Monday, April 27, 2015

Adventure 86

A few years back I ran a promotion business called Shameless Promotions.  RL happened and I quit doing it.  When I was doing it B. Barbie was one of my clients.  I'm very excited how her shop as shaped up. And I'm wearing one of new releases today.  When you purchase the outfit you actually get 2 outfits.  It's a half mesh outfit.  But it also comes with matching bottoms so you can wear it on the beach.

If you haven't done it already ladies, run to Little Bones hair.  For the group price of 100L you can receive over 7 hairs for free.  They have a new hair out every month and then throw it on the shelf when the month is done.

After speaking with a sim owner, I got the idea of adding the location name to the place I take the outfit of the day.

Picture taken @ Dark Alley Location # 4

Before I go on strolls I collect the information like price and such for the details of the outfit I wear on My Haters Motivate Me fashion blog.  I've been starting to use the last spot I grab the information from as the kick off spot and start using the directions from there.

So.. Going from B. Barbie Style to Hardbass.  For some reason when I read it on the map I was expecting a clothing store but I was wrong.  Hard base is a futuristic looking club.  The club itsself looks like its inside a ship.

The music they play fits the environment.  Techno, Dub step, Trance type.  Not exactly my thing but once in a while a song catches me.  But it reminds me of music Bill & Ted should have been playing.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Hop off the small island of sims I was on to the mainland. Southwest took me too Venus hair.  I'm always excited to find a new hair store.  It seems like there is a lack of them.  That or I just haven't run across them myself.

This place does well done mesh hair. The colors are quite natural.  You can try your chance at winning one as your letter comes up on the lucky board.  You can also join the free group and get this month's hair.  While you're doing that don't forget to hit the midnight mania board next to the group gift.

** Lag Rating: 1

Heading South to Lucky Strike Lanes.  If you're looking for something different to take a first date this would be a great idea.  Not everyone is ready to go to someones house (That and what happens if it doesn't work out, they know where you live lol).  Maybe too soon to cuddle on the beach. Drag them here.

You can bowl or play bingo.  Make a family night of it.  Winner gets treats.  Family trophy perhaps. Get your name on the high score board for bragging rights.

To bowl you click the ball that's in the catch.  It will give you a bowling ball to wear.  There is a big sign next to every lane to let you know how to bowl if you don't know how to yet.

Also seems as if there's a random money giver while you were here. And the bingo looks quite popular here.

On the opposite side of the bingo is a room that they have stripper poles out for sale.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Of course on of the days I look innocent I run into a place like the next location.  Going back up North I land on Dark Alley.

When landing you get some rules to live by.  This fantasy role play area is BDSM, forced and kidnapping.  So watch out in those dark alleys. Knowing this information, you consent.  Wait would that be rape then?  Anyway if you like it rough and want to find like minded people come perv it.

Seems as if they're having a if it happens in Dark Alley it stays in Dark Alley.  Kinda like Vegas lol. Brag about the good time you had here later when your not busy.

Be consider it and take pride in your avi. This is an urban sim so clothing should be modern high quality clothing.

This sim is made for the entertainment for humans, Nekos Demons, & Vampires.  Non-humans may lurk in the sewers and ark corners of the sim.

Unfortunately, she-males, furries, cartoon characters, child/childlke, and over sized avi's are prohibited.

Waking down the hallway, there are tons of stores for you to check out if you're looking for a new outfit.  Then you can test it out when you enter the alley.  Follow the red arrows to the fun.

They do have an OOC lounge.  Once you take the teleport to Dark Alley you're automatically in character. Inside the lounge they have 2 gifts out one for guys and one for gals.

You need to be part of the group to be able to use the teleport.  Once you click the teleport it gives you several options to choose from.  Mall, OOC, Police Station, GinaCorp, Graveyard, Home Invasion, beac, cinema, college, subway, the docks & underground.

Going through the streets, almost every building has something set up in them.  Like real businesses although you can't buy anything in them.  Like the porn store, quickie mart & gas stations.

** Lag Rating: 3

The last location is a 2 for 1 lol.  When I was searching Northwest for the last place to go the name of this place caught my eye.  The Fat Ass Club, Dogging Woods kinda threw me off but was curious so I went to check it out.  So for all you guys with a thing for big booties, this clubs your place.  Made out of brick building, they have a few stripper poles.  And they have realistic bubbles floating about. They also have a lounge area with a sex pool table.  Or check out the elaborate bathroom, even equipped with workable showers.

The red teleport near the pool table will take you down to the Dogging Woods.  A gorgeous wooded area, with cuddle spots, sex and cars about.

So if going camping gets your motor running, this would be your place.  With a tent set up, campfire, and picnic set up.  It's a place for a romantic get away.  There's also a cave you enter full of some BDSM fun.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure....

~ JL

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Adventure 85

I got an outfit put together to wear for the stroll, I showed it to a guy friend of mine what he thought. He didn't sound very convincing but I was gonna try to rock it anyway.  Then I got a wedding reminder to a friend of mine's wedding.  I started talking to his fiance and I went to check out her store.  She threw me this outfit I'm wearing now.  She's the owner of DSO.  Waves..  The hair is from...Alice Project. Thought I was gonna say Tameless huh lol.

