Saturday, June 27, 2015

Adventure 105

Well today marks a day in history.  If you don't know already in the states Grand Courts approved same sex marriages.  In celebration the next stroll will focus on gay and lesbian sims.  Switching avatars between male and female depending on what sim I'm on.

I'm all about marketing.  I use to have an advertising company.  Basically I was the SL version of the show on the travel channel "Hotel Impossible". Going into shops and telling them what needs to be done to help out their business.    

That job gave me an opportunity to meet some amazing people.  Many I still keep in touch with. Today's outfit is by on of them, B Barbie Style.  This outfit comes with the open jacket, net shirt, bra top, leather skirt & thigh high boots.

Drummed up the older Tameless hairs from like a month ago.  Called Darla, it comes in tons of colors, fades & streaks.

I'm not sure how long Birth is going to have this skin on Marketplace for 10L. So if it interests you grab it now.

Starting off @ B Barbie Style I head Southwest to Besom.  For those that don't know they are formally known as Soonsiki, and before that Milk.

Walking in the building on the left side of the room are posters of hairs available in current events. There's a push pin that you can click that takes you to the right location.

Join the free groups to get the items,  you'll also need it for the gifts inside the store.  You're Besom group tag will still get you the 4 Soonsiki hair inside.

They have interesting hair styles for both men and women in various interesting colors.  If you're looking for dreadlocks or into the pastel colors look no further.  Some come with beanies, knit bands, updos & braids.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Just like the real life me, I travel West to see what comes to me.  (I'm going on Vaycay on the 2nd). When I first saw the name of the place I thought it might be a fantasy clothing store or photography. I guess I was partially right.  Landing in  Wizardhat Studios, another RL comes to SL story.

The owner of this sim does art in RL which you can check out here. This sims concept is interesting as the owner decided to make art in motion.  If you ever stared at a painting and wanted to crawl in it and wandering around this is your opportunity.

You walk through the trails of grass, rocks and trees.  But things may not always be what they seem. Things walk by themselves around here.  Be it animals or trees watch your back.  There's also a sail boat with pose animations.

Don't miss other points of interest like the tower with a balcony to dance on. Dancing in a patch of flowers.  Floating intimate dance floor with whales popping out of the water below.  Near the water banks there's more dancing, as waves crack against the rocks.  Or relive your childhood by taking your other and cuddle on the rope swing.

Maybe a small island, your other and a bathtub in nature might just be the thing.

** Lag Rating: 2

Next direction is South where I drop into a courtyard of 3D Republic.  3D Republic is a full mesh, sculpts & textures shop.  But their courtyard is lined with fellow texture shops. If you're a builder I'm sure you'd dig this place.

Before I even step in there's a sign that says "Celebrate", there's a 10L full perm hunt Julya 9-26.  To continue with it join the Builder's Bargains to find more locations.

When walking into the building to your immediate left is a wall of group gifts. Some of the items are seasonal, a mix of mesh and sculpt items.

Traveling around the wall of the building.  There are 2 large boards that give you landmarks of the affiliate stores.

They have items that help you build your typical household in your second life.  Everything is full perm, things like coffee machines, pans, tea sets, food, refrigerator, dinner wear.

This is a perfect place for wedding planners.  Since the items are full perm you can change the colors of the times to fix the wedding theme.

You can find things in the Food Market, Kitchen items, Linens, Furniture, Lighting, Instruments, Baby, Holiday, Architecture, and Home & Garden. There is a big map in which you can click the department and a set is rezzed for you to tp.

** Lag Rating: 2

Creeping over to the East side, takes me to subway of the adult rp sim, Abandoned City.  Starting off there i go through the toll booths to get to the ground level.

The far right side of the sim is a circle where you can jump on with another person and get into a fight.  This is the second place I've found this week where you can get your frustrations out and kick the shit out of each other.

Their strip club is awesome.  Very industrial, with stacked tires as seats as you watch strippers rub up on the dance pool.  Or behind the strip poles there's a landing that the girls can dance on.  One is right in front o fa Ginness sign.  What do men love more then strippers & beer?  They have a small room where you can watch porn like Asian, Interracial, Ass, Hardcore, & Latex.

