Saturday, June 27, 2015

Adventure 105

Well today marks a day in history.  If you don't know already in the states Grand Courts approved same sex marriages.  In celebration the next stroll will focus on gay and lesbian sims.  Switching avatars between male and female depending on what sim I'm on.

I'm all about marketing.  I use to have an advertising company.  Basically I was the SL version of the show on the travel channel "Hotel Impossible". Going into shops and telling them what needs to be done to help out their business.    

That job gave me an opportunity to meet some amazing people.  Many I still keep in touch with. Today's outfit is by on of them, B Barbie Style.  This outfit comes with the open jacket, net shirt, bra top, leather skirt & thigh high boots.

Drummed up the older Tameless hairs from like a month ago.  Called Darla, it comes in tons of colors, fades & streaks.

I'm not sure how long Birth is going to have this skin on Marketplace for 10L. So if it interests you grab it now.

Starting off @ B Barbie Style I head Southwest to Besom.  For those that don't know they are formally known as Soonsiki, and before that Milk.

Walking in the building on the left side of the room are posters of hairs available in current events. There's a push pin that you can click that takes you to the right location.

Join the free groups to get the items,  you'll also need it for the gifts inside the store.  You're Besom group tag will still get you the 4 Soonsiki hair inside.

They have interesting hair styles for both men and women in various interesting colors.  If you're looking for dreadlocks or into the pastel colors look no further.  Some come with beanies, knit bands, updos & braids.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Just like the real life me, I travel West to see what comes to me.  (I'm going on Vaycay on the 2nd). When I first saw the name of the place I thought it might be a fantasy clothing store or photography. I guess I was partially right.  Landing in  Wizardhat Studios, another RL comes to SL story.

The owner of this sim does art in RL which you can check out here. This sims concept is interesting as the owner decided to make art in motion.  If you ever stared at a painting and wanted to crawl in it and wandering around this is your opportunity.

You walk through the trails of grass, rocks and trees.  But things may not always be what they seem. Things walk by themselves around here.  Be it animals or trees watch your back.  There's also a sail boat with pose animations.

Don't miss other points of interest like the tower with a balcony to dance on. Dancing in a patch of flowers.  Floating intimate dance floor with whales popping out of the water below.  Near the water banks there's more dancing, as waves crack against the rocks.  Or relive your childhood by taking your other and cuddle on the rope swing.

Maybe a small island, your other and a bathtub in nature might just be the thing.

** Lag Rating: 2

Next direction is South where I drop into a courtyard of 3D Republic.  3D Republic is a full mesh, sculpts & textures shop.  But their courtyard is lined with fellow texture shops. If you're a builder I'm sure you'd dig this place.

Before I even step in there's a sign that says "Celebrate", there's a 10L full perm hunt Julya 9-26.  To continue with it join the Builder's Bargains to find more locations.

When walking into the building to your immediate left is a wall of group gifts. Some of the items are seasonal, a mix of mesh and sculpt items.

Traveling around the wall of the building.  There are 2 large boards that give you landmarks of the affiliate stores.

They have items that help you build your typical household in your second life.  Everything is full perm, things like coffee machines, pans, tea sets, food, refrigerator, dinner wear.

This is a perfect place for wedding planners.  Since the items are full perm you can change the colors of the times to fix the wedding theme.

You can find things in the Food Market, Kitchen items, Linens, Furniture, Lighting, Instruments, Baby, Holiday, Architecture, and Home & Garden. There is a big map in which you can click the department and a set is rezzed for you to tp.

** Lag Rating: 2

Creeping over to the East side, takes me to subway of the adult rp sim, Abandoned City.  Starting off there i go through the toll booths to get to the ground level.

The far right side of the sim is a circle where you can jump on with another person and get into a fight.  This is the second place I've found this week where you can get your frustrations out and kick the shit out of each other.

Their strip club is awesome.  Very industrial, with stacked tires as seats as you watch strippers rub up on the dance pool.  Or behind the strip poles there's a landing that the girls can dance on.  One is right in front o fa Ginness sign.  What do men love more then strippers & beer?  They have a small room where you can watch porn like Asian, Interracial, Ass, Hardcore, & Latex.

Walking to the other side of the sim is an Asian home.  With a steam bath, Kimono stand.  And outside the backyard is some wheat with a wooden wagon in the middle.

Next is an old fashion school house, like the type that has like 4 rooms in the whole building.  They have sit set up pretty nice, where if you're looking for a place to take a school pic this place is quite suitable.

There are jobs scattered throughout the sim.  If you go to the machine in the middle it lists all the jobs.  Click the machine and it will tell you what ones are available and then you go to a website that you register.  Once you're done with that you go do your job and get paid.  It's that simple.

At the end there's a big warehouse.  Inside the warehouse are products that have been used to decorated the sim. Half of the warehouse is set up for a demo room.  Click the board to what you want to sample and it will rezz out for you and you can check it out.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

The last adventure I featured a place that was dedicated to pet adoption. When I went North and found Peace Valley Pet Cemetery.  Having the devastation of losing my beloved kitty last year really crushed me. Being that I can't have kids due to my heart problems he was my kid.  Some fucking bastard ran him over feet from our sidewalk.  It's nice to know that there is a place in SL to show off how cute my little boy was.

When you land before you go inside the cemetery section, check out the buildings around.  Like Sonny's Pizza set up in a cute dining experience. Next door is Sixteen Candles a place where you can purchase candles, and flowers for your pets.

More shops are under construction and will soon be available soon.

There is a tram that takes you around the sim.  If you jump off it will disappear.  On the ride you can discover a few cuddle spots along the water's edge.  It is a long extended ride that takes you down into the water as you dodge boulders falling from the sky.

Inside the gates of the cemetery there's a building to the right with more flowers for you to put on the grave of your pet.  Across from the store is a fenced off section of gravestones.  Each gravestone comes with its own engraving instructions.  They also come with poseballs.  You can use this pet cemetery for both your RL and SL pets.

There is a 3 month minimum.

Plot prices:

10 Prims ~ 120L Monthly
12 Prims ~ 150L Monthly
15 Prims ~ 180L Monthly
20 Prims ~ 230L Monthly
30 Prims ~ 350L Monthly

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

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