Taking off from DSO heading East to Cann!bal !sland.  Once you land they give you a bit of information that will make your experience more enjoyable.  This is a place that you want the windlights to take over.  They have customized the sim to have ever-changing environment.  Things rezz and de rezz at random.

As I was rezzing in a monkey named Bongo climbed up the side of me and sat on my head lol.

This is an unique island paradise with bridges to tiny islands.  You can find things like a sauna shaped like a wooden barrel, hidden grotto, sand soccer, and stashed away cuddle spots.  Enjoy the boats, sails, and water bumper boats.

They even have off island houses for rent.  Live right out in the middle of the water.  Boats are out for you to use, so I suppose you can put your own out as well.  Maybe even along side your little place if you rent here.  If your interested in doing so they have a small shop out where you can purchase one of the places.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Dusting the sand off my feet and traveling Southwest I land on my favorite AO shop SEmotion. They have fantastic realistic AO's.  There not just AO's.  They also have single and couple poses, along with love animations and furniture.

When you land they have an AO out for both men and women out free for those 90 days and younger.  Sometimes when I adopt a newbie this is the place I bring them.

I'm so excited about the next location.  I've been using their AO's for since I started here.  On my rezz day my sister drug me around and set me up. She brought me to this place, and I feel in love with the AO.  It fit the avi perfect..  The second one I got was pretty much an extension of the one I had in the first place.  I would NEVER change my AO.

These AO's come with 5 stands, sits & ground sits. They are mod/copy no transfer.  This easy 3 button menu is very easy to use.  Even comes with an expression face animator.

Find an AO you're interested in but there's an animation in there you don't like.  You can take it out and replace it with one you do like.

I mentioned couples poses earlier.  Not only do they have those but they also have scenes, like cuddling animations.

If you're looking for a really good AO and away from the norm.  I HIGHLY suggest checking this place out.  Once you purchase an AO from here, you get free updates.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

South of SEmotions takes me to ::TATTOO  .::INFECTED::. . This place has nicely detailed tattoos that are TMP, Slink, and Omega friendly.

From chest, sleeves, calves, and full body tattoos I'm sure you can find something you like.  They even have face, upper back, shoulder and neck tattoos as well.

If you join the free group you can grab the group gift that they have out.  At this moment they have lower tummy tattoo.

On the right side of the store there is some mesh clothing.  There are items for both men, women & unisex. Most of it is the stuff is mesh.

 ** Lag Rating: 2

It's a commerce day. Northwest takes me to Krieger Kreations.  This place is just for the guys.  I love running into men shops. I'm all about showing the men some lovin' when it comes clothes.

Guys come check out the mesh shirts, pants and underoos.  Each item gives 8 texture choices. Along with demos to try on first before purchase.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

The wind blows me West for the last destination of the day.  I'm digging the name of the place, it's called Bad Seed.  It's a very elegant but slutty place.  Where they have strip poles on the the counter, you can fuck on the pool table, and get dirty on the couches.  And thats only places done in public.

If you want a tad bit more privacy you can go to the room just to the left of landing.  It's a small room with 4 strip poles close together.  The furniture is equipped for enjoyment.

For complete privacy they have 5 detailed rooms you can use for 100L.  You can choose from Pleasure Point Nude Shore, Slaughter House (Male Doms), Skank Powder Room (Femdoms), Dikctations Academy, & Bad Boss's Office.

I had another idea for the pic I took but a dude drug a chick on the pool table and blew my shot lol. So I went for the room next door.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adenture....

~ JL

Friday, April 24, 2015

Adventure 84

Hey people what's shakin?  I'm just loving this corset that I picked up @ Deadpool.  I first came across the store as a friend was posting a coming up product from them.  Which is an awesome slave bracelet.  When it's ready for sale I will SO be sporting it for all to see.  You can pick up this bad ass corset for 100L.  The skirt is from a previous outfit that I blogged but I thought it went well with the corset.

And I brought back my favorite hair from Tameless.

Southeast of Deadpool takes me to Animatri-X- Studios. When I landed I saw my old friend, stripper poles lol.  They have 4 of them out for sale and can be tested.  But when you move towards the right to go into the building there are 3 other poles that come with chairs.  The chairs have animations for just sitting, but you click again and it does some nice lap dancing animations as well.

Going into the building, there are a bunch of animations Male/Female & Male/Female/T-Girl.  The animation prices varies along with the permissions.

You can purchase full versions for 2000L.  Although there is a catch, to purchase the full permission version to use it in your creations you must be a member of Pro Builder's Group of Sylva's Animation Factory.  If you're already a member just wear the tag and purchase.  If you're NOT a member, fill an application out @ Sylva's Animation Factory.   As a Pro Builder's member allows you to purchase other full perm animations from 3 other stores as well.  Sylva's Animation Factory, Raymation, & Alterior Motion.

Moving around the sim from the right next up is Orgy Party. A smaller room that has an orgy bed or orgy couch.  Each one is Male, Female, Lesbian, Gay, Shemale, Herm friendly.  You can pick the one you want and rezz it out to test it before purchase.

Across the courtyard in the next big building is the hud room. They have 3 different huds, Fuck, Orgy and Shemale. These huds allow you to have sex anywhere.  From 200+ to 400+ animations, xcite compatible, & the option to rezz a 100% mesh bedding for fun.

The last building has furniture beds couches, picnics, massage tables, warehouse boxes & wank items.