Walking to the other side of the sim is an Asian home.  With a steam bath, Kimono stand.  And outside the backyard is some wheat with a wooden wagon in the middle.

Next is an old fashion school house, like the type that has like 4 rooms in the whole building.  They have sit set up pretty nice, where if you're looking for a place to take a school pic this place is quite suitable.

There are jobs scattered throughout the sim.  If you go to the machine in the middle it lists all the jobs.  Click the machine and it will tell you what ones are available and then you go to a website that you register.  Once you're done with that you go do your job and get paid.  It's that simple.

At the end there's a big warehouse.  Inside the warehouse are products that have been used to decorated the sim. Half of the warehouse is set up for a demo room.  Click the board to what you want to sample and it will rezz out for you and you can check it out.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

The last adventure I featured a place that was dedicated to pet adoption. When I went North and found Peace Valley Pet Cemetery.  Having the devastation of losing my beloved kitty last year really crushed me. Being that I can't have kids due to my heart problems he was my kid.  Some fucking bastard ran him over feet from our sidewalk.  It's nice to know that there is a place in SL to show off how cute my little boy was.

When you land before you go inside the cemetery section, check out the buildings around.  Like Sonny's Pizza set up in a cute dining experience. Next door is Sixteen Candles a place where you can purchase candles, and flowers for your pets.

More shops are under construction and will soon be available soon.

There is a tram that takes you around the sim.  If you jump off it will disappear.  On the ride you can discover a few cuddle spots along the water's edge.  It is a long extended ride that takes you down into the water as you dodge boulders falling from the sky.

Inside the gates of the cemetery there's a building to the right with more flowers for you to put on the grave of your pet.  Across from the store is a fenced off section of gravestones.  Each gravestone comes with its own engraving instructions.  They also come with poseballs.  You can use this pet cemetery for both your RL and SL pets.

There is a 3 month minimum.

Plot prices:

10 Prims ~ 120L Monthly
12 Prims ~ 150L Monthly
15 Prims ~ 180L Monthly
20 Prims ~ 230L Monthly
30 Prims ~ 350L Monthly

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Adventure 104

I always accept the fashion notecards sent.  When I'm in a pinch I run through them and check out stores I haven't heard of.  Today's outfit is from one of those notecards.  The store, Santorini Club, as a handful of freebies out, and this one fit me the most style wise.

The skin is from Birth.  They are having a 10L marketplace only promo going on.  I normally go for the more pale color skin, but for tan I'm totally digging it.

When I changed my skin I couldn't bring myself to change the hair.  It just went together so well.

Picture taken @ Blackhearts Blues Club Stop # 5

Kicking off today's stroll I head East from Santorini Club to Venustus Lesbaian BDSM Club.  When you land the walls are linded with vendor shops.  But up against the wall there's a teleport to The Venustus Romantic Garden.

Taking the teleport you land on a small secluded area.  A small waterfall, a place to dance, and a fireplace.  They have a few other things here like a F/F animation rug.

Back to the club via teleport.  Walking through the velvet red curtains you see the room sections off. If you're the type that likes to be on display.  You can hop right up on the stripper pole that's the first thing you see before you make your choice.

Their looking for Dj's and hostesses.  Contact one of their managers for details and a way to apply.

Inside the club there's a fireplace with master chairs around it.  Stools are out for you subs to sit.  The chairs themselves have all sorts of animations including some 3some options.

The center of the building is a big dance floor lined with stripper poles. There's couple dancing, single dancing, & trivia balls.

Go through the double velvet curtain close to the fireplace.  That's the semi secret BDSM room.  The walls are decorated with erotic lesbian RL art.  Toys that you can play with here is Cross, Spanking Horse, Wall Rack, Massage Table, Bondage Bed, fur bed, standing cage, Whipping Post, Prison Bench, Punishment Cross, Throne, Orgy Bed, Forcing table, Kneeling Pillory, Torture Rack & Bondage Rack.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Little Bones is the next direction Northwest of Venustus.  Here the store is set up like a big hair salon.  Which each hair its set up in a small booth. Where the mirror should be flashing pictures that shows you the hair at different angles.

