Friday, April 17, 2015

Adventure 79

Today's the 4th month anniversary of the stroll. Thank you all for hanging in with me.  Sometimes I think I should have called it "As Julya's World Turns" lol. Anyway it's gonna be another one of those special days.  Although it will probably be posted on the 17th, being that I get distracted by shiny things.

I'm pulling 5 places out of my inventory. Sometimes people tend to throw me slurls to check out along my travels.  Even though the stroll is random I gladly accept them for specials like this..  So enough ramblin' and on with the show...

Today's outfit was brought to me by Indyra's.  She always does elegantly sexy clothing.  I love most of her stuff.  Kinda like a trophy wife look =P.

This outfit comes with a mesh top and pants.  A HUD comes with it that gives you 6 colors.  And 5 sizes on the mesh.

And I put in my application to be a Truth Hair blogger.  I'm crossing my fingers.  I really hope I get it.  So I'm wearing an holder Truth, just for fun.

First place today is Fantasy Island Zombies.  On the right side of the entrance there are the items your gonna need to play inside.  Like free weapons & combat HUD.  On the other side there are other weapons for purchase.  You can also get the rules for the place.

To keep lag low keep the scripts to 100 or lower. You can only use one weapon on burst mode at a time.  No duel machine, chain or full automatic guns. Don't bite here.  And you HAVE TO wear the combat HUD to get into the battle field.

Set up in an urban setting with vehicles coming by and various zombies about.  Watch your back our you'll get got.  You can't run or hide, they'll find you.  Get some friends together and go zombie hunting.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

What would blogging be without poses?  The next location is !bang poses.  On the left side of the entrance there's some group gift items (100L to join the group).  2 1L ones and 2 20L ones on the ground.

On the right are all hunts and activities they participate in.  And another place offering the wishlist feature.  Pick something and put it on your list for others to give for you.

The entire store is 50% off until April 18th.  So better take advantage of it quickly.  Their doing a spring cleaning and making room for more awesome poses..

You can find single poses for both men and females. Along with erotic poses. There are also friend poses.

Outside is very scenic would be a nice place to take a picture as well.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

A few days ago I did a Discount Roulette adventure.  I was planning for the next location to be on that stroll.  However they recently moved and didn't have it up.  But I promised her I'd do it then next chance I could.  So lets explore MadCatCreations.

Landing there their land is very pretty.  It informs you about some magazines available.  Busted which is for big busty ladies, and Furoque for Furries.

This place also welcomes custom work.  They have  a teleport to the custom shop.  A bit of information about how much and whatnot.

If you wrap around to the right there's a pretty place to have some tea or just enjoy a quiet place to collect your head.

MadCatCreations is participating in many hunts.  Along with the Discount Roulette, and Midnight Mania Board.

Looking at this ads I can see that they let no applier left alone.  If you have Slink Physique, Omega, Eve, Banned, TMP, Banned, Belleza & Sking Dolls.

On the other side of the store is for guys.  I keep saying it.  Men get royally screwed when it comes to SL.  Support hot male avi's ladies and do more guy stuff!!  And guys, if you use a mesh body this places supports you.  You can get appliers for L'Uomo, Sking, & Dev.

** Lag Rating: 2

I've been wanting to have the opportunity to blog this next location.  I'm a huge fan of Drop Dead Gorgeous skins.  They are just gorgeous, literally.

They have a lucky board, midnight mania board and group gifts.  6 group gifts to be exact.  Her group is only 30L and SOOO worth it.

You can purchase the right applier for your needs. She has a lot of them like Maitreya, TMP, Phat Azz, Baby Bump, & Slink Hand/Feet/Body.  They even have a TMP Mesh Head.

You can also purchase eyes here.

If you're stocking up on your Wishlist places this is another one.  Go crazy here ladies.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Last place on the adventure is 8i8 Mariposa Gardens.  Holding up another agreement I made when I fell upon a private parcel.  I met Bella which told me about this place.  She didn't catch me in time to tell me it was next door to the private parcel so I promised i would be back soon.  So I'm here.

Mariposa Gardens is set up is an adorable village.  Scattered about are flowers, trails and Gacha's.

There are some interesting shops here, like photo studios, poetry readings, house goods, paintings, clothes and silks.

In the middle of the strip there is a pretty fountain with Pegasus on either side along with some benches.

And if your looking for something fun, new and interesting to do try doing some paint ball.  If you click the box wit the paint ball on it you can get a gun from it.  The higher your score the more you make the board.  Sounds like something with checking out. There is also some games here like Skippo, Greedy, & Shalosh,

** Lag Rating: 1

Until the next adventure....

~ JL

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