** Lag Rating: 2

North from Animatri-X- Studios is The Gor Hub, which has been open since 2007.  If you've ever been curious about Gorean stuff this is the place to learn it.  When you land you're in a big room rounded by Gorean merchandise.  Off to the side of of the landing point they have there's a stone teleport where you can check out lectures, the library, arena & Photo Room.

I walk through the double doors, and it teleports to another spot in the sim.  Looking around I am soo not dressed for this experience.  Some even IM'd me to tell me so lol.  Once you walk forward a bit there's a big scroll on which will give you the rundown of Gorean life.  It tells you how to get started in this lifestyle. What a Master, Free Women, Panthers, and Kajirae is.  And other important information.

Personally I can't wrap my head around it.  I'm an alpha female attracted to alpha males.

Once you walk past the scroll there is a HUGE map.  The map has dozens of red dots everywhere on it.  Each red dot will send you to a particular Gor sim that is registered here.  Clicking the red dot makes you map pop up where it makes it possible for you to teleport to that sim.

Got a Gor sim you want added to the map? First contact either Fabien DeSantis, Erick Gundersen or Flute Alonzo ONLINE.  Stand in the exact location on the map you would like you're sim to be added and become a red dot.  Offer them a teleport they will do it right then.  Remember you ask nicely, and do not send notecard.  You both, you and one of the 3, need to be present for this to happen.

** Lag Rating: 3

From one role play to the next.  South takes me to Driftwood Shenanigans which is a Dark Urban Roleplay.  Although I don't role play.  I think I'm gonna look more the part here.  When I saw the name I thought it was going to be a concrete jungle type place but its not.  It's jungly, with broken down ships, and ruins about.

As I was running around checking out the place I got a sense of Deja Vu.  Traveling up these rock like steps I felt I was here before, then the sign of Beware on the rocks reminded me that I've been here before.

I thought it would be an awesome place to take pictures I used this place as the location picture for Adventure 80.

This place is pretty extensive actually.  May coves, and trails to wander around in.  Bridges and ladders to help you explore the land.  Seems like it goes on forever.  Everything is very rustic.

** Lag Rating: 2

Grunge seems to be the theme of the day.  South was the next direction taking me to Everwinter, a post apocalyptic theme park.  It's inspired by an abandoned amusement park in Pripyat, Ukraine only kilometers away from the Chernobyl disaster.

In the middle of all the chaos there still must be structure.  To help keep order, please abide by these rules.  Remove facelights, and its probably best to chat in IM, to keep the eerie environment going. No griefing, gestures, music, flashing items, scripted items, particles, public sex, shouting across sim, bites, advertising, or firing weapons.

Throughout the theme park you can see run down Ferris Wheel,  Carousel, and Bumper Cars.

** Lag Rating: 3

The last leg of the stroll takes me Northwest to Sons Of Anarchy MC-Quebec. I happened to land right outside their club house as they were in the middle of a set.  So they waved me in.

I thought I was going to have to bow out because I didnt speak French, but to my surprise they spoke English as well. They were very inviting and friendly.  I requested a song that the DJ didn't have an he worked quickly to play it for me.  Even after I told him it was ok =).   Kinda shocked to see a club so outgoing.  Then again I don't know much about biker clubs on SL.  Although it's part of SL that I wouldn't mind exploring. Being that I miss being on a bike, but can't steer one for shit lol.

I flew the track to see how long it was.  It's a rather short track.  And the track saves your time.  It's a good one to learn on, it has a few turns and still enjoyable.

Outside the clubhouse if your looking for a bike to purchase the do have some vendors outside, some rezz so you can get a feel of the bike.  Bikes on track, NO cars.  Near the flags outside, there's a teleport you can take to go to another track which is set out like a course.

Interested in joining a bike club, they have a man sitting outside the clubhouse taking applications to prospect.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure....

~ JL

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Adventure 83

I was flippin' through some hunt blogs and found this outfit I had to have.  Hope I don't run into any kid sims this adventure.  You can find it in the Hunt For Your Inner Slut Hunt.

You can still get this hair at the Black Fashion Fair.

First off is Voodoo which has all sorts of fun gadgets for your club.  They have several different Sploders a security measure, and a votebox..

They have many Spolders to choose from. Standard Spolder.  Shows you real visitors, brings high traffic, anti-bot, anti-afk.  And does not require skill gaming region.  You have the choices of a Heart, Star, Mannequin, V-Engine, Rainbow Male, Rainbow Female, Rainobw Male/Female, Rubik, Rose, Gaming, Diamond, & Club Spolders.  If you go upstairs there's a Dragon, Skull & Bat.

Something else that would get the club popping is a Spolder Trivia.  It comes with 1000's questions, and you can purchase add-on trivia sets.  Which can be purchased here as well.

Or a way to encourage people to keep dancing at your location. A Sploder Dance bonus.  It tops at 20 dancers and you an load your own dance animations.

Voodoo also have a support department where you can open a ticket if something isn't working right. Or if you've accidentally been banned from a land because of the Voodoo system you can come down here and remove your ban.

Another form of exploring SL you can come and get a Voodoo Tracker Hud, where it shows you places that have the systems you can enjoy.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

South of Voodoo is [Playtime] Gentleman's Club. When you land there are some ads to the right and left.  To the left there are ads from house escorts and freelance ads to the right.  Behind you are applications to work here.