There's even couch set up for guys to sit on while they wait for their lady to stop hair whoring.

If you join the group for 100L you get the gift that is on the counter along with the 16 other ones on the rack to the right.  Each month they put a new one out, and put the month before on the rack.

They have a redelivery system & participate in the Fifty Lindens Friday.  You can click the sign to subscribe to get the list.

Don't forget to head up stairs and check out the other hairs too.

** Lag Rating: 2

Next up is down South to Dirty Holiday Resort.  The sim an adult RP sim. Seems it looks like one of those smaller towns where there is trees everywhere and limited civilization.

The spot you land on is OOC.  But once you walk past that green tape you're in the role play.  After passing the green tape a few feet away is a teleport. A menu comes down and gives you 9 places to check out.  Festival, Cathouse, Sheriff's, Publc Gym, Boarding school, Campground, public restroom, motel & farm.

But I'm gonna take the concrete road through the sim and see what pops up. Be bopping down the road, on the left side there's the Festival.  A nice sized section laid out with fencing up.

On the right is the Cathouse.  Where there is a stripper pole and a bar. Next floor has couches, & a bathtub.  There's a laundry room with a functioning washing machine if you know what I'm sayin' ladies.  Another room off to the side has a bed with animations and camera out for someone to record your sexcapades.  The roof has an enclosed bed.  Getting past the enclosure there's a swimming pool & a bench.

Looking down the street there's a dirty dinner and a gas station across the street with a garage attached. There's a warehouse with a public gym inside. They have a nude yoga class @ 8pm.

If you follow the road to the end you will find a barn where you can jump on a horse and ride it throughout the sim.  And near the dock you touch the sign to kayak down the river.

** Lag Rating: 2

I found a place Southeast that mixes both RL and SL together.  The Rescue Park is set up with billboards.that gives information about RL pet shelters.  If you are looking for a specific breed just walk around and you will probably find it.

Once you find the billboard that you are interested in click the board and it will prompt you to check out the RL website. These billboards are designed for any non profit rescue to maintain a kiosk for their rescue.

This place is education, promote, bring awareness & fund raise  There's no fee to have a billboard in the park.  If you are interested please contact Aztek Aeon.

And don't forgot to Spay or Neuter your pet.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Finishing out today's stroll by heading West to Blackhearts Blues Cafe. It's been open since 2007. After a small strut down the street of vendors. You reach the club lined with comfy chairs or booths to relax in.

It's a quaint place with adequate dancing space, a bar & a nice stage set up. They supply dances from Humanoid for couples, males and females. If you enjoy blues music you should check this place out.

On the other side of the stage is the bathrooms under the stairs.  Along with a pose animation with the chick against the wall.

Up the stairs have more comfy chairs, but their a bit on the grungy side.  If you're looking for a place to play pool they have 2 tables here.  Chick the tables for instructions and huds.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Adventure 103

Hey Travelers =)

Happy Father's Day!

It's summer time and RL has been crazy.  Even if I'm logged in most of the time I'm afk.  I wish I could get back to doing adventures every day, but its just not happening.  I also parted ways with Kai, it's been a real busy week, week and half.  Thank you all for sticking around with me.

Two day ago was the 6th month anniversary. and the outfit of the stroll is a discount item from one of my good friends shop, Pink Pearl Design.  It's just one of many discount items she has in the discount shop.  You get both the dress & shoes.

Picture taken @ Pirates of Black Shark Reef Stop # 5

Being that this one is suppose to celebrate the 6th months of strolling I'm not going to use the map today I'm going back to my landmarks given to me by travelers.

For starters the first place is Second Lifestyles Estates Office.  I received this landmark as the owner bought advertisement on the side bar of SL. She's also owns Playpen Voyeur Sex Rooms & Lounge.

