Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Adventure 75

I hope that everyone had a great Easter.  I'm still wearing my Easter outfit.  I ment to do to the adventure day before yesterday, but I've been sick.   But fortunately, its not your normal easter outfit, so if you wanna great playboy bunny type outfit this would be great for that.  It comes with ears, collar, cuffs, nylons, garter & even a fuzzy cotton tail.

Northwest direction takes me to Mused.  Standing in front of the shop.  On the left is a sign for this weekend events. Looks like an Annual Easter Egg Hunt going April 4th through 12th. And on the ground, be sure to grab the basket to participate.  And April 10th through 12th is the Easter Drinking Contest winning prizes.

I love the way this build is done.  I've seen it around a few other places but its my favorite by far. Pertain information is out on display and choose what room you want to check out.  Very easy to find what you want.

Milkmade is a lactating prim breasts.  An important part of lactation role play.  They are part of a competitive game where you can reach both group or personal goals. Although they are part of role play you can use them just for personal use.

The whole Milkmade system comes with Milkable Breasts, Drink/Sell/Store Milk, Milk Monitor HUD, portable milking machine, pump tank, & milk monitor.  What's not included is a glass bottle or storage tank.

If you're a designer and would like to make clothing for Muse there is also a developers package for sale for 1L.

There's something there for guys too.  They have something called a Stud Pump.  Well you can imagine what that is.  A pump that collects semen for those into collecting and drinking it.  They work with a hud that you can actually see the pumping effect.

To get more information about either system check it out here: Mused Creamery

There are 3 groups to choose from: Cocksmiths, to socialize & meet new people or family.  Creamery to socialize with both Pump uses and Breasts. And the last is Commerce where you can buy and sell milk with others in the group.

If there is a customer support question.  You can teleport to the office and get the help you need. Like submitting a a ticket, registering online, the manual, reading your stats, or give suggestions.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Just a short distance East is Flounce Skins formally Cupcakes.  First landing you see a gacha before you with make up inside.  Along with the group & rezz gift on the wall.  The group is free to join to enjoy the goodies.

Going far right there are some fantasy skins.  They do not come with appliers but can be purchased in the same room for 149L.  Ghetto Booty, Slink full body Baby Bump, TMP & Tango are in that applier package.

There are a few pretty dresses out for sale as well. Few leather, glittery and flowing ones.

On the other side of the room are shapes & skin appliers for the appliers that displayed in the main room.  The shapes are Copy, Mod and no transfer. The appliers for the main line is Omega, TMP, Slink, Tango, Ghetto Booty, & Baby Bump.

Upstairs is where all the goodies are at like more gachas, discounted sims, and lucky boards.

** Lag Rating: 2

Flying Southwest brings me to Seawolf Monsters - Moar Roar.  If you're down for being something other then human this place would be a great start.  Especially if you wanna be huge.  You can purchase huge Dragons, Gryphons, Wyverns & Sergals.  Each item comes with the option to gift it to someone along with features of the times.

Few of the creatures come with detailed huds which change coloring and other aspects of you avis. Along with a dancing hug you can purchase by itself.

There is also some pretty land below where you can fly your winged avatars around.  It's a pretty cliff side. Dragons where trampling on this bunny.

You can also purchase trees, and fencing here for 200L.

** Lag Rating: 2

Next place on the adventure I head Northwest to Craving's a new BDSM Hangout.  You must be a group member which is free to be able to play with any of the toys.  But the other benefit is if you don't have a place to call home you can set it here!

Hangin' out here means you have agreed to the following Like no child avatars, age play, non human, rocking out with your cock out, or foreign language.

You can use voice but push to talk.  Want to have voice sex, please use one of the voice boxes as it may make others uncomfortable.

When you land there are some advertisements you can grab for 50L a week.  You're choice of 2 different skyboxes and the group joiner.

The big open room has a big circle in the middle of it with slave pillows and master thrones.  With a few chairs in the middle.  Apparently so the circle can watch the action.

On the outskirts of the circle.  There's a few cages, a piano, pool table & stripper poles.

There are a few rooms off to the side full of toys.  With some beds, cages, rugs, chairs, and couches. You can cuddle, foreplay, sex, afterwards, and even in a sequence,.

If you make it up the stairs you can enjoy the big screen TV.  With porn on the menu with some sexy couches for you viewing pleasure.

** Lag Rating : 2

Apparently the adventure is trying to tell me that I should be shopping lol...  My last stop on today's stroll is Dreamstone.  Which sells themed & medieval buildings, all products are copy, mod, and no trans.

There are 2 arrows going different directions.  The forward one will take you to the demos for Medieval/Gorean buildings.  Going right will allow you to demo the Themed buildings.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure....

~ JL


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