Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Adventure 106

I know I said I'd do a Love Wins stroll but I put this outfit together before I left and I just can't take it off.  But I promise to do one very soon.

Going through some of my new release notecards, I just loved these jeans. I've been searching for a pair like this forever.  So I ran over there before the jacked up the prices.

The shirt I found for a bargain.  It takes a bit to adjust you're shape for, but don't forget to make a copy when you do.  Then just put the copy of the shape you made with the shirt and you'll be set.

Heading Northwest from Egoxentrikax is Garden of Dreams.  A glorious place that sells fantastic skyboxes.  They also sell mesh plants, shrubs, landscape, trees, flowers, and many different types of architecture.

It drops you in front of 7 huge boards.  First one takes you to the Dream Scenes that you can purchase.  The second through sixth board are actually scenes you can walk around in.  Relax, dance & cuddle, thoroughly enjoy the skybox.  If you're interested in it you can always purchase it for your sim. Click the 7th one to go to the shop. Maybe you're just looking for trees, foliage, tropical, decorations, landscaping for your sim.

You can either take a right from the landing spot to just browse around.  If you know something specific use the teleport system to go to the right department.

** Lag Rating: 2

Adventuring Northeast to ~O~ Karaoke Lounge. A place where you can come and sing your heart out.  Never know you might get discovered here. Open 24/7.  Established 2007.

A cute Tiki Hut set up with chairs, a piano and a hot tub on the side.  They ask if you are AFK you sit down.  Sing either on voice or stream.

Across the Tiki Hut there's a campfire for relaxing.  A deck where there's more Karaoke near a small pond.  The board has the next 5 people up for singing.

** Lag Rating: 2

North takes me to Winter Moon.  A magical sim, where you land on a bridge and can go 2 directions. The left side takes you to a tall lighthouse you can take the spiral staircase to the top so see the magic as a whole.  Or you can go right down the bridge to mystical gates.  On the bridge there are a few day beds scattered about, where either you or an significant other can relax and watch the water.

After going through the gates, you'll head through a patch of woods and tall grass.  Making it to the trail, there's a swing set out near a sport deck with a comfy chair on it.

To the right there's a sign its reminds you to be friendly to people in general.
Near the sign there's another dock that that wraps around to a small floating get away.  A tarpped sitting section to enjoy the rocking of the water and the fireplace.

Continuing down the path you'll come alone to a fountain, on the right you will see a stone aisle. Walk down the watery path to the center of the lake.  With a canoe, day beds and somewhere romantic to dance with your loved one.

There are other romantic tuckaways as you follow the path up and over to the hill to sands of the beach.  Look for more cuddly spots along the shore.

** Lag Rating: 2

Sin is the next location while traveling Southwest.  This place is calling all perverts.  Sin is a program that connects all you dirties up with eachother. Everyone has their thing.  If you're into being a victim, slave, sub, prey or the other side of the coin of dominate, hunter, predator you should check this out.  Connect with people that understand you.

There's a few rules you need to abide by to make things smooth.  No escorting, speak English only on location chat, mutual respect & respect TOS.

On the desk is a package for vendors that meshes with the Kidnapped Tracker.  Showing where stores and locations that are Sin friendly.  In the other room you can pick up a collar, drug & gun scripts. Find people that speak English, French, Dutch, Russian & Italian.

If you visit the sim you can register at the Sin Karma kiosk & Sin Kidnapping Tracker.  With the tracker you can find people that speak English, French, Dutch, Russian & Italian.

Upstairs there's a vendor with various kinky items like, collars, gags, handcuffs, spikes, and leashes.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Star Trek fans heads up.  From Sin, Southeast takes me to The Star Trek Museum.  Everything you can dream of related to Star Trek is here.  When you land you get a notecard of information and landmarks.

The sister sims of the museum include Star Trek Museum of Science where the teach real science in a Star Trek format since 2006.  Also the Museum of Culture, where you can learn all you want about your favorite Strek Trek race.

This place is just full of different things to get involved with like Vulcan Home Rentals, Starfleet Renaissance Outpost, Starfleet Role-Playing groups, Drydock (Plays All Trek 24/7), Roddenberry Dive Team, Vitural Andoria (Ice Skating 12 months a year). Embassies, Buffet, Ceremonial Center, Vulcan Arena, T'Karath Sanctuary, P'Jem Monastery, Outdoor Market, Town of Wakrubata, Fly your own shuttlecraft, Whale Watching/Scuba Diving, Full size Enterprise NCC-1701 & Balloon Tour.

To make everyones experience comfortable the sim is set to general. Walking up there's a tp to the Enterprise, Science Museum and Whales to the left.

Stepping into the door, you are first faced with a miniature of the Bridge. It's pretty detailed for the size.  To the left there's a wall that lists all the Star Trek movies. Seen only a few and want to catch up but can't remember the name of the ones you've seen?  Click on the pictures and it gives you a notecard of the movie.  You can figure it out from there.  Across the door way from the movies is the history of Star Trek and some other useful information for the true fans.

On the other side of the miniature they will even give you a free outfit.  If you would like to be wearing the regulation uniform while you explore their detailed land snag it.

The room left of the miniature describes things like Death Rituals, Just click the pictures and receive notecards on the topic you choose.  There is also a table full of references they used to make their sims to specifications.  Click the books and read the summary and how to find it out world if interested.

And last but not least the Hall of Diversity.  Walking in there, things hand on the wall.  Interested in knowing what kind of animals, humans, featured species like Bolian, Betazoid, El-Aurian, Trill or Non-Organics like Borg, Hologram, Android or The G Continuum, click displays for information.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

I'm Baaack!

I'm so sorry that I haven't been around.  I was gone for 2 weeks going back to my hometown. Spending time with family.  I'm working on a post right now and will post it after midnight.  Thanks again for hanging in there with me.

~ JL