Sunday, April 19, 2015

Adventure 81

First off I wanna give a shout out to Lindal of Across The Grid With Lindal. As she gave me one on her blog.

I'm wearing a new release from i`pitǝmē  They are sold separately.  The shirts mesh and comes with a color changing hud.  And the pants are system.

The hair worn today is by Tameless.  It's their edition for the Black Fashion Fair.  I know, I need more hair shops to blog for, lol. Even joked with Nita that my fashion blog My Haters Motivate Me should be renamed to Tameless Part 2 lol.

I went North from i`pitǝmē to StarRider.  It's a huge biker sim.  This track is open to all clubs.  It's set up like the Route 66 theme.  Also famous landmarks are included like: Tee Pee Hotel, Big and Big Blue Whale. You must use your bike as cars are not allowed to be driven on track.

They even supply you with a Hud which guides you through the sim, and teleports to the sights.  The track is amazing, it even becomes mountains the higher up you go.  From top to bottom the ride is about an hour.

Points of interest: Tunnels, Rest Areas, Sight Seeing, Saloon, Star Diner, Shoot Star Concert Stadium, Police Station, Santa Fe Springs, Delgaillo's Snow Cap,  Phil's Wiener Castle, Zac's Sinclair, Lost Dutchman Mine Run, Motel 66, Eagle's Point Sky Walk, Indian Traiding Post, T-P Wigwam Motel, The Biker Barn, Ghost Town, Mountain Lyon Hot Springs, Motorcycle Dealership, The Drive In, War Memorial, & Lost Chance City

If you have more then 8 people in your club they can set up a ride time just for your club.

I always wait till I'm done touring before I take the pic for the location to find that perfect spot.  As I was doing that I noticed I received a IM from someone.   Of course I'm stoned and read it wrong.  It was quite the opener lol.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Southwest takes me to the Official Eve Mesh Body shop. Eve Mesh Body is one of the more size conscience mesh bodies I've seen so far.  They have 2 different versions out, Slim & Pudgy.

You can pick up a demo to check it out.  They have two different packages. You can choose from, either the Starter Pack or the Full-Pack  In the starter pack you get 1 Mesh body, 1 Hud for customize Eve replacer.  The price for that is 1690L.  Full-Pack is 3000L, which comes with lots of goodies.  2 mesh bodies Slim/Pudgy, Shoes from Pixelfashion, First Dress, Garter Mesh, Underpants Mesh, Bra Mesh 1 Hud customize fashion, 1 hud for customize Skin Applier, 1 Shape, & Wardrobe system to save favorite applier.

They also have Mesh Heads there are 5 heads to choose from.  And even one of them are free.  You can even purchase make up here that works with the mesh head.

The rest of the sim is full of designers that that make clothing for the Eve mesh body.  Some of the skins you can purchase here are Wow Skins, Zoul Creation, LoveMe Skins, & Elysium.

Eve Kit's can be picked up here to add them to your collection to boost your sells.

** Lag Rating: 3

Mesh Works is East of the biker sim.  They have a various mesh objects you can purchase to make them part of your own creations.  Some look like Legos, Spike Rings, Candy Rings,  Cages, Blade Staff, Padlock, Syringe, Basket, Spiked Clutch, Tail, & ECigs.

All kits come w/full permissions, UV Maps & AO Maps.

Don't forget to hit the Midnight Mania board before you leave.

** Lag Rating: 1

From bike tracks to Ancient Civilization.  Northwest takes me to Temple of Ithis.  It's stresses to keep in theme when it comes to attire.  Think like Silks or something of that nature.. This is a place to hang out if your a role player, and wanna be part of the dirty side of the ancient times.

When you're in the Temple don't hid your genitalia. The Ithean culture looked down to cover yourself while in the place of worship.

Right outside the doors there is a map that shows you the different places you can explore on the sim. Choices are Adult Hangout, Roleplay, Public Sex Encouraged, and Rentable Vendor Space.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

In closing of today's stroll I headed down Southeast to Ferry Terminal & Infohub.  Ferry boats travel as far East as Black Sea and as far West as Nautilus.  Ferries travel each direction regularly.

While you are waiting for one to come you can relax on the chairs they have out or learn a bit more you might not know about in different subjects they have set up near the dock.

Maybe you wanna try your chances with a sailboat. There are few places around the terminal where you can rezz one.  Just look for a small stand you click to get one.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL


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