Friday, June 5, 2015

Adventure 100

I'm so excited!  Today's adventure #100!  When I started this stroll I didn't think it would last this long.  Wasn't sure if it would catch on. Our if anyone would bother reading it. But I have met some awesome people along the way.  And a few true friends. Each comment or suggestion either good or bad is highly appreciated and encouraged =)

I'm warning you all, I might be a bit more loopy than normal.  I'm on Hydros and dealing with a serious tooth abscess, I woke up with my eye swollen shut.

Anyway... I was cleaning out my inventory and found a gift card given to me by the owner of ADN a while ago.  It still had some money on it.  What I'm wearing is one of her newest releases.

The hair is one of my older hairs I have that I still just love.  You can find it at Allie & Ali.

Today's adventure will be guided by my inventory since its a special day.  First place will be Delacruz Park.  The location was given to me by a fellow blogger Claudia owner of Dizzy Duckling Diary

When you land there is a big board that has 8 pictures.  Places where you can teleport to.  This would be a great thing for a date night.  Balloon rides, parachuting, hang gliding, bungy jumping, bumper cars, water slide, row boating, and roller coasting.

Before you even get into the park they have a small spot to play with the kids with a slide, tires to crawl threw.  This is a general rated sim, so it's perfectly safe to bring your littles.

When you go to check out the ferris wheel they have huds on the side to get a demo of fireworks, and weather control system.  Not only can you ride the ferris wheel but you can also purchase it for 1500L.

Round your kids or significant other and try out the bumper cars. You can choose one of 8 colors car to play and bump into each other.  It is also 1500L for purchase..

If you go past the main shop teleport you come across a boat with oars, you can have a few people in it and row around in the water.
I took the boat over to the the roller coaster.

But next to the roller coaster, are these awesome balloons where you wear them and you float up in the air travel and travel the land. The roller coaster sits 8 people.  And is 108 prims costs 2500L.

Behind the roller coaster they have an archery range, where you can practice making the target, and help you with your am.  Just click the box and get a box and arrow set.  It's 16 prims and costs 900L for the set up.

Next to that there's a Drop Tower where 8 chairs that travels up very high and then drops you.  If you've seen the movie Zombieland, this ride is used in the back end of the movie.  Costs 1500L.

Around a bit rock you can see the water slide.  It's only 21 prims and 1500L; And a hot weather balloon, that gives you a tour of the whole location.  Guess it would have been easier to do the ride first before walking about.

** Lag Rating: 2

From going to the theme park to legal aid. I've always wondered how to get my stuff copy written. Greenberg & Lieberman is a law firm based in Washington D.C.  They deals with Intellectual Property, Internet & Business Law, Prosecution, Litigation, Negotiation, and representation.

They work on countless patents and trademarks.  Check out their webpage to see some of the names or if you have any questions you can email @

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Hair shops are always a fantastic fine.  I don't remember where I got it, but I wanted to share.  Blue's Hair is a mesh hair with interesting colors.  This hair store is 2 floors and looks like they are working on floor number 3.

You can also find Blue's Hair at The Side Show & Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  They also have a group gift out, although the group joining fee is 70L.

On the other side of the information wall there are 2 gacha machines out with some nifty hair.

** Lag Rating: 2

This is one of my favorite places to go when I'm watching my nephew.  He's major Zombie freak. He's addicted to Plants Vs. Zombies.  The next location is Zombies Awakening.

When you first land you are surrounded by skeletons.  Walking forward there's a shop, with bunch of guns and Bloodlines items.  Outside the shop there are a few boxes of freebie shirt, and a few guns.

There are shops available for rent that are 50L for 50 Prims.  They are wrapped around the opening of the zombie landing.

If you go left and short on cash there is a sign on the floor that says "Are These Your Lindens?" Lindens drop from the sky and you can click them to see if your first letter matches and get 1L. It's small amount, but it adds up. They also have 2 sheep, if you wear the free group tag.  Along the gate of the zombie hunt they have a boxing machine where you can camp, and there's a safe you can crack for money.

There are a few rules to live by no harassing, asking for lindens, griefing, nudity, sexual harassment, huds that create lag or spam. It's a PG sim, no pushing, shooting or caging other players.  No bombs, explosives or more then 2 weapons at a time.

The set up is quite elaborate.  With broke down cabins, and swampy waters.  Making it hard to run from the zombies.

** Lag Rating: 2

The last location which is Baja Cove was shown to me by a dear friend Fin.  I use to do some modeling for him and this was one of the places he took me to to take some pictures.  Check out

There are beach cabins that line the shore that are for rent.  Check the side of the cabins to see if they are rented.  Although the land owner asks that unless you're a renter place respect their space.

Almost every where you turn there is a something to either pose by yourself or cuddle.  Hammocks, shipwreck boats, trailer, boat house, tent, beach shower, daybed, beach chairs & logs are scattered about the sim.  They make great places to make memorable pictures.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL
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  1. Congratulations on 100 stoned strolls! :P

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