Once you get inside there are a few rooms around the walls of the room.  Private, Dressing, Hotel rooms & Pool Area.

If you're looking for classy, elegant women that are voice verified come check this place.

** Lag Rating: 2

Next up going Southwest is a very popular place.  OpenCollar - Temple of the Collar.  The sim is covered with different sorts of collars.

I have an collar with OpenCollar in it, but have only played around with it.  Personally I'm a control freak of myself so I wear it as a pretty necklace lol.

To understand it better since I can't explain it you can check out the website for more of an insight.

If you already have a collar with OpenCollar in it already and need an update you can get it here. You can also pick up an owner Hud, Submissive AO, or a script you can drop into your AO.

This is also a hang out spot.  There are chairs around, and even some games.  Gives you a chance to perhaps find someone to teach you how to use it.  Or find someone that's looking for a Master/Mistress or a Slave/Pet.

** Lag Rating: 2

You know you ladies love your shoes.  N-core Designs has been a leading shoes store for a long time. In the main building they have shoes that have the feet added inside the shoe.  I know most of you gals are all hooked on Slink, but there are more things out there then just that.

The back half of the store is sectioned out for a big sale they are having. They are having a scupted shoes retirement sale.  Save 50 or 60% off.

To find out more about the "The New System" new mesh feet by N-core Design you can either click the big board that will teleport you across the courtyard.  Or you can just walk across lol.

The New System comes in Flat, Medium and Xtreme.  You can purchase them individually or you can get a fatpack of all 3.

Hesitant because you don't know what skin store support them?  There's some leading stores participating.  Left to the feet displays you can get the free appliers to match your skin..

Do you wear Belleza, DeeTalez, League, Izzie's Essences, Glam Affair, Pink Fuel, Theskinnery, Birdy, Meghindo's, LAQ, Elysium, Modish, Al Vulo, Wow Skins, PXL Creations, Lara Hurley, TSG, It Girls, Lumae, Ys&Ys, Ooh-La-Licious, Egozy, Redgrave they have appliers for you.

There are 2 huds that would be helpful too and thats the Click & Match HUD or Personal Hud. The click & Match has all the stores I mentioned and gives you a chance to find the tone that works with skin you already have.  Or you can use the Personal Hud where you can put your own textures in the hud to match.

It also works with Venus, Physique, Lara, Lena, Phat Azz & Eve mesh bodies.

The add-on section has some great new shoes in it.

** Lag Rating: 2

I'm ending today's stroll at Phoenix Hair.  As you walk in the door you're offered a group invite.  It does cost 50L.  You get a 5% discount and group gifts on a regular.  Don't forget to wear the group tag to get the discount.

The store is split up in half.  One side is hair for both women and men.  And the other side is for clothing.

Gift Cards of 250L, 500L, 1000L, 2000L can be purchased for friends.  If you bought something and you didn't get it they have a redelivery system too.

** Lag Rating: 2

Monday, April 20, 2015

Adventure 82

Happy 420 Ya'll!!  This post was done before it hit midnight, but I had a long nap before I posted it.

A few days ago, I went to Sn@tch and gathered some people up for the riot vendor.  I got to snag this awesome mesh dress for 70L, of course right after I bought it it went down to 59L lol just my luck. I'm seriously diggin' the Black Fashion Fair hair from Tameless.

Taking off from Sn@tch going Southwest. takes me to Toy Slaves Brothel. This place is a fully functional Brothel.  So please no freelancing escorts.  No soliciting.

This place is a full commitment.   If you're looking for a family, friends or somewhere to belong and you're on the seductive side check this out.

There is no pay.  You will be a sex slave.  All money will be sent to the house Madame.  I remember considering this place once in my earlier years.  But when I was checking it out and found out it was no pay I decided against it.  Although ladies that like to be taken care of might be a great fit.

Ladies of the house are VERY well taken care of.  This is more of a communal establishment.  All funds go to improving the place and taking care of the family.

There are a few requirements to apply.  You must commit to 30 days. RLV, Collared, Controlled. And you stay in one of the estates.  After the 30 days you may leave or stay for another 30 days.

They don't just throw you to the wolves There's an extensive training process before you go out.  All ladies are of quality, taking pride in their avi's.  Each lady has high quality skins, shapes, hair, clothing.  They are also skilled emoters.

Wrapped around the club are different rooms that are available.  But having a Toys Slave VIP tag is necessary

You're sure to find something your into as they have guys, girls, TV/TG/TS slaves and subs. Covering 5 sim of sex, D/S and BDSM..

They also have their own radio station there as well.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Next up from there is West of the brothel.  Exile is a hair store for both men and women.  Specializing in mesh hair styles.  Although they do have sculpted styles as well.  Make sure you have tried a demo, you buy it you buy it.

Men are always looking for great quality in SL.  Well this is the place to be if your searching for quality hair. From short to long, there's a length for everyone.

You can joined the update group by clicking the scribo on the far left box on the wall of the new releases.  You can also earn store credit.

** Lag Rating: 2

Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing yeah yeah... A & M MOCAP Danceworks is Northeast of Exile.  This is a place that you can take your children, as the land is general.  It's family friendly.

