Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Adventure 104

I always accept the fashion notecards sent.  When I'm in a pinch I run through them and check out stores I haven't heard of.  Today's outfit is from one of those notecards.  The store, Santorini Club, as a handful of freebies out, and this one fit me the most style wise.

The skin is from Birth.  They are having a 10L marketplace only promo going on.  I normally go for the more pale color skin, but for tan I'm totally digging it.

When I changed my skin I couldn't bring myself to change the hair.  It just went together so well.

Picture taken @ Blackhearts Blues Club Stop # 5

Kicking off today's stroll I head East from Santorini Club to Venustus Lesbaian BDSM Club.  When you land the walls are linded with vendor shops.  But up against the wall there's a teleport to The Venustus Romantic Garden.

Taking the teleport you land on a small secluded area.  A small waterfall, a place to dance, and a fireplace.  They have a few other things here like a F/F animation rug.

Back to the club via teleport.  Walking through the velvet red curtains you see the room sections off. If you're the type that likes to be on display.  You can hop right up on the stripper pole that's the first thing you see before you make your choice.

Their looking for Dj's and hostesses.  Contact one of their managers for details and a way to apply.

Inside the club there's a fireplace with master chairs around it.  Stools are out for you subs to sit.  The chairs themselves have all sorts of animations including some 3some options.

The center of the building is a big dance floor lined with stripper poles. There's couple dancing, single dancing, & trivia balls.

Go through the double velvet curtain close to the fireplace.  That's the semi secret BDSM room.  The walls are decorated with erotic lesbian RL art.  Toys that you can play with here is Cross, Spanking Horse, Wall Rack, Massage Table, Bondage Bed, fur bed, standing cage, Whipping Post, Prison Bench, Punishment Cross, Throne, Orgy Bed, Forcing table, Kneeling Pillory, Torture Rack & Bondage Rack.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Little Bones is the next direction Northwest of Venustus.  Here the store is set up like a big hair salon.  Which each hair its set up in a small booth. Where the mirror should be flashing pictures that shows you the hair at different angles.

There's even couch set up for guys to sit on while they wait for their lady to stop hair whoring.

If you join the group for 100L you get the gift that is on the counter along with the 16 other ones on the rack to the right.  Each month they put a new one out, and put the month before on the rack.

They have a redelivery system & participate in the Fifty Lindens Friday.  You can click the sign to subscribe to get the list.

Don't forget to head up stairs and check out the other hairs too.

** Lag Rating: 2

Next up is down South to Dirty Holiday Resort.  The sim an adult RP sim. Seems it looks like one of those smaller towns where there is trees everywhere and limited civilization.

The spot you land on is OOC.  But once you walk past that green tape you're in the role play.  After passing the green tape a few feet away is a teleport. A menu comes down and gives you 9 places to check out.  Festival, Cathouse, Sheriff's, Publc Gym, Boarding school, Campground, public restroom, motel & farm.

But I'm gonna take the concrete road through the sim and see what pops up. Be bopping down the road, on the left side there's the Festival.  A nice sized section laid out with fencing up.

On the right is the Cathouse.  Where there is a stripper pole and a bar. Next floor has couches, & a bathtub.  There's a laundry room with a functioning washing machine if you know what I'm sayin' ladies.  Another room off to the side has a bed with animations and camera out for someone to record your sexcapades.  The roof has an enclosed bed.  Getting past the enclosure there's a swimming pool & a bench.

Looking down the street there's a dirty dinner and a gas station across the street with a garage attached. There's a warehouse with a public gym inside. They have a nude yoga class @ 8pm.

If you follow the road to the end you will find a barn where you can jump on a horse and ride it throughout the sim.  And near the dock you touch the sign to kayak down the river.

** Lag Rating: 2

I found a place Southeast that mixes both RL and SL together.  The Rescue Park is set up with billboards.that gives information about RL pet shelters.  If you are looking for a specific breed just walk around and you will probably find it.

Once you find the billboard that you are interested in click the board and it will prompt you to check out the RL website. These billboards are designed for any non profit rescue to maintain a kiosk for their rescue.

This place is education, promote, bring awareness & fund raise  There's no fee to have a billboard in the park.  If you are interested please contact Aztek Aeon.

And don't forgot to Spay or Neuter your pet.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Finishing out today's stroll by heading West to Blackhearts Blues Cafe. It's been open since 2007. After a small strut down the street of vendors. You reach the club lined with comfy chairs or booths to relax in.

It's a quaint place with adequate dancing space, a bar & a nice stage set up. They supply dances from Humanoid for couples, males and females. If you enjoy blues music you should check this place out.

On the other side of the stage is the bathrooms under the stairs.  Along with a pose animation with the chick against the wall.

Up the stairs have more comfy chairs, but their a bit on the grungy side.  If you're looking for a place to play pool they have 2 tables here.  Chick the tables for instructions and huds.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

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