Thursday, April 16, 2015

Adventure 78

I'm finally on some meds and starting to feel better. So today's stroll is brought to you by the letter M for meds lol.  I'm wearing a nice ruffled tank which I think makes a great dress.  It is from Moni's Elegant Boutique.  Hair is by you guessed it...Tameless!!!

Ran some time around the Pose Fair grabbing some free poses.  And got the urge to start strolling.

Hobo Lagoon is the first location as went East from the Pose Fair.  When you land they give you a few rules to go by.  No combat, weapons, biting, advertising, spamming sound/voice, & nudity.

There are a few freebies items there on the deck. Like cars, clothes, bike, & gestures. And behind you on the deck is an awesome track system.  Hop in with the coal and take a trip around the sim.

The place as a large sandbox. You can open bigger items here, just please remember to clean up after yourself.

In the sandbox you will find a red door.  If you're looking for a place to test your vehicles out they've set up a track for you to do so.

Attached to the Hobo Lagoon is Mount Bastid.  Inside the mountain there is a coal mine which you can get lost in.  I love them human ant trails.  You can get lost in there for a while be careful

Hobo Lagoon is scattered with little islands around a cute place to take pictures.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Next destination is South to RenderWorks.  Creators are gonna love this place.  They have full permission meshes & OpenSource scripts.

Outside the store they have an award for Best scripter March 2015.  There  are 3 groups that will help builders. The Creators Market, Builder's Bargains, & Merchant Resource Center.  If you have any questions about the products inside IM RenderWorks for help.

Things you can find here. Mesh/Linkset Animator, Single Script Rental System, Simple/Advanced Tip Jar Scripts, Notecard Configuration Script, Server Powered Vendor System, Advanced Online Board, HUD Powered Single Link Resize, Texture Hud Script, Object/Linkset Cleaner, Unpacker w/LM/Group Menu, Minimum Height Ejector Script. Lucky Letter Board.

Other items might be helpful like Product Vendor With Permissions, Store Text Block, Sand Pit, Modern Bed W/Duvet,  Grey Suburban Road Pack, Social Icon Pack, Open-Space Building, Mesh Display Unit Pack, & Beveled Picture Frame Pack

** Lag Rating: 2

Northwest takes me to Greek Gold Lesbian Resort.  As I landed on the sim I was greeted by Skyler. She offered me a tag to wander around freely.  You must have a tag to wander and enjoy the sim. This is done to make sure that it's 100% authentic lesbian sim.  Each male avatar is voice verified to be RL woman. They also welcome Transgender.  Doing this provides a relaxing environment without being harassed.

If you take the right trail at the end of it there is a nice outdoor dance club.  They play techno & pop music.

Go past the dance floor you will make it to the Butterfly Garden.  Is a peaceful place where you can dance with the butterflies, or relax on one of the many items you can sit on.  To chat and enjoy the surroundings.

Walking through them on the other side take the deck and turn right at the end.  Going down the rocky path you come to a clearing, with a pond, dancing and ducks.

There's a fork in the road to take the right one.  And follow it into the cavern.  It leads you out to small clearing for some privacy.  The middle road takes you back to a beach with a camp fire and deserted sail boat.

The third one takes you to the gates of an enclosure.  With some games out for groups to play like Skippo, Greedy, & Parcheesi.  

** Lag Rating: 2

My next direction which is Southwest brings me to Paris Eiffel.  As I was reading the welcome board I see that one of my old friends is the owner to my surprise.

I took the landmark to the information station to get  a feel of what is going here.  Once you get there its a big room with lots going on.  Like teleport systems to the main shops on the Paris land.  There is also a small spot where you can purchase a souvenir to remember your visit.

There are several ways you can explore their 5 sims.  And there are 2 stands that show you what can take you around.  Paris Eiffel is just one of 5 of the sims the owners of Paris 1900 has.  But I'm just focusing on Paris Eiffel.

Going through there are many pictures of contests and galleries you can visit across the lands.  Which is circling around this board that is set out to show you what all they have to offer.

The tower itself is done very well.  At the base is a nicely grassed park, with a dance floor in the middle. Dancing and chairs scattered alone the side of the dance floor.  Or the covered area with the white piano and fancy chairs.

They have period dressed bots scattered about to give you that authentic feel.  And near one of these bots there is a huge sign informing people about a photography contest. The prize is 5000L, and additional prizes.  What do you need to do?  Between April 1 and May 1 take a picture on Paris 1900. Make sure its no nudity, slavery rape, basically nothing douchey.  Proper attire, avi must be in pic, and in the them of Freedom of May 8th, 1945.

** Lag Rating: 2

Wet Willies my last stop for the night after going west from Paris.  It's an active rock club that places classic rock from the 70s and 80s  but I slid in Shoot To Thrill by Halestorm =P.  When first landing on the sim there is merchandise surrounding you.  So before you go into the club check them out.

Outside the building it states that they are all bike clubs friendly.  So please respect them and be friendly to one another while here.

The moment I was greeted by a very nice host. Behind the stage there are some rules.  No biting, griefing, nudity, turn off Xcite parts, soliciting, weapons, and escorting.  And don't be a douche bag lol.

Boogy your ass off on the dance floor or hang out on the deck in some nice chairs set up.  There's male, female, and couples dancing.  Grab someone with your or snatch someone up on the dance floor.

If you go past the club and go through the first bunch of vendors you can have a seat on the back of an alligator.  And enjoy their beach.

** Lag Rating: 3

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

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