Whether you're looking for Couples, Club, Theater, Sensual, Urban Street, Pole Dancing, Industrial or Rave dances they are all here.  You can spend hours testing them out.

If you hit the teleport to the Info Center you can check out dances they have made from some movies. Across the way are dances for kids too.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

East of A & M MOCAPS is The Players Club.  This place seems right up my alley.  They does a mix of Alternative and Top 40.  And I'm diggin' the colors of the place, dark gray and purple.

Any Hosts or DJ's looking for a job?  They are hiring for both.  So if you're into that kind of music take a stab at it.
This place is rocking between 7 am - 3am.  Almost a 24 hour club.

The right hand side of the club is a big wall of pictures. They are having a photo contest to crown Prom King & Queen.  To join the contest tap the board & pay 100L. Each vote is 25L.  Why would you be interested in a thing like this....For charity of course.  All proceeds to towards Autism.  The sign says that the crowning is in April, but does not give the ending date.  Probably to lower the chances of cheating.

Not only are they running a contest to raise money, but on the left side of their dance floor there's a donation stand.

Make it up the steps and you will find some fashions to perv.  Along with the growing plaza outside.

** Lag Rating: 2

Last location today is Southeast of The Players Club is Lastat Productions.  This place specializes in items that designers would crave HUD wise.  Along with things for club owners.

Designs will enjoy items like Christmas Tree hunt system, Pumpkin Patch Hunt System, Skeleton Hunt System, Advanced Prim Counter, Auction Sytem, Greeter Board, Item Vendor, Multi-Online Status Display, Teleport Hud & Mailbox.

Items a club owner would be interest in would be a DJ Hud, Club Tool, Dance Hud, Tournament Board, Advanced Tip Jar, Sploder, AD Board, Universal Event Board, Daily Event Board, Picture Contest Board, Contest Board, Schedule Board, Auction System, Shoutcast Board, Raffle Board, Bid Board,

Of course no items is designated for any establishment. Each item can be rezzed and tested by the big machine in the back of the store.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Adventure 81

First off I wanna give a shout out to Lindal of Across The Grid With Lindal. As she gave me one on her blog.

I'm wearing a new release from i`pitǝmē  They are sold separately.  The shirts mesh and comes with a color changing hud.  And the pants are system.

The hair worn today is by Tameless.  It's their edition for the Black Fashion Fair.  I know, I need more hair shops to blog for, lol. Even joked with Nita that my fashion blog My Haters Motivate Me should be renamed to Tameless Part 2 lol.

I went North from i`pitǝmē to StarRider.  It's a huge biker sim.  This track is open to all clubs.  It's set up like the Route 66 theme.  Also famous landmarks are included like: Tee Pee Hotel, Big and Big Blue Whale. You must use your bike as cars are not allowed to be driven on track.

They even supply you with a Hud which guides you through the sim, and teleports to the sights.  The track is amazing, it even becomes mountains the higher up you go.  From top to bottom the ride is about an hour.

Points of interest: Tunnels, Rest Areas, Sight Seeing, Saloon, Star Diner, Shoot Star Concert Stadium, Police Station, Santa Fe Springs, Delgaillo's Snow Cap,  Phil's Wiener Castle, Zac's Sinclair, Lost Dutchman Mine Run, Motel 66, Eagle's Point Sky Walk, Indian Traiding Post, T-P Wigwam Motel, The Biker Barn, Ghost Town, Mountain Lyon Hot Springs, Motorcycle Dealership, The Drive In, War Memorial, & Lost Chance City

If you have more then 8 people in your club they can set up a ride time just for your club.

I always wait till I'm done touring before I take the pic for the location to find that perfect spot.  As I was doing that I noticed I received a IM from someone.   Of course I'm stoned and read it wrong.  It was quite the opener lol.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Southwest takes me to the Official Eve Mesh Body shop. Eve Mesh Body is one of the more size conscience mesh bodies I've seen so far.  They have 2 different versions out, Slim & Pudgy.

You can pick up a demo to check it out.  They have two different packages. You can choose from, either the Starter Pack or the Full-Pack  In the starter pack you get 1 Mesh body, 1 Hud for customize Eve replacer.  The price for that is 1690L.  Full-Pack is 3000L, which comes with lots of goodies.  2 mesh bodies Slim/Pudgy, Shoes from Pixelfashion, First Dress, Garter Mesh, Underpants Mesh, Bra Mesh 1 Hud customize fashion, 1 hud for customize Skin Applier, 1 Shape, & Wardrobe system to save favorite applier.

They also have Mesh Heads there are 5 heads to choose from.  And even one of them are free.  You can even purchase make up here that works with the mesh head.

The rest of the sim is full of designers that that make clothing for the Eve mesh body.  Some of the skins you can purchase here are Wow Skins, Zoul Creation, LoveMe Skins, & Elysium.

Eve Kit's can be picked up here to add them to your collection to boost your sells.

** Lag Rating: 3

Mesh Works is East of the biker sim.  They have a various mesh objects you can purchase to make them part of your own creations.  Some look like Legos, Spike Rings, Candy Rings,  Cages, Blade Staff, Padlock, Syringe, Basket, Spiked Clutch, Tail, & ECigs.

All kits come w/full permissions, UV Maps & AO Maps.

Don't forget to hit the Midnight Mania board before you leave.

