Friday, April 24, 2015

Adventure 84

Hey people what's shakin?  I'm just loving this corset that I picked up @ Deadpool.  I first came across the store as a friend was posting a coming up product from them.  Which is an awesome slave bracelet.  When it's ready for sale I will SO be sporting it for all to see.  You can pick up this bad ass corset for 100L.  The skirt is from a previous outfit that I blogged but I thought it went well with the corset.

And I brought back my favorite hair from Tameless.

Southeast of Deadpool takes me to Animatri-X- Studios. When I landed I saw my old friend, stripper poles lol.  They have 4 of them out for sale and can be tested.  But when you move towards the right to go into the building there are 3 other poles that come with chairs.  The chairs have animations for just sitting, but you click again and it does some nice lap dancing animations as well.

Going into the building, there are a bunch of animations Male/Female & Male/Female/T-Girl.  The animation prices varies along with the permissions.

You can purchase full versions for 2000L.  Although there is a catch, to purchase the full permission version to use it in your creations you must be a member of Pro Builder's Group of Sylva's Animation Factory.  If you're already a member just wear the tag and purchase.  If you're NOT a member, fill an application out @ Sylva's Animation Factory.   As a Pro Builder's member allows you to purchase other full perm animations from 3 other stores as well.  Sylva's Animation Factory, Raymation, & Alterior Motion.

Moving around the sim from the right next up is Orgy Party. A smaller room that has an orgy bed or orgy couch.  Each one is Male, Female, Lesbian, Gay, Shemale, Herm friendly.  You can pick the one you want and rezz it out to test it before purchase.

Across the courtyard in the next big building is the hud room. They have 3 different huds, Fuck, Orgy and Shemale. These huds allow you to have sex anywhere.  From 200+ to 400+ animations, xcite compatible, & the option to rezz a 100% mesh bedding for fun.

The last building has furniture beds couches, picnics, massage tables, warehouse boxes & wank items.

** Lag Rating: 2

North from Animatri-X- Studios is The Gor Hub, which has been open since 2007.  If you've ever been curious about Gorean stuff this is the place to learn it.  When you land you're in a big room rounded by Gorean merchandise.  Off to the side of of the landing point they have there's a stone teleport where you can check out lectures, the library, arena & Photo Room.

I walk through the double doors, and it teleports to another spot in the sim.  Looking around I am soo not dressed for this experience.  Some even IM'd me to tell me so lol.  Once you walk forward a bit there's a big scroll on which will give you the rundown of Gorean life.  It tells you how to get started in this lifestyle. What a Master, Free Women, Panthers, and Kajirae is.  And other important information.

Personally I can't wrap my head around it.  I'm an alpha female attracted to alpha males.

Once you walk past the scroll there is a HUGE map.  The map has dozens of red dots everywhere on it.  Each red dot will send you to a particular Gor sim that is registered here.  Clicking the red dot makes you map pop up where it makes it possible for you to teleport to that sim.

Got a Gor sim you want added to the map? First contact either Fabien DeSantis, Erick Gundersen or Flute Alonzo ONLINE.  Stand in the exact location on the map you would like you're sim to be added and become a red dot.  Offer them a teleport they will do it right then.  Remember you ask nicely, and do not send notecard.  You both, you and one of the 3, need to be present for this to happen.

** Lag Rating: 3

From one role play to the next.  South takes me to Driftwood Shenanigans which is a Dark Urban Roleplay.  Although I don't role play.  I think I'm gonna look more the part here.  When I saw the name I thought it was going to be a concrete jungle type place but its not.  It's jungly, with broken down ships, and ruins about.

As I was running around checking out the place I got a sense of Deja Vu.  Traveling up these rock like steps I felt I was here before, then the sign of Beware on the rocks reminded me that I've been here before.

I thought it would be an awesome place to take pictures I used this place as the location picture for Adventure 80.

This place is pretty extensive actually.  May coves, and trails to wander around in.  Bridges and ladders to help you explore the land.  Seems like it goes on forever.  Everything is very rustic.

** Lag Rating: 2

Grunge seems to be the theme of the day.  South was the next direction taking me to Everwinter, a post apocalyptic theme park.  It's inspired by an abandoned amusement park in Pripyat, Ukraine only kilometers away from the Chernobyl disaster.

In the middle of all the chaos there still must be structure.  To help keep order, please abide by these rules.  Remove facelights, and its probably best to chat in IM, to keep the eerie environment going. No griefing, gestures, music, flashing items, scripted items, particles, public sex, shouting across sim, bites, advertising, or firing weapons.

Throughout the theme park you can see run down Ferris Wheel,  Carousel, and Bumper Cars.

** Lag Rating: 3

The last leg of the stroll takes me Northwest to Sons Of Anarchy MC-Quebec. I happened to land right outside their club house as they were in the middle of a set.  So they waved me in.

I thought I was going to have to bow out because I didnt speak French, but to my surprise they spoke English as well. They were very inviting and friendly.  I requested a song that the DJ didn't have an he worked quickly to play it for me.  Even after I told him it was ok =).   Kinda shocked to see a club so outgoing.  Then again I don't know much about biker clubs on SL.  Although it's part of SL that I wouldn't mind exploring. Being that I miss being on a bike, but can't steer one for shit lol.

I flew the track to see how long it was.  It's a rather short track.  And the track saves your time.  It's a good one to learn on, it has a few turns and still enjoyable.

Outside the clubhouse if your looking for a bike to purchase the do have some vendors outside, some rezz so you can get a feel of the bike.  Bikes on track, NO cars.  Near the flags outside, there's a teleport you can take to go to another track which is set out like a course.

Interested in joining a bike club, they have a man sitting outside the clubhouse taking applications to prospect.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure....

~ JL


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