Saturday, April 18, 2015

Adventure 80

'Ello people.  During yesterdays adventure a designer dropped a notice about an one hour group gift. After the hour was up it would be full price.  So today I'm sporting them.  And as always I'm wearing the newest release from Tameless.  This shirt is from a friend, I use to model for her but she's no longer in business.

Rock on the first place is Forsaken Cove Pirates.  A pirates role play sim.  Everyone come get your Jack Sparrow on.

This sim is adult, so I feel a bunch of raping and pillaging going on.  You must be 18 or older. The littles stay home.

There's a few strict rules here.  No jumping off the walls or rooftops.  Stairs are there for a reason. You must be 30 days or older to enter sim. And it gets pretty in depth about the role play here. Which I'm such a noob about role playing it doesn't make sense to me.

There's a big board that shows you what authority is online, and if you don't have a combat hud you can click the flame to get one.

So I picked one up and cross the line, ran down the dock.  I found some caves where I thought I was safe to do some writing and some chick (which I ended up chatting with later, come to find out) came by and killed me I guess.  I'm sitting here with a cage around me.  I was just enjoying running the tunnels. Apparently I have another 2 minutes before I can move.  Guess it's time to smoke a bowl.

Running around top side I see they have little shops set up.  It's set up like a full village.  With piers docks and a few boats.  You can visit the tavern, bakery and various other businesses.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Exposeur Poses & Props is the next place when traveling Northeast.  I've used this place a few times myself.  In fact they've participated in my hunt that I do Dare2Bare.  I asked them to do a pose for the poster. They have been around since 2010.  They are so participating in the Pose Fair.

On the left side of the store is information about the stores group and poses you get when you are a member.  The gold group's price is 500L, which sounds a bit steep till you read what you get.  Like regular free gifts. 20% off store credit on non-discounted items.  Sometimes instant credit will be sent out.  And knowledge of the newest items out before anyone else.

This place is huge.  Each room has its own theme, as in singles, couples, props.  Some of them are 2 stories so make sure to check.  But not every room as things on the second floor.  It seems as its the couples section that's the biggest.  Because its just not for man and women, but also for family and friends.  All the balls are out for testing.

** Lag Rating: 2

Well they always say, do as the locals do.  Southeast takes me to Naked Dungeon which is a Clothed Male Naked Female place.  I've been to a CFNM before so this is interesting.  To abide by their rules I stripped down in the name of journalism go check out the place.

Stepping inside, its done quite nicely.  With  nice furniture about mixed with BDSM toys..  Be aware if you have your RLV there are several traps set up to catch you up.  If you don't have anything that is RLV and would like to participate there's a box near the door that gives you a free collar and cuffs.

When they say no clothing they basically mean top, pants and panties.  Shoes, stockings, and hats are permissible.  Although clothing for stripping is also permitted.

This is a human sim only.  Although humanoid aliens, werewolves, furries & nekos are accepted.

Also if you're interested in getting some equipment like animations or RLV jewelry, there are some up on the walls near the entrance.

** Lag Rating: 2

Let's see we've had a bit of Pirate action today, some poses, bit of nakedness and now for a little relaxation. East from Naked Dungeon is a piece of tranquility.

This place is a slice of paradise.  With rock trails through gorgeous foliage.  Exploring the place and finding snuggle spots to have your serendipity moment.

Ana's Garden of Serendipity has an Asian feel to it. With signs pointing you to the direction of a deck that has some Tai Chi set up for meditation.  I hung out there for a moment at the hooka carpet.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

For the last direction which is Northwest takes me to Bad Girls a fantasy wrestling role playing sim. When I saw it on the map I had envisioned a warehouse type thing.  But I landed in another island paradise.  Sorry guys this place is ladies only.  No male avatars allowed.

Landing in front of a cavern you go in and one direction there is a floating bed in the water for some romantic time.  The other side is set as a sitting area. If you look to the right of the cavern three are some steps that spiral up on top of the cavern.  On top there is a covered area where you can mess around on the bed which has animations of erotic or wrestling. Take the ladder up one more time to enjoy the sights of the sim.

They have a teleport system that takes you to a Sky Temple, Beach Club, Apartments, Store & Alley.
The first teleport I take is the Sky Temple.  A gorgeous spot for people to dance and cuddle.

Next I took the store & alley teleport.  The store is full of items you can find scattered across the sim. Along with some cat fight animations and kiddie pools to wrestle in.  Across the shop is a warehouse where they do the wrestling at.

Behind the grotto is a large bridge you cross to get to the beach club.  Of course you can take the teleport system but it's so beautiful here I'd advise to take the long route.

Walking over to the beach club, on the right is a tiki bar to sit and have drinks before you shake your grove thing ladies.  I spent some time here, even did some topless dancing while I did as much as I could posting wise before taking the pic of today's outfit.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL


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