** Lag Rating: 1

From bike tracks to Ancient Civilization.  Northwest takes me to Temple of Ithis.  It's stresses to keep in theme when it comes to attire.  Think like Silks or something of that nature.. This is a place to hang out if your a role player, and wanna be part of the dirty side of the ancient times.

When you're in the Temple don't hid your genitalia. The Ithean culture looked down to cover yourself while in the place of worship.

Right outside the doors there is a map that shows you the different places you can explore on the sim. Choices are Adult Hangout, Roleplay, Public Sex Encouraged, and Rentable Vendor Space.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

In closing of today's stroll I headed down Southeast to Ferry Terminal & Infohub.  Ferry boats travel as far East as Black Sea and as far West as Nautilus.  Ferries travel each direction regularly.

While you are waiting for one to come you can relax on the chairs they have out or learn a bit more you might not know about in different subjects they have set up near the dock.

Maybe you wanna try your chances with a sailboat. There are few places around the terminal where you can rezz one.  Just look for a small stand you click to get one.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Adventure 80

'Ello people.  During yesterdays adventure a designer dropped a notice about an one hour group gift. After the hour was up it would be full price.  So today I'm sporting them.  And as always I'm wearing the newest release from Tameless.  This shirt is from a friend, I use to model for her but she's no longer in business.

Rock on the first place is Forsaken Cove Pirates.  A pirates role play sim.  Everyone come get your Jack Sparrow on.

This sim is adult, so I feel a bunch of raping and pillaging going on.  You must be 18 or older. The littles stay home.

There's a few strict rules here.  No jumping off the walls or rooftops.  Stairs are there for a reason. You must be 30 days or older to enter sim. And it gets pretty in depth about the role play here. Which I'm such a noob about role playing it doesn't make sense to me.

There's a big board that shows you what authority is online, and if you don't have a combat hud you can click the flame to get one.

So I picked one up and cross the line, ran down the dock.  I found some caves where I thought I was safe to do some writing and some chick (which I ended up chatting with later, come to find out) came by and killed me I guess.  I'm sitting here with a cage around me.  I was just enjoying running the tunnels. Apparently I have another 2 minutes before I can move.  Guess it's time to smoke a bowl.

Running around top side I see they have little shops set up.  It's set up like a full village.  With piers docks and a few boats.  You can visit the tavern, bakery and various other businesses.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Exposeur Poses & Props is the next place when traveling Northeast.  I've used this place a few times myself.  In fact they've participated in my hunt that I do Dare2Bare.  I asked them to do a pose for the poster. They have been around since 2010.  They are so participating in the Pose Fair.

On the left side of the store is information about the stores group and poses you get when you are a member.  The gold group's price is 500L, which sounds a bit steep till you read what you get.  Like regular free gifts. 20% off store credit on non-discounted items.  Sometimes instant credit will be sent out.  And knowledge of the newest items out before anyone else.

This place is huge.  Each room has its own theme, as in singles, couples, props.  Some of them are 2 stories so make sure to check.  But not every room as things on the second floor.  It seems as its the couples section that's the biggest.  Because its just not for man and women, but also for family and friends.  All the balls are out for testing.

** Lag Rating: 2

Well they always say, do as the locals do.  Southeast takes me to Naked Dungeon which is a Clothed Male Naked Female place.  I've been to a CFNM before so this is interesting.  To abide by their rules I stripped down in the name of journalism go check out the place.

Stepping inside, its done quite nicely.  With  nice furniture about mixed with BDSM toys..  Be aware if you have your RLV there are several traps set up to catch you up.  If you don't have anything that is RLV and would like to participate there's a box near the door that gives you a free collar and cuffs.

When they say no clothing they basically mean top, pants and panties.  Shoes, stockings, and hats are permissible.  Although clothing for stripping is also permitted.

This is a human sim only.  Although humanoid aliens, werewolves, furries & nekos are accepted.

Also if you're interested in getting some equipment like animations or RLV jewelry, there are some up on the walls near the entrance.

** Lag Rating: 2

Let's see we've had a bit of Pirate action today, some poses, bit of nakedness and now for a little relaxation. East from Naked Dungeon is a piece of tranquility.

This place is a slice of paradise.  With rock trails through gorgeous foliage.  Exploring the place and finding snuggle spots to have your serendipity moment.

Ana's Garden of Serendipity has an Asian feel to it. With signs pointing you to the direction of a deck that has some Tai Chi set up for meditation.  I hung out there for a moment at the hooka carpet.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

For the last direction which is Northwest takes me to Bad Girls a fantasy wrestling role playing sim. When I saw it on the map I had envisioned a warehouse type thing.  But I landed in another island paradise.  Sorry guys this place is ladies only.  No male avatars allowed.

Landing in front of a cavern you go in and one direction there is a floating bed in the water for some romantic time.  The other side is set as a sitting area. If you look to the right of the cavern three are some steps that spiral up on top of the cavern.  On top there is a covered area where you can mess around on the bed which has animations of erotic or wrestling. Take the ladder up one more time to enjoy the sights of the sim.

They have a teleport system that takes you to a Sky Temple, Beach Club, Apartments, Store & Alley.
The first teleport I take is the Sky Temple.  A gorgeous spot for people to dance and cuddle.