Landing there you can go 2 ways behind you there is a private club set up outside.  You must be a member of the free group to be on that piece. Along side the dance floor is a nice beach area.  With chairs, a dock and even a sailboat out for you to drive.

In front of us is a big office building.  When you walk through to the right there's a wall of staff members you can contact if you have any questions about land. There's also a big sign the right of the staff boards that will give you a landmark to the current land listings.

Around the walls of the building they have some store spaces which both Danika & Surplus Motors have set up shop.  In the middle there are some chairs to relax on along with an information desk

A portion of every land tier is donated to Make A Wish foundation, where they make a sick kid's dream come true.  If I am looking for land in the future I'm coming here.  I want to know that some of my money is doing something good.

On the far left is wear you actually pay the tier.  They even have their own stream.  The best of 80's 90's & todays. Or check out whats happening @

** Lag Rating: 2

I just love getting to interact with my readers.  If you wanna chat or keep up, check out my FB.  I had the pleasure of chatting with Lisi. She gave me the landmark to her place, LisiPark.

Started off doing a fly view to find the landscape of this beautiful place.  I believe you land in the diner. Fully set up and great for 50's diner pics. Which is at the top of the track of concrete.

When you land you're offered the chance to be in the group.  Group fee is 100L.  Once you get the tag you can put down cars and drive the track.  You can even put down poses for the little cute spots. There is a section where you can click the logo and rezz a demo car.  It's you're till you get out.  Give them a good test run and check out the place.

There's a lot to see here besides the diner.  If you are outside the diner and at the stop sign and take a right follow the concerts around to the lake on the side.

On the left hand side is a nicely decorated garage, which might take a good picture place.  The right of that is a small delightfully decorated love shack of what seems like the owners.

Making it up the hill there's a ban line around the house.  I believe these houses on the side can be rented.  In the middle of the road is a black square that says touch to rez Ultralight.  I was curious and this 3 wheeled bike popped up.  Jumping on it, it actually was an airplane.

Next up on the right is a gas station, across from the gas station is a ferris wheel.  Under more checking it out, there's a small zoo.  They have this awesome target thing on the ground.  Have the person you're fighting with and get in a bitch slapping and solve all your problems.  Or bring your significant here when you'd done something wrong and them them dunk you in the tank.

Across from the small fair, is the dance area.  Beach theme in front of the Lisipark sign that mirrors the Hollywood sign.  Ever of kicking off your shoes and doing the Conga in the sand?  This is the place for that to happen.

You can enjoy the place by water as well.  Rezz a boat and lazily make it down the river.  Bring your friends and race.  But remember, if you jump out the boat is gone.  Riding down the river in the boat you miss the small gems that are hidden.  Like the tire swing, the long deck to cuddle on and other romantic moments can be found.

I'm sure I've missed something here, so guess you're gonna have to explore the rest yourselves.

** Lag Rating: 2

Seaside Park @ Thorncliff is the next location.  This spot was given to me by my good guy buddy, Fin.  A few months ago he brought me here to check it out.  It's a sim filled with 5 modern apartment buildings.

The grounds are nicely decorated with palm tress, water fountains, squirrels, even a campfire.

They just opened up some more apartments, They start at 49L.  Each apartment is fully furnished with high quality animations.  Walk into the central tower to check out what ones are available. There are small posts around the walls of the tower.  It tells you which one is rented and the apartment number.

This is a perfect place for the starter home.  A place to go through your inventory, open packages and getting dressed.  The hire up the central tower the smaller the places are.

You must be a group member to access your room.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

The next place is called Deesses Boutique.  One of my favorite skins came from this store.  Back in the day when they were open they had some great groups gifts.

Now they have reopened and restructured their inventory.  The now do celebrity skins.  They have done a great job doing a look a like.  Wanna look like Kylie, Beyonce, Nikki & Cynthia it will cost ya 1299L.  But they are very detailed.  And Slink hands & feet are included in all skin tones.

The place isn't full yet, but they've just reopened less then 2 months ago.  New product is set out every week.

