Sunday, April 26, 2015

Adventure 85

I got an outfit put together to wear for the stroll, I showed it to a guy friend of mine what he thought. He didn't sound very convincing but I was gonna try to rock it anyway.  Then I got a wedding reminder to a friend of mine's wedding.  I started talking to his fiance and I went to check out her store.  She threw me this outfit I'm wearing now.  She's the owner of DSO.  Waves..  The hair is from...Alice Project. Thought I was gonna say Tameless huh lol.

Taking off from DSO heading East to Cann!bal !sland.  Once you land they give you a bit of information that will make your experience more enjoyable.  This is a place that you want the windlights to take over.  They have customized the sim to have ever-changing environment.  Things rezz and de rezz at random.

As I was rezzing in a monkey named Bongo climbed up the side of me and sat on my head lol.

This is an unique island paradise with bridges to tiny islands.  You can find things like a sauna shaped like a wooden barrel, hidden grotto, sand soccer, and stashed away cuddle spots.  Enjoy the boats, sails, and water bumper boats.

They even have off island houses for rent.  Live right out in the middle of the water.  Boats are out for you to use, so I suppose you can put your own out as well.  Maybe even along side your little place if you rent here.  If your interested in doing so they have a small shop out where you can purchase one of the places.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Dusting the sand off my feet and traveling Southwest I land on my favorite AO shop SEmotion. They have fantastic realistic AO's.  There not just AO's.  They also have single and couple poses, along with love animations and furniture.

When you land they have an AO out for both men and women out free for those 90 days and younger.  Sometimes when I adopt a newbie this is the place I bring them.

I'm so excited about the next location.  I've been using their AO's for since I started here.  On my rezz day my sister drug me around and set me up. She brought me to this place, and I feel in love with the AO.  It fit the avi perfect..  The second one I got was pretty much an extension of the one I had in the first place.  I would NEVER change my AO.

These AO's come with 5 stands, sits & ground sits. They are mod/copy no transfer.  This easy 3 button menu is very easy to use.  Even comes with an expression face animator.

Find an AO you're interested in but there's an animation in there you don't like.  You can take it out and replace it with one you do like.

I mentioned couples poses earlier.  Not only do they have those but they also have scenes, like cuddling animations.

If you're looking for a really good AO and away from the norm.  I HIGHLY suggest checking this place out.  Once you purchase an AO from here, you get free updates.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

South of SEmotions takes me to ::TATTOO  .::INFECTED::. . This place has nicely detailed tattoos that are TMP, Slink, and Omega friendly.

From chest, sleeves, calves, and full body tattoos I'm sure you can find something you like.  They even have face, upper back, shoulder and neck tattoos as well.

If you join the free group you can grab the group gift that they have out.  At this moment they have lower tummy tattoo.

On the right side of the store there is some mesh clothing.  There are items for both men, women & unisex. Most of it is the stuff is mesh.

 ** Lag Rating: 2

It's a commerce day. Northwest takes me to Krieger Kreations.  This place is just for the guys.  I love running into men shops. I'm all about showing the men some lovin' when it comes clothes.

Guys come check out the mesh shirts, pants and underoos.  Each item gives 8 texture choices. Along with demos to try on first before purchase.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

The wind blows me West for the last destination of the day.  I'm digging the name of the place, it's called Bad Seed.  It's a very elegant but slutty place.  Where they have strip poles on the the counter, you can fuck on the pool table, and get dirty on the couches.  And thats only places done in public.

If you want a tad bit more privacy you can go to the room just to the left of landing.  It's a small room with 4 strip poles close together.  The furniture is equipped for enjoyment.

For complete privacy they have 5 detailed rooms you can use for 100L.  You can choose from Pleasure Point Nude Shore, Slaughter House (Male Doms), Skank Powder Room (Femdoms), Dikctations Academy, & Bad Boss's Office.

I had another idea for the pic I took but a dude drug a chick on the pool table and blew my shot lol. So I went for the room next door.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adenture....

~ JL


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