Next I took the store & alley teleport.  The store is full of items you can find scattered across the sim. Along with some cat fight animations and kiddie pools to wrestle in.  Across the shop is a warehouse where they do the wrestling at.

Behind the grotto is a large bridge you cross to get to the beach club.  Of course you can take the teleport system but it's so beautiful here I'd advise to take the long route.

Walking over to the beach club, on the right is a tiki bar to sit and have drinks before you shake your grove thing ladies.  I spent some time here, even did some topless dancing while I did as much as I could posting wise before taking the pic of today's outfit.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

Friday, April 17, 2015

Adventure 79

Today's the 4th month anniversary of the stroll. Thank you all for hanging in with me.  Sometimes I think I should have called it "As Julya's World Turns" lol. Anyway it's gonna be another one of those special days.  Although it will probably be posted on the 17th, being that I get distracted by shiny things.

I'm pulling 5 places out of my inventory. Sometimes people tend to throw me slurls to check out along my travels.  Even though the stroll is random I gladly accept them for specials like this..  So enough ramblin' and on with the show...

Today's outfit was brought to me by Indyra's.  She always does elegantly sexy clothing.  I love most of her stuff.  Kinda like a trophy wife look =P.

This outfit comes with a mesh top and pants.  A HUD comes with it that gives you 6 colors.  And 5 sizes on the mesh.

And I put in my application to be a Truth Hair blogger.  I'm crossing my fingers.  I really hope I get it.  So I'm wearing an holder Truth, just for fun.

First place today is Fantasy Island Zombies.  On the right side of the entrance there are the items your gonna need to play inside.  Like free weapons & combat HUD.  On the other side there are other weapons for purchase.  You can also get the rules for the place.

To keep lag low keep the scripts to 100 or lower. You can only use one weapon on burst mode at a time.  No duel machine, chain or full automatic guns. Don't bite here.  And you HAVE TO wear the combat HUD to get into the battle field.

Set up in an urban setting with vehicles coming by and various zombies about.  Watch your back our you'll get got.  You can't run or hide, they'll find you.  Get some friends together and go zombie hunting.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

What would blogging be without poses?  The next location is !bang poses.  On the left side of the entrance there's some group gift items (100L to join the group).  2 1L ones and 2 20L ones on the ground.

On the right are all hunts and activities they participate in.  And another place offering the wishlist feature.  Pick something and put it on your list for others to give for you.

The entire store is 50% off until April 18th.  So better take advantage of it quickly.  Their doing a spring cleaning and making room for more awesome poses..

You can find single poses for both men and females. Along with erotic poses. There are also friend poses.

Outside is very scenic would be a nice place to take a picture as well.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

A few days ago I did a Discount Roulette adventure.  I was planning for the next location to be on that stroll.  However they recently moved and didn't have it up.  But I promised her I'd do it then next chance I could.  So lets explore MadCatCreations.

Landing there their land is very pretty.  It informs you about some magazines available.  Busted which is for big busty ladies, and Furoque for Furries.

This place also welcomes custom work.  They have  a teleport to the custom shop.  A bit of information about how much and whatnot.

If you wrap around to the right there's a pretty place to have some tea or just enjoy a quiet place to collect your head.

MadCatCreations is participating in many hunts.  Along with the Discount Roulette, and Midnight Mania Board.

Looking at this ads I can see that they let no applier left alone.  If you have Slink Physique, Omega, Eve, Banned, TMP, Banned, Belleza & Sking Dolls.

On the other side of the store is for guys.  I keep saying it.  Men get royally screwed when it comes to SL.  Support hot male avi's ladies and do more guy stuff!!  And guys, if you use a mesh body this places supports you.  You can get appliers for L'Uomo, Sking, & Dev.

** Lag Rating: 2

I've been wanting to have the opportunity to blog this next location.  I'm a huge fan of Drop Dead Gorgeous skins.  They are just gorgeous, literally.

They have a lucky board, midnight mania board and group gifts.  6 group gifts to be exact.  Her group is only 30L and SOOO worth it.

You can purchase the right applier for your needs. She has a lot of them like Maitreya, TMP, Phat Azz, Baby Bump, & Slink Hand/Feet/Body.  They even have a TMP Mesh Head.

You can also purchase eyes here.

If you're stocking up on your Wishlist places this is another one.  Go crazy here ladies.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Last place on the adventure is 8i8 Mariposa Gardens.  Holding up another agreement I made when I fell upon a private parcel.  I met Bella which told me about this place.  She didn't catch me in time to tell me it was next door to the private parcel so I promised i would be back soon.  So I'm here.

Mariposa Gardens is set up is an adorable village.  Scattered about are flowers, trails and Gacha's.

There are some interesting shops here, like photo studios, poetry readings, house goods, paintings, clothes and silks.

In the middle of the strip there is a pretty fountain with Pegasus on either side along with some benches.

And if your looking for something fun, new and interesting to do try doing some paint ball.  If you click the box wit the paint ball on it you can get a gun from it.  The higher your score the more you make the board.  Sounds like something with checking out. There is also some games here like Skippo, Greedy, & Shalosh,

** Lag Rating: 1

Until the next adventure....

~ JL

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Adventure 78

I'm finally on some meds and starting to feel better. So today's stroll is brought to you by the letter M for meds lol.  I'm wearing a nice ruffled tank which I think makes a great dress.  It is from Moni's Elegant Boutique.  Hair is by you guessed it...Tameless!!!

