Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Adventure 77

I know that I keep saying I'm sick, but I am, still =(  I've been trying to stroll but end up just sittin @ my house.  So I want to thank my loyal readers for hanging in there for me.  It means a lot to me.

So a while back my friend Pinkness, owner of Pink Pearl Designs, and I discussed the outfit I'm wearing today when she was making it.  I told her that she should open the zippers on the top.  Cause you know me, I gotta dirty it up! lol..So I'm wearing that today. Along with this awesome hair that she just surprised me with today from Exile.

This stroll is going to be a bit different.  I wanna showcase 5 great stores. You might, or might not know about them.  Why I am I showcasing just stores today? Cause they are stores that have my Discount Roulette in their store.

What's Discount Roulette? It's an exciting new way to shop.  You pay the machine for the item.  You receive the item shown and a random discount from 10% to 100%.  Yes you can get the item for free... Designers you can purchase one either at the Stroll HQ or Marketplace .

For Other Discount Roulette Locations: Click Here

First place is .:Glint:. a designer jewelry shop.  Before you even walk into the store the walls are covered with hunts they are involved in.  Gift Card from 100L, 250L, 500L & 1000L.  On the other side there are blogger request & model forms if you're interested.

Near the desk is custom order forms.  Where you can tell them specifically what you're looking for and she will hook you up.

Not only do they have a Discount Roulette for both men and women.  But they also have a group gift for both men and women.  Along with 2 lucky chairs. Joining the group is free =).

They specialize in gothic, wedding, & LGBT communities. Earrings, bracelets, ear plugs, rings, anklets, slave chains & sets.

Outside is a dance floor where they have events. And a small nice beach scene that has 7 Seas Items.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Callin' all creators... This product works for all sorts of designers.  The next place is Timeless Textures.  In the landing spot there are details of hunts they are involved with.

Many nifty items to play with here besides Discount Roulette like Random Money Mega & Lucky Chairs. Join the group to enjoy 3 group gifts out.

This place has tons of seamless textures.  From building your landscape like: Water, Ice, Sand, Bark, Grass, Floral, Marble, Rock, Crystal, Fire, Brick, Stone, Wood .  Home building: Fine Metal, Glass, Interior Curtains, Interior Walls, Interior Floors, Frames. Clothing: Alpha's, Retro Vintage, Fantasy, Cotton, Knits, Hide, Fur, Scales, Leather, Sheers and Silk.

They also have a section for holidays like Christmas, Valentine's Day. Halloween, Celebrations.

And gift cards for 100L, 250L, 500L, 1000L, 2500L, and 5000L.

** Lag Rating: 2

Next up is Sascha's Designs Avi Choice Award Favorite Women's Apparel 2011-12.  This place is huge so she as supplied you with a bicycle to make it easier to get around.

If you're looking for something that screams grace and elegance.  Whether you're looking for formal dresses for a wedding, or great office wear you should check this place out.

Maybe the bicycle isn't your thing.  You can use the teleport system to go to Casuals, Weding Gowns, Formals, Men's Clothing, Upstairs.

They also have a 60L & special section

You might wanna surprise your significant with a gift card to find somethingg exactly they want for the special night out.  They have gift cards from 500L, 600L, 750L, 1000L, 3000L.

If yu go straight back you will see the Discount Roulette, but you go past that and there is a room of monthly gowns.  Which are just outstanding dresses.  If you pay the group fee of 100L you can get many of them.  Just one is well over 700L worth.  So 100L is definitely worth it.

On the other side of the wall that the Discount Roulette is on, there is a scribo, group joiner and even a list of ballroom landmarks.

If you go far left from the bicycles there's a sign that gives free gifts to newbies.  If you are 60 days or under you can take advantage of it.

** Lag Rating: 2

Can't forget about the guys.  Next stop is The Grey Goose.  I found this shop one night when the owner was in the shop.  He also has the lucky chair, midnight mania.  And upstairs they have gacha machines.

They sell a bunch of different stuff for guys.  Most is mesh clothing.  Mesh jeans, jackets, boots, jewelry and hats.

Hey girls wanna surprise your man with a gift card there are cards for: 150L, 250L, 500L, & 1000L.

** Lag Rating 1.5

And today's last location is LoveMe Skins.  Where each skin cones in 6 different tones for you to choose from, along with 6 lipstick, cleavage, eyebrow options. A beautymark and mod shape is also included.

On the right hand room there's the appliers for the Silky collection.  Discount skins do not come with appliers.  You can find appliers for Slink Visage, TMP, Brazilia Doll, Maitreya, Venus, Physique, Lena, Wowmeh, Banned, Eve, Tango, Slink Hand/Feet, Phat Azz, Ghetto Booty, Brazilia, Banned Omega, & Baby Bump.

Going further there is the discount skins & 4 yes 4 more for the total of 5 Discount Roulettes in the store.

The other side of the store has some Fantasy skins out. Outside there is a board that shows you the events they are participating in.  Across the way is the news like the Gangsta Photography contest going on.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure.... (I promise it will be more frequent now I'm getting better)...

~ JL


  1. Thanks for the mentioning Julya! I change my discount roulette each week with awesome gowns or casuals! :-)

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