Shape made especially for Maitreya mesh body.  There are 4 eyebrow colors available.  And 20 lipsticks to choose from, but they come in a group of 5.  Wanna see what it looks like before you buy snag the demos before you buy.

If you were a customer before they closed down and have a skin older then 3/14/15 you can come to the store and get FREE appliers (Slink [hands,feet], Physique, Phat/Cute Azz, Baby Bump, Belleza Mesh, Tangos, Ghetto Booty & Brazilia Butt).

They also have something that I haven't seen in other stores.  They have a 200% guarantee that you will be satisfied whit your skin.  You'll have to come to the store to find out the details.

It also looks like they are branching out in fingernails, and eye shadow.

** Lag Rating: 2

The final place is one given to me a a great guy I met on FB, he's one of the fellow travelers.  He thought I'd enjoy it.  Thank you Clive =)  And here we go to Pirates of Black Shark Reef...

Landing there's a sign that there is a Sky Mountain Racetrack if you take the teleport.  Going forward from the landing point, is a roller coaster called Olympia Looping.  A crazy coaster that is designed like the Olympic games logo.

On the right side of the roller coaster is a Swing Pirate Ship. But if you take the trail and go to the right path.  At the end of the path they have a big swimming pull with bumper boats.

If you just went straight instead of turning to the path on the right. Coming up on the left there's a float with a recliner, along with wind surfboards.  The path veers off to the club, Black Shark Reef.

Inside Black Shark Reef there are chairs to relax in, a big aquarium  to separate the club from the game room.  But there are also circular aquariums made as beams to keep the club roof up.  With dancing, beach balls, a fountain, even a riding shark in a half open setting.  It seems very relaxing.

Attached to the club is an open pool with hot tub close.  Next to that there's a big ladder that leads you to the water slide.  It takes you all the way the hill and drops you in a small lake.

If you're more of a gamer, and looking for a relaxing setting to bring some friends try the back half of the building with Greedy, Cheezy, Mahjong, Sudoku, Sparkle & Mine Sweeper.

Take the twists and turns of the trail and end up in a hot air balloon to experience the sim with a bird eye view..  The path ends at the light house. Bring your loved one up on the light house and check out what going down below.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL
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Friday, June 12, 2015

Adventure 102

An old shop came back this week called Eluzion, the outfit I'm strolling in today is their scribo gift. The skin is from a Midnight Mania board at Double Body Factory.

My best woman Pix & I have been searching high and low for hair stores around the grid. Checking out one of the stores on her side of the list I found this nice group gift from Ramina.

Picture taken @ Silver King Grill 

Starting off going Southeast from Ramina to Pixel Perfection Production.  Before you step in there is a board to your left that tells you what hunts their involved with.  If you look to the right there's a board that mentions the events.

Stepping inside there's 4 floors of awesomeness.  You can wander around and check out all the clothing and shoes. Or you can use the teleporter on the side of the stairs.  Helps you find what you're looking for sooner.  There are 9 different sections: costumes, Casual, Lingerie, Patriotic, Roleplay, Leather/Lace, Gowns, Seasonal & Footwear.

When your checking out the clothes, make sure you read the ad to make sure it has the appliers that you're looking for.  Each item is different and offers different appliers.

First floor goodies are the dollarbies, group gifts, and weekend sales. Second, third & fourth floor has some lucky chairs.  And if you have the free group, you can use the teleport system to Group only Lucky Chairs.

** Lag Rating: 2

East takes me to Vivography Photo Studio.  A beautiful land with a building on it displaying some of her artwork.  She is able to either do the pictures on location or in the photo studio.  Singles, couples, friend and family are welcome.

Not sure what you want, talk it out with her.  She can use props and scenes to perfect your image. She'll do her best to make it exactly what you want. 2014's only Official Photographer for SL Community Celebration.  And asked to do the SL12B.

Maybe you're looking for a landscape shot for your home.  You can check out her work on Flickr.