Ran some time around the Pose Fair grabbing some free poses.  And got the urge to start strolling.

Hobo Lagoon is the first location as went East from the Pose Fair.  When you land they give you a few rules to go by.  No combat, weapons, biting, advertising, spamming sound/voice, & nudity.

There are a few freebies items there on the deck. Like cars, clothes, bike, & gestures. And behind you on the deck is an awesome track system.  Hop in with the coal and take a trip around the sim.

The place as a large sandbox. You can open bigger items here, just please remember to clean up after yourself.

In the sandbox you will find a red door.  If you're looking for a place to test your vehicles out they've set up a track for you to do so.

Attached to the Hobo Lagoon is Mount Bastid.  Inside the mountain there is a coal mine which you can get lost in.  I love them human ant trails.  You can get lost in there for a while be careful

Hobo Lagoon is scattered with little islands around a cute place to take pictures.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Next destination is South to RenderWorks.  Creators are gonna love this place.  They have full permission meshes & OpenSource scripts.

Outside the store they have an award for Best scripter March 2015.  There  are 3 groups that will help builders. The Creators Market, Builder's Bargains, & Merchant Resource Center.  If you have any questions about the products inside IM RenderWorks for help.

Things you can find here. Mesh/Linkset Animator, Single Script Rental System, Simple/Advanced Tip Jar Scripts, Notecard Configuration Script, Server Powered Vendor System, Advanced Online Board, HUD Powered Single Link Resize, Texture Hud Script, Object/Linkset Cleaner, Unpacker w/LM/Group Menu, Minimum Height Ejector Script. Lucky Letter Board.

Other items might be helpful like Product Vendor With Permissions, Store Text Block, Sand Pit, Modern Bed W/Duvet,  Grey Suburban Road Pack, Social Icon Pack, Open-Space Building, Mesh Display Unit Pack, & Beveled Picture Frame Pack

** Lag Rating: 2

Northwest takes me to Greek Gold Lesbian Resort.  As I landed on the sim I was greeted by Skyler. She offered me a tag to wander around freely.  You must have a tag to wander and enjoy the sim. This is done to make sure that it's 100% authentic lesbian sim.  Each male avatar is voice verified to be RL woman. They also welcome Transgender.  Doing this provides a relaxing environment without being harassed.

If you take the right trail at the end of it there is a nice outdoor dance club.  They play techno & pop music.

Go past the dance floor you will make it to the Butterfly Garden.  Is a peaceful place where you can dance with the butterflies, or relax on one of the many items you can sit on.  To chat and enjoy the surroundings.

Walking through them on the other side take the deck and turn right at the end.  Going down the rocky path you come to a clearing, with a pond, dancing and ducks.

There's a fork in the road to take the right one.  And follow it into the cavern.  It leads you out to small clearing for some privacy.  The middle road takes you back to a beach with a camp fire and deserted sail boat.

The third one takes you to the gates of an enclosure.  With some games out for groups to play like Skippo, Greedy, & Parcheesi.  

** Lag Rating: 2

My next direction which is Southwest brings me to Paris Eiffel.  As I was reading the welcome board I see that one of my old friends is the owner to my surprise.

I took the landmark to the information station to get  a feel of what is going here.  Once you get there its a big room with lots going on.  Like teleport systems to the main shops on the Paris land.  There is also a small spot where you can purchase a souvenir to remember your visit.

There are several ways you can explore their 5 sims.  And there are 2 stands that show you what can take you around.  Paris Eiffel is just one of 5 of the sims the owners of Paris 1900 has.  But I'm just focusing on Paris Eiffel.

Going through there are many pictures of contests and galleries you can visit across the lands.  Which is circling around this board that is set out to show you what all they have to offer.

The tower itself is done very well.  At the base is a nicely grassed park, with a dance floor in the middle. Dancing and chairs scattered alone the side of the dance floor.  Or the covered area with the white piano and fancy chairs.

They have period dressed bots scattered about to give you that authentic feel.  And near one of these bots there is a huge sign informing people about a photography contest. The prize is 5000L, and additional prizes.  What do you need to do?  Between April 1 and May 1 take a picture on Paris 1900. Make sure its no nudity, slavery rape, basically nothing douchey.  Proper attire, avi must be in pic, and in the them of Freedom of May 8th, 1945.

** Lag Rating: 2

Wet Willies my last stop for the night after going west from Paris.  It's an active rock club that places classic rock from the 70s and 80s  but I slid in Shoot To Thrill by Halestorm =P.  When first landing on the sim there is merchandise surrounding you.  So before you go into the club check them out.

Outside the building it states that they are all bike clubs friendly.  So please respect them and be friendly to one another while here.

The moment I was greeted by a very nice host. Behind the stage there are some rules.  No biting, griefing, nudity, turn off Xcite parts, soliciting, weapons, and escorting.  And don't be a douche bag lol.

Boogy your ass off on the dance floor or hang out on the deck in some nice chairs set up.  There's male, female, and couples dancing.  Grab someone with your or snatch someone up on the dance floor.

If you go past the club and go through the first bunch of vendors you can have a seat on the back of an alligator.  And enjoy their beach.

** Lag Rating: 3

Until the next adventure...

~ JL