Saturday, April 4, 2015

Adventure 74

First off I wanna apologize if this stroll seems a bit scattered. I caught a cold from my sister's littles.

Today's out is a mix of goodie gifts I found on Marketplace. The skirt comes with a hud that gives 8 color options, and the shirt has several sizes to fit everyone.  Unfortunately this awesome hair is no longer available.  I dug deep in the archives for this hair I still love to this day.

North is today's first direction, bringing me to Strawberry Fields Park.  Dropping out of the sky I land on under a dance floor.  Gotta love when that happens. I camera up and jump on a chair.  The instant I do that I am greeted by some very nice people. A gathering of people enjoying music in a peaceful environment.

On the platform there are some dance balls you can click to either dance with yourself or with a partner.  If your not in mood for dancing there are some very nice table set you can relax on.  There's a vase on the floor which you can click to keep up on events.

The platform sprouts out in 4 different directions.  If your not careful you might miss one of them.  It's pretty well hidden.

On the right side of the stage takes you to a pretty bench where you can enjoy a romantic setting as you look over the water.

The left side of the stage takes you to a small dock, along with a Hydro plane and pretty fountain.

Across from the stage just left of the plotted plant is another sprout of a path.  This is the one if you're paying attention you'll miss it.  It leads you to a small dock with a well detailed boat.  Now I know nothing about boats so even if you could use it I have no idea how to do it lol.  But there are several animations you can get a great picture from.

The big path leads down to a twisted fork.  You take the left side of the fork and it brings you back around towards the platform, but it leads to a pretty place to play Greedy.  The right side of the path trails off to a Jewelry store called Misha Fine Jewelry.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Right after I landed @ Daddy Cum $poil Me, one of my hottie friends got a hold of me to go dancing.  So I got sidetracked with a shiny for a bit.  Going and shakin' some ass @ Demonic Night (if you wanna read about the club check out Adventure 51.  Now I'm headed back to finish the stroll.

Some general rules to abide by. No under 18 play, freelancing, Advertising, biting, and beggin. Basically as I always say, don't be a dick.

There is more to the place then just their club, the place is very scenic and has dozens of places to cuddle, explore and hang out.  Also it's a photographers dream.

You land near the dance floor, surrounded around photos of works, and weather they're available or not.  If you're interested in joining the family they are hiring.  Dancers, escorts & DJ's are needed.

There are 2 free places for some privacy.  You have a choice between Princess Mansion and Babygirls Bedroom.

If you like spoiling a gorgeous woman with gifts there is plenty of shopping available to do so. Stores like Immerschon, Rosenwolf, Used Abused, The Fashion Store, Nytro, Sunshine Girls, and Danika.

Out on the beach there's a small hut to the left.  Slight left directs you to the second outdoor dancing spot.  And a hard right is a small private place for personal dance.

Across the bridge from the main dance floor is this glorious piece of land thats beautiful.  The green path will bring you through the land, ending in a secret cave that has a bit of BDSM fun inside Or stop before the cave and enjoy a few rounds of Greedy, Cards Against Humanity.  Or cuddlin' up near the fire.

** Lag Rating: 2

Spot number 3 is Avid's Love Actually.  An awesome way to find someone to spend your SL time with.  I admit it, I have a spot here myself.

Today's been very distracted.  I was excited to blog this place because I've skipped around to a few dating places to see what they had to offer.  Cause SL's more entertaining with you have someone to share it with.  And this one has been my favorite.

They have it set up real easy.  You click a board to get their questionnaire it's pretty detailed and gives you a good gest of the person.  You pick a spot and pay a buck. (If you pay anything over 1L, its considered a donation) Then you go to the other sexes wall and click on a panel.  You receive a questionnaire that they have filled out and if you like what they have to say you click the panel again and hit the like button.  If both of you click like then you will receive the persons name.

While I was there this gorgeous guy IM'd asking about my blog.  Thank god it wasn't some cheesy pick up line.  God knows we've all heard them here.  Anyway after chatting for a while and reading each others questionnaire we clicked like so we are now on a "trial" .  A trial makes it where people can read your questionnaire but can't click the like button.  Fingers crossed, we'll see where it goes.

We kinda did it backwards, but if it wasn't for that place we would have never met.  And the fact that I decided to go there when I did.  So, so far it works.

Just 3 rules 1. Unless your Bi, one panel per person 2. To hang out here you gave to snatch a panel. 3. Respect!

There are over 300 active panels.  The first half of the building are are Men Seeking Women, Women Seeking Men, Women Seeking Women.  The other side is singles seeking a family. If you want to start a family, or you're looking for a new mommy or daddy for your little.  Near the landing as a white sign that tells you that there are boards downstairs. You need to click it to check out the other panels, cause theirs more.

The place is scattered with friendly activities so you an hang out and get to know each other before springing out in the big SL world.  Like couches to hang out on, or even play games like Cards Against Humanity, Russian Roulette, Greedy & Texas Hold 'Em.

They also have this thing called The Curiosity Feature.  Are you the type that wants to chat with the person before you decided?  Then you can  get a hold of an adviser and pay them 50L they will give you their name.  I recently talked with someone that I had clicked like on, and decided he wasn't for me. So this option might be a route you'd wanna try.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Upskirt and Giantess Heaven is Southwest of Love Actually.  I'm always amazed of the several fetishes out there.  SL's a great way to explore what people are into.

This place is a big forest as to where big giant women walk around some carrying noobs around. But you can catch a ride and explore the sim that way as well.  If you come here take a ride its nifty.

As I was exploring the sim a tiny man lets call him Mr. Rydell was kind enough to give me his time and explain this fetish to me.  Giantess is a fetish of men attracted to overly large women.  The joy of the possibility of getting stomped by the heals of a woman.  Being inside some heel of a shoes or riding in the cleavage. Even being eaten and traveling in the tummy of a large woman.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

And for today's last place all you Gor lovers are gonna love this one.  LR Weapons they focus on Gorean weapons.

Before you walk in there are some stuff on the back wall like Combat Meter (GM).  Some clothing, campfire, and some buildings.

They have a unique way to get an item.  If you chop wood for 15 minutes then you win a "Bow of Corcyrus"

Right at the entrance there's the redelivery terminal on the wall.  Along with a place to get gift cards 100L, 500L, 600L 1000L & 2000L.

As I step into the place I see that they have more then just weapons here.  On the right side of the wall there are items for slaves.  The weapons consist of Slingshots, Blowdart, Club, Dagger, & Hammer.  This place is huge it would take forever to name everything.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Most of the time I end with Till Tomorrow... But RL has been a bit busy lately, so I might take a day or two so I'm gonna end it....

Until the next adventure....

~ JL

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