** Lag Rating: 2

Heading North to Highway to Rock Club.  It's an outdoor dance club with many things going on.  If you're hunting down a good rock club that plays Classic, 80's, Metal  It's open 24/7 so there's always something going on.

This club is neutral ground for all bike clubs.  But don't be a dick, respect each other.  Also no bloodline bites are allowed, they will ban your ass.

They offer concerts, live singers, rez & birthday parties.  If you are interested please contact Sweetkiss Vyper via notecard.

Outside the club are shops to check out along a urban setting. They also have a teleport that takes you to a bike track with a lap timer.

**Lag Rating: 2

From dancing to some good rock to landing Southwest to Pirates Keep.  A role play sim that's very well put together.  It looks like a rustic pirate port.

You can rent one of the awesome homes on the bank.  Click the rent box for information.

Across the water from the homes is Merchant's Bank of Beek Haven.  Where you actually pay for the rental.  Just find the name your interested in and pay toe coin sack.  Also have some freebies and tells you what battles are currently going on.

Attached to the Merchants Bank of Beek Haven is a small place with food set you and where you can dine outside.  Going further down the dock there's Moor Trading, where you can find some weapons for the land.  And the Captain's Grail a waterside bar, with drinking and dancing.
Right up the hill is the Morgan's Straits Courthouse, equipped with public hangings.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Leaving the docks Northeast and landing on Island of Pain.  A BDSM community.   You are first greeted by a naked mesh slave.  The cupboard is full of information on the place.

Rules of the place no grieving, freelancing, bloodlines, and massive scripts.  If you put down something when you're done pick it up.

Some BDSM rules, no means no, child play, don't be a hater if someones into something you don't dig derender, ask to join or watch.

This sim is set up for RPing, although you do not need to participate in the RP to enjoy the place.  Don't forget to use the brackets if talking in local.

Check out the RP Introduction notecard to help you develop a character if you want to participate in the RPing.  Seek out the RP Council if you have any questions.

The sim is set up as 18TH/19TH century Europe.  This range helps you set role playing in whatever time period you want.  Avatars such as robots, dragons or aliens don't really fit the theme.

Keeping in mind with the theme, a few fetishes haven't been thought of yet.  So wearing latex suit or being a furry really isn't plausible.

Points of interest, the church, Che de Sade, La Chateu, harbour, public forum, Swirly Flogger, Asylum, stables & village.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL
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Monday, June 8, 2015

Adventure 101

I'm not much of a pink kinda gal, but my friend Pink is and this is a cute outfit she made.  I love the way it fits.  She the owner of Pink Pearl Designs.  So I'm doing a total change today.  The hair is of course from Tameless.  I'm wearing skin by Drop Dead Gorgeous. Cause I think Pink & Red clashes so today's blond for me lol.

Starting off at Drop Dead Gorgeous Eastbound to Subversion Factory.  They are part of the BDSM Community.  For those of you that follow the Bloodline Haunts, this place participates.

It's set up with a nice beach scene.  This sim is adult and clothing is optional.  Once you get to the building, you go through a small maze of stores to get to the dance floor.  Although they do have an outdoor dance floor as well.

Once I go there and get on the dance floor everyone is very nice. If you want to find a place you can listen to music and dance naked, this is your place.  This is a D/S BDSM sim collar your pets and drag them down here.

They have split money contests and nice dances.  Some other fun things are a trivia ball, truth ball & even a male strip dancer.

** Lag Rating: 2

Going North from dancing to animations of Alina Animations.  They have animations for every. Single poses, AO's, and items with animations.

For those that like to role play at home, or need things to set up your store.  There's tons of things here, I'm sure you can find something your looking for.  They have bars, desks, dining tables, rugs, beach furniture.

They even have full skyboxes, even have teleports out for you to try them out before you buy them.

This place is full of beds, all different kinds of them.  Personally I dig the circular one.  Even one is a grungy sex bed that looks like 2 pallets and nasty mattresses.

Walking on the other side are some interesting items.  Things I haven't seen before like getting it on a tire swing, wheel chair, basketball hoop, street lamp,

Some of the more common items I've seen but wondered where they got it like big circle couch, pool table, lap dance chair, and theater chairs.

