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Adventure 103

Hey Travelers =)

Happy Father's Day!

It's summer time and RL has been crazy.  Even if I'm logged in most of the time I'm afk.  I wish I could get back to doing adventures every day, but its just not happening.  I also parted ways with Kai, it's been a real busy week, week and half.  Thank you all for sticking around with me.

Two day ago was the 6th month anniversary. and the outfit of the stroll is a discount item from one of my good friends shop, Pink Pearl Design.  It's just one of many discount items she has in the discount shop.  You get both the dress & shoes.

Picture taken @ Pirates of Black Shark Reef Stop # 5

Being that this one is suppose to celebrate the 6th months of strolling I'm not going to use the map today I'm going back to my landmarks given to me by travelers.

For starters the first place is Second Lifestyles Estates Office.  I received this landmark as the owner bought advertisement on the side bar of SL. She's also owns Playpen Voyeur Sex Rooms & Lounge.

Landing there you can go 2 ways behind you there is a private club set up outside.  You must be a member of the free group to be on that piece. Along side the dance floor is a nice beach area.  With chairs, a dock and even a sailboat out for you to drive.

In front of us is a big office building.  When you walk through to the right there's a wall of staff members you can contact if you have any questions about land. There's also a big sign the right of the staff boards that will give you a landmark to the current land listings.

Around the walls of the building they have some store spaces which both Danika & Surplus Motors have set up shop.  In the middle there are some chairs to relax on along with an information desk

A portion of every land tier is donated to Make A Wish foundation, where they make a sick kid's dream come true.  If I am looking for land in the future I'm coming here.  I want to know that some of my money is doing something good.

On the far left is wear you actually pay the tier.  They even have their own stream.  The best of 80's 90's & todays. Or check out whats happening @

** Lag Rating: 2

I just love getting to interact with my readers.  If you wanna chat or keep up, check out my FB.  I had the pleasure of chatting with Lisi. She gave me the landmark to her place, LisiPark.

Started off doing a fly view to find the landscape of this beautiful place.  I believe you land in the diner. Fully set up and great for 50's diner pics. Which is at the top of the track of concrete.

When you land you're offered the chance to be in the group.  Group fee is 100L.  Once you get the tag you can put down cars and drive the track.  You can even put down poses for the little cute spots. There is a section where you can click the logo and rezz a demo car.  It's you're till you get out.  Give them a good test run and check out the place.

There's a lot to see here besides the diner.  If you are outside the diner and at the stop sign and take a right follow the concerts around to the lake on the side.

On the left hand side is a nicely decorated garage, which might take a good picture place.  The right of that is a small delightfully decorated love shack of what seems like the owners.

Making it up the hill there's a ban line around the house.  I believe these houses on the side can be rented.  In the middle of the road is a black square that says touch to rez Ultralight.  I was curious and this 3 wheeled bike popped up.  Jumping on it, it actually was an airplane.

Next up on the right is a gas station, across from the gas station is a ferris wheel.  Under more checking it out, there's a small zoo.  They have this awesome target thing on the ground.  Have the person you're fighting with and get in a bitch slapping and solve all your problems.  Or bring your significant here when you'd done something wrong and them them dunk you in the tank.

Across from the small fair, is the dance area.  Beach theme in front of the Lisipark sign that mirrors the Hollywood sign.  Ever of kicking off your shoes and doing the Conga in the sand?  This is the place for that to happen.

You can enjoy the place by water as well.  Rezz a boat and lazily make it down the river.  Bring your friends and race.  But remember, if you jump out the boat is gone.  Riding down the river in the boat you miss the small gems that are hidden.  Like the tire swing, the long deck to cuddle on and other romantic moments can be found.

I'm sure I've missed something here, so guess you're gonna have to explore the rest yourselves.

** Lag Rating: 2

Seaside Park @ Thorncliff is the next location.  This spot was given to me by my good guy buddy, Fin.  A few months ago he brought me here to check it out.  It's a sim filled with 5 modern apartment buildings.

The grounds are nicely decorated with palm tress, water fountains, squirrels, even a campfire.

They just opened up some more apartments, They start at 49L.  Each apartment is fully furnished with high quality animations.  Walk into the central tower to check out what ones are available. There are small posts around the walls of the tower.  It tells you which one is rented and the apartment number.

This is a perfect place for the starter home.  A place to go through your inventory, open packages and getting dressed.  The hire up the central tower the smaller the places are.

You must be a group member to access your room.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

The next place is called Deesses Boutique.  One of my favorite skins came from this store.  Back in the day when they were open they had some great groups gifts.

Now they have reopened and restructured their inventory.  The now do celebrity skins.  They have done a great job doing a look a like.  Wanna look like Kylie, Beyonce, Nikki & Cynthia it will cost ya 1299L.  But they are very detailed.  And Slink hands & feet are included in all skin tones.

The place isn't full yet, but they've just reopened less then 2 months ago.  New product is set out every week.

Shape made especially for Maitreya mesh body.  There are 4 eyebrow colors available.  And 20 lipsticks to choose from, but they come in a group of 5.  Wanna see what it looks like before you buy snag the demos before you buy.

If you were a customer before they closed down and have a skin older then 3/14/15 you can come to the store and get FREE appliers (Slink [hands,feet], Physique, Phat/Cute Azz, Baby Bump, Belleza Mesh, Tangos, Ghetto Booty & Brazilia Butt).

They also have something that I haven't seen in other stores.  They have a 200% guarantee that you will be satisfied whit your skin.  You'll have to come to the store to find out the details.

It also looks like they are branching out in fingernails, and eye shadow.

** Lag Rating: 2

The final place is one given to me a a great guy I met on FB, he's one of the fellow travelers.  He thought I'd enjoy it.  Thank you Clive =)  And here we go to Pirates of Black Shark Reef...

Landing there's a sign that there is a Sky Mountain Racetrack if you take the teleport.  Going forward from the landing point, is a roller coaster called Olympia Looping.  A crazy coaster that is designed like the Olympic games logo.

On the right side of the roller coaster is a Swing Pirate Ship. But if you take the trail and go to the right path.  At the end of the path they have a big swimming pull with bumper boats.

If you just went straight instead of turning to the path on the right. Coming up on the left there's a float with a recliner, along with wind surfboards.  The path veers off to the club, Black Shark Reef.

Inside Black Shark Reef there are chairs to relax in, a big aquarium  to separate the club from the game room.  But there are also circular aquariums made as beams to keep the club roof up.  With dancing, beach balls, a fountain, even a riding shark in a half open setting.  It seems very relaxing.

Attached to the club is an open pool with hot tub close.  Next to that there's a big ladder that leads you to the water slide.  It takes you all the way the hill and drops you in a small lake.

If you're more of a gamer, and looking for a relaxing setting to bring some friends try the back half of the building with Greedy, Cheezy, Mahjong, Sudoku, Sparkle & Mine Sweeper.

Take the twists and turns of the trail and end up in a hot air balloon to experience the sim with a bird eye view..  The path ends at the light house. Bring your loved one up on the light house and check out what going down below.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL
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