some, 4Some, and Human Table.

** Lag Rating: 2

All photographers, and romantics will love the next location. Next up on our hit parade is Pose Lover Event.  When you first get in there's a deck low to the ground full of group gifts.  Joining the group is free and well worth the poses that are inside.

Each designer gets a small booth to put their items in, some put out demos for you to test, some others shot in the dark. Some designers even have furniture out for purchase.

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To wind up this wild ride and it being Valentine's Day and all lets throw a bit of kink into the mix. The last location is the Kinky Monthly event.  Yeah I know 2 events back to back.  But hey it's Valentine's Day so fuck it.

This event is in a big room, the walls are are covered with designers. This event is mesh body friendly as most of the close come with Omega appliers.

There is a big sign that is out scattered around to remind you to check out stuff outside.where there are more exclusives. All the clothing here is

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure.

.~ JL