Now here's something I found that I thought about before...There are guys out there that don't chair what their fucking.  They're just wanting to get a piece, so SL's equivalent to blow up dolls is Sex Statues.  It does automatic movements when used.  She even drools when she sucks cock.

** Lag Rating: 2

Southwest of Alina's Animations is Wolf Valley.  A half forest land half tropical get away where you can rezz things out to play with. Don't be an ass remember to pick your stuff up.  This sim is adult so sex is allowed.  Wolves, beast demon or furries are allowed.

Some rules to live by things that are a no no, underage avatars, drama, weapons, bloodlines, magic, combat huds, selling items, escorting, stalking.  Wait isn't stalking part of the fun?

This would be a perfect place to do a Little Red Riding Hood role play.  As it is easy to get lost in the woods, and the buildings are made of stone.

They even have 7Seas here.  Where you can relax and do some fishing.

In the woods look out for secret passages and hidden caves.  The cave has a bed and even a beast bed.  If you come across walnut double doors what's behind the doors are for wolves and werewolves only.

** Lag Rating: 2

West winds blow me to Gorplay.  I've been floating around the sim seeing gorgeous green, and running waterfalls.  I see there's only a small corner set out for the product.  There's a small wall set up with flip vendor to check out their wares.

You can pick things up like Branding logs, slave brands, captive stakeouts, and an animated drinking vat mead.

The rest of the sim is set up for adventure.  I assume you can do some role playing here.  If you make it up to the top of the hill there are a few buildings up there, along with a bunch of trees and running water.

** Lag Rating: 2

The last location is South to enVOGUE.  The rigtht side is marked off for expansion.  Straight ahead is the new releases.  If you walk towards it on your right you will see a big board of their color swatches.

On the left side if you join the scribo you can get a free gift.  It's a nice fade that is half brown then blond.

The hair styles in this place is a mix of high fashion and rockabilly hair dos.  There are 11 different color packets to choose from.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL
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Friday, June 5, 2015

Adventure 100

I'm so excited!  Today's adventure #100!  When I started this stroll I didn't think it would last this long.  Wasn't sure if it would catch on. Our if anyone would bother reading it. But I have met some awesome people along the way.  And a few true friends. Each comment or suggestion either good or bad is highly appreciated and encouraged =)

I'm warning you all, I might be a bit more loopy than normal.  I'm on Hydros and dealing with a serious tooth abscess, I woke up with my eye swollen shut.

Anyway... I was cleaning out my inventory and found a gift card given to me by the owner of ADN a while ago.  It still had some money on it.  What I'm wearing is one of her newest releases.

The hair is one of my older hairs I have that I still just love.  You can find it at Allie & Ali.

Today's adventure will be guided by my inventory since its a special day.  First place will be Delacruz Park.  The location was given to me by a fellow blogger Claudia owner of Dizzy Duckling Diary

When you land there is a big board that has 8 pictures.  Places where you can teleport to.  This would be a great thing for a date night.  Balloon rides, parachuting, hang gliding, bungy jumping, bumper cars, water slide, row boating, and roller coasting.

Before you even get into the park they have a small spot to play with the kids with a slide, tires to crawl threw.  This is a general rated sim, so it's perfectly safe to bring your littles.

When you go to check out the ferris wheel they have huds on the side to get a demo of fireworks, and weather control system.  Not only can you ride the ferris wheel but you can also purchase it for 1500L.

Round your kids or significant other and try out the bumper cars. You can choose one of 8 colors car to play and bump into each other.  It is also 1500L for purchase..

If you go past the main shop teleport you come across a boat with oars, you can have a few people in it and row around in the water.
I took the boat over to the the roller coaster.

But next to the roller coaster, are these awesome balloons where you wear them and you float up in the air travel and travel the land. The roller coaster sits 8 people.  And is 108 prims costs 2500L.

