Monday, June 8, 2015

Adventure 101

I'm not much of a pink kinda gal, but my friend Pink is and this is a cute outfit she made.  I love the way it fits.  She the owner of Pink Pearl Designs.  So I'm doing a total change today.  The hair is of course from Tameless.  I'm wearing skin by Drop Dead Gorgeous. Cause I think Pink & Red clashes so today's blond for me lol.

Starting off at Drop Dead Gorgeous Eastbound to Subversion Factory.  They are part of the BDSM Community.  For those of you that follow the Bloodline Haunts, this place participates.

It's set up with a nice beach scene.  This sim is adult and clothing is optional.  Once you get to the building, you go through a small maze of stores to get to the dance floor.  Although they do have an outdoor dance floor as well.

Once I go there and get on the dance floor everyone is very nice. If you want to find a place you can listen to music and dance naked, this is your place.  This is a D/S BDSM sim collar your pets and drag them down here.

They have split money contests and nice dances.  Some other fun things are a trivia ball, truth ball & even a male strip dancer.

** Lag Rating: 2

Going North from dancing to animations of Alina Animations.  They have animations for every. Single poses, AO's, and items with animations.

For those that like to role play at home, or need things to set up your store.  There's tons of things here, I'm sure you can find something your looking for.  They have bars, desks, dining tables, rugs, beach furniture.

They even have full skyboxes, even have teleports out for you to try them out before you buy them.

This place is full of beds, all different kinds of them.  Personally I dig the circular one.  Even one is a grungy sex bed that looks like 2 pallets and nasty mattresses.

Walking on the other side are some interesting items.  Things I haven't seen before like getting it on a tire swing, wheel chair, basketball hoop, street lamp,

Some of the more common items I've seen but wondered where they got it like big circle couch, pool table, lap dance chair, and theater chairs.

Now here's something I found that I thought about before...There are guys out there that don't chair what their fucking.  They're just wanting to get a piece, so SL's equivalent to blow up dolls is Sex Statues.  It does automatic movements when used.  She even drools when she sucks cock.

** Lag Rating: 2

Southwest of Alina's Animations is Wolf Valley.  A half forest land half tropical get away where you can rezz things out to play with. Don't be an ass remember to pick your stuff up.  This sim is adult so sex is allowed.  Wolves, beast demon or furries are allowed.

Some rules to live by things that are a no no, underage avatars, drama, weapons, bloodlines, magic, combat huds, selling items, escorting, stalking.  Wait isn't stalking part of the fun?

This would be a perfect place to do a Little Red Riding Hood role play.  As it is easy to get lost in the woods, and the buildings are made of stone.

They even have 7Seas here.  Where you can relax and do some fishing.

In the woods look out for secret passages and hidden caves.  The cave has a bed and even a beast bed.  If you come across walnut double doors what's behind the doors are for wolves and werewolves only.

** Lag Rating: 2

West winds blow me to Gorplay.  I've been floating around the sim seeing gorgeous green, and running waterfalls.  I see there's only a small corner set out for the product.  There's a small wall set up with flip vendor to check out their wares.

You can pick things up like Branding logs, slave brands, captive stakeouts, and an animated drinking vat mead.

The rest of the sim is set up for adventure.  I assume you can do some role playing here.  If you make it up to the top of the hill there are a few buildings up there, along with a bunch of trees and running water.

** Lag Rating: 2

The last location is South to enVOGUE.  The rigtht side is marked off for expansion.  Straight ahead is the new releases.  If you walk towards it on your right you will see a big board of their color swatches.

On the left side if you join the scribo you can get a free gift.  It's a nice fade that is half brown then blond.

The hair styles in this place is a mix of high fashion and rockabilly hair dos.  There are 11 different color packets to choose from.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL
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