Behind the roller coaster they have an archery range, where you can practice making the target, and help you with your am.  Just click the box and get a box and arrow set.  It's 16 prims and costs 900L for the set up.

Next to that there's a Drop Tower where 8 chairs that travels up very high and then drops you.  If you've seen the movie Zombieland, this ride is used in the back end of the movie.  Costs 1500L.

Around a bit rock you can see the water slide.  It's only 21 prims and 1500L; And a hot weather balloon, that gives you a tour of the whole location.  Guess it would have been easier to do the ride first before walking about.

** Lag Rating: 2

From going to the theme park to legal aid. I've always wondered how to get my stuff copy written. Greenberg & Lieberman is a law firm based in Washington D.C.  They deals with Intellectual Property, Internet & Business Law, Prosecution, Litigation, Negotiation, and representation.

They work on countless patents and trademarks.  Check out their webpage to see some of the names or if you have any questions you can email @

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Hair shops are always a fantastic fine.  I don't remember where I got it, but I wanted to share.  Blue's Hair is a mesh hair with interesting colors.  This hair store is 2 floors and looks like they are working on floor number 3.

You can also find Blue's Hair at The Side Show & Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  They also have a group gift out, although the group joining fee is 70L.

On the other side of the information wall there are 2 gacha machines out with some nifty hair.

** Lag Rating: 2

This is one of my favorite places to go when I'm watching my nephew.  He's major Zombie freak. He's addicted to Plants Vs. Zombies.  The next location is Zombies Awakening.

When you first land you are surrounded by skeletons.  Walking forward there's a shop, with bunch of guns and Bloodlines items.  Outside the shop there are a few boxes of freebie shirt, and a few guns.

There are shops available for rent that are 50L for 50 Prims.  They are wrapped around the opening of the zombie landing.

If you go left and short on cash there is a sign on the floor that says "Are These Your Lindens?" Lindens drop from the sky and you can click them to see if your first letter matches and get 1L. It's small amount, but it adds up. They also have 2 sheep, if you wear the free group tag.  Along the gate of the zombie hunt they have a boxing machine where you can camp, and there's a safe you can crack for money.

There are a few rules to live by no harassing, asking for lindens, griefing, nudity, sexual harassment, huds that create lag or spam. It's a PG sim, no pushing, shooting or caging other players.  No bombs, explosives or more then 2 weapons at a time.

The set up is quite elaborate.  With broke down cabins, and swampy waters.  Making it hard to run from the zombies.

** Lag Rating: 2

The last location which is Baja Cove was shown to me by a dear friend Fin.  I use to do some modeling for him and this was one of the places he took me to to take some pictures.  Check out

There are beach cabins that line the shore that are for rent.  Check the side of the cabins to see if they are rented.  Although the land owner asks that unless you're a renter place respect their space.

Almost every where you turn there is a something to either pose by yourself or cuddle.  Hammocks, shipwreck boats, trailer, boat house, tent, beach shower, daybed, beach chairs & logs are scattered about the sim.  They make great places to make memorable pictures.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL
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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Something New!

Hey all!  I know its been a bit since I've done an adventure.  I've been working on the headquarters. For all of you that don't know, I've opened had a headquarters for the stroll a bit ago. The last few days I've been doing a bit of fixing it up.

Like putting up a scribo. I figured most don't have the space for another group. By joining the scribo not only can you be informed by when the next adventure is posted, but in the history you can find places to take pictures at.  Once a month a new notecard will be sent out updated.  Most locations are from the stroll, but there is a mailbox there for suggestions.

On the top floor of the headquarters is a gallery where you can purchase adventure pictures in nice black mesh frames.  I will be working on putting them up on Marketplace shortly.  The pictures are 100L a piece.

The bottom floor is where the scribo is at.  Along with a wall for the Partners and a place to purchase ad space for the side board of the blog.  Anyone can purchase space. Stores, clubs, sim, events, anything.  I have it set up for any advertising.  Space is only 250L a week.  Put your logo up & the link goes to either your land, marketplace, or website.  It's really flexible.


I'll be posting later today =)